The Calgary Flames re-signed restricted free agent defenseman Dougie Hamilton to a six-year deal believed worth $34.5 million. 

Flames re-sign Dougie Hamilton to six-year deal.

Flames re-sign Dougie Hamilton to six-year deal.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hamilton’s new deal works out to be an average cap hit of $5.75 million. No word yet as to how the actual salary will be structured or if the deal comes with a partial no-trade in the latter years.

**UPDATE** As per TSN’s Darren Dreger: “1)$5.5 mil 2)$5.5 mil 3)$5.75 mil 4)$5.75 mil 5) $6 mil 6)$6 mil. Ltd no trade clause in years 5-6.”

Considering the speculation Hamilton sought a deal comparable to Los Angeles’ Drew Doughty or St. Louis’ Alex Pietrangelo from the Bruins, this is a reasonable contract for a rising talent like him.  The deal will take a sizable chunk out of the Flames cap space, but it will still leave plenty of room (less than $15 million) to make other additions if required.

The Bruins were being raked over the coals by fans and pundits regarding the return (draft picks) received for shipping Hamilton to Calgary, and this deal won’t dampen the criticism. However,’s DJ Bean suggests this contract more or less means Hamilton wanted to play elsewhere, as he wouldn’t have agreed to that deal with the Bruins.