NHL Rumor Mill – August 19, 2016

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No progress yet in contract talks between the Arizona Coyotes and Tobias Rieder.

No progress yet in contract talks between the Arizona Coyotes and Tobias Rieder.

Updates on Jimmy Vesey and Tobias Rieder in today’s NHL rumor mill.

**UPDATE** The New York Rangers today announced the signing of left wing Jimmy Vesey. I’ll have more on this in Saturday’s morning coffee headlines.

ESPN.COM:  Joe McDonald reports 2016 Hobey Baker Award winner Jimmy Vesey is expected to reach a decision by Friday or Saturday on which NHL team he’ll sign with. Over the past week the 23-year-old met with representatives of the Buffalo Sabres, Boston Bruins, New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins and Toronto Maple Leafs. According to one of Vesey’s agents, none of those teams were told they were out of the running. 

The Blackhawks brought along Patrick Kane for their meeting with Vesey. Islanders captain John Tavares also spoke with the youngster, as did Cory Schneider and Kyle Palmieri of the Devils and New York Rangers forward Kevin Hayes. Penguins captain Sidney Crosby also reached out to Vesey. McDonald speculates Vesey’s decision could come down to which club can give him the best opportunity to play a top-six role. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Earlier this week, it was reported the Detroit Red Wings contacted the Vesey camp but were told the Massachusetts native prefers playing for a club closer to home. My guess is the Bruins, Devils, Islanders and Rangers stand the best chance of landing him. Hopefully we’ll find out by Saturday. 

ARIZONA SPORTS: Craig Morgan reports Arizona Coyotes GM John Chayka said there’s no change in the club’s contract negotiations with restricted free agent forward Tobias Rieder. Chayka remains hopeful of getting Rieder under contract before the start of the season, saying he believes Arizona is the right place for him. “As of two weeks ago, Rieder’s camp was seeking a two-year deal with an average annual value of $2.75 million, but the Coyotes are more likely thinking somewhere around $2.2 million or $2.3 million.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The two sides really aren’t that far apart dollar-wise. A two-year deal at between $2.4 – $2.5 million seems a reasonable compromise. Earlier this summer, there was speculation Rieder could bolt to the KHL, but I suspect that was merely his camp angling for leverage. His preference appears to be re-signing with the Coyotes.

The 23-year-old completed a three-year entry-level contract and lacks arbitration rights. His annual cap hit was over $853K . He’s not going to get an offer sheet and staging a contract holdout could hurt his performance this coming season. I doubt the Coyotes are keen to shop him. Expect Rieder to be re-signed before the start of the season. 


  1. Islanders or Boston for Vesey

    • Yawn,yawn. Jimmy who ?

    • Vesey`s a Ranger just announced

      • Wow….he pulled a Stamkos….kinda

      • Not wrong

  2. Jimmy Vesey’s decision likely to come today. Outside chance it drifts to tomorrow but it’s more likely #VeseyWatch ends today.

    McKenzie just tweeted so looks like we will find out sooner than later

  3. Hope it comes today this is ridiculous.

  4. So watch Vesey sign with Chicago and make a fool of himself.

  5. Its actually got to the point that under a microscope like Toronto and all that comes with it (probably similar to playing in a hometown like Boston) he may want to choose teams like NJ or the Islanders

  6. Bruins for hometown-
    Islanders top ice time with top Center-
    Leafs/NJD for a roll of the dice-
    Rangers for the nightlife-
    Chicago/Pitts to win-

    • Is Chicago still a strong contender? I don’t think so. They are good no question but nowhere near as good or deep as they were even 2 years ago. A lot of questions throughout the lineup. On the Penguins he would bump Kunitz out of the top 6. He would likely play with Malkin and would rack up the points playing on a contender that has a fun uptempo style, a great coach who is equally a disciplinarian and player friendly, and an ownership headed by the best player to ever play. It’s close enough to Boston. And features young players his age throughout he lineup. A close locker room with a family atmosphere and zero negativity. There’s no other team he talked to that can offer all of that.

