NHL Rumor Mill – August 9, 2016

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Gustav Nyquist could become a trade chip for the Detroit Red Wings.

Gustav Nyquist could become a trade chip for the Detroit Red Wings.

Updates on the Red Wings, Devils and Rangers in your NHL rumor mill. 

MLIVE.COM:  In his weekly mailbag, Ansar Khan expressed surprise former Detroit Red Wings defenseman Kyle Quincey hasn’t been signed yet by another NHL club. He believes Quincey wants to return to Colorado, where he lives in the offseason, but the Avalanche’s defense appears set for 2016-17. Khan suggests the New Jersey Devils as a possible option for Quincey, noting they only have five defensemen on their NHL roster. 

Khan also doubts the Red Wings will have interest in unrestricted free agent blueliner James Wisniewski. He points out Wings GM Ken Holland wants a top-pairing blueliner or a best a No. 3 rearguard. Khan feels Holland wants to add a younger blueliner and notes the Wings would have to shed salary to sign a UFA.

Khan also profiled Wings forward Gustav Nyquist, saying the winger must rebound from a disappointing 2015-16 performance. He also suggests Nyquist could be a trade chip for a top-three defenseman. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Quincey could be an affordable short-term signing for clubs seeking experienced blueline depth. I agree with Khan that the Wings won’t pursue Wisniewski and his suggestion Nyquist could become a trade candidate. 

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Andrew Gross reports the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils were suggested by some observers as possible candidates to land 2016 Hobey Baker Award winner Jimmy Vesey, who is slated to become an unrestricted free agent on Aug.15.

Gross also reports Devils GM Ray Shero has said any decision on a possible return of long-time Devils forward Patrik Elias won’t be made until September. It’ll also depend upon Elias’ health and desire to return. 

He also doesn’t rule out Rangers GM Jeff Gorton making other improvement to his roster, but feels the Blueshirts will head into preseason with their current roster. Last month, the Rangers shipped center Derick Brassard to the Ottawa Senators for center Mika Zibanejad.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: My guess is Vesey signs with the Toronto Maple Leafs (his father and brother work for the Leafs), his hometown Boston Bruins or the Chicago Blackhawks, who have a winning pedigree and can afford to sign him to an entry-level deal.

It would be quite the swerve if Vesey signs with the Rangers or Devils. The Rangers are in the midst of transitioning toward younger talent, but it could take them a couple of seasons to compete that change. Despite the Devils acquisition this summer of Taylor Hall, they’re still in the rebuilding process. 


  1. It’s just 6 days until the Vessey “saga” can come to a conclusion. I sure hope he signs somewhere on THAT day to put a merciful end to this mini-Stamkos circus.

    • Amen, George, Amen!

    • +1

      • Funny you were mentioning a decent bottom pair vet type guy Quincey if he came cheap enough could be just the ticket

      • Yeah, if that was directed at me Shticky, I did, in fact, say a few days back that Quincey would be a nice addition as a 5/6 pairing to “mentor” Chabot or play alongside Wideman. ANYBODY but Borowiecki!

    • Agreed. Just end already.

    • Vesey will not sign until the 17th

    • Just don’t engage or listen to it. It’s been fairly quiet lately regardless. Dog days of summer. I try to avoid the hyperboil. When it happens, on or about Aug 15th, where it happens, is of no real concern to me. I make my position known a few times & then avoid it.

      Far more things & better things to discuss.

    • Indeed, he has had plenty of time to decide on his destination city as the contract terms are simply max everywhere. I hope it’s Toronto, of course, but Babcock would not guarantee him a top six role as Poile did in NSH. Boston, I suspect, would not either.

    • You’d think this guys last name was Gretzky or Lemieux…..all hype….just brutal. I hope he signs for a zillion bucks and is a 100% complete bust.

      • He’ll sign for a max deal of 2 x $925 plus all bonus and if he’s a top 6 forward as billed, it’ll be a huge windfall, found money, for the team that signs him.

        You’re saying this doesn’t warrant our attention? Nonsense, it’s the biggest story in the NHL on Aug 15 or shortly thereafter.

        You hope he’s a bust? Why would you hope for that?!

      • obviously you don’t undersand the entry level contract structure… would love this guy on the Rangers. Only issue is AV won’t use him properly.

      • Mattsake, why don’t you explain to us what Vesey’s contract will look like then if I’m wrong about it being a two year deal / ELC base salary plus bonuses?

    • and to think the Jets have already signed the kid who should of won the Hobby Baker.

    • Concluded by Pittsburgh signing him… Duh.

  2. I’m surprised Wisnewski hasn’t been signed by someone. He’s shown himself to be more than capable of running a power play & logging significant minutes as primarily an offensive Dman. Prior to being traded to Anaheim he was posting solid point production as just such in Columbus, Montreal, NYI & Anaheim previously.

    Health has been an issue but he should be had cheap & numerous teams could use his skill set including Detroit. Being a right handed Dman a hard position to fill at the NHL level for some reason that should add to his value. Not old having just turned 32 in February & should have several serviceable seasons left in him.

    • Would you want the Bruins to sign him?

      • Sure short term no more than 2 years at 2 mil per. Boston has enough Dman that can play shut down roles that Wisnewski could help the 2nd PP unit & help drive some offense.

      • Wiz is not what the Bruins need a solid defensive dman should be the priority

      • Bigbear is actually right in this instance.

      • Chara, McQuad & Miller are all defensive Dman now. Chara still has some offense left in him.

        The Dman Boston needs isn’t available & should it become so the cost is extreme.

        Sweeney said he wants a Dman that has transitional skills & can help drive some offense. Wisnewski can do that. I wish Boston had signed him & not Liles.

        Wisnewski isn’t signing in Boston regardless. Just a response to J-Roc’s question.

      • I’d rather sign Quincey

      • No, I wouldn’t want them to sign him. What the Bruins really need is a solid, two-way, top pairing d-man. They already have Krug, Liles and Collin Miller, to drive the offense. They require a solid top pair guy, (and not another small player, like Krug) so Chara can transition to a secondary role. Unfortunately, those d-men are difficult to obtain – just ask Peter Chiarelli.

      • Striker-please provide source/link for your following statement
        Sweeney said he wants a Dman that has transitional skills & can help drive some offense.

      • does it really matter who Boston signs? They’ve done nothing to make themselves better. they will more than likely be playing this year for a high draft pick and nothing else. expect them to finish fighting for last place.

    • No one knows if he can even skate. The injury he suffered last year could potentially be career ending. It was mentioned on Edmonton radio yesterday that if he hasn’t signed a contract by the start of training camp, expect him in Edmonton on a PTO.

      • Numerous players have returned from Achilles injuries. Not a career threatening injury.

      • I think of he can play he is a good fit in Edmonton but I wouldn’t go above a 1 year deal for starters until it’s proven he is 100% for a season. I like Wisnewski but at this point giving him more than 1 year term could result in a Robidas type deal.

      • ACL left knee Striker


      • Umm….Id suggest it may be that instead of “whoever” it could be “you are” and instead of “too much” maybe the word is “empty” and instead “on their hands” it might be “between the ears”.

  3. The frustrating thing with Vesey is that it seems as though everybody is circling over him like a bunch of vultures. He hasn’t played a game in the NHL and is causing a big stir. There are other players available and trades to be made. Good Lord Gretzky was traded 28 years ago today and now the whole League seems stuck on some snot nosed kid! But of course, I hope he signs with the Leafs!???

    • In the final analysis the beauty of a Vessey is that some team will get a ‘prospect’ – and face it, that’s ALL he is at this stage – for nothing but cash. No commodities need be relinquished – just (or so it seems in his case) playing time. wherever he winds up he’d better do reasonably well right from the get-go because his insistence – if that part is true – that he get to play in a top 6 setting won’t sit well with some who have paid their dues in the system and are looking for a similar opportunity.

      • I wonder how many most Vesey situations will occur before the league clamps down and closes the loophole that allows drafted players to simply refuse to sign with the team that drafted them and thus turning them into FAs so they can choose whoever they want to play with. What used to be a rite of passage for players entering the league is now a farce and symbolic of a more selfish attitude.

      • George your the 1 driving the Vesey conversation today. If you don’t want to discuss stop doing so.

      • Uhh – in the first instance I was merely remarking on a post in the opening blurb by Lyle. In the second, I was responding to Steven’s comments. And I don’t need advice from someone who should heed the old adage “I am inebriated by the exuberance of my own verbosity.”

      • those players should have played better then. It has nothing to do with paying your dues it has to due with talent. if you have to PAY YOUR DUES before you make the NHL than you’re just not talented enough. as far as it sitting well with other players…well it’s really none of their business. all they need to do is worry about their own game.

      • Boy, do YOU have a weird sense of what constitutes a “team” Hockey83!! Aside from the top 4 or 5 picks each year, almost 70% of those drafted later will NOT make it into the NHL. Those that constitute the approximately 30% are required to develop to a team’s satisfaction in the minors. I would say a player that has spent 2/3 years in the minors and appears ready to step into a regular role in the NHL have every right to be royally pissed at some schmuck drafted in the THIRD round and who has proven zilch at ANY pro level is “guaranteed” a top 6 slot.

      • George O. I don’t know how Vesey playing in the NHL changed to “I don’t know what constitutes a team. Do you think McDavid or Crosby Or Bennett or anyone who jumps from junior to the NHL or college to NHL care what the other players think who have to spend time in the AHL before they make it to the NHL. If your not big and strong enough to make it from college or junior straight to the NHL then you go and develop in the AHL it’s as simple as that. You’re ready or your not everyone develops at a different pace but i’m pretty sure players who go straight up with out having to go spend time developing don’t spend a minute thinking about what the other players who don’t make it think. That’s just silly…as you said there are a lot of players that are great players that don’t make it at all but you can’t blame the players that do make it no matter how hard or easy their journey was to get there for that. Hockey players know exactly what they’re getting into when they get drafted. there are no gaurantees but you can’t fault someone for being so good that they don’t have to pay their dues. You know Mathews and Laine and Puljajarvi are all going to play this year with out having to pay any dues why is that different then Vesey

      • I think hockey83 is dan39 same dumb condescending comments?

      • Because NONE of them were 3rd round picks.

  4. I’d like to see the Penguins sign the Wiz sign in Pittsburgh. I doubt it’s going to happen, but if it did that would be amazing!

    He could help our PP.

    He wouldn’t cost too much.

    • Wiz would be an ok addition to any team. when he plays he gets his points. hasn’t really played a full season since his career started and over the last six is not a good plus/minus. seems too young to be done though. someone should pick him up for a steal.

  5. I think Wiz will be a good signing for whoever takes the chance. I’d take him over Russell but Russell will do okay as well.
    Day 1 I said I hoped Vesey flops. I laugh at everyone who swoons over this kid. He’s not going to be a star,he’s possibly another Fabian. Unless he signs with the Leafs or Hawks I hope he’s a bust.
    My big thing is the off season will get rolling again A.V. Pirri,etc then will follow

  6. Fast-24


    Lundqvist is the oldest at 34…

    Tell me again how long it’seems going to take for The Rangers to do a “youth movement?”

    They have 10 players 25 or younger already! Vesey WILL make it 11!

    • you could have just said this

      “They have 10 players 25 or younger already! Vesey WILL make it 11!”

  7. I think an easy fix to the situation with RFAs signing with other teams is create a group 2 RFA class. If an RFA fails to sign an ELC with the club that drafted them, then they will become a group 2 RFA and a 3rd will be sent to the team that the player wouldn’t sign with. A 3rd is enough to close off some interest and making the wooing process less of a circus. Also it would allow teams like Nashville to get a little extra leverage to get better value when trading rights since a 3rd is guaranteed if he signs elsewhere.

    Let’s face it, most of the appeal is getting a free prospect who is potentially nhl ready. It’s low risk with a high ceiling. I get why there is always so much interest. Some college FAs like krug, dekeyser turn into very good nhl players. Some turn into ok players like bozak, Reilly, Hayes. Everyone wants a shot at getting a Panarin, with the downside being a brunnstrom, what’s the risk. You get a guy plays meh hockey and you let go again. Or you get a guy on a budget contract for no assets that plays a part in your line up.

    • You can be sure this’ll all be part of the discussion during the next lockout.

    • I like that idea. Keeps teams from losing a draftee for nothing. This might work to keep college kids from creating a circus before they ever play in the NHL.

    • I think the team that signs the prospect away from the team that drafted the player should automatically send their pick that is closest to the pick the original team used to draft the prospect in the first place.

      • that already happens as long as the player is no older than 20

  8. I simply don’t understand the hate Vesey receives. He is practicing his right under the NHL’S CA. Why should he be looked down upon for doing so? Why wish for the guy to fail?

    • For me it’s enough talk let’s see what you’re capable of. He is within his rights yes. No issue there.
      It the sense of entitlement he or his agents feel he deserves. A top 6 spot ? Earn it like others do. Maybe this isn’t the case at all but to me that’s how I see it being portrayed in the media.
      Time for talk is over. Pick your team and step up.

      • Agreed

    • Agreed, no big deal, it’s his right and so what if he is not Gretzky2. He does not cost a draft pick and he is talented and mature enough to play now. Looks like Leafs will recoup benefit but I wonder if he may take a long look at Chi, they do need to replace Ladd.

      • you people complain about all the vesey talk but man do you all ever generate a lot of it. My gosh…it’s not like this kid created all the hype regarding this. It’s all of you and the media

      • Ok dan

      • Hey big bear or bbb what does insulting Dan have to do with hockey ?
        You said to me a while ago that conversationa would revolve around hockey.
        Tell me how your Dan comments help.

  9. Running conversation with Canuck lover on Vancouver goal scoring article at the Province:

    Edward Chew BCIT: British Columbia Institute of Technology
    I like it Jeff. I think that Jannik is going to end up back with the Sedin’s and I hope he does. I think with loui they can now make lines 1a and 1b and a third line that will be able to score. We can’t have all three of our elite players on one line we will get creamed.

    Ron Jull Mohawk College
    Who are the three “elite” players you are reffering too? Keeping in mind that it is not 2011 any more.

    Edward Chew BCIT: British Columbia Institute of Technology
    Ron Jull , loui and the Sedin’s. Who are the elite player’s on your team

    Ron Jull Mohawk College
    You said “elite”, not very good or good. Elite infers the best of the best. Your 65 point 7 million dollar twins are no longer elite and your two time 30 goal scoring injury prone winger has never been nor will ever be elite. 2011 is gone man,

    Ron Jull Mohawk College
    My team has no elite players ….poor nucks

    Edward Chew BCIT: British Columbia Institute of Technology
    Ron Jull I still haven’t heard who your elite players are. I’m pretty sure your not a Canucks fan because you would know that both of the Sedins were injured last year and so was Jannik and they still had a combined 150+ points

    Ron Jull Mohawk College
    Daniel Sedin – Games played 82, goals 28, assists 33, points 61
    Henrik Sedin – Games played 74, goals 11, assists 44, points 55
    Jannik Hansen – Games played 67, goals 22, assists 16, points 38
    So your “elite” Sedins totalled 39 goals, 77 assists and 116 points for a mere $14,000,000.00

    Patrick Kane – Games played 82, goals 46, assists 60, points 106. Kane almost outscored your “elite” Sedins by himself. My point is that they are no longer “elite” players. They are good, sometimes very good. But to continue to rely on the same two guys year after year with the same result makes no sense. Your comment of both being hurt doesnt hold water as Daniel played all 82 and Henrik missed only 8 games. I like the Canucks, Im just tired of adding bits and pieces in an desperate bid to make the playoffs for a one and done. Canuck fans deserve more. They deserve a winner. The team needs a complete tear down and rebuild and if it takes 5 years then so be it. Make trades, get picks and prospects, build up the minor league team and the Canucks for continued success. Fire Linden and Dim Jim, hire experienced competents and get the rebuild underway. Canuck fans should expect, no, DEMAND no less.

    This is the kind of thinking I have to put up with in Vancouver.

    • Do you think the Canucks should trade the Sedins? Hall of famers with ntc. What message does that send? The rest of the team is trending younger anyway.Agree if by the trade deadline they aren’t in the playoffs trade Edler,Hansen,Miller and more for draft picks

      • If they would waive their NTCs to move to a contender then yes, I would trade them. Hang their jerseys in the rafters the first time they return. I am not anti Sedin, but am against repeating the same mistake over and over. Sedins are first class people and still very good players and Id love for them to win a Cup.

      • no one would trade for the sedins…that’s very funny. You’re kidding right. the only message that is the right message to send is to buy them out and be rid of them finally.

    • Ron, the Canucks are in as much denial as Sutter-Feasterite Calgary, surrounding Iginla with such studs as Matt Stajan, Curtis Glencross, Nik Hagman, Lee Stempniak, Kristian Huselius, Blake Comeau, Brendan Morrison (HA!!), Alex Tanguay (not bad to start), Olli Jokinen (thinking 2nd go-around here), Ales Kotalik, Chris Higgins, Nigel Dawes….. Vesa Toskala, I mean really..

      • My point exactly. Why continue to delay the inevitable? Do it now before years turn into a decade. I like the Canucks but its infuriating to watch Dim Jim tinker instead of go all in on a rebuild. Its not 2011 anymore except in Vancouver.

      • Dude…Calgary made it to the Stanley cup final with that team. Are you that dumb? Yes Calgary was certainly in denial when they went all the way to game 7 in the final….FUNNY

      • Hockey83 – stuff that “dude” crap and your condescending “know-it-all” comments and attitude where your proctologist does his/her best work.

      • George O…dude :)…relax Augustus made a comment regarding the calgary flames being in denial when in fact that team made it to the stanley cup final…I commented on that. Are you the guy in this chat room where only his comment matters. I am flattered though that you’ve taken an interest in my anus but sorry DUDE i don’t skate that way 🙁

      • That is not the Flames team that went to the cup final. Dude. Those names resemble the rosters between 2010-11 and 2012-13. Get your own facts straight.

    • Really you like the Canucks…why 🙂 They have sucked for years. They failed miserably at trying to build a team around the Sedin sisters for years now the sisters are long in the tooth and done. get rid of them start over…it was a miserable failure

  10. I would love the circus if Vessy signed with Calgary. Then they could ship one of the unsigned rookies. Some awesome curveball would be welcome in august. Some random change in all the speculation would just about kill some people.

    it will probably be boring and he ends up in boston. but a guy can dream.

    • I would hate to see his career end in Boston before it got started. Going to Boston is like sealing your coffin.

      • A flamers fan insulting the Bruins…HAHAHAHA you must be the blindest and stupidest idiot of all time .

      • I wasn’t trying to insult the Bruins…Just saying they had a crappy team last year. As a Flames fan at least I can admit we were horrible last season…worst goal tending in the league and a bunch of underachieving D who left the goaltenders out to dry. Anything bad you can think of to say about the flames last season is probably true.

    • Calgary has no unsigned rookies. Which unsigned rookies would you be talking about sir.

      • Not sure Parsons has a contract.,or perhaps he meant RFAs either way no need to be that way

      • which way was I being Shticky. Not sure i know what you mean by “no need to be that way” I just asked which rookies had no contract regarding the Calgary Flames. Just a curiosty as to who was yet to be signed. I just thought when he said rookie he meant NHL rookie and not unsigned draft picks. is there something insulting in that question.

      • You were being a doucher same as you have been with several posts today. Jeesh for a guy who seems so clever to come up with some real witty (not to mention original) nick names like Sedin sisters or comebacks like the one you used on George you would think that you would understand or know that “that way” means you’re being a doucher bag and Parsons is an unsigned rookie.

      • Here I thought 83 may be the year you were born and not your IQ

      • so Shticky your saying this comment

        “Calgary has no unsigned rookies. Which unsigned rookies would you be talking about sir.”

        Is offensive in some way. The guy mentioned trade an unsigned rookie for vesey I was just curious as to who he would be talking about that we have unsigned. In my opinion an rookie is a first year player on the NHL team. so i was just curious about what he meant rookie. Parsons is an unsigned draft pick and will not be a rookie until he plays his first NHL game as any other player is. Just wondering who the player was he meant to trade for Vesey that’s all. Name a player have a discussion.

      • Hockey83, the best of us sometimes use a word that doesn’t properly describe what’s in our head. The whole discussion over the definition of rookie doesn’t matter. If you know the contract status of the Flames players you can deduce what he meant.

        Can we move on now?

      • I don’t read minds, I said he maybe could mean RFAs or maybe Parsons I don’t know but you don’t need to be a doucher bag same as you have been to a few other posts here today…that’s the conversation, keep up now.

      • Shticky…in the words of someone who appears to be a friendly sort of an asshole…what do you have to be that way 🙂

      • my gosh…I asked for a name. who he would consider trading for Vesey…I didn’t know which rookie he could be talking about so I asked. is that not generating a conversation regarding a healthy topic.

        As far as I’m concerned it’s the 2 of you who have created something here that didn’t exist in the first place like a couple of bitchy young teenage girls.

      • I think the 83 represents the measurement around his head. Whoever this clown really is, he’s either a deliberate s^*t-disturber (the web has been filled with them since its inception – aka “cyber courage” or someone who thinks the world revolves around them. If the latter, here’s a little poem for him

        Sometime when you’re feeling important;
        Sometime when your ego ‘s in bloom;
        Sometime when you take it for granted,
        You’re the best qualified in the room:
        Sometime when you feel that your going,
        Would leave an unfillable hole,
        Just follow these simple instructions,
        And see how they humble your soul.

        Take a bucket and fill it with water,
        Put your hand in it up to the wrist,
        Pull it out and the hole that’s remaining,
        Is a measure of how much you’ll be missed.
        You can splash all you wish when you enter,
        You may stir up the water galore,
        But stop, and you’ll find that in no time,
        It looks quite the same as before.

        Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.