NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 20, 2016

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Calgary Flames re-signed center Sean Monahan to a seven-year deal.

Center Sean Monahan scores a seven-year deal with the Calgary Flames.

 Analysis of the Monahan and Vesey signings, updates on Johnny Gaudreau, Rickard Rackell & more.

CALGARY SUN: The Flames yesterday announced the re-signing of restricted free agent center Sean Monahan to a seven-year, $44.6 million contract. The annual average value is $6.375 million. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt anyone’s surprised by this new contract for Monahan. It’s the most expensive contract (for now) in Flames history, but he’s earned it. In his three NHL seasons, the 21-year-old Monahan blossomed into a first-line center and a foundation player for the rebuilding Flames. He wanted a long-term deal and there’s no way management could justify pushing for a short-term bridge deal. Monahan’s already proven himself as a rising star and hasn’t reached the prime of his career yet. Barring the unforeseen, he’ll be worth every penny.

YAHOO SPORTS:  Having re-signed Monahan, the focus of Flames management shifts to re-signing RFA left wing Johnny Gaudreau. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Just as it took time to hammer out the details of Monahan’s lengthy new deal, so it will with Gaudreau. Don’t expect the Flames to play hardball with one of last season’s top-10 NHL scorers. Like Monahan, Gaudreau will get a lucrative long-term contract. I expect it’ll be worked out before the start of the upcoming World Cup of Hockey in September. It’ll probably be a seven-year deal worth between $6.5-$7 million per season.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS:  The New York Rangers yesterday announced the signing of 2016 Hobey Baker Award winner Jimmy Vesey to a two-year entry-level contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Earlier this week, it was reported Vesey (a Massachusetts native) preferred signing with a team close to home, so that narrowed the field to the Rangers, Boston Bruins, New York Islanders and New Jersey Devils. One reason he chose the Rangers was he wished to avoid the pressure of playing for his hometown Bruins, especially if he struggled to adjust to the NHL pace. Vesey was also impressed by Rangers director of player development Chris Drury, another former Hobey Baker Award winner who successfully made the jump to the NHL.

NHL.COM: Anaheim Ducks forward Rickard Rakell will replace Alexander Steen (shoulder surgery) on Team Sweden in the upcoming World Cup of Hockey. 

OTTAWA SUN:  The Senators signed 2016 first-round pick (11th overall) to a three-year entry-level contract. 

MIAMI HERALD: Former NHL stars Olli Jokinen, Radek Dvorak and Tomas Vokoun have embarked on their second careers training players at the South Florida Hockey Academy. 


  1. Good signing for the Flames. Now if they can get Johny Hockey signed for similar dollars and term the Flames have their foundation locked in for a while.

    So glad the Vesey saga has concluded. One thing that should raised a flag was the didnt want the pressure of playing in Boston comment. Arent elite athletes supposed to want pressure? New York is jusr as good a place to be a bust as anywhere I guess.

    • I don’t think he’ll find the pressure of Ny so appealing. I’d say the pressure of NY is greater than that of Boston.

      I have literally gone through every article out there as to why he chose NY. Not one word from Vesey or his camp states one word about the pressure of playing in Boston. Not one. So I think a statement like that comes straight out of Boston media’s imagination.

      • Jimmy- Do you have any other prospects who could ever possibly compete with me?

        Gorton- No.

        Perfect – where do I sign?

      • We all can’t be the powerhouse that the maple leafs have assembled.

        Jimmy… ” what are my other options ”

        Veseys agent ” Toronto , at least you’ll have time off in the spring every year for the next decade”

        Jimmy ” Call Gorton!”

      • @Shticky you`re 100% right with that comment. In the end had little or nothing to do with pressure, everything to do with competition. Vesey wants the limelight without all the fuss. Makes it look like a kid with talent, but no heart

      • Really? Considering he is automatically no better than 3 in the pecking order at left wing not counting Buchnevich…. I think it’s a pretty idiotic statement.

        Im not at all sold on Vesey. And I haven’t changed my mind because he signed in Ny. But something tells me, if this guy signed in Toronto, there’d be parades in Lou’s honor today.

      • Just wait till they trade Vesey for Striet or Marlov at the deadline for the big playoff run NYR ?

