NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 12, 2016

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Patrick Roy yesterday resigned as head coach of the Colorado Avalanche.

Patrick Roy yesterday resigned as head coach of the Colorado Avalanche.

 Patrick Roy resigned from the Avalanche, updates on Jacob Trouba, Sean Monahan & more in this morning’s NHL headlines.

THE DENVER POST:  Patrick Roy surprised the hockey world yesterday by resigning as Colorado Avalanche head coach and vice president of hockey operations. Roy cited difference of opinion in the club’s direction as the reason behind this move.Terry Frei reports Roy felt he didn’t have sufficient input in player personnel decisions. Roy’s resignation caught Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic by surprise. Sakic said he believed he and Roy were on the same page, that there was no disagreement over player personnel decisions and Roy was kept fully informed.

The move leaves Sakic scrambling to find a new head coach with training camp opening next month and the start of the regular season only two months away. Current assistant coaches (Dave Farrish, Tim Army and Nolan Pratt) aren’t in the running. Frei speculates former Avs bench boss Bob Hartley and current Chicago Blackhawks assistant coach Kevin Dineen could be candidates. 

Mark Kiszla believes Roy grew impatient with losing and opted to quit. Kiszla singles out what he considers the “mamby-pamby approach by Sakic and Avalanche president Josh Kroenke’s to restoring the Avs’ lost luster.  

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Roy seemed to favor more aggressive moves via trades and free agency to bolster the Avalanche roster, whereas the Sakic camp is taking a more patient approach. Roy also noted the club was lacking depth in draft picks. It’s also believed Roy wasn’t enamored with defenseman Tyson Barrie, who was recently re-signed to a four-year contract.

Much of the reaction I’ve seen from Avalanche fans to Roy’s resignation indicates they’re not sorry to see him go. While Roy did win the Adams Trophy in 2014 as NHL coach of the year, the Avs were often among the league’s worst defensive clubs during his tenure. He was also known to be dismissive of advanced stats, which often had his club near the bottom of the league in puck possession.

As for his replacement, the return of Hartley seems a strong possibility, given his former ties to Sakic and the team. He also won the Adams in 2015. I’m sure we’ll see more speculation on this in the coming days. 

SPORTSNET:  Mark Spector believes the reason the Winnipeg Jets haven’t re-signed defenseman Jacob Trouba yet is they have to be sure if he’ll blossom into a top-pairing defenseman before handing him a lucrative long-term deal. He also notes the Calgary Flames need to be sure Sean Monahan is fully capable of being a first-line center and that Johnny Gaudreau has the stamina to remain a top-10 scorer before handing them expensive new contracts. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I can understand the reluctance on the Jets part regarding Trouba, whose development stalled last season. Monahan and Gaudreau, however, have steadily improved since their NHL debuts. Still, if the Jets and Flames want to play hardball and insist on inexpensive bridge deals or long-term, cap-friendly deals, there’s little these three can do about it. They’re coming off entry-level contracts and have little leverage.

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL: Las Vegas’ NHL expansion franchise has registered the nicknames Red Hawks, Nighthawks and Desert Hawks. Team owner Bill Foley also said he could soon register two more names. The club is expected to reveal it’s name, logo and jersey in late-September or early-October. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I like the sound of the Las Vegas Nighthawks. 

NEW YORK POST:  Brendan Burke is the new TV voice of the New York Islanders. 

CAP FRIENDLY:  reports forward Nick Spaling, who played last season with the Toronto Maple Leafs and San Jose Sharks, signed with Switzerland’s Geneve-Servette HC.


  1. The table is set for Roy to replace Therrien in MTL mid-season. Patrick’s dream finally come true. Haha.

  2. Roy.

    God bye & good radiance. Here’s hoping this is the last we see of you in the NHL. You were a great goalie, 1 of the best ever but your a self centered, me 1st player, who rubs me the wrong way.

    I like outspoken players. Listening to a Brett Hull or Jeremy Roenick was almost always entertaining but they didn’t come across as premadonas who cared more about themselves & their needs than the needs of the whole.

    Nice job quiting on your team with the start of training camp less than a month away. Good luck selling loyalty to your players back with your Jr team. It’s called a management team. Your 1 voice in the group & you don’t have the final say just an opinion. Take your sand bucket, shovels other toys & head home.

    Please don’t come back.

    • Nailed it Striker.
      Well said.

  3. Something tells me Chicago won’t like Hawk names.

    • Logo should be a seagull and call them the sh– Hawks… I think it’s absolutely stupid to have 2 teams with the name Hawks in it. It’s not Major League Baseball where there is an explanation for sox it’s more like the CFL when 2 franchise were rough riders…it’s a joke

  4. Patrick Roy is toxic & will bring down any team that thinks he’s the savior. He could get away with that as a player cuz his game backed up his mouth but as a coach, Boudreau said it best “Bush League”

  5. Roy bashing at it’s finest. Av’s are now a shoe in to win the Cup with any other coach….Ok right.
    Sakic and Kroenke’s tepid approach to management never seems to come under fire.
    Get rid of them as well….bashing Super Joe boy am I a jerk and daddy has to put Josh somewhere.

    • kaseynhl, I don’t think anyone is absolving Sakic and Kroenke. Not what they said. Bash away.
      You have to admit Roy’s act was getting old and the results were not there either. He couldn’t get them to perform in their own end. Playing defence is about commitment and understanding the how the game is played. Coaches have a big influence on that. If you can’t keep the puck out of your own net you can’t win.

  6. They have Spiders and Scorpions there. Could use something like Las Vegas Spiders, who doesn’t love a spider logo?
    Las Vegas Black Jacks as I have been preaching for over a year is still the most catchy. These rules about not being associated to gambling is ridiculous, las vegas is known for entertainment and gambling, a hockey team would do better embracing the culture as opposed to rejecting it.

    • Las Vegas BLACKJACKS is already taken by the local rugby club

  7. Although Nighthawks and Deserthawks sounds pretty good, I dislike the fact there would be 2 “hawk” teams in the NHL. Vegas Aces sounds much better. Dual meaning to the name though everybody says the NHL has nixed all “gambling associated” names.

  8. Why not Vegas Posse

  9. How about the ChickenHawks (with apologies to Foghorn Leghorn)…

  10. Vegas was once the home of a now defunct roller hockey team with a jersey so bad it was cool called the Las Vegas ice Frogs. Check out the jersey on google it was insane. They could (I keed) resurrect the name…

  11. The best name for Las Vegas is simply “Nights”, not “Knights” but “Nights” as a play on “Knights”. Nights in Las Vegas are supposed to be legendary. I have never been there before but plan to go some time. Why anybody is suggesting any other name is silly. The logo should be an Ace of Spades. These things should seem obvious to all! The “night” life in Vegas includes cards with the iconic card being the Ace of Spades. This is so simple really! Duh!

  12. Don’t know if it matters, but the SHL (sweden) has a team called the Redhawks. Guess it would not matter on a register-basis.