NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 18, 2016

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San Jose Sharks captain Joe Pavelski could wear the "C" for Team USA at the World Cup of Hockey.

San Jose Sharks captain Joe Pavelski could wear the “C” for Team USA at the World Cup of Hockey.

 Latest World Cup of Hockey news and more in this morning’s collection of NHL headlines. 

TSN:  Puck- and player-tracking sensors will be part of several initiatives to be unveiled next month at the World Cup of Hockey. Marketing ad logos will also be on player jerseys in the tournament, but NHL commissioner Gary Bettman downplayed the suggestion this could be the next step for NHL jerseys.

SPORTSNET: It appears streamlined goalie equipment won’t be implemented for the World Cup of Hockey, and could be delayed in the NHL until 2017-18. 

CSN BAY AREA:  A source claims there’s a “99 percent chance” San Jose Sharks captain Joe Pavelski will wear the “C” for Team USA at the World Cup of Hockey. 

SPORTSNET/THE WASHINGTON POST:  Calgary Flames left wing Johnny Gaudreau and Washington Capitals defenseman Dmitri Orlov confirmed their intention to play in the World Cup of Hockey even if still unsigned with their NHL clubs. Gaudreau and Orlov are restricted free agents. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unsigned players can purchase additional insurance to cover them at the tournament if they wish. Gaudreau and Orlov have reportedly done so. Expect other unsigned players to follow suit if necessary.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: NHL commissioner Gary Bettman brushed off criticism by U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal over the league’s rejection of any connection between concussions and the brain disease CTE. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The NHL facing a class-action lawsuit from over 100 former players claiming injuries suffered during their playing careers contributed to their deteriorating health.  Bettman won’t say anything that could potentially damage the league’s defense. 

TSN: Performance Sports Group, which owns Bauer Hockey and Easton, is accused of fraud and stock market manipulation. NHL stars such as Alex Ovechkin, Patrick Kane and Steven Stamkos endorse Bauer products. Their agents are scrambling to find out more information about the allegations.

TRIBLIVE.COM: The Pittsburgh Penguins signed center Matt Cullen to a one-year, $1 million contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This signing pushes the Penguins to over $3.1 million above the $73 million salary cap for next season. The Pens are expected to place sidelined winger Pascal Dupuis ($3.75 million) on LTIR to become cap compliant when the season opens in October. 

CALGARY SUN: The Flames hired former Arizona Coyotes general manager Don Maloney as a pro scout. 

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL:  The NHL’s Las Vegas expansion franchise hired former New Jersey Devils VP of Hockey Operations David Conte as a pro scout. 

THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: The Anaheim Ducks hired Sudarshan Maharaj as their new goaltending coach. 


  1. Pretty remarkable that the Pens will have every player from the Cup final victory game starting the season except for Ben Lovejoy. Trevor Daley will be playing, so that’s actually an upgrade anyway.

    Not a fan of being that tight to the cap to start the season, but the Pens are in a very good position to get back to the finals.

    • The pens have been in contention to get to the finals over the last 10 years. It will depend on which goalie they go with

      • Despite those two years when Fleury did let his team down (although 2012 was an all around team mess), I really think the Pens still win with Fleury in the net this past spring.

        He’s been solid and consistent ever since changing goalie coaches, and there’s no reason to think he would have had a major drop off in performance this time around had he stayed healthy.

        The Pens were not legit contenders two a couple of years before 2016. They had major lineup issues that were masked by having two of the best centers in the game. Last season they finally ditched the “gritty”, enforcer type-bottom six forwards and had a deep group.

        How they handle the goalie situation between now and next summer will be huge for the future of this team, but they are just as likely to win with either guy between the pipes.

      • I should have been more clear. I believe they should go with fleury as well.

      • And if not for fleury last half of the season last year they don’t make they playoffs. He played like the super star he is. He definitely got them there. Crosby also picked his game up. He was the point leader from the all star break. But fleury was great. He would have carried that into the playoffs.

  2. If analytics are meaningless why the fancy pucks?

  3. And the more I look at those World Cup jerseys the more conflicted I am on one hand I wonder if this tourney is even worth watching …seems like an all star game and we all know how entertaining those are. On the other at least it’s in September it can hold us over till the regular season starts and will be a little more entertaining than some of the early exhibition season. One thing for sure on the list of importance it’s a far distant 3rd to the Stanley Cup or Olympics.

    • Agreed. Does that also mean you’re more supportive of Olympic participation from NHL players now?

      • No not completely on board.
        If we are talking playing for the pride of your country I’d be fine with watching an amateur tourney similar to World Juniors. Not just for Hockey but any Olympic sport I’m old fashioned that way and believe the Olympics should be for amateur athletes.

    • It always has been 3rd, but it’s much more competitive than an All Star game, country pride is on the line.

      • What country is Eurppe or Nortth America?

    • I’m rooting for team North America. Canada is supposed to ice the best possible team yet they leave one of the best Canadian players off of it. McDavid should be on that team. Here’s a rookie who busts his collar bone at the beginning of his rookie year doesn’t come back until the all star break and only one player is better than him for the last half of the season…Crosby. If you’re putting a world team together you put the very best players on the team. That’s just a mindless move.

    • If you like hockey in any way at all of course it’s worth watching. How do you not watch when the best players in the world are all together playing for their countries. Just for the entertainment value alone. Cmon North America and Europe. You got to cheer for the unwanted.

      • Because to me it’s not best on best some of team North America would undoubtably be playing for the US or Canada same as Europe, the all star game is also all the best players and I’ve seen paint dry with more intensity than that game…we will have to see what it’s like but the NHL can sometimes ruin a good thing with some of its gimmicks so I’m not 100% on this one

    • You are correct in that it won’t be as good as the Stanley cup playoffs but there’s no reason to believe it won’t be as good as the olympics. But do you think they will be friendly like they are in all star games. I don’t think so. I think they’re gonna go out and try and win for their country just like they do in the olympics. Team North America and team Europe will even have more to prove. It will be a good tourney.

      • A couple weeks before training camp? I’m not so sure, I hope you’re right but I have my doubts.

      • I love to play all sports but as far as professional sports go hockey is the only one in my opinion worth watching. Maybe that’s why I’m a little more excited for this. I don’t put a second of time into basketball, football or baseball so I’m very excited for this tourney. The only good thing about summer is being able to golf every day but ya chomping at the bit for this tourney. Especially after team Canada’s prospects failure at the summer showcase. It will be a nice lead in to the season.

  4. Help me if I’m wrong, but dont the Pens have to be compliant to the cap BEFORE they put Pascal on LTIR? I honestly cant recall if that’s the case or not. I ask because they are in the Vesey hunt, and it would mean they have to trade a player to be compliant before putting Pascal on LTIR.

  5. Loving the Cullen signing. He was a treat to watch last year and clearly a solid part of the win.