TSN’s Bob McKenzie reports the Pittsburgh Penguins will announce later this morning the firings of GM Ray Shero and head coach Dan Bylsma.

Dan Bylsma (left) and Ray Shero in happier times.

Dan Bylsma (left) and Ray Shero in happier times.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m not surprised Bylsma got his walking papers but a bit surprised Shero was also given the heave-ho. Still, after five seasons of being a dominant regular-season team which comes up small in the playoffs, changes were inevitable.

The question now is who replaces them and how long it takes for the Penguins to do this. The NHL Draft is six weeks away, so they have some time to sort things out.

Once the new management’s in place, the next question becomes which players could be dealt. That should  be a hot topic of discussion and debate between now and the NHL draft weekend in late-June. 

UPDATE: Shero has been fired but McKenzie now reports Bylsma is not. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And I thought the Maple Leafs were the only ones making weird coaching decisions. That’s just kinda weird. Though the players are denying it there were multiple reports Bylsma “lost the room”, but ownership apparently believes otherwise. Hopefully there will be more details behind this decision. Awaiting plenty of “WTF?” reaction from Pittsburgh media, bloggers and fans.