Update on Jimmy Vesey – August 11, 2016

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The status of 2016 Hobey Baker Award winner Jimmy Vesey remains a hot topic in this summer's NHL rumor mill.

The status of 2016 Hobey Baker Award winner Jimmy Vesey remains a hot topic in this summer’s NHL rumor mill.

 2016 Hobey Baker Award winning left wing Jimmy Vesey is finalizing his list of potential NHL destinations, but are the Boston Bruins among them? Read on for the latest. 

BOSTON HERALD: Stephen Harris reports Harvard left wing and 2016 Hobey Baker Award winner Jimmy Vesey is finalizing a list of no more than half-a-dozen NHL teams with which he’d like to speak. Vesey’s rights are currently owned by the Buffalo Sabres, but he’s indicated he will become an unrestricted free agent on August 15.

The Boston Bruins are believed to be on the 23-year-old’s list. Vesey is a Massachusetts native who grew up cheering for the Bruins. Harris also cites a well-informed area NHL scout speculating the Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks and New York Rangers will be the finalists.

Harris notes the Sabres could also be among the finals candidates. So could the Toronto Maple Leafs, as Vesey’s father is a Leafs scout. Another source suggests the New Jersey Devils as a dark horse contender. 

Harris reports all the teams will be making “virtually identical contract offers: Two years, with a $925,000 salary (including $92,500 each year in signing bonus) and the potential to add up to $2.85 million annually in performance bonuses.”

CSNNE.COM:  Joe Haggerty cites two sources claiming the Bruins aren’t one of the three teams the Vesey camp is leaning toward, even though they’re among the clubs he intends to speak with this week. One of the sources claims the Blackhawks, Rangers and Devils are atop Vesey’s list.

Haggerty claims the Blackhawks made a big push for Vesey in recent weeks, and it appears playing with Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane on a Stanley Cup contender is a big selling point. Vesey’s agents have a good working relationship with Rangers GM Jeff Gorton, while the Vesey family has strong ties to Devils assistant GM Tom Fitzgerald. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We can expect more speculation over Vesey’s plans leading up to August 15. There’s no certainty Vesey’s signs with a team on that date, as he and his camp could take more time to talk with other clubs. However, I suspect he’ll have his mind made up on Monday.

It’ll be interesting to see where he ends up. In the coming days,  I daresay we’ll start seeing reports from Chicago, Toronto, New York, New Jersey and Buffalo citing insiders musing over Vesey’s plans.

Where Vesey signs could also affect the current trade and free agent market. Clubs that fail to land him could consider other options to bolster their rosters via trade or free agency heading into training camp next month. 


  1. Bruins.

  2. I believe Chicago will be the place he signs. The opportunity to play for a contender of that strength would be the tipping point IMO. I’d love to see the leafs land him, but that’s a long shot

  3. I don’t see how anyone can beat what Chicago can offer. Middle 6 role on a Stanley Cup favorite. Perhaps time on Toews wing. There’s no better opportunity to fast track his career IMO.

    • And someone will do up his skates for him too. Give me a break.

    • except top 6 opportunity next to sid or geno… both better than toews. and a far likelier cup champion

      • Except Pitt has Hagelin, Kunitz and Sheary at LW. Chicago has Panarin and who else? Pitt is obviously a contender but I wouldn’t say far likelier champion. The Hawks defense is still far superior.

      • Good god I’m so sick of Vesey, Vesey, Vesey enough this guy has been dominating all summer he has done nothing…. he needs to sign so people on here and talk about something else…I want to vomit.

        ENOUGH ALREADY…………………

      • Better than Toews. Seriously? Take off the homer glasses for a minute and think about that! No question, Crosby is the better overall player… Undisputed…. Regular season. Toews 28, 3 cups! Crosby 29 , two cups!!!!! Stop right now! Even Dave (best contract in hockey)Bolland says stop!

      • Congrats to Pittsburgh on their cup,but don’t think Murray can or is good enough to win then another cup, his best chance is with the hawks,If he is truly that good which I doubt

      • Geno is not better than toews. Sorry.

