NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 28, 2016

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Corey Perry is among a number of notable players passed over for the World Cup of Hockey.

Corey Perry is among a number of notable players passed over for the World Cup of Hockey.

 A proposed “All Snubs” World Cup of Hockey roster, an update on Roberto Luongo and more in this morning’s collection of NHL headlines.

ESPN.COM: A roster made up of players passed over for the upcoming World Cup of Hockey would be thin on goaltending but strong on defense and at forward. The forwards include Taylor Hall, Tyler Johnson, Corey Perry, Phil Kessel, Rick Nash, Ryan O’Reilly and Milan Lucic, while P.K. Subban, Mark Giordano, Cam Fowler, Justin Faulk and Kevin Shattenkirk could make up most of the blueline. Martin Jones, Devan Dubnyk and Brian Elliott are the goaltenders. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I realize this isn’t “news”, but I found it interesting to see just how good a roster comprised of “All Snubs” would be. Yes, it’s lacking goalie depth, but I think Jones would be solid enough to help this team be very competitive. At any rate, it gives us something to ponder on a Sunday largely devoid of meaningful hockey news. 

TSN BARDOWN:  Florida Panthers goalie Roberto Luongo took to Twitter to assure the hockey world he wasn’t the infamous “goalie robber” who recently stole some cases of beer from a Manitoba beer store. “For those of you asking. Can’t have been me, 5 hole is not big enough….”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Once again, Luongo owns the hockey Twitterverse. As for the beer store robbers, that video looked like a bad episode of “Trailer Park Boys.”

DETROIT FREE PRESS:  Tickets for the final Red Wings season at the Joe Louis Arena go on sale Monday. 

STLTODAY.COM:  The story of one of only two St. Louis Blues prototype jerseys, currently owned by a Blues fan. 

SI.COM:  Sudbury Wolves winger David Levin hopes to become the first Israeli-born NHL player. 


  1. Is this the year Luongo sets the record for most all time losses? After so many years of failure Id hate to se him run out of time without getting into the record books!!!!

    The only team Rick Nash belongs on is the All Disappointing team, thank god hes a Ranger.

    • Ouch someone didn’t get enough sleep last night.

      It will take Luongo 3 to 5 more years to close the 47 game gap between him & Brodeur at #1 for all time loses. He may not even play that long even though he has 6 years remaining on his contract, the Canucks sure hope he does as their on the hook for his cap recapture penalties.

      Luongo sits 6th for GP all time, 7th for wins, will move into the top 4 this season, shut outs, 11th moving in to the top 10 this season, etc. Luongo will retire as 1 of the top 5 goalies to ever play in the NHL.

      As for Nash. With boat loads of money, 6 All-Star appearances, 2 Olympic gold medals, 8 30+ goal seasons, another 3 20+; 1 being the 2012-13 lock out season, & soon to role over a 1000 NHL regular season games played & a trip later in life to the Hockey Hall of Fame I’m not certain he cares what you think.

      Stick to bashing Benning & the Canucks, your better at it.

      • Luongo-Zero Stanley Cups.

        Top 5 ever? Better than Plante? Sawchuck? Dryden? Roy? Bower? Smith? Parent? Brodeur? Belfour? Hasek?

        Theres 10 without even trying.

      • All depends on how you gauge them. Almost 1/2 those guys played in a 6 team NHL. In GP, wins, shut outs, Sv %, GAA, etc. he will be in the top 5 in almost every catagory when he retires. I don’t gauge a goalies abilities based on cup wins but longevity, play against their peers etc. Only 1 goalie possible 2 can win a cup in any given year & much easier to do in a 6 team league, 12 team league, 16 team league etc. than a 30 team league.

        His stats are better than almost every goalie you mentioned but Brodeur, Roy & Sawchuk, & Plante the last 2 he passes this year in wins, games played, etc.

      • Then you have the unfair advantage that Montreal & Toronto had over the other 4 original 6 teams in the NHL for most of the NHL’s existence before the 1st expansion. Montreal got all players coming out of Quebec, Toronot out of Ontario. Chicago, Boston, Detroit & NYR getting what was left. A seriously unfair advantage.

      • Gotta go with striker on this one.

      • I thought they read this site daily ?

      • Jull’s hockey knowledge is very minimal as we can all see it’s kinda like Ozzie man announcing a hockey game?

  2. Jones, Dubnyk and Elliot…that doesn’t look like a weak goaltending trio to me. I think the forward lines look weaker than the other teams but not the goaltending. Add Brodie to the D Corp and they look like one of the best defensive corps in the tourney.

    • Jones is a stud in the making.

  3. Fleury Jones Luongo seems OK to me

    • Ya that looks great also