The Stanley Cup dark horse, Rob Ford and the hockey worlds, remembering Elmer Lach and more in your NHL Blog Beat. 

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PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski considers the Minnesota Wild a dark horse candidate for the 2015 Stanley Cup, while Ryan Lambert on what the future could hold for Washington Capitals superstar Alexander Ovechkin.

Could the Minnesota Wild become this season's Stanley Cup dark horse?

Could the Minnesota Wild become this season’s Stanley Cup dark horse?

GRANTLAND: Sean McIndoe reaches into his NHL grab bag for the latest notable news.

NHLNUMBERS: Cam Lewis reviews this year’s NHL trade deadline deals.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Ross Bonander remembers the life and NHL career of Montreal Canadiens great Elmer Lach.

THE DEPARTMENT OF HOCKEY ANALYTICS: Phil Curry cites analytics proving the NHL has done a good job achieving parity.

HOCKEY-GRAPHS: Benjamin Wendorf reviews the “greatest tank battle” of 1983-84 between the Pittsburgh Penguins and New Jersey Devils.

THE FACEOFF CIRCLE: Jeff Veillette looks at former Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s connection to hockey in the wake of his being named to the Hockey Hall of Fame board of directors.

GREATEST HOCKEY LEGENDS: Joe Pelletier reviews “Heart of the Blackhawks: The Pierre Pilote Story.”

FOHS FARM REPORT: Scotty Wazz reviews the weekend that was in the minor leagues.