        They are comparable offensively and Toews is light years better defensively.

    • The problem is Kane and Toews are eating up too much salary cap space. Where’s the future for this guy? He’s going to sign a deal then when it comes time to make more money on his next contract he’ll get traded to Winnipeg or somewhere.

    • The Hawks time may have passed. Their players are getting older and before long they will be in a retool. However teams like Buffalo and Toronto are building young teams oozing with talent that he can grow and win with for a number of years. The choice appears easy, basically anyone would prefer playing for an original six team with a strong following everywhere they play, than a city with little to no appeal, Buffalo.

  4. No way Vesey wants to play for the Rangers, they don’t have a center of any substance, not of the playmaking variety anyways. And why the Devils? They are years away from being in the playoff conversation and aside from Zacha who may not even make the team, they don’t have a center that anyone is dreaming of playing with. I know cap space is currently an issue but there is no way a young offensive forward doesn’t want to play with Crosby, Malkin and Kessel. What he could learn from those 3 alone would benefit him for the rest of his career. And playing for Mario is just another huge reason to at least consider them,not to mention they just won the cup on the backs of a bunch of young kids that were given the opportunity to play and play without being tied down to a restrictive coach. There is zero chance he’s not thinking the Penguins as an option, there are just too many positives.

    • Except Pittsburgh is not “north-east” which, so it’s been said, is his preference. Then again, neither is Chicago. Has he changed his tune in that regard?

    • Welcome aboard Jimmy! Madison Square Garden awaits!

      • There you are, Mattsake.

        Care to explain now your earlier contention that Vesey somehow would not be getting two years / $925k plus bonus from every team?

        You suggested at the time you had an understanding of ELC contracts that we didn’t so go ahead and fill us in.

    • Did I miss an article where he said he wasn’t interested in Pens? All the new stuff out not mentioning pens?!?! no other team can offer him close to the oprtunity, including chi

    • Rangers don’t have a playmaking center? WHAT? Stepan ranked 31st in the league in A/60. 12th in the league the last 3 years. Zibanejad ranked 64th in A/60 last season tied with Zuccarello, Giroux, and Toews. Hayes ranked 28th the last 2 seasons in the same category. The last 2 seasons Stepan and Hayes have ranked 4th and 8th respectively in the primary As/60 category. Don’t say things when you have no statistics to back it up.

      • Stepan is at best a 2nd line center.

    • And playing for Mario is a big deal why in 2016?

      By your logic every fa would sign there.

  5. We can speculate all we want, but nobody has any idea what he will do until he does it. I think the hockey tradition in Mass has him seriously considering the Bruins. The Leafs are a possibility because of his father. But on the other hand what young player in his position would not want to play for the Blackhawks or Penguins as presently constituted? Austin Matthews could be the wild card here as Vesey might want to be on a line with his American counterpart. And one last point; what about being on the wing of McDavid?

    • In short, the possibilities are endless. He is in a very position and I hope he makes the best decision for himself.

    • Left wing? Think Lucic will be riding shotgun there.

      • Ya Edmonton is set there. If they do anything else it will be regarding D

    • I think there is more to signing with the Leafs than just his father. Up and coming team with lots of junior talent. Still think the Bruins have to be front runners here.

  6. I don’t care where he signs. I try to avoid the circus, don’t like crowds & don’t see the point to having a meaningless discussion & speculating. When it’s done it’s done. Good on him for doing what’s best for him.

    I do have him stashed away on 2 of my prospect lists in 2 of my 3 fantasy leagues. Got scooped in the 3rd by a rival who also participates in 1 of the others. I grabbed him in late January on wavers in 1 on a Saturday night & the GM scooped him on me in the other, picking 3 spots sooner, it’s wavers being on Sunday’s, Bastard. Ha-ha!

