Ongoing Stanley Cup playoff analysis, NHL teams in cap trouble, advanced stats killing the romance of hockey and more. 

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P.K. Subban's slash on Ottawa's Mark Stone was among this year's playoff controversies.

Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban’s slash on Ottawa’s Mark Stone was among this year’s playoff controversies.

GRANTLAND: Sean McIndoe examines 20 controversies from the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs.

DEFENDING BIG D: David Castillo believes the NHL needs consistent rule enforcement.

SB NATION: Rodger Sherman explains why the NHL does the best national anthems in sports.

NHLNUMBERS:  Cam Lewis examines the NHL teams in cap trouble and those who could exploit them.

VAN CITY BUZZ: Wyatt Arndt believes advanced stats are killing the romance of hockey.

ARCTIC ICE HOCKEY: Is the Winnipeg Jets’ net getting too crowded?

THE COLOR OF HOCKEY: William Douglas highlights former NHL enforcer Donald Brashear has moved into making hockey sticks.

FOHS FARM REPORT: Scotty Wazz highlights the epicness of the ECHL’s Eastern Conference Finals.