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Could the Vancouver Canucks bring back Radim Vrbata?

Could the Vancouver Canucks bring back Radim Vrbata?

 Could the Vancouver Canucks bring back Radim Vrbata? Could they sign free agent Jiri Hudler? Read on for the latest.

TSN 1040: The Province’s Jason Botchford suggests the Canucks need for goals could result in right wing Radim Vrbata returning to the Vancouver Canucks. When it was pointed out that move would leave the Canucks thin at left wing, Botchford pointed out Loui Eriksson and Jannik Hansen can both play either wing. He believes the Canucks need scoring and they could count upon Vrbata to tally 15-20 goals.

Botchford also think Jiri Hudler could be a better choice for the Canucks. He considers this upcoming season to be a critical one for sophomore winger Jake Virtanen, who’s a good defensive forward but whose offensive game needs improvement.

NEWS 1130: Earlier this week, it was reported unrestricted free agent winger Jiri Hudler could sign with a team this week. The Canucks are apparently among the clubs in the mix. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Last week, Canucks GM Jim Benning said he’s considering all options to bring in a reliable scoring winger. He said he’s had trade talks with several teams but the discussions didn’t go far, though he isn’t ruling out revisiting those conversations.

Going the free-agent route is possible, though I think Hudler or Brandon Pirri could be better options for the Canucks than Vrbata, who’s also been linked to the Arizona Coyotes. Of course, it’ll also depend upon how much those UFAs are seeking. Benning also hasn’t ruled out inviting a UFA to a training camp tryout.

It’ll be interesting to see what Benning does. At the very least, this should provide plenty of fodder for his critics in today’s comments section…;)


  1. Anybody else see the Hudler will sign this week as connected consolation prize in the Jimmy Vesey games, and not directly tied to the Canucks?

    • Bill Placzek,

      I agree. I think we’ll see a couple of FA signings after the Jimmy Vesey sweeps are over.

      • Vessey signing should be the second FA period of summer

      • So glad when this unproven over hyped college hockey player gets signed..this kid is not Mario Lemieux or Wayne Gretzky…god enough with this kid already

      • The same Hype was there when Calgary was bringing Gaudreau straight up from college and it worked out great for them. Hopefully it will work for Vesey. The media has put an awful lot of pressure on him to be great.

    • I said that a ways ago, more so in connection with the Flyers but still. Any team waiting on Vessey will look to Hudler as a back-up plan and I said a ways back, which was disagreed with on here that Hudler will be lucky to get a one year deal at $1.5 now. He’s a great 5-on-5 but he’s aging, and is slow footed, which rosters are moving away from more and more now. A team will sell him on the one year; prove yourself contract but he’s likely looking at this yearly now unless he decides to head over sees eventually.

      • From an elder player perspective would you not view that as having to prove yourself every year as each year your a year older. If I was a guy like Hudler and a team asked me to prove it for a year due to my age I would move along and demand a 2 or 3 year deal. Only if that was available would I entertain the notion of having to prove myself every year.

        Funny how NHL’S players need to prove themselves coming into the league and once again as there careers wind down.

      • Hudler before he got traded out of calgary was sorta in the coaches dog house…who wasn’t last season on that team…and was played on the second and third lines when he did get ice time. his ice time was cut in half from the season before and he didn’t get to play with Monahan and Gaudreau and he still got 35 points in 53 games so I think no matter where he goes not only will it be a steal but it will be a good acquisition.

  2. Vancouver… what a mess…

    • Another bandaid for Bungling Jimmy….what a buffoon.

      • Ron, I see your constant insults fired Jim Benning ways; generally several in a day. So I want to come to Benning defense but I got nothing… sorry

      • Seek help Ron 🙂

        I blame the angst on the Rockies it seems to be causing an audible problem for the downeast media type east of the Lakehead which clearly Ron prescribes to. Benning has told those with ears what his plan is. Now they might disagree that would be fine but to keep insisting that he has no plan is just plain stupid.

