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This season could be Patrick Marleau's last with the San Jose Sharks.

This season could be Patrick Marleau’s last with the San Jose Sharks.

 Patrick Marleau’s future with the San Jose Sharks and lingering questions about the Detroit Red Wings.

NBC SPORTS: Joey Alfieri reports it’s no secret long-time San Jose Sharks forward Patrick Marleau was the subject of trade rumors. Last fall, he submitted a list of three clubs he considered acceptable trade destinations. Ultimately, the Sharks retained him, but Alfieri notes Marleau’s time in San Jose could be coming to a close soon. He’s entering the final season of his three-year contract and his production has declined. He’ll either have to accept a significant pay cut after this season or enjoy a big rebound in his performance to stay. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I also wouldn’t rule out the possibility that he’s moved by the Feb. 28 trade deadline. Of course, that will depend upon his performance, where the Sharks are in the standings by that point, if he’s willing to expand his trade destinations beyond the Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers and if there’s even a decent market for his services by then. 

NBC SPORTS: Mike Halford recently noted the Detroit Red Wings enter this season with questions about their defense corps and goaltending. Those issues will put pressure under general manager Ken Holland to address them. He’s invested nearly $10 million in goalie Petr Mrazek and Jimmy Howard, but has seemingly flip-flopped on moving the latter. Holland’s also hopes to acquire a top-three defenseman. He was reportedly in talks with the Anaheim Ducks over Cam Fowler earlier this summer, but the asking price could be very expensive. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Howard’s inconsistency and contract ($5.291 million cap hit through 2018-19, modified no-trade clause) makes him very difficult to move. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still with the Wings when the season is over. Howard seems a likely candidate to be left exposed in next June’s NHL expansion draft, though there’s no guarantee the Las Vegas franchise will select him.

As for Fowler, the Ducks could be waiting until they get Hampus Lindholm under contract before deciding if they’ll shop Fowler or another blueliner. The Ducks need a scoring left wing, which is why Tomas Tatar is frequently mentioned as a trade candidate if the Wings seriously pursue a Fowler deal. 


  1. I would imagine that there is a great deal of talk around league managers regarding Fowler and Shattenkirk. Hopefully a team like Edmonton is seriously one or both of these players.

    I would love to see Toronto in on this too; however, a team like Edmonton is closer to playoff contention. I didn’t realize until yesterday that the Oilers had 9.2 mil in cap space available to them as well. That’s what somebody said on here yesterday anyway.

    New Jersey could be an interesting option for one of these two guys as well as you have to think that acquiring Hall signals the Devils are definitely aiming toward playoff status as well. They certainly have the goaltender they need.

    • & NJ has the worst D in the NHL by a significant margin. Can’t see NJ being better than their 12th place finish in the East last season unless addressed. They should score more than the 182 goals they scored last season the lowest in the league but most likely allow more with that D. Lossing their best Dman in Larsson is going to hurt & Lovejoy can’t replace him.

      Yes I said Edm has 9.2 mil in cap space. Depending upon the 3 primary sites that report such data. Capfreindly being the cleanest,; they show bonus monies separately as technically they count against the cap but you are allowed to exceed the cap by said bonus monies but if it pushes you over the cap when all is said & done, it caries forward to the following season as a penalty; See Panartin in Chicago, or Generalfanager, it ranges from 8.3 at Generalfanager to 9.2 Capfreiendly due to slight variances in personal shown on the NHL roster.

      • True the Devils need D. The very reason they should be in on Fowler and Shattenkirk.

      • Here is what I don’t understand…Devils were 9th in league in GA last year. When they traded Larsson people commented on how average he was…how do they go from 9th, lose average guy, and drop off the map?

      • They paid Larsson to get Hall. What might the cost of a Fowler or Shattenkirk be? I don’t see Shattenkirk accepting a trade to NJ, well he would have no choice as he doesn’t have a NTC but I don’t see him resigning with what is a club in the early stages of a rebuild & years from cup contention.

        The cost to acquire either of these Dman would be significant. They aren’t moving Hall, Palmieri or Zacha so what’s left to give up? Neither are moving solely for picks but after that the cupboard in NJ is essentially bare. Lamerielo left this team in a mess. Sherro has made some great moves & having 1 of the best goalies in the world covers up a ton but NJ doesn’t have what either team would want in return. A good young player on an ELC or affordable bridge deal plus a solid pick; 1st round pick, which they have. The issue is it will be a lottery pick & I’m assuming a very high 1 at that. A very dangerous proposition.

      • Music2MyEars

        I didn’t but you are correct others did, most did but not all of us.