      • I think Chicago is still a serious contender & believe had they acquired Hamhuis & not Ladd may have won the cup. Van Riemsdyk had to play a role in the playoffs he just wasn’t suited for.

        It’s the core that keeps Chicago at the top. The rest is just filler. Acquiring Campbell solidifies Chicago’s top 4 D again which just wasn’t the same when they didn’t replace Oduya.

        I think both Motte & Schmaltz are Blackhawks when the season starts helping to flush out 3rd line roles.

        No team has had to give up more personal due to cap constraints than the Blavkhawks. Success is expensive in a cap world.

      • Gretzky is the greatest player to ever play … Mario is a close second …

      • Don’t open that can of worms. Been debated to death. Bottom line – Gretzky played in a different, severely watered-down era in his prime, with a whole new style of heads-down play so it’s virtually impossible to compare players from different eras.

      • There is no debate … men lie, women lie but numbers don’t ..

      • I saw both play and Mario is the most dominant player I’ve ever seen. Gretzky needed Semenko for protection – Mario could score with a guy hanging off each shoulder. There is a goal Lemieux scored on Fuhr when he was in Toronto that I still don’t know how he rifled the wrist shot in the top corner from about 40 feet out. Gretzky’s point records are purely on longevity, a stacked team and the laughably bad goaltending in his era. If Lemieux’s back wasn’t bad from all of the abuse (i.e. he didn’t have a Semenko protecting him) and he didn’t get cancer, he would have been right there with Gretzky’s records. Lemieux’s 160 point season in 60 games when he had cancer that year is the best season by any player I’ve seen.

        Unfortunately, I’m too young to have watched Bobby Orr play. My dad says Orr is the best player ever and, looking at his records and footage of his play, I can see why.

      • Deeeeeee, this just popped up on the web – I guess DiPauli, a C, simply wasn’t as hyped as Vesey – but their situation is similar:
        “On Thursday, there were several reports suggesting a deal between the two sides was done. The Penguins made the signing official one day later. DiPauli was a fourth round pick of the Washington Capitals in 2012. Instead of signing with the Caps, DiPauli opted to become a free agent earlier this week. The 22-year-old scored 14 goals and 32 points in 37 games with Notre Dame last year. DiPauli and Pens forward Bryan Rust were teammates at Notre Dame from 2012 to 2014.”

      • Imagine how good guys like Orr, Gretzky, and Lemeux could of been if they played today. Trained and dieted as modern athletes due as per sort and health sciences.

      • Paying Toews and Kane0.5 contributes to their own cap issue. Please spare me the nonsense of the price to win the cup. The got these contract after the cup. Then there is the Canadian dollar; we all thought the cap would rise, well it didn’t of any significant and you shouldn’t manage your payroll on assumption. so n pity from me in regards to the blackhawks cap restraints.

      • You can go on with the woulda coulda shoulda stuff all day long But when you break it down points per game…Gretzky wins.

      • Agree to disagree. Who would you rather have on the wing: Kurri or Rob Brown?

        Also, the goaltending in the early eighties when Gretzky really padded his stats was pathetic and completely skews the stats, not to mention the freewheeling style of play.

        Either way, they are both top 3 or 4 players ever with Orr and Howe.

  7. Vesey is signing with the team he feel that best suit his skill set, won’t trade him and the cap space in two years to give him a much bigger and longer contract. think that takes Chicago and Pitts out of the running. I’m going to guess its Boston or Buffalo. I could be wrong and he signs with he hawks or penguins.

    • The Penguins will have lots of cap space in 2 years, next year even. Kunitz, Dupuis, Daley deals expire and MAF and his almost 6 million cap hit will be playing elsewhere. Sprong, Pouliot and Guentzle will take their spots on ELC’s. Will still be a contender and have tons of cap space.

      • Pouliot’s contract is up next season as is Murray’s & players like Cullen, Bonino, Kunitz & Dailey will need to be resigned or replced. Add Schultz into the mix as an RFA as well with arbitration rights.

    • Would like to see him go to Toronto.

  8. It’s amazing how salty folks here has been in the last week over the Vesey situation. He’s not doing anything outside the system that he’s not allowed to do.

    • I agree with you completely Keith and maintain that jealousy fuels that sentiment.

    • I have zero issue with what Vesey is doing. In fact I find it very smart from a business perspective & pro sports is a business.

  9. who cares on Vesey another blown out report that drags on

  10. Lyle
    What’s with the USA today ads, It placed right in the middle of your recaps, makes recaps unreadable and there is no cancel button of any type to get rid of it

    • we’re working on it. Please e-mail me if you wish to discuss this further. Same goes for anyone else encountering this issue. Leave it out of the comments section. Thank you.

  11. A radio buffoon here in Boston just said on the air that a Vesey family member has told many people in the area that he won’t sign with the B’s because of the spotlight/pressure.

    • Well, that would leave the Leafs out for sure IF that’s his reason for avoiding Boston, because nowhere will he face more media attention, possibly embarrassing his dad if he falls flat on his ass-ey..

      • Even being a Leafs fan I would have to agree with you on that one. I was one Leaf fan who was very happy for Kessel this spring.

      • isn’t vessey already on the leafs

      • Ya good for Kessel…agree

    • Thats what every team needs, an egomaniac that cant handle the pressure.

      • Funny…every time a team gets rid of one of there stars it’s because he was a problem in the dressing room. Pittsburg doesn’t seem to feel the same way about him.

  12. In news that matters Monahan signs 7 years avg 6.3 yr according to Friedman. 44 mil.

    • That is great news, just need to get Jonny signed I would imagine he is going to be in the $7mill + range on 7 years as well would be nice to get them both at $6.3. Gonna be a great year in Calgary I think!!

      • Ya good news. Johnny will probably be a mil more than Monny per year. Money’s probably not worth 6.3 right now but it will be worth it by the end of that contract. I think not so good up front but good on the back end.

    • Not in the magnitude of Monahan, of course, but the Sens just signed their 1st round pick (11 overall) C Logan Brown to an ELC. At 18 and 6′ 6″ 222 lbs you have to wonder what HE’LL be like at 23.

  13. Just heard on TSN1260 that Vesey is down to 2 teams, the Rangers and Black Hawks.

    • I can see Chicago giving Vesey a top 6 role but in NYR that bumps Miller or Kreider out of the top 6. Both played as the top 2 LW’s last season. Miller having to earn that spot over the course of the season.

      That may push Miller to the #3 C spot his natural position before getting to the NHL sliding Hayes to RW if he chooses NYR.

      • What are the odds that AV will sign on to guarantee Vesey a top 6 role walking in the door? I’d say zero. He certainly isn’t bumping Miller or Kreider Without proving himself. If Vesey signs in NY, he’ll have to earn his top 6 spot and have to work to keep it. He just needs to ask his Friend Hayes how it works.

      • I have always wondered how a team can guarantee a player a certain spot in the lineup when negotiating a contract. If they don’t perform as well as another player during the season a coach isn’t going to keep the underperforming player in the top 6 when another player is playing better.

      • Agree totally Kevjam – PLUS, how long will any coach risk his job by keeping someone in a top 6 role if he’s showing signs of faltering. Some, like Vigneault and Julien have very short fuses when it comes to that, nor can I see Quenneville tolerating a struggling winger for long.

    • One is in the north-east – one ain’t.

      • Honestly….i dont give a f&*$ where this guy signs anymore….just sign! Hope that he live’s up to the media hype

  14. Just to repeat myself; it’s going to be the Leafs! I picked ONE team all along and want to stay on the record as such. I am willing to be wrong unlike so many others who maintain it will be one of he 7 front runners.

    On the other hand I find it silly to analyze his decision if it’s Chicago. They have clearly been among the most successful teams lately. Why would he not want a piece of that?

    • My money’s on the Leafs too,

  15. Vesey won’t help himself or the Rangers if he goes there…they are already a soft team, too many college types and not enough grit outside maybe one or two D-men…..he should go to the Sabres. They have a future, he can ease into a spot, the pressure is less, Eichel (who is also vastly over-rated) will give him company.

    • NY was tied for 6th in the league with 2,164 hits, 26.4 per game. Buffalo was 15th. 1,916 , 23.4 per game. So much for that theory.

    • Agreed! And the sad part is that’s where he went! I realize this is a post from earlier and a response to it outlines how the Rangers actually do hit; however they were totally outclassed by the Penguins in the playoffs this year! I really don’t see the Rangers trending in the right direction. At least it’s just a two year contract!

      • The same penguins that were outclassed by Ny the prior 2 years in a row?

        Ny is getting younger and faster than last year. How in the world is that trending in the wrong direction?

  16. I have a totally off topic question. Does Sam Bennett fall under the 2 year pro protected list when it comes to the expansion draft or do the flames have to protect him? I know he was considered a rookie last season, but he is entering year 3 of his ELC.

    • No he has to be protected. He is going into year 3 of his ELC.

      • Thanks Striker. Him being considered a rookie last season through it off for me.

  17. read that its down to Chi & NYR

    • You just waking up? We’ve been discussing that for quite a while now.

      • yea I was sleeping you dope

    • Kevjam told us all at 12:58 to be precise.

    • Whose the dope? At least I was awake. Ha ha. Just having a little fun you know.

  18. sorry,

    Junior Lessard II… Watched him, he just isn’t that great.

    • True and someone will say butt he won the Hobey Bsker , Eichle won it at 18 Gaudreau 19 and Kariya was a freshman so I wouldn’t hold my breath for some great scorer but still could work out to be a decent 2 or 3 Rd line player

  19. A 22 year old who dominates 18 and 19 year olds when all the top players already went pro? Not sure all the hype is real. 74 guys in his draft class are already in the league and 21 of those have already played over 100 games while he’s going against little kids. Why would any coach guarantee him minutes?

  20. Vesey`s a Ranger just announced

    • Thank God that’s over. Now we’ll see IF they “guaranteed” him a Top 6 position and, if so, how long that will last under Vigneault who’s not known for suffering rookie mistakes for very long.

      • Yes George that will be interesting, even if Vesey gets his top 6, how long is that guarantee good for. That will be the $64 question.

      • I was shocked to hear Hayes was involved in this process. Talk about the last guy I want in any negotiations. Hayes lives in AVs chateau bow wow.

      • Apparent Hayes really is a close friend of Veseys

      • But he’s no friend of AV’s!! Lol

      • Maybe they`re looking beyond AV

      • I don’t think AV is going anywhere anytime soon.

  21. Thank God that’s over now time will tell how great this kid really is.

  22. Interesting. Good luck Vesey this saga is far from over.

  23. Welcome To The NHL Jimmy Vesey. Remember to keep your head up; especially when you play the Red Wings

  24. I have a sneaking suspicion this is a sign and trade. Vesey to the Leafs for Bozak!

    • LMAO!!!

      • If Van stands for Vancouver than you have nothing to laugh at!

    • Now wouldn’t that be a kick in the teeth to get traded right after signing your ELC. Ha ha

    • Why do you want Bozak? Who are you making fun of the Rangers or Leafs?

      • I guess you don’t get sarcasm?

      • Only his own apparently.

  25. Vesey signs with the Rangers. So clearly he is about money not winning. All the Rangers have done for the last ten years is waste Henrik Lundqvists career.

    Vesey to the Rangers, heres hoping he is a total and complete bust.

    • He will sign with Boston in two years…bank it!

    • And I thought Bungling Jimmy would sign him.

      • Bungling Jimmy would have signed him, but couldnt figure out away to throw a draft pick away in the deal

    • At least your opinion doesn’t seem biased in the least bit.

      Money????? He was getting the same money no matter where he signed!!!!

      • @Nyr4life all you have to do is read most of his other comments to understand where this comment comes from.

    • Agreed!

