Check out all the latest in today’s collection of hockey blogging goodness. 

GRANTLAND: Sean McIndoe runs down all the wrong assumptions made during the 2o14 Stanley Cup playoffs.

RAW CHARGE: Kyle Alexanders dismisses the notion of the Tampa Bay Lightning acquiring Jason Spezza.

Don't expect to see Joe Thornton with the Rangers.

Don’t expect to see Joe Thornton with the Rangers.

BLUE SEAT BLOGS: Joe Thornton and the NY Rangers are an unlikely match.

FEAR THE FIN: Are the Sharks going to move to Seattle? Breathe everyone, breathe!

SB NATION: Adam Gretz wonders why NHL teams give goalies long, stupid contracts, while Andrew Hirsh makes the case for bandwagon fans.

DEFENDING BIG D:  Josh Lile examines a rumor suggesting the Stars trade Kari Lehtonen and sign Ryan Miller.

2 PAD STACK: Mike Poepping examines NHL goaltending in today’s game.

DOBBER HOCKEY: Eric Daoust examines productive veteran defensemen.

PUCK DRUNK LOVE: Alexei Yashin’s buyout finally comes off the Islanders books after next season.