    We have to activate prospects after they play their 45th NHL regular season game so my only hope is he steps in exactly as planned be it in Chicago, Toronto, Boston, where ever, I don’t care. Being a Bruins fan I would love it to be Boston but I don’t draft with my heart but my head. I currently only have 1 Bruin in 3 of my leagues; 2 are 12 keeper leagues, the other 9, 20 team leagues, 24 man rosters & all allow for prospect rosters, the player is Krug.

    • C’mon Striker we have meaningless discussions on here on a daily bases. We constantly debate where some one is or isn’t going. Then a trade happened and not a single one of us had a clue it was happening. I would like to see Vesey sign with Boston, he’s an asset that only requires minimum money and if it works great and if it doesn’t oh well.

      • Would much prefer to talk about what the player maybe as opposed to where he might sign. Do you really care? I don’t. With the Bruins great. With someone else? Who cares, I certainly don’t. I’m a hockey fan 1st; that includes all teams, fantasy hockey pool fan 2nd, Boston Bruins fan 3rd.

        Fantasy hockey is my favorite hobby it’s why I’m such a big hockey fan. The NHL provides a medium for me to enjoy my favorite hobby. fantasy hockey leagues.

        Constantly talking about where Vesey may or may not sign, people complaining about it dominating the conversation but stimulating it & often being the 1st to comment makes no sense to me.

        Even I get pulled into it. Simply pointless.

        here’s what’s going to happen. Vesey is going to sign some where for the max ELC allowable. The threshold for bonus’s is going to be as low as it can be & if he wins rookie of the year, doubtful he will max out his bonuses.

        The team that signs him is going to have to guarantee him top 6 TOI/GP for forwards & 2nd line PP time at a bare minimum. He will post a minimum of of 20 to 25 goals & 45 to 50 points.

        If that’s in Boston, Toronto, New Jersey, New York, Chicago, or what ever, I could care less. Now depending upon which of those teams it may be, that will alter the goals & point range. If it’s Chicago then I will bump him to rookie of the year & 60 to 65 points as the #1 LW spot is wide open for any player with a pulse in Chicago, well depending upon how you want to look at it. Panarin at LW with Anisimov at C & Kane at RW won’t change but the LW spot with Toews & Hossa is someones for the taking & with Shaw & Teravainen moving on there is a ton of PP time available.

        I never understood Quennville’s deployment of Shaw with such quality PP TOI/GP. I have the same issue with Abdelkader in Detroit.

    • @striker-For not caring you sure do write an awful lot about Vesey. 200+ word soliloquy today.

      • I care about Vesey, just not where he signs. Why spend so much time exhausting the possibilities. More so why complain about it the drag it out. Happy to discuss if that’s where the thread is going. Although would prefer to discuss the player & his possible contributions with whoever he signs with.

        I hope it’s Boston. I’m a Bruin’s fan. If not then I don’t really care, my interest is self serving. He’s an asset I will use to make my team better when required. I would never activate him from my prospects list until required to do so. That’s problematic.

      • STRIKER: “If that’s in Boston, Toronto, New Jersey, New York, Chicago, or what ever, I could care less.”

        So you could care less?

        Of course you could relax with the Vesey talk and maybe enjoy a woman or 2. It is shaping up to be another exciting hockey season and some people got a hard on for ramblin’ bout Vesey all day and his “Fantasy leagues”…

        Alot of people seem to need to get out and get some sunshine.

    • Yeah, interesting that the latest rumours have both your Bruins and my Leafs out of the top three destinations.

      For what it’s worth, I think the rumours are just speculation, as I doubt Vesey has made any decision prior to team meetings.

    • Its meaningless so i will just write a meaningful novel about my hockey pools…☺️

      • Cause that’s why we all check in he for, updates on how Strikers fantasy league is going spam.

  7. Chicago is good for Vesey for the first two years and then what ? Traded to a bottom feeder due to to salary cap constraints. I am hoping it is a left field choice and none of the clubs listed.

    • I kinda had this thought as well, not like he is going to be restricted for long.

  8. If I were him I would pick the team best suited to and most willing to showcase my abilities, that combined with a chance to play for a contender.

