NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 29, 2016

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NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly claims the league is unconcerned about the recent Dave Bolland trade.

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly claims the league is unconcerned about the recent Dave Bolland trade.

Updates on Alex Ovechkin, Pascal Dupuis and more in this morning’s collection of NHL headlines. 

TODAY’S SLAPSHOT: NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said the league isn’t troubled by the recent trade that saw the Florida Panthers ship sidelined center Dave Bolland and prospect Lawson Crouse to the Arizona Coyotes for two conditional draft picks.

The move was an obvious salary dump by the Panthers, as Bolland is expected to go on long-term injured reserve this season. Since 2015, the Coyotes used their available cap space to take on nearly $18 million in contracts of players either on LTIR (Bolland, Chris Pronger) or playing in the KHL (Pavel Datsyuk).

Daly said the league  monitored these moves but doesn’t consider them to be exploiting a loophole in the CBA. He also doesn’t categorize Bolland’s contract as dead cap space, because it’s possible he could play again in the NHL. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Oh, it’s a loophole, all right, and you can bet your butt the league honchos will do everything they can to close it off in the next round of collective bargaining with the NHLPA. For now, there’s very little the league can do about it. Believe me, if there was, they never would’ve allowed the Pronger, Datsyuk and Bolland trades to take place. 

CSN MID-ATLANTIC: Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin took to Twitter to announce his marriage to Nastya Shubskaya.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I share CSN Mid-Atlantic’s congratulations to the happy couple. All the best in their future together. 

TRIBLIVE.COM: Former winger turned Pittsburgh Penguins consultant Pascal Dupuis ponders his transition to the front office. Dupuis’ playing career was ended midway through last season due to blood clots. With one season left on his contract, he’ll be placed on long-term injured reserve. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: To their credit, the Penguins organization isn’t rushing Dupuis into his new role. They’re giving him time and space to adjust to this significant change in his life. Fans assume NHL athletes can easily adjust to the end of their playing careers, especially if they remain involved in hockey at some level. Some do, but others can encounter varying degrees of difficulty making that change. 

EDMONTON SUN: Terry Jones examines the painstaking process of laying down ice for the first time at the new Rogers Place in Edmonton. 

DETROIT FREE PRESS: While serving as grand marshal of the Pure Michigan 400,  Red Wings coach Jeff Blashill renewed his connection with NASCAR driver Michael Annett.


  1. The NHL could care less teams are moving injured players nor do I get the fuss.

    Vladamir Malakhov & a 1st round pick were moved to SJ by NJ in October of 2006 as NJ needed the cap space his contract provided. That was 10 years ago following the original salary cap lock out, Malakhov never played a game for SJ or in the NHL again.

    This just isn’t an issue nor do I think it will be addressed in the next CBA. The NHL doesn’t care & has far bigger fish to fry like trying to make a 1/3rd of the teams in the NHL profitable & another 1/3 making more than peanuts. In fact it’s to bad the NHL removed teams moving money in trades. It’s a way for the have teams to help the have nots. Call it a form of revenue sharing if you like.

    Datsyuk’s contract costs Arizona nothing. I don’t like the compensation they received to take on Datsyuk’s contract, I think Arizona got semi fleeced. Other teams made similar trades to trade up & didn’t take the cap hit, I think Arizona could have squeezed Detroit easily for more. Pronger will cost Arizona 575K for 2 years since acquired. They dumped Gagner’s contract & got back Grossman who was a servicable Dman for them for 1 season, now a UFA. Bolland & Crouse for taking on Bolland’s contract which apparently is insured, so the cash hit to Arizona is nominal. Speculation is 20% or 1.1 mil to acquire Crouse, I’m in.

    I don’t think this will even be addressed come the next CBA. It’s rare & really just not an issue & well with in the rules.

    • Striker the reality is that teams which can make money should not have to help those that can’t.

      What the NHL needs to do is stop forcing itself into markets where people do not want hockey.

      If this became their actual plan then they would no longer need to worry about scenarios like this.

      Case in point; Atlanta moves to Calgary, and again Atlanta moves to Winnipeg! Arizona needs to go and so does Carolina! Las Vegas! Good Lord!

