Sharks GM coach Todd McLellan attempts to explain the Sharks rebuild this summer, and an update on Predators free agent Ryan Ellis. 

Moving Patrick Marleau & Joe Thornton apparently wasn't in the Sharks plans.

Moving Patrick Marleau & Joe Thornton apparently wasn’t in the Sharks plans.

NHL.COM: Dan Rosen interviewed San Jose Sharks coach Todd McLellan, who attempted to explain the club’s “rebuilding” efforts this summer. “We want to reset the hierarchy and culture in the organization, and that’s really where the term rebuild came from. We feel we have a tremendous talent pool. We feel the players that are with our organization are part of the solution and not the problem now. As a staff, we talked about the ability to push and win as much as we can while we get younger, while we adjust the roles a little bit and give some of the younger players more responsibility. The term or the word used like that can be confusing at times. I think a lot of people, especially in the media, immediately went to, ‘Well, they’re going to trade Thornton and Marleau.’ That’s not the case. We believe that those two are part of the solution, not part of the problem. That got a lot of play media-wise. That’s not what we were about. We think we have a very good hockey club and we think we need to tinker with a few things and continue to push forward.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McLellan’s comments won’t change the perception the Sharks were forced to walk balk their “rebuild” talk after failing to move Thornton and Marleau. It’s obvious the duo will return for this season. The club’s performance this season, however, will determine if the trade rumors persist about the pair. 

CBS SPORTS: Chris Peters cites an interview Predators GM David Poile recently had with a Predators blogger, admitting he’s “a ways apart” in contract talks with RFA defenseman Ryan Ellis, who’s coming off an entry-level contract. Poile said he’d like to get a contract done with Ellis before the start of training camp. Peters observers Ellis doesn’t have much leverage and is likely to accept a cheaper, short-term deal.