    Ill guess Chicago is where he goes.

    • @Ron Jull
      Surprised you didn’t manage to slip a narrow minded shot at the Canucks in to your comment. What’s the matter, not on your game today ?

      • The Canucks arent relevant to the current conversation.

    • Jeff.

      If you don’t want to get slagged, don’t fire the opening salvo. Ha-ha!

  9. Zacha will make the team. And the reason “Why the Vesey interest in the Devils,” because his teammate and roommate at Harvard, Alexander Kerfoot is a Devils prospect. As well as being 3 hour drive to Boston and Vesey possibly getting a starting position in the top 9.

    • He will be get a starting a top 9 starting position on every team mentioned, but there is one team not mentioned that has a huge hole at first line left wing playing next to a center who has more points than anyone over the last half decade. Pretty good player on the right side as well. That team also has a treasure chest of young top caliber d coming. Hmmm

  10. Hoping for Bruins.
    Betting it will be Chicago.

  11. AV ‘coaching’ of Hayes should make his chances of signing with the Rangers slim.

  12. He will go to Buffalo and join a solid line with teammates his own age that he already knows. He has known and practiced with Eichel in Boston, the Sabres will be a contender, and Vesey will have an opportunity to build a champion…not just be a Part of one.

    • So why hasnt he?

    • It would be great if they brought Vesey in to play with eichel

  13. Bruins are his top choice only the management and coach can screw it up and probably will. If he’s truly a diehard Bruins fan he signs in Boston and not hated rivals. If he wants a cup many teams he can go to Washington,Pittsburgh,Tampa,California teams Chicago and Dallas.
    I don’t understand New Jersey at all.
    My choice as a Bruins fan is Boston first Tampa second.
    Not sure why Tampa isn’t in the conversation.

    • Tampa can’t afford to buy a big mac with their cap situation. He does there and he knows that he’ll maybe last a year or two at best.

  14. Oh all teams will offer the same two year deal, paying $925k plus all bonuses…

    Where is Mattsake now to explain that I don’t understand how ELC deals work?

    This is exactly what I posted a couple days ago.

    • Mattsake, here’s the exact exchange for reference:

      Dan39 on August 9, 2016 at 12:09 pm
      He’ll sign for a max deal of 2 x $925 plus all bonus and if he’s a top 6 forward as billed, it’ll be a huge windfall, found money, for the team that signs him.

      mattstake on August 9, 2016 at 1:40 pm
      obviously you don’t undersand the entry level contract structure… would love this guy on the Rangers. Only issue is AV won’t use him properly.

  15. “Harris also cites a well-informed area NHL scout speculating the Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks and New York Rangers will be the finalists.”

    “Harris notes the Sabres could also be among the finals candidates. So could the Toronto Maple Leafs”

    Reporting at its finest

    • Sure does cover all the bases doesn’t it lol

      • And the crowning irony might well be a team that NO ONE has considered. I’d love it.

  16. yesterday on this thread my comment about Vesey’s first contract was jumped on by several who pointed out the bonus-laden deal he will sign will bring him close to $2.75 mil. While that’s true, I suppose, it’s also true that that WON’T take effect on the cap until the following season since no one knows what the bonus conditions will be and whether or not he meets them until the end of the season. So, his cap hit will be his ELC.

    • George=smarter than everyone, all hail King George.

      • Typical response from someone who likes to dish it out – but can’t take it back. I’m surprised you didn’t squeeze in a caustic comment about Dim Jim – and don’t bother re-stating that the Canucks were not part of the discussion today. That never stopped you before.