        But for Ron’s sake I’ll repeat it. Again. He intends to restock the team “on the fly.” Vcr. roster is 43% under 24 years old. They have as many quality youngsters playing or prospects as most teams and maybe more than others. They have some real quality drafted by Benning ( Boeser, Demko and Julevi)he has aquired Gudbranson and Sutter as a result of the Kesler trade ( keep in mind Kesler gave Benning a list of 1 where he was willing to go to ). He drafted 6’8″/240 Tryamkin in the third round who already shown well in the NHL at the end of last season. He took Demko, the best goalie outside of the NHL in the second round, and Boeser the leading rookie scorer in the NCAA at the 23rd spot. Vcr actually started their rebuild under Gillis in 2013 when he traded Schneider for Horvat and Luongo for Markstrom. Maybe the Rockies can be blamed for that going unnoticed too. Vcr under Benning has already made huge strides in making Bennings team, younger, faster and bigger and that’s without a #1 pick (ever) and losing the third pick O/A in this years draft lottery.

      • Nice post Fred. Haters gonna hate, there’s nothing you can do to change that. People on this thread seam to think that superstar players are in abundance and that the Canucks and Benning actively try to avoid them. Outside of Boeser, Demko and now Juolevi the Canucks dont’ have much coming up because they were busy trading off assets trying to win the Cup. I didn’t hear anyone complaining then. Rebuilding a roster takes time and I agree that Benning has done a respectable job with what he had to work with.

      • Hahahaha. Caper, he doesn’t deserve any; Benning that is. I find Ron’s comments harsh but I don’t disagree for the most part. just not certain I want to hear it every day.

        The mismanagement of assets is what astounds me. I’m not adverse to what he’s trying to do, straddle the fence, but this isn’t how you do it.

      • Can’t say I am a Benning fan, but his tenure so far seems to have been a mixed bag. Demko and Tryamkin look they may have useful NHL potential. Gudbranson we will have to see. Other moves not so much. But I have no time for grade school name calling seen here about Benning. Grow up.

    • As a Leaf fan I can understand the pain of terrible management, as a Leaf fan who lived around the province of BC for a couple years when they made the finals and had to listen to it…I must say I’m really enjoying watching the implosion of the past few years. ?

      • I hope you didn’t slam the door when you left. Yeah it has to be tough supporting a team that has simply failed decade after decade. Some can handle it well others …. well others get bitter 😉

      • Benning is a moron, he had a deal for Hamhuis with Dallas then decided to ask for more to which Dallas declined. Return on Hamhuis, zero. Couldnt trade or give Vrbata away at deadline and now ponders resigning him? Runs his mouth at the drat, tampering not only with one, but two players getting a fine and embarrassing the organization when the entire hockey world was watching. Bennings plan changes from hour to hour. Rebuild to retool and back again. There is nothing to retool, 2011 is gone. This team needs to be gutted and rebuilt from the bottom up. Vancouver fans deserve a contending team, not one that squeaks into the playoffs for a one and done asskicking. Canucks fans should want, no…they should DEMAND more. Theyve wated 5 years looking for a winger for the Sedins when they should have been looking for the players to replace them. Bungling Jimmy and Captain Trevor have turned this franchise into a laughing stock lottery team and it makes me wanna puke everytime I hear Dim Jim or Linden drone about “the plan”, they dont have a plan. They have bandaids and stopgaps. You know who has a plan? The bloody Maple Leafs much as it pains me to say. Bungling Jimmy, Captain Trevor and Slick Willie have got to go, time to turf the Three Amigos and hire experienced COMPETENT people.

      • At least the Leafs finally have a plan and are sticking to it.

      • And exactly what “success” have the Canucks had? That’s why I do smile at the implosion Fred is that attitude like if it weren’t for a couple bounces maybe the series against the Bruins would be different…it’s like Leaf fans who blame Fraser for the non call against the Kings in 93 pathetic, News flash Fred excuses are cheap and the Canucks have won as many cups as the Leafs since 1970.

      • Shticky, I guess it all depends on what your definition of success is. If it only includes Cups then no the Canucks have had no success. And if that’s your definition then the league is full of 29 unsuccessful franchises every year. Personally I feel this as being a very narrow minded and pessimistic way to judge success.

