In today’s collection of hockey-blogging goodness: the apathy and absurdity of the NHL All-Star Game, 5 NHL teams going nowhere fast, an interview with a KHL player, an interview with the Finnish Ambassador to the US and much more!

Is the NHL All-Star Game a worthwhile event?

Is the NHL All-Star Game a worthwhile event?

GRANTLAND: Sean McIndoe on the apathy and absurdity of the NHL All-Star Game.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski parents are furious over the NHL ASG ticket policy change.

PUCK BUDDYS: An interview with Ritva Koukke-Ronde, Finland’s Ambassador to the United States, about hockey in her native country.

THE SCORE: Justin Cuthbert lists four things we learned from the first half of this NHL season.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Felix Sicard lists five NHL teams going nowhere fast this season.

LAST WORD ON SPORTS: Aivis Kalnins interviews a KHL player in the second part of a two-part feature on conditions in the Russian league.

THE FOURTH PERIOD: B.D. Gallof on how the New York Islanders built themselves into one of this season’s top teams.

SB NATION: Andrew Hirsch believes Ryan O’Reilly is key to the Avalanche’s success, whether they trade him or not.

THE FACEOFF CIRCLE: Should the Edmonton Oilers trade their first-round pick in the 2015 NHL Draft?

NUCKS MISCONDUCT: A look at the Vancouver Canucks stats in the first half of this season.

NHL NUMBERS: Cam Lewis looks at how the loser point affects the NHL standings.

PENSION PLAN PUPPETS: A prime on PDO and normal distributions.

HOCKEY WILDERNESS: Are you a bad fan if you jump off a team’s bandwagon when they’re losing?

ST. LOUIS GAME TIME: Time for the Blues to bring the Martin Brodeur experiment to an end.