Looking back at the 1994 NHL lockout, interview with Jay Feaster and Matt Fraser, analysis of Joe Pavelski, top 300 fantasy players and much more in today’s collection of notable posts from the NHL blogosphere. 

GRANTLAND: Sean McIndoe with a terrific piece looking back at the 1994 NHL lockout, which set in motion the events which led to the two subsequently lockouts.

Could Alexander Ovechkin bolt for the KHL?

Could Alexander Ovechkin bolt for the KHL?

BLEACHER REPORT: Jonathan Willis explores the possibility of the NHL’s Russian stars breaking contracts to head to the KHL.

A HOCKEY JOURNALIST’S BLOG: James Mirtle with a few thoughts on talking hockey on Twitter.

RAW CHARGE: Clark J Brooks recently interviewed former Tampa Bay Lightning GM Jay Feaster, getting his thoughts on amateur hockey in Florida and other issues.

SHNARPED.COM: Mac Faulkner sat down with Matt Fraser of the Boston Bruins for a Q&A session.

ISLANDERS INSIGHT: Rich Dias-Rodrigues believes the New York Islanders face a pivotal year.

VINTAGE LEAF MEMORIES: Michael Langlois reflects on past and present Maple Leafs.

DOBBER HOCKEY: The top 300 players for your fantasy hockey keeper league.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Larry Fisher with a big list of fantasy hockey bust candidates for this season.

SB NATION: Adam Gretz believes we should lower our expectations for San Jose Sharks forward Joe Pavelski.

TEAL PUCK: Speaking of the Sharks, one fan is waiting for the season in antici….pation.

NHL NUMBERS: An advanced stats cheat sheet.