      • Ron Jull it seems you want Vancouver to rebuild today and be ready to play tomorrow. That’s not how it works. DS21 and FRED are correct Vancouver has Great young up and coming Talent. They will never get anything for the Sedin Sisters now…Though they were Great most of their careers and most non Vancouver fans loved to hate them…That’s the sign of a great player…there time is done and they will play it out in Vancouver but in the mean time they will help develop the good young talent that Vancouver will be bringing up and adding to the team over the next few years. Why can us non vancouver fans see this but you can’t

      • DS21 you nailed it. I would rather have a team who made it to the playoffs every year and gave themselves a chance to win the Stanley cup and be able to cheer for your team win or lose than have a team who never makes it to the playoffs and you never get to cheer for them. To me a successful NHL team makes it to the playoffs every year. To measure the success of an NHL team by how many Stanley cups they’ve won is very narrow minded. then the history of most teams would be that they are all losers. As a Fan I just want to see my team play in the playoffs to me that is the objective for every team…Make it to the playoffs.

      • What a silly comment. Canucks fans are just as passionate as Leaf fans and I, for one, hope Vancouver gets back in the mix soon.

      • and they will BCLEAFAN. all The canadian teams did great at this years draft. looks like most are moving in a good direction

    • Agreed! The Canucks are a mess for sure. Caught between thinking their contenders, not enough of a look at a rebuild. Some teams can rebuild on the fly, the Wings have done it for years and years. Vancouver does not get the formula clearly.

      • I like the Sedins, good players and better people but the focus has to shift from them to the future.

      • definitely the wings have the best drafting staff in the NHL. Has been for at least the last 20 years

    • @ThirstyDeer

      Why are they a mess ? Give us some details.
      I see the usual moron show here hacking the Canucks but it’s always the one liners with no specifics.

      • The general sentiment as I see it, expressed often in ways that say more, is that what the Canucks need to properly stock the cupboards is multiple top 6-7 picks, preferably one or two at 3 or 4 … it is difficult to achieve this if stop-gap veterans come in and the team finishes between 16th and 22nd.

      • just like the Toronto Maple Leafs so obviously purposely tanking it last season and Edmonton doing it over the last 6…and though Edmonton didn’t get number 1 pick again Columbus handed them an incredible christmas gift by handing them Puljajarvi for nothing.

        Vancouver tanked it last year and will look to do it again this year…Though they handed Calgary a gift in taking Juolevi over Tkachuck They still got an incredible player out of the deal and this years Entry Draft looks to be as solid as last years entry draft so they will get another great pick and will be in the running for the lottery

        I mean look at Toronto now. Not only did they get Mathews But nylander, kadri don’t forget the incredible Mitch Marner and Bracco,Conner Brown, lindberg…just to name a few…also the acquisition of Andersen and Sparks as a back up who’s playing great in the minors if toronto playes it right next season they could be a huge surprise. I’m not a leafs fan, Oilers fan, Jets fan or Coyotes fan but man am I excited to watch these 4 teams next year. Hopefully in a couple of years that’s where your Canucks will be. they have a good start going forward. Check it out not only do they great young talent on the team but they have good players developing in the system. If your a fan of your team don’t get down on it research whats going on you’ll be pleased.

      • Not a leaf fan eh dan?

      • I have listed the Benning ineptitude repeatedly & have no inclination to do so again. Go to ESPN NHL. Hover over teams, select the Canucks, then select transactions, then look at every transaction the Canucks have made since Benning was hired.

        I should warn you it isn’t pretty. Trading players at the wrong time, not getting proper value in return, giving them away for virtually nothing or overpaying to acquire them.

        Garrison for a late 2nd to TB, pick used to acquire Vey. Bieksa moved for a late 2nd rounder, pick later thrown into the Bonino trade to get Sutter. I could go on & on.

        Aren’t legitamate top 4 Dman the hardest things to acquire in the NHL? Benning has given them away for free like candy & let Hamhuis walk for nothing. Garrison, Bieksa & Hamhuis have all continued to log top 4 minutes since moved & will again next season.

        For me no better way to rank players than TOI/GP. If 2 players are close you could argue that the 1 with slightly less minutes may be higher but when I played ice time was god. We all wanted it & had to earn it the better players got it. I never made it very high nor had any aspirations to, far to small but played as long as I could & still do.

        Didn’t Shaw & Eller just move for 2 2nd rounders each! Did I miss a memo? Douglas Murray moved from SJ to Pittsburgh at the trade deadline for a 2nd & 3rd a few years ago & never played another game in the NHL after that season.

