Updates on the Rangers and Stars – August 27, 2016

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The Rick Nash trade rumors won't go away.

The Rick Nash trade rumors won’t go away.

 More New York Rangers trade rumors plus recent Dallas Stars speculation. 

NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien reports the New York Rangers recent signing of Brandon Pirri is generating speculation general manager Jeff Gorton could have a bigger deal in the works. He notes Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman seemed to suggest when asked about this in a recent interview with the NHL Network, noting Gorton “has his hands in a lot of things.”

O’Brien cites recent rumors linking the Rangers to St. Louis Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk, possibly involving winger Rick Nash. While noting Gorton probably isn’t feeling desperate to swing a trade, O’Brien suggests the Rangers GM has amassed enough forward depth to land a quality defenseman down the road. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: New York Post hockey beat writer Brett Cyrgalis is skeptical the Pirri signing signals a upcoming trade. I have my doubts that Nash could a good fit with the Blues. That doesn’t mean Gorton isn’t trying to land a defenseman and won’t draw upon his forward depth to do it, but that’s a move that might not be resolved until later in the 2016-17 season. While it’s possible Nash could be a trade candidate, it’s by no means a certainty he’ll be dealt.  

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: In a recent live chat, Mike Heika believes Stars GM Jim Nill will remain patient with his current goalie tandem of Kari Lehtonen and Antti Niemi, noting their splitting the duties worked during the regular season in 2015-16. However, he speculates Nill could wait until later in the season for a good deal involving a goaltender. 

As for re-signing veteran winger Patrick Sharp, Heika believes a lot will depend upon the 35-year-old’s performance in the coming season. Sharp is eligible next summer for unrestricted free agency. He also doubts the Stars will bring back defenseman Kris Russell. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If there was an opportunity to land an upgrade between the pipes this summer, Nill would’ve done it by now. The Stars were linked to Tampa Bay Lightning starter Ben Bishop during the NHL draft back in June, but nothing came of it. If Nill does pursue a goaltender, he’ll have to find a taker for Lehtonen or Niemi. Given their respective contracts, that won’t be easy. 


  1. I can see Nash moved but STL doesn’t fit in my view. Dallas better worry about D and not much else.

    • Agreed on both counts.

    • The blues lost 2 big forwards this off-season in and Backes and Brouwer so it would make some sense but as a Blues fan I’ve never really thought much of Nash. Not enough to give up a top-tiered defenseman anyway.

      • There’s no way Nash & Shattenkirk would/could be traded straight up. The contracts just don’t compare. Nash’ cap charge is $3.55 mil more than Shattenkirk. Nash is also only a year removed from scoring 42 goals and leading the Rangers in shorthanded TOI. Name another forward in the NHL with that combination of 2-way skills? I’m not sure the Rangers want to give up Nash for Shattenkirk even if STL could afford his cap hit. Which they cannot. That being said, STL would have to send another player along with Shattenkirk to make the numbers work. In turn Gorton may just send a prospect or an ELC to even the deal out.

  2. Not part of the opening blurb, but a sure sign that hockey is just around the corner is the announcement of the rosters for the upcoming rookie tournament in London, Ontario involving Montreal, Ottawa, Pittsburgh and Toronto – see here


    Not many among this group are projected to have a chance to make the NHL rosters, with RW Josh Archibald (Pitt), C/RW Nick Paul and D Thomas Chabot (Ott), RW Mike McCarron (Mtl) and C Mitch Marner (Tor) being the only ones from each group who might crack their line-ups.

    But there are some interesting names to watch for each: C Teddy Blueger and D Lukas Bengstonn for Pitt; D Andreas Englund, RW Gabriel Gagne and LW Francis Perron for Ottawa; G Zach Fucale, RW Nikita Sherbak and D Noah Juulsen for Mtl; and LW Andreas Johnson, RW Tobias Lindberg and C Tony Cameranesi and Fred erik Gauther for Toronto.

    Anyone else have some interesting players to watch from their perspective?

    • Good chance to see the future.

    • Chabot is the kid i wanna see think he will be a good dman in the future

      • Depending on how he shows in camp and the tournament, he could make the line-up as part of the 5/6 pairing – at the very least for his 9-game NHL “trial.”

    • Just to be clear. I should have said “Not many among this group are projected to have a chance to make the NHL rosters THIS YEAR …”

      • That’s good news! Really like to see Chabot back with the Sea Dogs this year. They have a strong team and could contend for a Mem Cup. Chabot will be a key piece to that run.

    • Hey George, do you know if any part of that tournament is on the web. The Canuck rookie tournament here in Penticton is on the web now, but I haven`t seen any links for that one.

      • Not sure about the Web Yogi. This one starts in mid Sept and I know Rogers carries some of the games on their local community channels.