    • Hi George!
      Well, you would want to have the bonus covered at the given season so you don’t end up like Chicago with Panarin. Now his bonus is dead capspace on a capstrapped team – that’s why they signed Brian C with a bonus so they can pay that with next years cap. This is going to be a big problem soon for the blackhawks and to add Vesey to this would be even worse a year from now with 2 players eating 21!! Mil and upto 6,5 or something in due bonuses. Now you can only play like 10 NHLers and the rest needs to be ELC with no bonuses because they’re not great prospects. I truly believe that the hawks are screwed in a year, max 2 if nothing big happens in the revenue department granting a cap at 90+ mil.
      I also wonder how Oilers should keep their talants when McDavid is up..?
      Anyway, that’s my rant 😀

      • Bruins had the same problem when they signed Iginla to bonus laden contract. They got close to winning it all, but it bit them in the butt the following year.

      • Vesey’s performance bonuses would be a huge issue for the Leafs. If Matthew, Nylander, Marner and Zaitsev all make the team they are already just half a million under the bonus cushion to start the season. The additional Vesey bonuses would be counted towards this year’s cap space. With the Cowen situation up in the air and so much dead cap space already they would have quite a juggling act to remain compliant.

        This is not to mention the number of veteran LWs on the payroll (JVR, Michalek, Greening, Martin and Lupul) and prospects looking for spots (Rychel, Leivo, Leipsic). There is a fair amount of competition at LW already. I can’t see the Leafs guaranteeing him a roster spot.

      • Good points Adoe. In my own rant yesterday I was trying to get across that a team signing, say, Hudler on a one year deal might be better off for the coming year, especially if they could get him for $ 1 mil, while acknowledging that Vesey Is “much younger and will cost substantially less – at the start – than Hudler.” My point was, Vesey will cost a team’s cap this coming year just the ELC money. I realized any bonus money will kick in the following year, but I was simply looking at the coming season and that a team with playoff aspirations might well get a bigger bang for their buck with a proven NHL commodity like Hudler on a 1 year deal than they would with someone who now has to prove he can skate and play with the big boys.

      • You really should rant more adoe, you’re pretty in the ball with this stuff

      • @George – I got that yesterday, when striker and I commented on your Hudler/Vesey comment. I do just assume however that most GMs do see a players bonuses as actual caphit if they think there is a good chance for the player to reach it. So they will assume that it’s 3,7m for Vesey. Now if you don’t think like that and keep spendeing hoping for your ELCs to not qualify their bonuses, you have a problem next year if you’re named Oilers, Maple Leafs or Blackhawks.
        With “you” I don’t mean you George 😉

  17. Why not consider a team where he has a better chance of actually playing? Wouldn’t that be more important than trying for the cup in your first year? If he goes to a contender, it would seem he’d have less of a chance of playing top six, let alone making the team. This kid hasn’t shown he can play at the NHL level yet, so it’s hard to imagine a team like Chicago guaranteeing him a top-six role.

    • I agree with your point – would seem to make more sense for him to go to a young team on the rise. However, there are opportunities for him in Chicago on that second line and the Preds have already guaranteed him a top six role so don’t be surprised to learn that other desperate teams do the same.

  18. I almost feel like a Devils fan even tho I’m not really with how much I’ve been talking about them lately. Not that I think Vesey chooses (I’m not sure where he chooses or why but…) Jersey but I’m guessing a lot of people haven’t seen Zacha play when discounting the Devils. A core with Hall Henrique Palmerri Vesey Zacha Zajac Santini Schnider going down the road would be a very strong foundation and I doubt would be long before they were making some noise in the east with a bunch of cap room to add to it.

    • Well, it would definitely offer up a low pressure atmosphere for him to come to grips with the NHL game. This kid is going to otherwise be burdened by some pretty lofty expectations in the big markets given all the hype – Boston, Toronto, NY, etc. NJD, of course, offers up opportunities for him to get ice time, but so do a lot of the teams in the running, even Chicago does.

    • Then u look at that defense!!! They’ll be bottom 5!! I’ll bet 1 American dollar on it!

      • Too rich for me I fold

  19. Patrick Roy resigned today

      • I’d be willing to bet he has a job lined up with the Las Vegas franchise.

      • You mean you dont know? Gee, as the expert on everything I thought for sure youd know George

      • No, I bow to the King Of Crap there.