      • BIG BAD BRUIN…Is there some problem you have with me. I’m not Dan. although Dan has been posting on this thread. No I’m not a leafs fan I’m a die hard Calgary Flames Fan. But researching Hockey and Hockey prospects is my hobby so I know who is in every teams system and right now None are more exciting than Toronto, Edmonton, Arizona, Winnipeg and Calgary. Just because i don’t cheer for that team doesn’t mean I can’t learn about and appreciate what they have in the organization. Now believe me when i say…The Boston Bruins got nothing coming up, did nothing at the trade deadline, drafted horribly horribly this year and have done nothing in the off season to make themselves better. Everybody knows it but the Bruins fans. I was just stating a fact. It’s very clear to all that they know as well as I do next years draft is stacked as it was this year and they are gonna play for that. Nothing wrong with it…a number of teams have done it over the last few years. Calgary did it last year and 3 years ago unfortunately we somehow fluke our way into the playoffs 2 seasons ago…complete accident. so not a leafs Fan just a fan of Hockey and Hockey knowledge. But if it makes you feel better you can keep calling me Dan as long as it’s ok that I give you a nick name…though i won’t be as nice

    • Nothing else needs to be said! This club has no clear direction! Dump the Sedins!

      • Now that’s a well thought out in depth view of the Canucks and Jim Benning. It actually explains why TO is still held in such high esteem.

        Lets examine this idiot Benning. What’s he done.

        Well in his first draft he took Virtanen @ #6, McCann at 24th pick followed by Demko in the 2nd round and Tryamkin in the third round. Demko is thougth by many to be the best goalie outside of the NHL, Tryamkin at 22 has already played in the NHL and certainly at very least held his own At 6’8″/240 he’s a force. Keep in mind only 20% of 2nd round and below draft picks make the NHL. Benning then traded away Kesler who was a cancer in the Vcr dressing room getting back Bonino, McCann and Sbisa. He then traded Bonino for Sutter and McCann for Gudbranson. So in fact for Kesler he got rid of a cancer and added Gudranson and Sutter. Kesler gave Benning a list of 1 team basically where he’d go. So not a bad deal in my books. He added and traded for Beartschi for a second round pick ( Baertschi had I believe 15 goals and played in 69 games last season.) As I’ve already stated only 20% of 2nd round picks make it to the NHL…so again not bad IMO. The following year he drafted Brock Boeser with the 23 O/A pick and he’s just the third highest scorer O/A in the NCAA as a freshman. He also took Brisbois with the thirds pick he collected in the Lack Trade. Brisbois is at the Cdn WJC camp currently. This year after getting bumped down the draft order from 3rd to 5th in the lottery he selected Juolevi. ” His point total was the most in WJC history by a 17-year-old defenseman, ” I assume these are the reasons you’ve considerd to reach your insightful decision He may not be the best GM in your eyes but that my friend is prejudice rather than facts or logic. I might add that the rebuild for Vcr started but apparently unnoticed outside of Vcr when we traded Schneider for Horvat and Luongo for Markstrom in 2013. Currently has 9 players under the age of 24 on the roster and more to come. As to the cr success over the last decade apart from getting to the 7th game of the SC finals they also won the Presidents trophy twice…..unfortunately the Rockie keep getting in the way of the folks downeast 🙂

  3. Could be, although I see Hudler with 676gp 161g 256a 417pts and a proven NHL commodity and Vessey as 0 down the line and having proved nothing as a pro. True, he’s much younger and will cost substantially less – at the start – than Hudler, although if some team can land the latter for a year at a million they might be better off for the coming season.

    • Vesey won’t cost less than Hudler. Vesesy’s contract will max out with ELC bonuses at just under 4 mil the majority of which will be earned.

      Next season Vesey will make about 2.75 to 3.5. Hurler will be lucky to get 2.5.

    • Yeah, as a Leaf fan I feel the same about Auston Matthews – all that hype and he hasn’t proved anything in the NHL yet! Sigh…

      • Dan just stop please…you can not compare 23 year old 3rd round picks to guys who are 18 years old first overall picks.

      • My concern on Matthews is he spent his jr/college years in Europe playing on a larger ice surface with a style of play not condusive to the NHL (although the difference is much less than in the past). It will be interesting to see how his game translates to the smaller surface against larger more physical opponents.