      • Bad ownership, brutal management doomed Atlanta the 2nd time. Waddell was an idiot, still is.

        The same scenario has played out in Arizona. Constant turmoil with building issue’s, ownership, etc. The ownership issue in Arizona is solved now & the building issue is coming soon. Arizona will be playing in a new building in 5 years most likely in Tempe the University district.

        You need to look at the big picture. To expand the NHL in North America & hoping to secure a proper national television contract you need Arizona.

        The NHL is right on the cusp of taking off & challenging the big 3; another decade or so & has been growing exponentially since Bettman has started to put his stamp on the NHL, it’s been a long slow evolution & will still take several more decades in total.

        It’s growth both in revenue & player development is staggering. Where did Austin Matthew’s come from? That’s right Scottsdale, a suburb of Pheonix. Do you think he would have even considered hockey as a child if not for the Coyotes?

        The growth of youth minor hockey in the US is staggering. The NHL & it’s member teams have been creating it’s own fans & players now for almost 25 years in the US. Arenas have & are being built all over the US at unbelievable rate. Kids that used to aspire to be middle linebackers, running backs, pitchers, etc are choosing hockey as 5 year olds over the traditional sports in the US.

        The dividends for this vision are just coming to fruition & in the next CBA the NHL will make additional gains to make it’s member teams more profitable.

        If not for expansion Tor, Mtl & NYR would not be making the monies they are today; they would still be playing in a 6 team league & be a niche primarily Canadian sport a step up from the CFL & if the NHL had the same contractual revenue sharing systems that the NFL had no team would be losing money.

    • It’s definitely a loop-hole, but I agree, I don’t think it’s a huge deal and I’m not sure it’ll be very high on the league’s priority list next CBA.

      I don’t see how it hurts the league as a whole, business wise. It only hurts the dumb GM and owner that allowed the signing in the first place.

    • How did Arizona get semi fleeced ? They moved up 4 spots in the draft and took Chychrun. They gave up Joe Vitale who isnt much if he plays and their 1st #20 overall and a 2nd round pick next year which to me is worth it.
      Datsyuks cap hit as you say costs them nothing. Why squeeze this deal ( i know Detroit was desperate ) Chayka is building relationships which will help him later on. Other GMs will look at this and judge Chayka accordingly.

      • If you look at the other trades where teams traded up they are very similar in draft picks swapped but none took on the cap hit.

        Don’t get me wrong I love that Arizona was able to land Chychrun who I thought would be the 1st Dman selected at 7.

        I just think Detroit would have paid more they paid very little to dump Datsyuk’s cap hit on Arizona.

    • Striker, I agree with you almost %100. The “loop-hole” will not be closed because at the end of the day it allows for greater competition which is what drives the growth of the NHL. Teams can get out from “bad” contracts while cap flush teams can get good prospects that will ultimately be good players on cheap contracts. The on major disagreement I have is with the idea of cash-for-player transactions. Ballard of Leafs infamy did this. He made money personally and iced crap teams. To sell the NHL you need quality competition. This is why the Vegas expansion is design to make Vegas as competitive as quickly as possible. Maintaining the level of competition is key to the long-term growth of the game

  2. Such a shame Duper couldn’t play during the Cup run. Such a class act on and off the ice and his work ethic was second to none.

    Hard to believe he was the only remaining piece from the Hossa trade in 08.

  3. Not a Penguins fan but sad that Dupuis had to retire because of concussion issies. Much like Marc Savard, Chris Pronger, even Lindros to a certain degree, never the same after Stevens flattened him.

    As for the cap loophole, its there so you cant fault teams for taking advantage of it. Every team has the same ceiling and the same basement. How they allot their cap is really up to them.

    • Dupuis retired because of recurring blog clots that put his life at risk by playing while on medication.

  4. Hey Striker,

    I realize my argument for contraction rather than is merely wishful thinking. But you know, you have to wonder how many teams would have issues with defense if there were less teams.

    • Rather than expansion I meant to say

  5. I like the fact you can’t trade players for money. It just turns the sport into crazyness. Look at european soccer, Pogba, albeit he’s good, transfermoney was about 140m$.