      • George, I think the real reason is because he is a terrible coach. I doubt he has a job lined up. I hope if he does, it’s in Montreal though. That would just add fuel to the tire fire over there!

      • Wouldn’t it be a perfect fit for Travis Green in Las Vegas? Fresh team, fresh NHL coach, fresh ponds forming on the ice while the crowd freezes.

      • George McPhee isn’t hiring the premadona Roy. I would be shocked to see Roy return to the NHL as a coach. He doesn’t really want to coach he wants control. No team is giving this wing nut total control. Go back to the QMJHL where you own your team 7 can do it all.

        Good bye & good riddance.

    • Beat me to the punch. Be interesting to see who they hire as replacement. Someone in the organization or out. Travis Green (Utica) was apparently in the running for Ducks job right to the end.

      • You could well have it bang on Dan39. Great players seldom make even decent NHL head coaches. Gretzky was a disaster and, really, you have to go all the way back to Jacques Lemaire to find a legitimate NHL and Hall of Fame star who turned into a good NHL coach. Geoffrion was mediocre in Atlanta as was Larry Robinson as a head coach. Guy Lapointe never rose above assistant. Howe, Lindsay, the Richards, Beliveau, Keon, the Hulls, Messier, Lidstrom, Sundin, Mikita, Dionne, Dryden, Clarke, Ratelle, Esposito, Perrault, Lemieux, Gillies, Coffey, Leetch, Gilmour, Housely – and on and on – either flopped as coaches or never considered taking on the job.

      • I don’t know I though Carlyle, Quennville, Roy, Ruff, Gilbert, Sutter & Sullivan were all great NHLer’s. All had long NHL careers.

        Strong offensive players haven’t made great coaches but defensemen & good defensive players have had decent NHL coaching careers.

        Defensmen think the game, learn the game, then we teach them to play forward later after a solid 5 to 7 years of playing D. Forwards play the game, most learn little.

    • George O, apparently Patrick was no longer being kept in the loop as far as player movement goes. I guess he saw the writing on the wall and quit before he got fired.

    • Hip, hip, hurray!!
      Who’s this Vesey kid?

    • Perhaps it was to help keep Duchenne and Barrie in the fold?

  20. If you look at some of the comments from Vesey’s agents, there are some kernels in there to pick apart:

    “We’ve looked at depth charts with some teams and talked about them. . . . “There’s obviously a lot of thought that goes into it: The city, the coach, the GM, the salary structure, how a team treats their players in the second and third contracts down the road.” Peter Fish

    he wants a top 6 role. we all know that. But Vesey is clearly thinking further down the road on what his next contracts will be. IMO, Chicago is out then. no way will get maximum dollar with Toews, Kane, Keith, Hossa, panarin et al.

    I am betting the fact that Sweeney in Boston is a Harvard alum carries some weight as well. They are in a really good cap position as well. i may be biased as a Boston fan, but I think of all the teams they are in a better position than some of the others.

    • Hope so goodwood.
      I am sure you guys have discussed this on here already, but when is Vesey a UFA?

    • You sure are biased, but we all are so don’t sweat it. I would say in Chicago, he just rolls in and replaces Tera-whatever, gets lots of ice time and weaker assignments from the opposing team away from Toews, Kane while still having a quality team around him. It could look good for him, but yeah re the contracts – that would be a problem on the second deal when he’s a RFA. The other options rumoured, TOR and NJD, BUF would all be good spots for him.

    • Maybe he want to play in the playoffs won’t happen in boston

  21. Patrick Roy resigns as Colorado Avalanche head coach….

    Remember, you saw it here first

    • what do you want – a medal or the chest to pin it on?

      • Why do you have to be like that?

      • Just a bit of quid pro quo – I have a long memory.

      • Id have a long memory too if I had all day to sit in my mommies basement scrolling through pages and pages of comments. No wonder you so much smarter than everyone else.

      • Jaysus, man, is THAT the best you can do? To hell with it – you’re not worth the banter.