      • Shticky, I’m not saying Vesey is Matthews… I’m just pointing out, the idea that prospects need to prove themselves in the NHL before we can start caring about them is nonsense; hence the extreme example of applying that failed logic to Matthews.

      • @Ron
        I really don’t think you should worry about Mattews one season in europe, then you should really worry about all european prospects!
        I bet history and current stars can show you where they grew up playing. Ovechkin, Kopitar, Karlsson, Hossa and maaany others that are ok players 😉

      • you should be thrilled as a leaf Fan you were able to pick first over all and acquire Mathews. Any one of those top 3 players. There is not a person in Calgary who would even think about complaing about acquiring Tkachuk in the draft…Thank you Columbus and Vancouver. But mathews Marner Nylander Kadri…You have a fantastic up and coming team my friend

      • Mathews Laine Puljajarvi all played with men over in Europe while Tkachuk played with boys. even though he had way more success then they did they will be ready now compared to Tkachuk. It’s my hope that Calgary doesn’t bring Tkachuk in right away. I thought it was the wrong move bringing Bennett up right away. I thought it hurt his game and he should have stayed down another year like Marner and Strome did. But they will do what they do

    • Read what I said again, Striker … and then tell me where I said Vessey will cost less than Hudler. Then read it again.

      • When you say he’s younger and will cost less than hudler? 🙂
        “True, he’s much younger and will cost substantially less – at the start – than Hudler”

      • as a cap hit Vessey will cost a team an ELC wouldn’t he?

      • Yeah an ELC but likely a bonus Kaiden 3 mill per type ELC Hudler won’t cost that and likely only a year

    • and those stats are based on him only being a first line center for Calgary in which he scored a point a game. Very impressive stats. I’d gladly have him back with Calgary…especialy with the new coach in place. that line had great chemistry. but not for more than 2 mil per

    • George states.

      “True, he’s much younger and will cost substantially less”

      Did I misread that?

      • You’ve never been wrong Striker? You were sayin Wisnewski was an Achilles injury just the other day

  4. How many Hobey Baker winners have had big success in the NHL ? I did not research but I am guessing very few. In fact I recall a run where they did not even stick in the NHL and it was even considered a curse.

    • See Jack Eichel and Chris Drury also I believe Paul Kariya won it as well.

    • Eichel, Gaudreau, Carle, Ryan Miller, Drury, Morrison, Kariya, etc. Look at the other players who didn’t win the Hobey but came out of college to have great NHL careers. The issue isn’t whether Vesey won the Hobey Baker that’s meaningless. College hockey is just another development option for players & a great 1 for players who have academic aspirations or simply aren’t ready physically to play so many games in Major Jr & want to develop in a different system more set up to development. Baring tournaments, College players play of weekends.

      Vesey has become a stud prospect. He was slow to fill out & develop. He has chosen to pursue is future as allowed under the CBA. It doesn’t happen often that players choose the route that Vesey, Reilly, Schultz, etc. have chosen. It’s his right & all the power to him. Use the leverage you have well you have it. It swings both ways between players & teams. That’s why it’s such news, is it’s incredibly rare.

  5. Canucks need a scoring winger…

    … Canucks sign Loui Eriksson for $36m

    Canucks still need a scoring winger…

    • They have 2 now Sedin & Ericsson unless you consider Burrows, Hansen, Baertschi, Virtanen, Etem or Dorsett as scoring wingers.

      Hansen did get 22 last season seeing quite a bit of time with the Sedan’s last season as Willie wouldn’t play Vrbata there but unlikely he See’s as much time there this season.

      This is a bad team even if they acquire a Hudler or Vrbata.if I’m Vrbata not a hope I’m returning after how Willie deployed me last season & in the playoffs the season prior against Calgary.

      • The Canucks are quickly becoming the NHLs laughing stock

      • I wonder how long it will take Slick Willie to turn Eriksson into a 12 goal 4th liner like he did with Vrbata.

      • Striker,

        Can’t argue with you regarding Vrbata take… I wouldn’t resign with them either after last season and how things unfolded

      • Ron Jull,

        If Loui Eriksson gets 3rd or 4th line minutes then obviously his production is going to suffer. But a lot of Bruins fans felt Eriksson under Julien was going to see a big drop in production because Eriksson wasn’t known for going into corners and Julien is the type to praise those tough to play against players over the highly skilled. Eriksson did just fine this past season in terms of production.

