Ongoing playoff analysis, sexism is still alive in the NHL, the futures of the Jets, Sharks and more in today’s collection of NHL blogging goodness. 

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 GRANTLAND: Sean McIndoe on the Washington Capitals eliminations of the New York Islanders

NHL playoff officiating remains a subject of scorn.

NHL playoff officiating remains a subject of scorn.

PUCK DADDY: Ryan Lambert observes playoff officiating continues to suck.

UNDISCLOSED INJURY: Eric Morris observes the decline in NHL player suspensions since Brendan Shanahan left the department of player safety.

PENSION PLAN PUPPETS/ARCTIC ICE HOCKEY/JEWELS FROM THE CROWN: Condemnation for NHL commissioner Gary Bettman’s seeming unwillingness to address sexism in the NHL.

ARCTIC ICE HOCKEY: After finally reaching the playoffs, the Winnipeg Jets have a bright future.

PUCK PONDERINGS: An ongoing examination of possible offseason changes for the San Jose Sharks.

FIVE FOR HOWLING: Richard Morin explains why Arizona is the key for the growth of US hockey.

DOBBER HOCKEY: Tom Collins lists the top-ten fantasy hockey NHL UFAs for 2015.