NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 7, 2016

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Dallas Stars center Tyler Seguin ready to play in the World Cup of Hockey.

Dallas Stars center Tyler Seguin ready to play in the World Cup of Hockey.

 Updates on Tyler Seguin, Milan Lucic, Shea Weber and more in this morning’s collection of notable NHL headlines. 

NHL.COM: Dallas Stars center Tyler Seguin said he’s fully recovered from the Achilles injury and calf injury that brought his 2015-16 season to an end.

Seguin is looking forward to playing for Canada in next month’s World Cup of Hockey tournament.  He’s expected to be joined by Stars linemate Jamie Benn, who is currently recovering from offseason surgery to repair a core muscle injury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A healthy Seguin and Benn should provide Canada with a lethal one-two offensive punch in next month’s tournament. Both are among the NHL’s very best players. 

THE PROVINCE:  Edmonton Oilers left wing Milan Lucic, 28, is hopeful of playing in the NHL beyond his 35th birthday. On July 1, Lucic signed a seven-year, $42 million contract with the Oilers as an unrestricted free agent. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lucic could keep playing beyond 35. The question, however, is how effective he’ll be. While currently considered among the NHL’s best power forwards, there’s no guarantee he’ll still be among them in seven years time. Lucic’s physical style of play will eventually wear him down. 

MONTREAL GAZETTE: New Canadiens defenseman Shea Weber will make his first trip to Montreal to attend Habs coach Michel Therrien’s golf tournament on Tuesday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Weber isn’t exactly the most loquacious fellow when giving interviews. Now playing in one of the most demanding NHL markets, he’s going to face more media than he ever did skating with the Nashville Predators. 

 NBC SPORTS: cites an interview by TSN with Toronto Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock, who suggests promising forward Mitch Marner has a good chance of cracking  the Leafs lineup in 2016-17. 


  1. Article in the Vancouver Province today on Canucks goal scoring. Apparently Bo Horvat is down for a whopping 18 goals with Jake Virtanen slated to pop 13. Article mentions Horvats huge increase due to favorabke line matchups. Wow, lets be careful not to raise the bar too high now. This is the future of the Canucks? Wetting your pants over an 18 and 13 goal scorer? No wonder Vancouver is the laughing stock of the league and the NHLs current joke franchise.

    • The Province is out to lunch. Horvat had 13 as a rookie, 16 last season, so safe to assume he breaks 20 comfortably. Virtanen won’t score 13 goals though if his TOI/GP isn’t increased substantially. Carrying Virtanen & McCann last season & barely playing either was a waste of time & development. Par for the course for Benning & Co.

  2. Does anyone see this roster making the playoffs next season? Based on what we know & can see today.

    Sedin, Sedin, Eriksson.
    Burrows, Sutter, Hansen.
    Beartschi, Horvat, Virtanen.
    Etem, Granlund, Dorsett.
    Spare. Zalewski

    Again move the wingers around anyway you like.

    Edler, Gubranson.
    Hutton, Tanev.
    Sbisa, Larsen.

    Struggling to pick the 7 & 8 guys currently as Benning has come out publicly twice now & said Larsen is going to get a shot as the #1 PP option! With waiver issues for Petan & Beiga & Tryamakin being the only 1 not having to clear waivers it’s cloudy. I assume Beiga will be waved but do you want Petan & Tryamakin sitting this much or playing in Utica?

    I assume with Gubrason coming in the Edler, Tanev pairing may be broken up to create a more balanced top 4 but feel free to swap Gubranson & Tanev. This isn’t the worst D in the NHL but it’s certainly not in the top 10 or even top 15.

    I have Vancouver missing the playoffs as currently constructed. In fact I have them in the bottom 2 in the west & bottom 5 in the NHL. The start of the season is still over 60 days off so more change is most likely coming but this is not a very good team.

    • I agree, the Canucks as currently built are a lottery team. Benning seems unable to choose between retooling (a mistake imo) or a rebuild, which I am heavily in favor of. Every year it seems they try to find a player to work with the Sedins. They need to focus time and energy to find young players to work with. The Sedins (who I like) are not first line players any more but would be an excellent 2nd line unit.the defence is just brutal, the current second as you listed should be the 3rd line. Burrows and Hansen are not going to get better so extra ice should go to the youngsters. Goaltending is on the brink of becoming a joke. Team goes from Luongo and Schneider to Miller and Markstrom, no plan and no direction. Clearly no shot at a playoff spot for Vancouver.