  22. Some teams may be promising him a top 6 spot in the lineup but that wil change quickly if he struggles out of the gate. He really should pick the team best for him whether it be for location, ability to challenge or weakness of roster. I will still pick the Black Hawks as his destination.

  23. If Vesey does end up signing with Toronto and shows well in the first half of the season, might James van Riemsdyk become a trade chip? Earlier rumors stated the potential of a Rick Nash for Shattenkirk trade…what about van Riemsdyk for Shattenkirk, if Toronto gets permission to speak with him about an extension?

    • Vesey is never going to be a replacement for JVR and nor does anyone in the Leafs system have that potential. The LW depth looks like:

      Komarov (or C, RW)

      *Michalek, Laich are done next season. Lindberg might be an NHL player, ditto Jonsson, Timashov.

      • Leipsic, Leivo, Rychel are also LW or can play LW. Not that they are top 6 material or even NHL ready. I just see such a dearth of talent on the back end. Players like Zaitsev, Valiev, Loov, Nielsen, Dermott… even if they pan out, is there a Shattenkirk equivalent there? How long would it take for him to get there?

        I agree with your risk assessment. I don’t want to appear Chiarelli-esque, but the risk interests me if Vesey is at a 50+ point pace by trade deadline.

      • The D as you mention on that right side is paper thin. Zaitsev has been described as a top four D in the NHL – we’ll see…

        There is no top pair Dman for the right side – that’s a huge hole – and there’s no prospect in the system that has that potential.

        Neilsen could be a top four, though, and maybe Dermott, but we’re stretching. I like Carrick, as well for a depth option on that side.

      • I agree that perhaps Vesey wouldn’t replace JVR but the benefit of having a legit top 4 if not top pairing D would greatly out weigh the loss…I think the Leafs would likely need to sweeten the pot but with the abundance of young forwards as Augustus has mentioned I move JVR and likely more if it’s possible to get a quality D.

  24. Wow, Patrick Roys leaving the Avalanche comes right out of nowhere. I mean its not like he has a history of quitting on teams. Lol

    • He quit on teams? Like when Montreal left him out to dry for 9 goals against? He had a coach that “bullied” him…. Like Avery / brown!

  25. Levio and Leipsic I didn’t mention, but they fall into that category of maybe NHL depth players, maybe not quite IMO. You see them higher up?

    Rychel might be the same, but I have him as RW (?) depth behind a whole bunch of options although he’s higher up by virtue of his age/development for this upcoming season.

    • As far as Leivo and Leipsic are concerned, I see 3rd line as their future potential … if all of this hypothetical were to magically happen, a future Leafs LW might be Marner, Vesey, Rychel (who I have on the left side)/Komarov, and Leipsic/Leivo, and of course trades or signings or draft picks can change that at any time. However, I would give Babcock the benefit of the doubt that he will get the most out of a player.

      I would say Marner plays the wing while Matthews and Kadri make solid top 2 centermen.

      • I also just read your post about the defence, it’s just so difficult to predict them, and even more so to find an elite one, as you say.

      • Yeah, Babcock already confirmed that Nylander will start on the wing and I expect Marner to get the same treatment. He’ll play RW, though. The C is firmed up until Bozak moves in a couple years, most likely.

  26. It all makes sense Vesey goes to Colorado if Roy resigns.

    Ha ha fooled ya changed my mind !

  27. He should join the other Hobey Baker guy, Johnny Gaudreau in Calgary!

  28. Smart move would be Chicago, play with Jt and MH showcase his skills, if he has any then cash in in two years what more could he ask for and what team can offer him that

  29. Roy’s only 2 options were Quit or get Fired…..which one would any of you take? He has enough money, this is not about that.

    • Isn’t that everyone’s only 2 options? Roy wasn’t going to be fired at this point with a month to go to training camp and most decent experienced candidates already finding jobs earlier in the summer Sakic wouldn’t have wanted it to end like this and even stated he offered Roy time to re consider. No NHL coaching job is forever there are 2 options quit or get fired

  30. Sickening how much talk regarding Vesey there is going on.


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