      • Unfortunately can`t get those channels out here, I`ll have to poke around see what wt I can find. Thanks anyways George

    • Guentzel dominated AHL playoffs last year for baby pens. look out for him… could crack nhl.

      • Unfortunately, Guentzel is also 5′ 10″ 167 lbs. When the Baby Sens won the Calder in 2011 they were led offensively by Ryan Potulny, Ryan Keller and Kaspars Daugavins. They are nowhere to be seen in the NHL.

      • ennis, gaudraueau or whatever the flames star / vowel hoggers name is. the ahl is a league consisting of full bodied men and he came in an was super. Good sign.

      • A lot of players put big numbers up in the ahl but do nothing in the nhl

      • thanks big bad. for stating the obvious. it still is encouraging.. and that was the start of the thread. who could be potential nhl’ers. if veset can be half as good vs professionals then it would be considered a win. kid has potential. so far thats all it is. duh.

    • Andreas Johnson (tor) and Arturi Lehkonen (mtl) are two players I’m looking forward to seeing. Both were a big part of Frolunda winning the SHL title last year. They might be a long shot to make the NHL this season but they’re both 21 and have had successful in a very competitive league for at least 2 seasons.

    • The Penguins to watch out for are Jake Guentzel, Dominic Simon(has already played 3 games at the NHL level), Tristan Jarry, Ethan Prow, Bengsston, JS Dea. I would put all of them in the NHL before Archibald. The college kids too Dipauli and Blueger. I’m going to 2 of the games as London is just down the road from me. This will be my 4th year in a row attending. Anyone who thinks there is a lack of talent in this tournament should remember the 6 Penguins youngsters that played in it last year and played a major role in winning the Cup 9 months later.

  3. I think before reporters like James O’Brian, bloggers & people like us posting to chat sites start speculating on what’s in the works they should try to digest the facts. Expansion is coming, teams have 2 choices, protect 7F, 3D & 1G or 8 skaters & a G. Teams need to expose players that have played a certain # of NHL games over a specific # of years at all 3 positions F, D & G; nothing alarming & easily achieved.

    Players with NMC’s must be protected. The NHL is providing an exemption to players who are on or will be on LTIR but have NMC’s & will never play again. Horton, Pronger, Clowe, etc. Teams must apply for exemption & get NHL approval.

    NYR has Staal & Girardi with NMC’s meaning they have to be protected unless they willingly waive their clauses; not impossible but unlikely, & with 4 & 3 years left respectively on their contracts following this up coming season those are expensive long term buy outs, so unlikely NYR ties up that much money for that long doing so. They will protect McDonaugh obviously giving them 3 D & with the current forward group I don’t see them trading for a player like Shattenkirk or Fowler as it would mean they could only protect 4 forwards & as currently constructed that would require exposing numerous very good forwards.

    Now obviously a player or players at forward would move to acquire this quality of Dman but go look at the roster configurations of NYR; StL & Anh. These deals place NYR & StL in protection problems come expansion & Anh’s internal cap means they don’t want high salaried players back but solid young players on ELC’s or decent deals & picks. Are the Rangers going to give up say a Miller & something to secure Fowler & then be in a position to have to protect 4 Dman & expose a Nash, Hayes, Fast, Lindberg, etc. assuming Stepan, Zuccarello, Kreider & Zibanejad are the 4 keepers at forward? I don’t think so.

    What you see is what you get in NYR at D this season. With only 1.4 mil left in cap space, nominally more when a player is waived as they are currently carrying more than 23 & when Lindberg is finally placed on LTIR it will provide a little more wiggle room.

    Numerous other teams are facing the same issues & others like Minnesota & Columbus have to resolve their log jambs at D other teams; Pit, TB, in net. It’s going to be an interesting year up until all these issue’s are addressed, the expansion draft happens & my money is on Quebec being added as an expansion team with in 3 years. Meaning we get to do this again. Carolina will eventually be moved; 5 to 7 years from now, not to Quebec but the west, most likely the Pacific Northwest, either Seattle; need a building, or Portland; they have 1.

    • Sorry I should have qualified that players that will be on LTIR & will never play again don’t solely need to have NMC’s to acquire exemption, just any player that meets that criteria. Injured & never playing again.

    • Yes we know Striker, just like Pk Subban or Weber won’t be moved. I think it was “to think Nashville would move Weber is stupid.” What I’m saying is if a team see an asset they want that will improve their team, they’ll figure it out.

      • They moved for 1 & other. A very odd trade & beyond rare, I can’t think of any other trade in my time like this. I never saw that coming did you? I never said Subban wouldn’t be moved just not for the stupid stuff many were banding about & I almost always qualify my comments. “Unless someone makes an offer that simply can’t be refused; see Hall for Larsson.” I like this trade for both teams by the way but not the trade it self if that makes any sense, although NJ’s D is beyond bad now.

