The latest on Jason Spezza and Teuvo Teravainen, outgoing MLSE president Tim Leiweke’s one regret, Larry Robinson weighs in on the Sharks leadership and more. 

TSN.CA: Former Ottawa Senators captain Jason Spezza denied the added pressure of being the club’s captain made him the target of heightened criticism and led to his trade to the Dallas Stars. Spezza claims the move was brought about because he felt he needed a change and a fresh start elsewhere.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think Spezza and Senators management also knew he was moving on at the end of this season, when he became eligible for unrestricted free agency. Better to make the move now, allowing the Senators to get a decent return, than to have his contract status hang over the club this season. 

Can the San Jose Sharks address their leadership issue?

Can the San Jose Sharks suitably address their leadership issue?

NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien cites an interview San Jose Sharks assistant coach Larry Robinson gave to TSN 690 addressing the club’s decision to strip Joe Thornton of the captaincy. “I don’t think this is to put all the onus on Joe or even Patrick (Marleau) for that matter but there’s definitely leadership that has to be found somewhere within and if it’s not Joe and if it’s not Patrick then we’re looking for somebody else to step forward and I think that’s the main reason we’re doing what we’re doing,” Robinson said. “We’re waiting for somebody now to step forward and take charge of this team.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For the shakeup in leadership for the Sharks to be effective the veterans like Thornton and Patrick Marleau must be willing to buy into the plan and accept whoever steps up as the new team leaders. If Thornton and Marleau can accept, say, Logan Couture and Joe Pavelski stepping into the roles, it could actually help the club’s on-ice performance. If they don’t, the dressing room becomes divided, creating potential problems on the ice. 

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Promising Blackhawks forward Teuvo Teravainen has spent this summer bulking up in preparation for the upcoming season.

NATIONAL POST: Outgoing MLSE president Tim Leiweke’s only regret was talking about staging championship parades. ” “I didn’t understand when I got here that it was the Montreal phrase for beating the crap out of Leafs fans,” he said with a smile on Friday.”

MIAMI HERALD: The Nashville Predators will host a four-team rookie tournament from September 13-16, featuring prospects from the Predators, Boston Bruins, Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning.