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Is there interest from other clubs in Edmonton Oilers right wing Nail Yakupov?

Is there interest from other clubs in Edmonton Oilers right wing Nail Yakupov?

 It’s a quiet day for media-generated trade rumors and speculation, so here’s a look at what’s been recently kicked around by the hockey rumor bloggers. Enjoy!

HOCKEY BUZZ: Eklund claims a source says the Montreal Canadiens are “aggressively pursuing” Edmonton Oilers right wing Nail Yakupov. Habs defenseman Alexi Emelin is believed in the deal along with a couple of less significant payers. The Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals made serious inquiries. Eklund also claims the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Islanders contacted the Oilers in the past, though the Isles were more interested in Jordan Eberle. 

After losing out on Jimmy Vesey, the Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs are talking again to the St. Louis Blues about defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk. The Canadiens and New Jersey Devils could also have interest. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadiens have sufficient depth on the right side (Brendan Gallagher, Alex Radulov, Andrew Shaw) so I don’t see where Yakupov is a fit there. The young Oilers winger can play on the left side and the Canadiens are thin there, but he’s predominantly used to play as a right wing. Dealing away their sole shutdown defenseman in Emelin doesn’t make sense for the Habs, unless they’re very confident one of their prospects can replace Emelin (unlikely) or they find a suitable replacement via trade or free agency. I’m not convinced the Bruins and Flyers are interested in Yakupov as he doesn’t seem like the type of player they want. The Capitals have sufficient depth on the wings for the upcoming season. 

As for the Isles, I also don’t see them pursuing Yakupov. They’ve already made their significant offseason moves by adding Andrew Ladd , P-A Parenteau and Jason Chimera. Their biggest issue right now is finding a taker for goalie Jaroslav Halak.

The Bruins would probably love to land Shattenkirk, but they will likely want assurances they can re-sign him before his eligibility next summer for unrestricted free agency. I don’t see the Leafs gambling on a blueliner who could bolt via free agency next July. 

THE HOCKEY PRESS: notes New York Rangers left wing Rick Nash has been a frequent topic of trade speculation this summer. He’s been linked to the St. Louis Blues for defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk, to the Anaheim Ducks for blueliner Cam Fowler and to the Buffalo Sabres for rearguard Rasmus Ristolainen. They claim the Blues haven’t been in contact with the Rangers, but say the Ducks “have discussed a POSSIBLE Cam Fowler/Hampus Lindholm for Rick Nash deal in the past week” They also claim the Canadiens and Ottawa Senators have interest in Nash, while the Sabres and New Jersey Devils contacted the Rangers about Nash in the past week. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nash-for-Shattenkirk has kicked around a while in the media. Nash-for-Fowler, less so. That’s because the Ducks are a budget team and I daresay Nash’s $7.8 million cap hit and his age (32) would concern them. If the Ducks do shop a defenseman, it won’t be Lindholm. 

I highly doubt the Sabres will part with Ristolainen, who was their best defenseman last season and has a very bright future. Nash has a 12-team list of acceptable trade destinations. I don’t believe rebuilding clubs, such as the Sabres and Devils, are on it. As per the New York Post’s Larry Brooks, no Canadian teams are on Nash’s list. If the Habs and Sens have interest in him, they’re wasting their time. 

In other speculation, the Ducks and Canadiens are “DEFINITELY” interested in Dallas Stars winger Valeri Nichushkin. They speculate the Stars want a defenseman or a starting goaltender on a cheap contract in return or picks and/or prospects. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stars GM Jim Nill claims negotiations are going well with the Nichushkin camp and he’s looking forward to getting him signed. Nill expects a big year for the young winger. Doesn’t sound like he’s looking to move him. 


  1. “As per the New York Post’s Larry Brooks, no Canadian teams are on Nash’s list. If the Habs and Sens have interest in him, they’re wasting their time.”

    which is why I have always been of the opinion that that kind of blatant and open disregard for ANY Canadian location should automatically preclude any such Canadian-born player from ever playing for Canada in the Olympics or any other international tournament.

    • Thats a great point, never thought of that.

    • Does Ladd Parenteau and Chimera qualify as Significant? Maybe in quantity but when you see who left the Islanders I’m not sure any of these guys is a significant upgrade to Okposso Nielsen or Martin.

    • Ya but…Canada is never going to take a second choice type team realistically. (Not that they couldn’t and it would be fine) but National pride on the part ofJovkey Canada or generally the guys putting the team together just wouldn’t allow it, It would be like Russia refusing to take Ovi for not playing in the KHL. When it comes down to it they are not or will not punish a team for 1 players preference.

      • Oh, I agree totally Shticky. Never doubted that for a minute. But that’s the way I feel and I would NOT look back following a tournament loss and say “what if?” That kind of self-centered choice tells me the player concerned does not feel he can perform under the pressure of a Canadian audience so I wouldn’t want the SOB on my team in the first place.

      • Not that we are really going to have to worry or ponder over Olympic teams much more, I have a feeling this “World Cup” should and probably will generate enough revenue and line the pockets of owners and the PA almost as much as the Olympics with the added benefit of not having to shut the season down for 2 weeks and missing that revenue. The NHL will be done with the Olympics.

      • In all fairness if you were a 30s player with your career winding down , wouldn’t you want to play for a contender? Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto haven’t exactly painted a pretty picture. Ottawa has been up and down. Which pretty much leaves Montreal as the sole Canadian team somewhat desirable to a player in Nash’s position. And I’m sure he wouldn’t want to go back to Colubus, or teams that are rebuilding Buffalo. Arizona, etc. either.

      • George, the scrunity of losing is already there. Why join it? Especially at his age. People make a mountain over an ant hill when it comes to Nash’s playoff performance . Outside of one bad year his numbers aren’t that bad. Look at Karlssons! And nobody is saying HE sucks come playoff time.

        As far as Canadians not coming home, Lemeiex, Gretzky, crosbys deal…. He’s never coming home! Maybe Crosby didn’t say it out loud, but his deal has said it loud and clear.

        Are you taking him off team Canada?

        Too often these kind of anti-American talks come up, but Canadians never have a problem taking the Mathews, Kessels, Keslers, Pacthes, kind of players from the US, or Sedins, Sundins etc. from anywhere else.

        If Mathews chooses to spend the rest of his life in Toronto, so be it, I still would gladly accept him representing my country .

    • Because the man wants to be able to choose whom he sells his services too? A right most people in NA have? That reeks of sour grapes. I guess Russian players should be barred from playing for Russia if they choose to ply in the NHL instead of the KHL? Precluding Nash would be very wrong… but Canada choosing to not pick him to play due to that concern would be within their rights as well… two way street.

      • Nyr4life, what you say may well, indeed, be the reason he lists Canada as a no-go. It may also be true that he knows the scrutiny on his performance in Canada would be much more intense so simply wants to avoid that. Until we develop the ability to read minds we’ll never know one way or the other will we?

      • This just shows we have enough talent and don’t need Nash. He likes to hide in the big US cities where no one knows him so he can have a bad season and few people will know him in a line up and Mcdonalds lol

    • I don’t know the specifics of what Nash has actually said about not playing for a Canadian team, or if they’re even true. But if it is actually true, it may have something to do with his age, and where most of the Canadian clubs stand today. He may just not see them as solid contenders or a good fit at this point in his career. Also his wife is American, which also may factor into that decision .

      • NYR4LIFE. The only thing we do know is he refused a previous trade to join the Senators. So why would anyone claim the Senators would have an interest in a player who they know doesn’t want to play for them is simply odd.

      • I agree completely Nyr4life. When the Canadian teams start contending that tone will change for players in Nash’s position. I think Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and Winnipeg will be attracting that type of attention in pretty short order! Edmonton in particular!

    • I so disagree George. There are many reasons as to why Nash would not want to play for a Canadian Team. All of them I believe have nothing to do with a players National pride. Top on the list is likely the money lost to taxes us greater. Then likely climate. Nash also likely doesn’t have a budget team on his list.

      None of this makes me think the guy is any less deserving to represent Canada.

      • Disagree away. That’s your prerogative. I have no willingness-to-pander bone in my body, I guess.

      • absolutely. how many canadian teams made the playoffs last year? How many are likely to contend for a cup this year? Man is getting older, likely wants the best chance at the cup… man should be praying for a St. Louis trade in that case. saying he should be banned comes off as wounded pride. Then again.,.. why is this an issue… he’d barely even have a shot at canadas B squad at this point.

      • Interesting point Shticky about the NHL telling the Olympics to take a hike IF this upcoming tournament proves to be a financial winner. But why not follow European Football protocol when it comes to the Olympics and only allow players 23 y/o and under to form a national team? Yeah, I realize that that would include players like McDavid etc., but in the end that should be u p to the NHL team as to whether or not they would release them – much the same with those still eligible to play junior being released for the World Juniors if they happened to be part of an NHL roster. There have been instances where teams have said “no.” In the end, it would be totally up to those teams.

      • Also different George is the Primier league and most Europena leagues starts generally late August and the summer Olympics don’t land in the middle of its season

      • Although I do realise I do have the right to disagree then state my reasons as to why I fail to understand the pandering aspect of your response. Are simply trying to tell me you still feel the way you do despite my counter point. As we shall that perogative.

      • Don’t forget being harassed by the media. You couldn’t pay me to play for the Leafs or Habs because of how hungry the local media can be for anything hockey related from scrutiny on a shift by shift basis to where you ate breakfast that morning and what you had. I’d much rather be in a US centre that has other pro sports and either doesn’t pay much attention or doesn’t care to be bombasted with details on a daily basis.

    • I could care less if Nash is interested in playing for a Canadian team in the NHL or any Canadian player for that matter. Better tax structure in the US, less lime light what ever his reasons, who cares. No 1 stops you from choosing where to work or play.

      The 2 aren’t connected. The NHL doesn’t run international Hockey, Hockey Canada & the IIHF do & they certainly listen to the NHL as they need them to release players & often shut down their league to accommodate their needs. The NHLPA also has a significant say & the opposite holds true when the NHL is hosting the tournament as in the World Cup. The get the input & work to accomodate the needs of everyone.

      I don’t understand why this is even an issue for you.

      • You don’t know me – so why in hell should you understand why this is “an issue” for me? It is. Period.

      • Ha-ha! Aren’t we having a discussion?

      • george o… do we or dont we know you? you could be george o’dowd.. otherwise known as boy george. you could be goerge O’Hanlon.. voice of george Jetson. Or maybe Georgia O’Keefe… hm…

      • Now that opens up a whole new level of “lame” chrisms.

      • You dont know me! Why the hell should you judge what level of “lame” I can be. It was. Period.

      • And that’s what I meant. No one can know what is in my mind any more than we can know what’s in Nash’s mind. But in the final analysis, all any of us know for certain is that he does NOT want to play for ANY Canadian franchise. Or are you claiming to have some inside knowledge that the rest of us are not privy to?

    • George you say that you wouldn’t want a self-centered SOB like that on your team, assuming you know why Nash has the Canadian teams on his no-trade list… but then you argue NYr4life that until you will be able to read minds you won’t know what know the reasons why Nash has no Canadian teams on his list.
      So you can rip Nash for ‘hating’ on Canada but then when people offer up alternative reasons to your ridiculous claim, you say ‘we can’t read minds’?
      How can you even make that ignorant comment in the first place then?
      lol Hilarious

      • Simply because I know of NO other so-called “superstar” who specifically lists EVERY Canadian team on their no-go list. That alone tells me he wants no part of any such team. And where, exactly, did I say Nash “hates” Canada? That assumption is ignorant in the extreme. So wipe that unctuous “lol” off your smirking face.

      • But just to clarify, for whatever it’s worth, I respect Nyr4life’s comments and views as stated in this site for the most part. However, we have disagreed before when it comes to Nash and that’s fine. We’ve both formed divergent opinions on that player which we can only base upon what we see on the ice and his choice of possible destinations. But when you boil it down, those who prefer to believe that he specifically lists all Canadian teams on his no-go list simply because he wants a crack at the cup and sees none of them as viable threats to win it, and those who see it as an unwillingness to face the intense scrutiny his game would receive in any of those sites, can only choose either view as one possible reality. None of us know for certain. Nyr4life asks if I think Crosby and others should be left off Team Canada because of their long-term contracts in U.S. cities. The difference is, I have never seen any reference that suggests Syd and the others specifically list ALL Canadian sites as no-go. He also says he would gladly accept Matthews on Team U .S.A. even if he chooses to settle long-term in Toronto. Well sure he would. Why not? But even if Matthews at some point is asked to present a list of 10 places (the max?) to which he would NOT accept a trade and chose to list 10 U.S. sites, that still leaves 14 (counting Vegas). Nyr4life also wonders if Karlssons playoff numbers are any better than Nash’s. Well, for one thing Karlsson is a D, and his sample (29 gp 4 goals 15 assists – 19 points) is a lot smaller than those of Nash (65 gp 12 goals 24 assists – 36 points).

  2. Having Brendan Gallagher, Andrew Shaw and Alexander Radulov on your roster at right wing doesnt mean you have depth. It means you have problems. Montreal is a trainwreck and trading Emilin for colossal failure Yakupov only adds fuel to the fire that Bergevin needs to be terminated.

    • He’s Russian, that means he isn’t English. That’s a bonus for the Habs. If they can’t find French Canadians or Americans to fill their roster, Russians will do. It’s all about politics with MB and Molson

    • Ron I’m a realist by nature bordering on a pessimist; trust & opportunity are earned with me not just given, but this constant pessimism is draining. Don’t you ever have anything positive to contribute; did you feel unloved growing up? Ha-ha! Being a Bruins fan I hate Montreal I can assure you but having Gallagher, Radulov, possibly Shaw; should play LW, which seems more logical to me as after Pacioretty they have no 1 else with Galchenyuk having moved to C last season & trading Eller. Byron, Carr; yet, & Matteau aren’t op 6 LW’s.

      Even if Shaw plays LW as I assume he will the addition of Radulov, the development of Andrighetto & McCarron knocking on the door Montreal; Bergevin, has done a decent job of addressing a serious need. I’m not convinced Montreal is a playoff team but many I respect are & if price is healthy anything is possible.

      Picioretty, Plekenec, Gallagher.
      Shaw, Galchenyuk, Radulov.
      Carr; Matteau if Carris sent down, Desharnais, Andrighetto; If not for Carr this would be the all Surf line. Ha-ha!
      Byron, Danault, Mitchell.

      Spare. Flynn.

      As always move the top 6 around anyway you wish. This roster currently shows 14 forwards, most teams carry 13 & the only player that has waiver rights is Carr. So he might be a roster casualty till injuries hit unless Montreal waives another player.

  3. Come really why? Would any one think that Eklund is a credible source. How many times has Eklund ever been right. I can’t think of to many myself. This guys sources have been pretty bad. I think they only one he got right was the Michael Del-Zotto signing with Philly other then that he’s been pretty lame at predicting things.

    • Not that you’re wrong but I think there have been a couple smaller things with Philly he has been close to in the past. For the most part tho his record is pretty terrible.

    • Every person who attempts to predict has a terrible record. In Edmunds defense and I am reaching here, guessing myself. Most times he isn’t predicting a thing and is simply telling us who he hears is talking to who. All of it might be true. I bet there are a hundred discussions about player movement by teams eternally as well with one another a day. 99% of them never finalize. So yes perhaps Edmonton talk to Montreal about Yakupov. Perhaps it lasted longer than a day with other parts being added. In the end it won’t happen. Of coarse when he claims serious interest I roll my eyes.

      • Missed the auto correct on Eklunds name. Edmunds = Eklund.

  4. Lindholm or Ristolainen for 32 year old, 8 million $ man Rick Nash lol? I just permanently crossed off The Hockey Press from rumor sites I will ever take seriously.

    Does Rick Nash even have trade value? He is old and slowing. I mean, Eric Staal had limited value this offseason, and isn’t Nash approaching that same boat? Nash hasn’t aged as much as Staal did last season but just saying. You can see it coming. He’s a similarly big bodied guy whose legs are slowing under all that heavy frame. If the Rangers retain half his cap hit, I could see him being worth a prospect and a 1st round pick, but there’s no way a team would ever trade 22 year old top pair dmen for him, like Lindholm or Ristolainen, future #1’s potentially, and I’m not sure the Ducks would even trade Fowler, who is 24, for a 32 year old.

    Why trade a 24 year old dman for a 32 year old winger? The age, and the position, are both more valuable on the trade market, if you’re trading Fowler, compared to Nash. As a Ducks fan I am still hoping for Athanasiou and Nyquist in exchange for Fowler and a pick or something along those lines. Tatar and Athanasiou. Tatar and Mantha. Get two good solid young pieces with potential who can already contribute.

    • tatar and mantha both have to be protected. not sure about AA. getting two players needing protection next year is poor asset management. one player and picks or just young prospects and picks is better for the future. unless fowler is moved for a dynamic rental at the deadline designed to put ducks over the top.

      • AA need to to be protected as well.

      • Winnipeg and Trouba aren’t seeing eye to eye, Holland should make an attempt to get him if the price isn’t too crazy.

    • I think I’ve said this more than once here. So I may be a broken record but….. While I don’t find Nash to be a 7.8 per player, he equally isn’t a 3.9 player. Again, I’ll be happy to be stuck with Nash rather than holding 50% and still having to replace him.

      • There are a ton of players in the NHL today that overpaid. Primarily for 2 reasons. They were signed long term in a different market, a run away cap world & most of these teams that signed those deals assumed the Canadian dollar would stay the course. Bad financial management & advice. The NHL warned these teams years ago the dollar was going to decline. We started hedging the Canadian dollar in 2013, many Canadian NHL teams did as well.

        The 2nd is the whole way the NHL & NHLPA choose to structure real dollars & salary cap dollars. Being able to differ real dollars by paying more today & less later means teams are going to be stuck with players making to much money as most of these long term deals wind down. Why contracts just don’t count against the cap in real dollars today is stupid. Only Lawyers can think this stuff up.

        If Nash can’t be moved retaining minimal salary, no more than 2.5 mil per over the final 2 years of his deal they are better served to just keep him, expose him in expansion & if unclaimed then look at buying him out with 1 year remaining. His actual salary in 2017-18 is 8.2 mil, 2/3rd’s; essentially 5.5 mil, spread over 2 years for a cap hit 2.75 per. Essentially the same as eating 2.5 per to accommodate moving him.

        Now if Nash bounces back & is the Nash of old protect him in expansion & hope it continue’s for the final season.

      • nash at 5 mil would be good… I think teams might be ok with him at 6 mil… I dont think teams would trade for him unless a little of salary was held or a toxic contract sent back.

      • I’m not even holding 2 on Nash. And a buyout ain’t happening either! Especially when nothing is interfering with his cap hit next year or 2. Zbad, Mcilrath . Miller is bridged for 2 years, Kreider, Stepan long term , Vesey 2 years, Buchnevich on an elc, Mcdonagh long term…. Etc…..

        When is the last time NY bought out a player outside of amnesty buyouts in the cap era….. Que the jeopardy music….. Never!

        Ny should gladly hold on to Nash, and possibly trade him at next years deadline retaining 50% (which is nothing) to a contender…. Rather than killing dead cap space for 2 years on his final year of the deal!……

        But I’m sure a guy that said he and Kreider were the left wing “locks” for the next couple of years ( Nash plays rw) already knew that ! Aye aye aye! Once, just once, I’d love to hear striker say ” I don’t really know ” without someone telling him he doesn’t!

  5. Lyle.

    Emelin is far from Montreal’s only shut down Dman. He finished 4th in TOI/GP & was also 4th in SH TOI/GP. That implies to me that 3 other Dman were relied upon more to shut down the other team best forwards. Petry, Markov & Subban all had more icetime & SH icetime than Emelin & Webber will as well replacing Subban.

    You need not worry though as other than hitting & penalty killing Emilin is a big ticket; 4.1 for 2 more years, & just blocks out icetime for Nurse & Oesterle. If Edm wanted this type of Dman; a hitter, they just would have gone out signed Schenn & saved 3 mil? He’s 3 & a 1/2 years younger & you could move Yakupov for something else. I don’t like that trade for Edm.

    This trade isn’t happening unless 1 of those other 2 players is McCarron or Scherbak, a decent B grade prospect.

    Shaw can play all 3 forward positions so easily could slide to left wing to accommodate Yakupov on the rights side. I just don’t see Emelin being the center piece of that deal, seems like wishful thinking to me for Montreal fans who see Montreal with less than a million in cap space. 1.5 when Carr is eliminated form the Capfreindly roster being the only forward that has to clear waivers from that list of 14.

  6. If I was an Oiler fan, which to a certain degree I am, I would be upset to know that the Islanders were interested in Eberle when Hamonic was wanting a trade West! I would also be annoyed if rumours tying Montreal being willing to part with Emilin for Yakupov were true and not properly pursued. Especially after losing Hall for Larsson, even though I have been commenting here all summer that the real deal, in a sideways manner, was Hall for Larsson and Lucic.

    Imagine if Edmonton could start this year with Nurse, Klefbom, Larsson, Emilin, and Hamonic on D! Who here would argue that with Talbot in goal and with what they have up front with McDavid, Lucic, Puljarvi, and Draisaitl among others that they wouldn’t seriously contend for a playoff spot!

    Do it Edmonton! They must get clear of the past; move on!

    • Wishful thinking Steven but I think the Hamoinc ship has sailed nor do I want Emilin in Edmonton biting into Nurse’s & Oesterle games & minutes.

      Now if a Fowler or Shattenkrik type player can be had I’m in if the cost is acceptable. Edm needs a true #1 PP point man & either of these players qualify. Both would be expensive in compensation even Shattenkirk facing UFA status. Just not sure he wants to play in the west, maybe?

      I think Edmonton will battle for a playoff spot this season & with 9.2 mil in cap space I don’t think their done addressing their roster needs for next season. I think when push comes to shove if this type of Dman can’t be had they will stop gap with a player like Streit or other that can assume this role. As long as the team eats salary or provides additional incentive for Edm to help them out of their cap & roster problems.

      After Philadelphia paid Streit his bonus he is only owed 2 mil for this coming season. His cap hit: 5.25, for Philadelphia is a serious problem; Philly has less than 500K in space, & he’s blocking a roster spot for younger D coming.

      Yakupov for Streit & Sanheim? Philadelphia gains 5.25 in cap space, 2.75 after factoring in Yakupov’s hit & like Florida moving Bolland & Crouse to Arizona Philadelhia solves it’s cap problems. With Provorov, Morin, Hagg, all coming at D as well this makes a ton of sense to me.

      • No way the Flyers trade Sanheim for Oiler garbage

      • No way they are giving up sanheim for yakapov. Especially since Streit only had this year left on his contract.

      • How does Philadelphia address it’s cap issue’s? With a little under 500K in space maybe a little over a mil when they waive Weal the 14th forward I assume, they aren’t getting through the season with a mil in cap space. Players get injured that are never out long enough to provide LTIR cap relief.

        Something has to give. Doesn’t have to be what I suggested but they are going to have to pay someone something, a pick; a 2nd, like Florida paid NJ to take Savard or a solid prospect like Florida paid Arizona to take Bolland.

      • Striker; the 9m capspace you talk about for the Oilers is counting bonuses. If all bonuses comes true that’s another 11m they surly don’t want to owe in the bext seasons cap. They are already over the cap counting all bonuses with a couple of millions.
        I think they’re done adding caphit or they will have problem resigning McDavid for more than 5m/y – and I’ll assume he is going to demand more. 🙂

      • No way the Oilers make that trade for Flyer garbage?????Not the sharpest tack in the RJ!

      • They have 9.2 million in cap space? Wow! I don’t follow the cap situations as closely as you do. Thanks for the info!

    • As a lifetime fan of the Oil, I think Emeril would look good in Edmonton
      Yak has been mismanaged from day 1. He plays a similar role to Eberle who they value more him on the 3rd or 4th lines and you get about what you expect. Trade him, better for him and the club.

      • I agree Yac has not been given a fair shake in Edmonton. He would do better somewhere else willing to give him more ice time.

      • Emelin would fit well with he is a defensive dman they need but I dint think Mtl would move him as they would have to fill that void!

    • If eberle could have been moved for hamonic I think it would have happened. Oilers would have to sweeten the deal and I dont think they were willing to do so. that being siad I think eberle for hamonic would be more than fair but top 4 d-men are worth more in this market.

      • Snow was consistent with his request of a comparable D man for Harmonic. So being upset that the oilers who lack quality D man and didn’t make the move is another odd thing.

  7. Bruins need defense badly everyone knows.
    Yakapov I agree isn’t a Bruins type player.
    I would much rather go after Eberle but Boston doesn’t have much to offer.

  8. I can not be more clear than this. I know the rumor I’m about ti mention was not started from a writer from this site… But the person who started the “Nash for Ristoleinen” rumor should never be allowed to post a blog, or wrote another article ever again!!!!!!!!!! That is literally the most ridiculous bunch of garbage I have heard in my 28 years of following hockey!!! Ristoleinen is a 21 year old, budding #1 defenseman, who hasn’t even scratched the surface of his potential and still put up 41 points on the 5th worst offensive team in the league last year. But some complete idiot thinks the Sabres would trade him for Rick Nash of all players????!!!!! Wow! They passed on Taylor Hall for Risto… So obviously the Ranger’s wouldn’t even waste either teams time with that nonsense!

    Again, if you know who wrote that, or if toure reading this; please, stop writing. You are an insult to the entire internet and are part of the reason that great writers/bloggers sometimes receive a bad reputation! So please, just STOP!!!!

    • Yes, if I’m the Sabres GM and get this proposal:
      We take your top Dman who’s young and really good with great upside and you get Nash, who starting to look like age is getting the best of him and has 7,8 m (a contract he never lived upto) in caphit and I even thow in a 3rd round pick for ya!
      I’ll atleast get a laugh!
      It would almost even be a worse trade than filip forsberg for erat.. Maybe not as bad, bur close! 😀
      I’m a capsfan, I got shocked! I’m a swede too, and to think you could easily got Erat for Marcus Johansson, boy would that be better now!

  9. on yapukov for emelin , the canadien do save 1,6 on the salary cap . and could save up more if the 2 minor add are on the cap count , I would not be suprise if andreghetto part of the deal .