      • Eriksson is a good player. Plays 200′ game.
        Kind of surprised he didn’t take a little less to try and win somewhere.
        I don’t have time to research, but when has a team rebuilding on the fly and not tearing it down had real success. Success being defined as being a cup contender for multiple years.
        Please don’t say Pittsburgh, they still have Crosby, Malkin and Letang in their primes and don’t miss the playoffs.
        I can’t think of any in the last 10 years or so.So why do teams even try?
        Not sure who said in this forum a while back, but the jist was don’t blame Benning he is taking his orders from the ownership group who doesn’t want a full rebuild as they want the playoff gate.
        Seems to be the case in Vancouver. Good luck with that Canuck fans. Welcome to purgatory.

      • Setting the standard of success to be a Stanley Cup means only one team last year succeeded and all 29 others failed. Yet teams view growth as success and I will point to Detroit as one of those teams who continued to succeed after star players retired and left.

      • Jeff,I said Stanley Cup contender, not winner. I get it, only one team wins, but the point is to contend for one and try to win it. Sucking for years and top picks picks don’t guarantee it (Oilers), but not having them almost guarantees you won’t.
        Detroit is the one example every one points to and I would agree with that. I would consider them an outlier as there top 2 players were drafted very late and Holland even admitted that they got lucky. “If we new they were that good we would have drafted them sooner to make sure we got them”
        The only point I am making is it very rarely works. I guess the question is do you want to contend for the playoffs or contend for a cup?
        “History is clear: winning the Stanley Cup without elite talent found at the top of the draft is nearly impossible”. Sportsnet.
        In 45 years only 2 teams have won the cup without a top 3 pick on their roster. Colorado in 2001(They traded Lindros for a boatload) and Calgary in 89 (They had a top 4 in Lanny).
        That is it.
        You need elite talent to win, the vast majority of the time it is found very early in the draft.

      • Ray bark

        I stand corrected

      • I’m with Ron. Willie devalued Vrbata. Why he took him off the Sedin’s line heading into the playoffs against Calgary is dumbfounding. Then banished him to the 2nd or 3rd line all of last season. Makes no sense to me.

        Ron. Aquilini was responsible for the Hamhuis debacle. I had an argument hear with someone about the bad blood between Aquilini & Gaglardi as to trades & what I said played out in this very trade opportunity. Benning had a deal but needed approval from ownership as he was dealing with Dallas. In the time Aquilini stewed on it it vanished & Dallas acquired Russell.

      • @striker I read the exact opposite that benning had the go ahead to pull the trigger but just asked for too much

      • Elite talent is essential, where or how you acquire them not as much, although the odds favor the high draft picks for a multitude of reasons not the least of which is they are the elite & in the modern era, the last 10 years, the draft has become far more advanced in determining the quality of players than in previous 10 year periods. Far less misses today. It is much more of a science.

        You need an elite C & elite Dman & very good goaltending but not necessarily elite goaltending just very good, at the right time.

        Detroit won cups with both, Datsyuk; 6th round 171st overall & Lidstrom; 3rd round; 53rd overall which would be a 2nd round pick today, as have most others in the last decade with the possible exception of Carolina a decade ago.

        By year for the last decade..

        2016. Pittsburgh. Crosby 1st round 1st, Letang 3rd round 61st.
        2015. Chicago. Toews 1st round 3rd, Keith 2nd round 54th.
        2014. LA. Kopitar 1st round 11th, Doughty 1st round 2nd.
        2013. Chi. Same.
        2012. LA same.
        2011. Boston. Krejci 2nd round 63rd, Chara 3rd round 56th.
        2010. Chi. Same.
        2009. Pittsburgh same, although Gonchar was a significant factor in 09, 1st round 14th.
        2008. Detroit. Datsyuk & Lidstrom, see above.
        2007. Anaheim. Getzlaf 1st round 19th, Pronger 1st round 2nd/Neidermayer 1st round 3rd.
        2006. Carolina. E. Staal 1st round 2nd, F. Kaberle 3rd round 76th overall.