        It has more to do with the other teams getting better than NJ getting worse, although much like I think Edm lost the trade & NJ won it based on player for player. I think Edm getting Larsson made them better & NJ worse. Not even factoring in it allowed Edm to sign Lucic.

        Larsson was NJ’s best Dman last season, no player logged harder minutes even Greene, he outplayed their former #1 Greene who turns 34 in October.

        The NHL is getting more competitive & parity is increasing. Due to teams states of rebuild but also as teams aren’t just going to tank it under the new lottery rules. 3 lottery’s with a maximum of 20% to secure the 1st overall pick aren’t great odds.

        Larsson is going to shock people in Edm as the spot light will be on him. Who watches NJ play games? That’s like watching paint dry. Worse actually.

        Time will tell.

      • Keep saying by a significant margin but can’t show any thing to back it up they were 8th in the NHL for fewest shots against on goal…8th as in 22 other teams had worse D so what is the significant margin?

      • Devils are one top 4 d man away from being a contender for 3rd in the metro. And with Shero at the helm… trading teams beware.

      • Time will tell how NJ fairs with the current personal in place. We agree to disagree, 1 of us will be right & some of us will be wrong.

      • Greene, Lovejoy, Moore, Severson, Merrill, Santini, ?, ?.

        That doesn’t instill much confidence in me. That said NJ plays a very sound defensive system across the board so perhaps the forwards can continue to cover for the overall lack of depth at D.

        We’ll see how they deal with the lose of Larsson.

        I could easily be wrong but just my opinion nothing more & certainly not fact. Again time will tell who’s right & who’s wrong.

    • And the answer Musictyears is they Won’t be falling off any maps Severson who was very good is another year older Greene is decent and it’s more about the style of game they play, it’s a team D where the forwards are very involved.

      • Kinda like NYR4life was saying about you and the Rangers or George with you and the Sens..,it seems you start talking about these teams you know nothing about, and people point out flaws to what you are saying and you just ignore it and keep writing the same drivel. It’s ok to say nothing Striker.

      • Jersey was 9th overall in allowing the fewest goals scored. Pretty good for a bunch of rag tag players.

      • Ouch. A bit harsh there lol. Striker feels the D in NJ will hold the team back. With many in the east making moves to better themselves. Personally I like Severson and think he will do well and surprise many. NJ is one of those teams that can speak out wins. Hall will be motivated. Predicting how teams will fair is a fools game but I don’t think NJ Will be as bad as striker thinks. Yet I’m not going to roast a guy for expressing his opinion no matter how many times he does.

  2. It’s amazing that the whole hockey world was so hijacked by the Vesey sweepstakes when established defenders like Fowler and Shattenkirk could be available.

    That’s not a knock on Vesey but as a manager I would be more inclined to chase the services of an established defender over an unproven College forward. I think Vesey will impress and can understand the interest in him but still think shoring up the back end in today’s league is crucial!

    • It was simply related to the calendar. Vesey could be acquired for nothing more than cash at 12:01 AM Aug 16th, nothing else to talk about in the dog days of summer & most of the hyperboil regurgitated was just that. He didn’t sign in Tor or Bos; hoped, like most of us thought nor was his demand for a top 6 roll to make for a huge 2nd contract more than a bunch of BS as well, he’s not getting either in NYR. I don’t think I can remember anyone here advocating that selection or stating it as his destination of choice. It only got mentioned as 1 of the possible 8 & I think the vast majority of us didn’t see or believe that was a viable choice based on that hyperboil.

      The Shattenkirk/Fowler discussions were still alive & well just not as prevalent in the discussion.

      • Agreed. That’s why I don’t understand why so many were personal toward Vesey; however, I am surprised by the amount of attention it received with players like Fowler and Shattenkirk available. The fact that no players, prospects or picks needed to change hands to acquire him played a role in the hyperbole. I am very interested in where these defenders end up.

      • I’m not convinced Fowler will move. Not saying it won’t happen but not a guarantee. I’ve also run the #’s on Shattenkirk & StL & if they wanted to both StL & Shattenkirk can make the monies work. It’s tight but with expansion coming & Parayko exempt StL could still use the 7F, 3d; Shattenkirk being 1 of the 3, & 1G. I assume Gunnarson & his 2.9 would be the casualty.

        His savings with the loss of UFA Berglund; 3.7, & Upshall 900K the monies can work with StL current salary structure & monies available. The issue is what is it going to cost to reup Steen. If he wants a significant raise then we have an issue but at 32 having struggled to stay healthy for an entire season he should accept monies similar; 5.8 to what he makes now in this cap world. If he does then StL can get Shattenkirk in under the cap at 6.5 to 7 per. So no guarantee he’s necessarily going anywhere either.

