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Could the Florida Panthers relocate.

Could the Florida Panthers relocate?

NBC SPORTS: Florida Panthers co-owner Doug Cifu is uncertain of his franchise’s future in its current location. Cifu claims the franchise has lost money over the past ten-plus years, adding the current business model isn’t sustainable. Broward County, where the franchise is located, is looking into the possibility of allowing the Panthers out of their arena lease, which would also allow them to relocate. If that should come to pass, Seattle and Quebec City could be possible locations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s believed the current Panthers management are exploring all options toward improving their lot. Opponents of NHL franchises in America’s Sun Belt will claim hockey can’t survive in Florida. That is, of course, pure nonsense. The Panthers were poorly run by a succession of owners before the current group took over the franchise last year. Poorly-run franchises don’t draw, regardless of where they’re located, except perhaps in Toronto, where the Maple Leafs have wallowed in mediocrity for a decade. 

TSN.CA: The Buffalo Sabres will host the NHL Combine for the next two years.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s also reports the Sabres are also planning a major announcement today, which could be they’ll be awarded the 2016 NHL Draft. 

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