    • Chad…Loui Eriksson played great in Dallas. Nearly a point a game every year. Then he went to Boston where they had no scoring talent at all to help him out. He is going to Vancouver where talent is diminishing but hey it could work out. Keep in mind people in this era of the NHL scoring slightly less that a point a game is considered to be a star and well worth 7 mil per season. It’s ridiculous i know but that’s what it’s come to. I have a good bead on a lot of the young talent coming into the league this year and the up and comers who’ve been in the league over the last 3 and i think we’re in for a great next 10 years offensively for a lot of the new guys coming up as well as the already existing stars. Kane…as long as certain players stay healthy will be dethroned next season.

  6. Only Benning would sign Vrbata…. couldnt trade him….couldnt give him away….now hes the answer to the goal scoring woes….Dim Jim needs to be fired asap.

    • Benning can get fired right after he trades Jannick Hansen for Chris Kunitz strait up. Hansens speed suits the Penguins success model to a tee. And Benning would love to add a Canadian Olympian.

  7. Wait.
    I thought that if you bought out a player then you couldn’t re-sign them until the year after. If am I confused?

    • Vrbata is a free agent. Dim Jim tried to trade him at the deadline last season but got zero offers for him. So he is free to sign anywhere, even Vancouver.

      • Vrbata made it hard for Benning to trade him and even said he did. get your facts straight you dilettante.

  8. Oilers finally trade a forward for a D and the Canucks become this forums bottom feeder ;-0

  9. Canucks adding scoring – why? They need a teardown not patch up.

    • Unless that winger can be Tobias Rieder… still hasn’t signed in Arizona. He fits the right mold and is in the right age group.

  10. Not so sure it just Benning that needs their heads examined in Vancouver. It an organizational thing. Somehow they seem to think the twins are 25 not 35; Miller is still a Vezina candidate and Gundbranson is the second coming of Jovonovski.

    The only person I think living in reality on the west coast is Desjardins….

    Worst team in the west imo, and they still will be if they add.

    • Is this part of your Christmas wish list. Between u and me Santa Clause is not real. The Sedins If you’ve ever actually seen them are unusual in that they have always played the game with a high hockey IQ rather than depend on speed or brawn. Much like Lidstrom they can play for a lot longer than those that need physical attributes. They’ll still be playing for team Sweden and likely lead them

      • I like the Sedons, but the team should be focusing on finding who is going to replace them not another bandaid to play with them. They are 35 pushing 36 and production is declining with no replacement in sight. Blo Horvat is NOT the answer.

      • That’s why non Vancouver fans love to hate them. They seem to always be on the ice circling…circling…and…score. When they are on they are the best. Hate em.

    • I have them bottom 2 in the west currently.

    • Yep, nailed it Caper: 1st round pick for nothing but cap – found money.

      • Gah he is a 3rd round pick who has developed…not a first round pick. Think of it this way if you have a first round pick who makes your top 6 in his rookie year how long before you have to worry about paying him like a UFA? Vesey is 23 years old he is nothing like a found 1st. I’m not the type who is hoping for his failure or anything of the sort but people acting like a 3rd round pick is suddenly so much more than what he was when he was drafted need to cool the jets a little, it’s not like the guy played on Mars and surprised everyone….3rd round pick

      • Yes shticky we was a third round pick that didn’t get signed, then he becomes an ufa. If you don’t like the 1st round analogy. Then how about he a UFA that teams think he can be a top 6 foward, the only cost is max money.

      • Teams that think he is a top 6 player? Based on what? College play? The Memorial Cup champs would clean up on the best college team and how many from that London team will become NHL regulars? 4? 6 maybe? How many from Vessey’s college team will become NHL regulars? 1? 2? maybe?

      • George, interesting question.
        I’m not so sure that a CHL team is that much better than the Div 1 NCAA.
        If all the players were the same age I would take the CHL team every time, but they are not.
        College players are older and stronger. No 16 and 17 year old players. Many players that are 20, 21, 22 and sometimes older.
        Would like to see UND play London. I think it would be closer than people think.

      • well it looks like roughly 10 players from each team got drafted so only time will tell. Calgary thought wee little Johnny Gaudreau was a top 3 player based on college play only and was the Hobey Baker winner and they were absolutely correct. So these guys who actually get paid to know these things must know a little more than we do.