        As always the only way I see this type of Dman moving is extenuating circumstances, Shattenkirk wants to move & won’t resign in StL for monies they are willing to pay, with expansion looming if Anaheim doesn’t move a Dman they are going to lose a very good for nothing if they don’t move someone or Anaheim or StL receive an offer to good to refuse; see Hall.

      • Fowler will the dman moved out of Anaheim. With vatenan and lindholm around they can move the number 3 dman for some value

      • Maybe, who knows, it’s all speculation.

  3. Marleau looked like a 3rd liner in the Cup. If Brad Richards retired(Patrick is older) I could see Marleau doing the same after this season

    • Not a chance. Scored 25 goals last season playing a many games in a 3rd line role, including the playoffs as well but getting 1st line PP time. He was forced to play C a ton this season as Couture; missed 30 games, got injured missing time twice & even when Couture was healthy Marleau didn’t man his usual LW position with him like in seasons past consistently. Like Thornton & Pavelski, Couture & Marleau were fixtures until last season for a few years.

      His role his been changing over the last 2 years & he’s seen a nominal decline in TOI/GP, lost a minute from 2013-14 to 2014-15 & another 30 seconds from then to 2015-16. Hertl & Donskoi, the addition of Ward & even Karlsson have bit into his linemates & opportunities.

      He will never be the Marleau of old but when he becomes a UFA next summer he will get a 2 maybe even a 3 year deal from someone at reasonable money 3 to 3.5.

      Marleau is a freak. 6’2 220 lbs, he plays a very aggressive game, is a great skater even at 36, 37 when the season starts & has missed 31 games in 18 years playing in the NHL. He also is a solid penalty killer due to that skating ability.

      They only way Marleau doesn’t play 2 or 3 more years is if he doesn’t want to. If he does numerous teams will take him. He will have to accept his reduced role but can still play a significant role as a 3rd line player scoring 20 goals & 35 points, helping a teams 2nd PP unit & 2nd penalty killing unit.

      • Considering all that do you think SJ will trade him or resign him when his contract is up? I thought he played well in the playoffs.

        It’s a young man’s league today; however, Matt Cullen played well also and was rewarded with another contract from Pittsburgh; wasn’t he?

      • I don’t see SJ resigning him when his contract is up but I don’t necessarily think he will waive his NTC to be moved, it depends on the role he gets to play next season in SJ. Will he get to be the #2 LW with Couture or the #3 C with Karlsson & Ward?

        I can’t see him losing his 1st line PP spot yet. That combination of forwards; Thornton, Pavelski, Couture & Marleau with Burns, Boyle previously is a deadly power play unit. 1 of the best PP’s in the league consistently since that unit was put together 6 years ago.

        He signs some where as a UFA next summer to provide leadership & aid the development of a young rebuilding team, maybe even with Vegas as a UFA.

      • outside of pp not sure what i missed with his play… and maybe was the competition. looked on par with modern brad richards

  4. Detroit is $4.2m over the cap, unless I’m missing something they got some work, as well as Pitts at $3.9 over the cap.

    • I can honestly say no I’m totally lost on what the LTIR rules are. I thought I had a handle on it but simply don’t have the time to go to the NHLPA website & digest that portion of the CBA again.

      My busiest time of the year at work from now till February & all 8 of the leagues I run are getting back up to speed eating up any free time I might have.

      Curious to see how it all unfolds as that will help me understand the rules. It’s not just those teams over but teams with little to no wiggle room. Take a team like Philadelphia as an example. Once Weal is waived they have a little over a mil. Players need to miss at least 10 games to qualify for LTIR so short term injuries need to be covered out of cap space. Your not getting through the season with a mil in cap space. 1 of your big ticket players goes down for 5 or 6 games & that space gets sucked up pretty fast.

    • The Penguins are 1.9 million below the cap. Dupuis still needs to go to LTIR

    • Wings will simply put Franzen and Vitale on LTIR on the last day of training camp/pre-season. The difference with putting them at this point versus on the first day of the season is doing it before the last day will count as the full cap hit. For example if the Wings were only 2 million over the cap and put Franzen on LTIR on the last day of camp, his 3.9 million cap hit would be fully taken even if they are just 2 million over and they would never gain anything for it during the season. If you are going to do this last day of training camp LTIR, you are better to be over the cap by as close to the number of the cap hit going on LTIR or else you lose cap space for the entire season. That’s my understanding of it anyways.

