NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 23, 2016

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Alexander Radulov met yesterday with Montreal media for the first time since joining the Canadiens.

Alexander Radulov met yesterday with Montreal media for the first time since joining the Canadiens.

 Latest Leafs moves, updates on Alexander Radulov, the Avalanche coaching search & more in this morning’s NHL headlines. 

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Right wing Alexander Radulov met the Montreal media yesterday for the first time since signing with the Canadiens on July 1. He acknowledged he’ll be under scrutiny this season, cited the positive influence his junior years with the Quebec Remparts had upon him and said a chance to win the Stanley Cup was among the reasons he signed with the Canadiens. Radulov, 30, also said his days of enjoying the nightlife are over, pointing out he’s now older and a family man.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The media consensus is Radulov appears more mature than he was during his earlier days in the NHL. It remains to be seen if that maturity carries over into his play this season.

TORONTO SUN:  The Maple Leafs signed former Los Angeles Kings goaltender Jhonas Enroth to a one-year, $750K contract. They also signed former Vancouver Canucks forward Brandon Prust to a professional tryout offer and announced the promotion of Mark Hunter as assistant general manager. 

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Minnesota Wild center Mikko Koivu will serve as captain of Finland in next month’s World Cup of Hockey. 

THE DENVER POST:  “NHL assistant coaches Bob Boughner of the San Jose Sharks and Kevin Dineen of the Chicago Blackhawks have emerged as major candidates in the Avalanche’s search for a head coach to succeed Patrick Roy.”

NHL.COM:  The practice schedule for the upcoming World Cup of Hockey has been released. 

PHILLY.COM:  Philadelphia Flyers preseason tickets go on sale today. 


  1. Radulov signed in Montreal for a chance to win theo Stanley Cup? He must still be drunk from his Nashville days. More like he signed in Montreal because Bergevin was the only GM foolish enough to throw a huge bag of money at him. Radulov, Patches, Gallagher and the Turtleneck? Price better have the best year of his life or Montreal is headed to the lottery.

    Enroth to Toronto is a good signing for the Leafs. Pretty solid backup in case Anderson struggles.

    • I heard that Detroit and Colorado had no interest in him at all.

    • Habs will be the most improved team in the league and a Cup contender. Weber is a beast, a leader and a definite upgrade defensively. Radulov is a good risk. Shaw will add grit and leadership and Price is the best goalie in the world

      • Radulov is an expensive risk. I can’t believe anyone would throw that kind of money on a guy who has twice bailed on the NHL.

      • Call me a sceptic but if you’re worried about leadership you don’t sign Radulov. He should help the offence but to me looking how you have this written down with words like grit and leadership…. I’m not sure that was the Habs problem and if it wasn’t what do these guys solve exactly? Trade DSP add Shaw not sure there is a huge upgrade there, last year Semin this year Radulov could work out maybe not same as last year and I still can’t fathom weber for Subban…not saying it can’t work out just saying imo kinda looks close to the same right now as it did last year but minus a Norris winning D man.

      • I think Montreal will surprise but ultimately in the end not contend.

      • I don’t agree that they will be better defensively. Weber is more physical, and a better shot blocker. A better PK guy for sure, but montreals D looks so slow now. I think they will miss PK’s ability to move the puck out of their end, and while they may be slightly improved when in their end, I think they extra time they will spend there will more than negate any benefit received.

        Not a knock on Weber as such, I just think that looking at the D core Montreal has without Subban or Weber, it looks like it needs Sunbans skill set more than it needs Webers.

        Shaw is a mild upgrade on Eller, not a game changer, and I actually think Radulov was a worthwhile gamble. Cap space for 1year is all it cost, but I don’t think he is vastly superior to say a hudler or Boedker which either could have been had for a smaller cap hit.

        Montreal could be most improved based solely on a healthy Carey Price, but given they weren’t really viewed as a serious cup threat even when he was playing at pretty much the highest level any goalie has ever played at, I don’t think he makes them a contender since he could have a great season and still take a step back from his MVP season.

      • I’m a habs fan but i’m not confident in all their moves. Radulov will be good and add some scoring to a team that has struggled to put the puck in the net. Healthy players will certainly help as they had a lot of guys down with injuries last year. I sincerely believe that a coaching change might have been the best choice this off season. I’m not sure Therien’s system is working considering the NHL’s trend toward skill and speed players. I’d like to see the Habs as well as all the other Canadian teams make the play offs.

    • you forgot Alex Galchenyuk who had 30 goals last year………….just saying
      if he really wanted the cup he would have signed with the leafs right

      • ?

  2. Babcock wasn’t kidding last year when he mentioned bringing in some guys to help protecting some young guys…Prust? Yuck please stop.

    • As a Leafs fan I would be just as excited as signing Sean Avery! Schticky you put it properly when you said yuck!

    • Prust is brutal

  3. The Enroth signing and the Mark Hunter promotion are all good things moving forward. Prust on a PTO? I don’t know..I guess we’ll see.

  4. If I was to start a team I would have Shticky centre my number one line between Nyr4life, and Bigbadbruin. On D I would start with George O and Da Bear!

  5. The Leaf moves:
    Enroth – cheap contract for a veteran backup
    Prust – A very long shot of making the team, but could facilitate the trading of players like Holland, Kapanen, etc…who have good upside but will be hard to fit into regular duty.
    Raman Grabarenko(the dude is listed under 2 names?) – Possibly the biggest impact as he can be offered an AHL contract and has all the skills (if fully developed) to be a Roman Polak clone…with a better shot and longer reach. Lou has always liked his game and now we may get to see if he has hit a ceiling in development or is ready to knock it up a notch to the NHL level.

  6. Not a Radulov fan. I remember a report last winter that he chose to sit out a few games in protest over his contract negotiations and ice time.