NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 9, 2016

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Shea Weber in a Montreal Canadiens uniform for the first time.

Shea Weber in a Montreal Canadiens uniform for the first time.

 Updates on Shea Weber, Brent Burns and more in this morning’s collection of notable NHL headlines

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Nearly six weeks after being acquired by the Montreal Canadiens from the Nashville Predators, defenseman Shea Weber made his first appearance in Montreal. Weber participated in an off-ice workout with the Habs strength and conditioning coach, followed by photos in his new jersey and meeting head coach Michel Therrien and several new teammates. Weber will be formally introduced to the Montreal media today.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Weber will be an alternate captain with the Canadiens this season. He will likely face a blizzard of questions today over his role with the club, the inevitable comparison with departed fan favorite P.K. Subban and how much he has left in the tank. 

YAHOO SPORTS:  The San Jose Sharks will be giving away “Brent Burns grills” to their fans on March 12, 2017.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yes, Sharks fans, you too can have the same toothless grin as hockey’s most talented Wookie. It’s all in good fun, of course.

TSN:  Mark Napier will re-sign from the NHL Alumni Association at year’s end. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Napier is a controversial figure among some former NHL players, who believe he’s done little to assist those struggling with health issues related to their playing days.

TORONTO SUN: “Longtime high school coach Bill Belisle, forward Craig Janney and the 1996 World Cup of Hockey team are this year’s inductees into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame.”

ESPN.COM: The OHL’s London Knights, the United States National Team Development Program, the University of Michigan, Frolunda, Kladno, Karpat and Jokerit are the world’s top hockey factories. The alumni of these teams and programs are among many of the participants in the upcoming World Cup of Hockey.

SUN-SENTINEL.COM:  Florida Panthers single-game tickets go on sale on Wednesday, August 10. 


  1. From needing a telescope to to under a microscope Shea is going to find a big difference from being a Predator to bring a Hab… for a year or 2,this may go ok but I honestly don’t see this ending well for a 30 year old D man who Has a hit of nearly 8 mill for the next 10 years.

  2. I expect the same things as Shticky. The only difference is that this will end just fine as I completely do not expect Weber to finish his contract out in Montreal. I suspect Bergevin’s replacement will have traded him long before he hits 40.
    At this point they should be worried about 2 things that are more pressing – 1. Price’s health and 2. Price’s interest in resigning.
    As Price goes, so does the whole team.

    • The team lived and died by Price when PK ‘The Giveaway’ Subban was patrolling the back end on a nightly basis. Things could be different next year with a top pairing guy who is interested in what is happening when he doesn’t have the puck.

      • Which is going to be quite a bit as that big frame gets older and starts to slow down with 10 years left on that contract….it’s going to make the last few of Charas look like a bargain

  3. Actually, the Thornton chia beard may be more to my like than the Burns grill. 😀

    (Although the t-shirts look like a lot of fun.) And new secondary logos released today as well.

  4. 2 or 3 years from now Weber and his contract will be untradeable. Saddest thing is hes going to waste the rest of his career playing in Montreal for one of the worst coach/gm combos ever.

    Bergevin is a complete buffoon. Trading Subban who is younger, faster, more skilled and with a better contract just to show everyone “Im the Boss” will haunt the Habs for years. Does the Dim Jim of the East really think hes going to win with Patches, Brenden Gallagher and The Turtleneck leading the charge? Without Carey Price this is a lottery team. Absolutely brutal. Molson must have been drunk on his own product to let this guy keep his job.

    A damn shame for Weber and a damn shame for Price. Two star players wasting their careers away for Les Glorieux……

    • That’s ridiculous… the longer it goes, the easier it will be to trade his contract. The final few years will cost teams barely anything in real cash with a large cap hit. The 5 or 6 teams struggling to spend up to the cap floor every year will be easy trade targets… Subban was a cancer in the dressing room. Bet you anything he doesn’t play out his contract in Nashville… oh wait, he now has a no-trade clause… suckers… have fun making excuses for him for the next 8 years…

  5. Before we get going,let’s look at the reasons they made the trade,the dressing room was a mess with p.k,the management wanted a change,granted pk is younger in age but I am giving webber a plus for being more more mature,let’s see how the season will transpire,than we could analyse the year.sure pk is good but what cost ,on the other token you have a defenceman who is reliable and a play maker