      • Agree with Ray

  11. This is for leafs fans

    Will toronto consider:
    A.Emelin,1st rd pick 2017 and a prospect for JVR ?

    • I would if I were the Leafs. Decent player and a 1rst rounder for an injury prone JVR.

      • I don’t think a team gives up a 1st for jvr like Ron said pretty injury prone

    • I think Toronto should not give up on James Van Riemsdyk just yet. He’s finally going to be playing with a ton of talent so lets give him a year or 2 to see what he can do. show everyone why he was selected 2nd overall

    • Injury prone? prior to last year he missed a total of 2 games in over 3 seasons in other words he played something like 210 of the previous 212 games as a Leaf and more than that if you include his time as a Flyer….did you even bother looking it up or just soon as a guy is hurt he is injury prone? lol

      • agreed 🙂

  12. Vrbata had a NTC and didn’t want to leave ( his wife was due to have a child )PLUS Benning never spoke about resigning Vrbata it was a media type that SPECULATED. Ron your hate ( terrible infliction, the Donald Trump of this forum ) is overwhelming I hope the rest of your life is fair and balanced but all your signs tend to belie that fact.

    • I dont hate the Canucks, but I do hate what they are turning into.

      • Yeah and Tuesday doesn’t follow Monday. You can’t spew all this angst and then ( much like Trump )declare you don’t have that hatred.

      • RON…I spoke with Mason Raymond who was treated so unfairly by the coach of the Calgary flames as Hudler was and he told me some things regarding Calgary Flames players and Hartley About how over last season how badly all the players hated his guts and would swear at him and tell him to get out of the room whenever he came in. I don’t condone this type of behavior that’s for sure but when you lose your team you got to go and maybe that’s happening in Vancouver but very excited about the new Goalie, very talented up and coming developed prospects and new coaching staff for Calgary. At least Vancouver didn’t have the most embarrassing goal tending situation in NHL modern history like Calgary Flames did. That was hard to take.

    • Vrbata waived his NTC

      • “Can confirm Radim Vrbata has given Vancouver his list of eight teams…reality is he may be willing to go to only 2 or 3 of them Well, just spitballing here, but I imagine the five teams on that list that he wouldn’t go to are actually teams that don’t want him. A pretty savvy move by Vrbata and his agent if that is the case.”

    • Be wary of political references it seems if your name is Jeff Noel you get attacked for them. I learned a while back that politics has no place on this site even in jest.

      Just a warning and FYI which is rarely extended on this sight before the barrage of irate insults flow free.

      • you mean even more insults. I don’t visit this site very often because of the constant hate posted for Vcrs Teams. It becomes mostly boring but occasionally prompts me into respond. no skin of my nose if I never see this site again

      • Thin-skinned Fred?

      • But the funny thing is that its mostly posted by a Vancouver Fan who is down on his team….RON

      • Fred.

        Just certain people & some use several handles, writing style gives them away every time. I frequent numerous sites, post to a small select few & you get way less ridicule here & spend far more time debating hockey than the BS numerous other sites allow.

        For the most part I try & ignore the personal insults, not always successful & occasionally fire back when I’ve had enough, am hung over, or grumpy, possibly as I’m hung over, Haha. I stopped reading the comments of 1 poster nor do I respond to him/her in anyway now. Pointless & far to aggravating.

        Don’t let it bother you, contribute to the discussion & debate as time allows. Always interested to hear what other peoples thoughts are on these various subject matters.

  13. Hey Jason what happend to the top 6 forward you guys are trading for, by the way I hate you.

  14. Fred I agree lots of hate spewed here but it seems to be a select few who continue to troll and ĺaugh.
    I find there are quite a few knowledgeable people here but there are those few.

    • Fred seems to be the one making things personal. First thing one does when they cant win a debate is trash their opponent personally. Hes entitled to a wrong opinion, just as much as I or anyone else. But hes not entitled to take things to a personal level.

      • Ron win or lose My heart is Calgary Flames. Though I do love watching all the games…the rogers package is awesome. I’ve been making excuses for them since 1989 but i swear as usual this year will be the year 🙂 …NOT!

  15. Just posted this somewhere else on the page, but what do the Canucks fans here think about Tobias Rieder? He has the potential to be better than Matt Beleskey was in Anaheim and plays a similar style.