Check out the post-NHL Draft and pre-NHL free agency analysis from around the hockey blogosphere. 

GRANTLAND: Sean McIndoe looks at the surprising (and unsurprising) moments of the 2015 NHL Draft, and wrapped up last week’s NHL Awards.

What do Bruins fans have to look forward to this summer?

What do Bruins fans have to look forward to this summer?

STANLEY CUP OF CHOWDER: Following the Dougie Hamilton and Milan Lucic trades, Dan Ryan looks at what Boston Bruins fans can expect over the remainder of the offseason.

HIGH HEELS AND HIGH STICKS: The Bruins have a habit of running down the good young players they trade away, which doesn’t hide the fact most of those players end up blossoming into superstars elsewhere.

MATCHSTICKS AND GASOLINE: With the Calgary Flames re-signing recently-acquired Dougie Hamilton, where does he fit on their blueline?

PUCK PONDERINGS: Taking umbrage with Puck Daddy’s assessment of the San Jose Sharks as losers at the 2015 NHL Draft.

DOBBER HOCKEY: Tom Collins lists the 10 players who benefited from the trades at the 2015 NHL Draft.

NHL DRAFT ANALYSIS: Awarding marks to the NHL general managers at the 2015 NHL Draft, plus the NHL’s Top 50 Draft Roots.

THE COLOR OF HOCKEY: William Douglas on the diversity at the 2015 NHL Draft.

FIVE FOR HOWLING: How to beat the NHL salary cap.

SATHER ON WAIVERS: How the $71.4 million salary cap for 2015-16 affects the New York Rangers’ offseason plans.

FOHS FARM REPORT: Scotty Wazz looks at the AHL coaching carousel.