  26. They will be farther along and he will be ready for it

  27. Good luck, now lets see if this signing was holding anything else up.

    • I think if I had to bet I’d say it stays relatively quiet for the next week or 2…even if it doesn’t I doubt that signing a middle 6 winger is the cause of it more than the obvious dog days of summer. Who’s left really Russell and the Wiz? All that’s left could likely be PTO. and going by the past couple weeks of rumours unless something comes in from way out in left field I can’t see much going on till after the worlds.

  28. Great news for my Rangers. Who needs a 1st rounder when you can steal another teams every two years. Love it…let the sour grape comments begin! Lol

    • Don’t get too excited. He wasn’t a first round pick, and has proved nothing.

      It’s way too early to be claiming any kind of victory. Because if he sucks, you’ll be eating your words.

      • Like I said when Hayes signed…if they turn out to be NHL 3rd liner with some 2nd line seasons for 3-10 season its a win since there was no trade or draft pick used.
        Kevin Hayes is a solid 3rd line player.

        Top 9 forwards look solid. #1 D and #4 solid. Just missing those #2-3 D….. ha!

      • Solid 3rd line players don’t spend chunks of the season in the doghouse or get healthy scratches in the playoffs.

    • Jeezus he’s a third round pick that’s 23 years old

    • Now you have two elephant pimples!

      • Funny, just 2 days ago you were hoping that pimple signed with Toronto? Wow!!!! That’s a quick turnaround!

      • His criticism has an iron gate when it comes to the Leafs. “My team right or wrong” is his motto – or maybe “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.”

  29. One thing for sure he went where I didn’t think he would which is why I picked the landing spot to be New Jersey. I don’t think anyone picked NYR . It is always the unexpected. Got that right haha.

  30. Rangers over Islanders- Fa Getta About it….. We will see… . worth at least a pick in a rookie draft…

  31. Stamkos vessey you have to wonder how if guys actually want to play in Toronto? Leafs fans always say the oilers can’t attract free agents but who have the leafs landed clarkson??

    • Pretty sure Stamkos didn’t sign with Tampa because he didn’t want to sign with Toronto.

      • But he still didn’t sign in Toronto when he had the chance free agents aren’t flocking to Toronto the numbers don’t lie

      • Ya you notice Stamkos didn`t even give Buffalo or Montreal the time of day and I noticed Vesey didn`t sign with Buffalo or Boston. I guess free agents aren`t flocking to your team either Bigbear

      • Ya but the leafs have been the laughing stock of the league for god knows how long so really it’s no wonder nobody wants to play there? ✌️

      • And tweeting doesn’t count as the ” time of day ” eh yogi! Typical leaf fan making something out of nothing

    • I agree it appears nobody wants to play for the Leafs! For me that’s unfortunate because I am a fan!

      • Looks like they got some pretty good young talent that want to play for them right now and when they mature into the players most people think they’re going to mature into they will be a draw for the free agent market in a few years. I think good things are gonna come for Toronto. Flames fan all the way but definitely a fan of what Toronto could potentially have going on. We shall see.

  32. Leaf fan here too. Don’t expect much this year. Likely not too much better than last year. I expect them to finish near the bottom BUT I expect this to be a turning point for the team whereby the young core gets firmly established and the veterans they have help guide them. This team is headed in the right direction. As long as MLSE lets Shanny and Co. do what they were hired to do, no matter what, its going to come out ok in few years

    • They are definitely headed in the right direction. My point about nobody wanting to play there related to FAs. All the players that want to play there were either drafted or traded there. That’s not free will. Once the young core develops others will want to come.
      The same is true for Edmonton.

      • Well outside of Roman Polak, and Matt Martin two good players but not exactly the type where every team is falling all over themselves to sign them. Matt Martin will be interesting to watch in Toronto though as we could use a little more gritty play to compliment Komorov. Polak helps in that regard too, but certainly looked out of place in the Finals against Pittsburgh; just like the Rangers did!

      • Yes Steven I understood your point but my comment was more directed as a followup to Hockey 83’s point.Success does tend to draw UFA talent as most everybody loves to play for a cheer for a winner. I’m hoping by 2020 anyways, the Maple Leafs are well on their way to annual playoff appearances moving forward