      • Or maybe for Bozak? I think he’ll fit awesome on the top line with Stamkos, or Next year with Tavares….. or….

        Lou and Toronto, a match made in heaven. A team that has made the playoffs ONE time in the lockout era, and a GM that had no clue how to operate a team in the cap era.

      • Ya I wish I could watch such great playoff performances like Rick Nash has put up recently you’re right it must be peachy keen to see players like him Staal Yandle St Louis steal the show every year

      • 100% right nyr Tavares will be in Toronto next yr he has liked atleast 3 tweets about Toronto and his 2 cousin twice removed runs the hotdog stand at the acc so he has family ties! ?

      • Not idiotic at all, Boston, Buff and Tor all have a pile of younger and better prospects than Vesey. Vesey`s criteria, close to home and a guaranteed top 6. Tor, Bos and Buff will invest more time and money in their prospects than Vesey, that means Vesey has to show more than them to get ahead. That puts Vesey further down the chart in each of those cities. You may not like it, but NYR have less prospects and less completion thanks to trading their draft picks.

      • Shticky really? Nash has more playoff points than All of Toronto combined in that same period……

        And talk about stiff competition at left wing. After JVR we have Greening, Michalek, Leivo, Martin….YIKES! That looks much better than Kreider, Miller, and possibly Nash if they choose to move him back to LW.

        It’s kind of funny. After last year you actually were on here defending Nash’s performance when he put up 14 pts. in 19 games. Outside of the miserable SC run, Nash’s numbers aren’t really bad in the post season. As a matter of fact, they look a hell of a lot better than Kessel’s unless you want to count his Pittsburgh #’s in his time in Toronto? And it’s not like Kessel cost Toronto anything….oh wait…………

        No wonder people love to mess with you. You are truly a tool bag that talks out of both sides of your A–.

      • @Yogi, A bunch of prospects that have proven about as much as Vesey. Look at the name comparison for LW’s in NY and Toronto I pointed out above. And I didn’t include NY’s prospects at all!

      • How are a bunch of draft picks and prospects better competition than Miller and Kreider alone? Anyone that thinks Vesey is walking in bumping either guy down is just out of their mind. I’d say bumping anyone in Toronto down other than JVR was a better possibility.

      • What prospects, the Rangers have one of the worst prospect pools in the NHL and that is one of the main reasons Vesey picked NY.

      • You won’t win with leaf fans NYR4LIFE they think every prospect they have is a can’t miss! Meanwhile they trade up to get Biggs and he was gonna be awesome but no where to be found yet the picks they traded ended up being Richard rakell and john Gibson!! ?

      • Left wing alone, Buchnevich, Gropp,Vesey and Hrivik. Miller is 23, Kreider is 25. It’s nice to stockpile picks and prospects. However it usually comes at the cost of not winning. Pittsburgh, San Jose, LA are also not very deep. Toronto, Edmonton, Arizona are highly ranked. You see the difference?
        Again, most of Torontos picks and prospect have proven as much in the NHL as Vesey. But I’d say Vesey had a hell of a lot better chance of making the top 6 in Toronto this year than he does in NY.

        I almost forgot Jensen. He was a 1st rounder too….. How is his future looking?

      • @Nyr4life, you and bigbear better go listen to a couple of Vesey`s interviews. Even tho Vesey and Gordon deny a guaranteed top 6 spot, Vesey feels that NY was his best choice to be in the NHL and get quality ice time and this was after talking to Gordon, his friend Hayes and Kreider. You and bigbear seem to be disagreeing what Vesey and Gordon are saying. You gotta know when you`re getting support from Bigbear unless you two are the same person

      • JVR…..One name Vesey really had to worry about. ONE! NY he has 2. possibly 3 to worry about, not including Buchnevich. And enough with the paranoid BS of who’s using multiple names! Basically it’s saying if someone doesn’t agree with YOU, or Shticky they somehow have to be using multiple names?. Beyond ridiculous.

      • Guess you don’t get that I’m just messing around with ya NYR? Little soft are we? Guess I need to add more emojis then maybe ya won’t be such a baby.

      • Vesey “I think for me the thing that jumped out at me was that they came to really want me,” Vesey said. “Talking to them, it seemed that they really needed to have me in their lineup and it seemed that they believe in me. That was something that I was looking for. And I think based on our talks, New York was the right fit.”