  5. going off topic, bought my first hockey magazine of the season “The Forecaster” interesting predictions
    1. Johnny Gaudreau to finish 3rd in the scoring race behind Crosby and Seguin in that order.
    2. Rangers to finish last in the Metro just behind the Islanders
    3. Nashville lose to Tampa Cup finals
    4. Edmonton to finish last in the Pacific
    5. Anaheim to miss the playoffs
    6. PK Subban to lead all defensemen in points, win the Norris and the Hart

    In summary the forecaster is all over PK and he will lead the preds to the cup finals. IMO he gets none of them because he’ll be injured and only play 62 games. The play in the west is much more physical then the east but will be interesting to see how he and Weber perform.

    • There is no way Edmonton finishes last in the Pacific! Good for them though to be given such status as that gives them little to live up to. Takes the pressure off. They just signed another defensemen from the College ranks. Benning from Northeastern. A former Bruins picks and another NCAA guy like Hayes, and Vesey who have no interest in the Bruins.

      Vancouver will be taking the last spot in the Pacific by the way.

      • Agreed on the Vancouver prediction. I have them worst in the West, 27th in the NHL currently based on what we know today. More changes are coming before the puck drops on the regular season so still a work in progress.

      • Benning didn’t sign with the B’s cause he would be # 20 on the Bruins depth chart on defense. On Edmonton though he can be # 1

    • After the Summer PK has had and playing in that system with the Preds I could see him winning another Norris, maybe not the Hart but he is going to be out to prove some people wrong and no playing in a meaningless tournament….PK is going to be ready to go.

      • OK, so production may take a hit having to share ice time with all those quality D in Nashville.

    • Any magazine that has both the Islanders and Rangers finishing behind the Devils, Canes AND Jackets should be used for starting your BBQ and nothing else.

      • That’s not true at all! You can also use them to line bird cages and puppy pens.

      • PK will likely have a good year, but he isn’t winning the Norris. Barring injury, no offensive defenseman will win over Karlsson. If the Norris goes to a “2-way” defenseman, that won’t be Subban either as it will be a second lifetime achievement award for Doughty.

      • I had Burns as my Norris winner this season.

    • The Forecaster is currently the best hockey pool publication on the market but still far from perfect & certainly has a defined bias. There has been talk McKeens may start to reprint again finally after the last lockout. I have bought the online version but still prefer to have hard copy to flip through.

      The Forcaster’s division predictions last season were brutal.

      Atlantic. TB, Mtl, Ott, Flo, Det, Bos, Tor, Buf.
      Metropolitian. Was, Clb, NYR, NYI, Pit, Phi, Car, NJ.
      Central. Nas, Col, Dal, Win, Chi, StL, Min.
      Pacific. LA, Cal, Anh, Edm, Van, SJ, Arz.

      The year before 2013-14 worse.

      Atlantic. Ott, Bos, Tor, Mon, Det, TB, Flo, Buf.
      Metrolpolitian. Pit, NYI, Phi, Was, NYR, Col, NJ, Car.
      Central. Chi, StL, Nas, Col, Dal, Min, Win.
      Pacific. Pho, LA, Anh, SJ, Edm, Van, Cal.

      That should give you some idea what I think of their projections. Ha-ha! It is a must read for any serious hockey pool fan though & it’s release kicks off hockey season for the season.

      • If their predictions are that far off every year why do you hold it in such high regard?

      • Not there predictions as it related to standings placement just the magazine. None of my pools have anything to do with standings so I barely even look at that data but briefly. It’s the best published hockey pool magazine currently, a must read if your a fantasy freak. Others use it as a drafting tool drafting from their list so I use it as a reference as the uniformed will draft off it player by player almost. That may effect where you choose to take a player as he may appear higher on their list than your own & you may have to grab nominally sooner if you truly want said player.

        It’s a good read. I don’t like the new format but that may just be an age issue & not open to change.

    • Not to mention the toll the extended travel will extract from his “enthusiasm.”

    • I have the same magazine and quite frankly question its information. For example. It list Brassard as the Sens top Centre. Surprised me. Also puts the Sens in 3rd of that decision. Not complaining there.

  6. Oh thanks. Might have to look at it. Went into a pool for the first time in a long time and finished tied for first! Now I have more interest in them of course.

    • It’s got a ton of valuable data & a bunch of people use it as a drafting source. Good to know where they might select someone if relying on this publication for their selections.

  7. I got 3 magazine each is all over the place on predictions when compared to the other. But it is interesting to see what the authors reason out. Yet I don’t think any is better than the other.

  8. I’m just ready for some hockey already! Want to see how the Rangers will play with some of the new faces as well as how Girardi (hopefully) will bounce back and shut the neigh sayers up.