With the NHL Draft set to begin, the NHL Board of Governors met and discussed some potential changes. Read on for the latest. 

Changes coming to NHL Draft Lottery?

Changes coming to NHL Draft Lottery?

NBC SPORTS: The NHL Board of Governors met on Thursday to discuss some potential changes, in particular to the draft and to cracking down on embellishment in the game. As per TSN’s Pierre LeBrun, ” The league has proposed smoothing or compressing the odds among the 14 non-playoff teams for the 2015 draft and then increasing the number of selections determined by the lottery in 2016″.

Sportsnet’s Damien Cox speculates such changes could be implemented for the 2015 Draft, depending on how quickly the NHLPA gets back to the league. Same goes for rule changes on embellishment and eliminating the spinorama move in the shootout. Cox also reports the governors approved seven minor rule changes, including expanding the trapezoid and long change for NHL regular season overtime.

KUKLA’S KORNER: cites a tweet from CBC’s Elliotte Friedman: “NHL also approved compensation for a team losing someone hired to be head coach, GM or President/Hockey Ops with another club. Generally, we’re talking a third-round draft pick, and the club doing the hiring will have a window of three years to give it up.”

TSN.CA: Record revenues will lead to a significant increase in the salary cap for 2014-15. The cap is currently at $64.3 million. The exact number of the increase is expected to be revealed during the NHL Draft. The cap is expected to rise to “the high $60 millions or low $70 millions.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bettman’s hinted it could come in between $69-$70 million. Earlier this season it was projected to reach $71.1 million.