        “Chris Drury was someone I was really impressed with in the meeting with the Rangers and he’s someone I respect a lot based on what he’s done in his career,” Vesey said. “There was definitely some ties to New England and my home, but that was just one of many factors in the decision.”

        “I think I’m just a piece they want to add and hopefully I can help the New York Rangers win hockey games.”


        Gorton said he did not want to commit Vesey to a particular line or spot just yet.

        Show me some links. Quality ice time is looking like 3rd line and possibly some pp time. Tell me he wouldn’t have be given a better opportunity in Toronto!

      • @Shticky, Yet you b–ch and moan when you feel you’re being “trolled”….Aye aye aye!

      • Cheers man lol

      • Yogi you need to read my comments I never once said anything about vessey……..just saying all I’m saying is between vessey and the leafs prospects none of them are further ahead or behind until they atleast a yr or 2 in the nhl all they are is prospects

      • Look at you fans jumping on each other’s team so sensitive.

      • You people are arguing over who has the best worst team. It really is comical. Toronto and Boston fans would have had the best reasons why Vesey was the greatest player in the world if he chose to sign with them and Ranger fans would have mocked the hell out of him if it was reverse. I wish we could see that alternate universe.

        And one other thing you all have good young talent coming up the pipe you do but unfortunately Toronto out of the three teams wins that race. That’s not my opinion that’s what the analysts think. They have the best prospects coming up. Which is not to say you other 2 don’t. Just take comfort in the fact that the only reason they do have better talent coming up is because they’ve been the worst of the three teams over the last few seasons so it makes sense that they do. Since 2011 Boston and NYR have not either picked higher than Toronto or had a draft pick at all. I understand all eastern hockey fans have this deep seated hatred for each other but does that make you all blind to good young talent. I’m a flames fan but at least I can see the truth about my team. When I got something to brag about I will.

    • It’s funny how the Flames seem to be trending in the same direction as the Oilers without near as much scrutiny. This signing and the potential signing of Gaudreau bode well for the rejuvenated battle of Alberta. I guess their manager is a dragon too!

      • How are the Flames trending in that direction. They haven’t been blatantly shamefully tanking every season for the last 8 years like Edmonton have. How many number 1 draft picks have the Flames had. How many number 1 to number 5 have Edmonton had for almost a decade. Having said that…regarding Edmonton…I also realize they made great moves on and off the ice this summer to finally take steps toward becoming a really good team. I have no unrealistic expectations regarding The Calgary Flames. I know 2 seasons ago we absolutely fluked our way into the playoffs due to outrageous chances we took during games with our 4 man in one D back style of play and successfully defending the constant odd man rushes…which is why we had the best D core in the league that season…as well as the rediculously poor play of the under achieving good teams that perennially make the playoff. I understand last season was more of a realistic measure to where we should have been the season before. But I believe we’ve made some great moves this summer and we’re one of the huge winner at this years draft having picked Tkachuk as well as Phillips the WHL’s rookie of the year as well as Parsons the London Knights unbelievable goalie who stoned every country at the summer showcase for team USA. Mangiapane who was the OHL leading goal scorer last season among others just to name a few. The Flames are headed in the right direction my friend and I’m telling you now. I love the Calgary Flames. But I love hockey more so I can see that the best teams to watch this coming season if you want to watch good young talent play the game are Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Arizona and Winnipeg. The rest of you only seem to be fans of your own team and that’s all you want to know about.

  2. With the signing of vermette I’ve read rakell will play with getzlaf and perry, should be fun to watch good young player

  3. With Kreider, Miller, Glass, Gerbe, Vesey, Jensen jamming up the left side, I guess Buchnevich and Hrivik will be sitting in Hartford this year. I was hoping they eased Buchnevich into the process for a year. But I was hoping Hrivik would make the jump this year.

    • Assuming AV buys into guaranteeing Vesey top 9 minutes. Which many of you on here think he won’t. Maybe one of Buchnevich, or Hrivik will be used as trade bait.

  4. Miller can play center, no? Decent lineup looks like:


  5. Well Jimmy Vesey, welcome to the NHL. Keep your head up at all times while on the ice; especially now when you play the Red Wings; if you don’t, you’re likely to get Kronwalled. If that happens, you’ll feel that hit.