        Wayne Gretzky was traded well the best player in the world so anything is possible given the right circumstance. Pocklington in serious need of cash.

        These Types of Dman rarely if ever move & we have tried to find examples of these types of trades repeatedly with very little luck except when extenuating circumstances, players having significant injury issues or contract problems that can’t be resolved, these are very rare deals. In today’s cap world & with the UFA eligibility age now at 7 years, potentially 6 if you enter the NHL immediately after being drafted & meet the age deadline they may become more common but haven’t as yet but it’s starting to play out where 26 year olds potential achieve UFA status but most 27 if the enter the NHL almost immediately after being drafted. See Boedker & Stamkos, almost.

        Do you see a team deliberately placing it’s self in a worse position for expansion? The only scenario I see is at the trade deadline when teams take on depth players but not studs, stars or these quality of Dman potentially, then just having to then expose them come expansion as there is no room at the Inn.

        Did you not have your Wheaties this morning? Ha-ha!

      • Agreed Caper. I don’t think managers should focus so much on the expansion draft when deciding on deals to help their teams.

        Having said that Striker certainly gives lots to think about!

      • It depends on the quality of assets moved to me. If it’s a guy you don’t potentially mind losing or your just renting but helps your chances of winning the cup now, it makes sense to me; similar to Chi paying for Vermette, having won the cup it justified the cost & Vermette’s 3 GWG’s being instrumental in them doing so. Paying that price to bring back Ladd when those assets should have been expended to bring in Hamhuis to solidify the top 4 D & not over expose van Reimsdyk as was required made more sense to me but that’s the chances 1 takes. Swing & a miss.

        To give up a bunch of solid assets for say a Fowler now in NYR, then be forced to protect him & lose say a Hayes. That doesn’t make sense to me especially when you look at the current D make up in NYR; I like the top 6, I don’t think Las Vegas would select say a Nash if available due to age, salary, 1 year remaining to UFA status & declining skills.

        I work on odds of probability, the likely hood of things happening based on facts & historical evidence. There are always exceptions to the rule & a significant # of them. It’s the 80/20 rule. 80% follow a pattern the other 20% all over the place both positive & negative give or take a few %. The trick isn’t figuring out the 80% they follow a predetermined pattern but the 20% that deviate from the norm. That’s where numerous other factors need to be deduced & your not always going to be right as your making assumptions, speculating trying but hopefully your right more often than not.

        I do very well in my pools, fantasy leagues & wagers/betting I lay down, & am right in my projections & assumptions far more than wrong, so it’s working for me but again not perfect & not always.

      • I don’t think Ny is worried about losing Hayes at all. Especially if they can improve the backend in the process. How many players on the bottom 6 have been moved or replaced over the last 3-4 years? Boyle , Stalberg, Poulliot, Moore, Stepniak, Malone, Stoll, Powe, Pyatt, Asham, Dorset, Carcillo, Clowe, Rupp, Sheppard, Hagelin etc. Ny will not be protecting Hayes unless they see him as a top 6 player …. Which I seriously doubt. Ditto Lindberg .

        Expansion draft sucks! But for all the chatter of who will or won’t be protected, what gets lost is you can only lose one player ( this year). Sure some teams have put themselves in a spot where they’ll have to expose a few solid guys. But Ny or anybody won’t be crying over losing a bottom 6 guy that has no top 6 potential .

      • Hayes is a future top 6 forward. He will replace Nash eventually. Only has 2 years of NHL experience & is a monster of a man that will take longer to grow & settle into that massive frame. NYR won’t be exposing Hayes come the expansion draft.

        It would cost Miller & a 1st to have any hope of securing Fowler if that would fly & it probably wouldn’t as it would be a fairly late 1st. Then to potentially lose Hayes should it makes it very costly.

        I don’t see it but it’s possible, anything is.

      • AV hates Hayes, Hayes ceiling both offensively and defensively are not even in the same ballpark as Nash…. Not even the same universe!

        Hayes has almost zero time on rw since joining Ny, and when he has the results have been brutal. I don’t see him as a top 6 guy…never mind a #1 rw.

        No way in hell Ny protects Hayes! With Stepan, Zbad, Lindberg and possibly Miller down the middle along with the addition of Pirri, Hayes could find himself the odd man out before the expansion draft….

        Also the additions of Vesey, and Buchnevich coming soon…. Why in the world would NY protect Hayes?

        You talk a lot about the Rangers organization . But every time you do I think you know less about them then the day before.

      • Striker, considering I’m the o you made that comment to, and the fact I mentioned Subban name several times (there was too much chatter) yes I seen both of these trades coming. Not for each other but didn’t surprise me.

    • Fowler being a LHD shouldn’t even remotely be in this conversation as it applies to the Rangers. If a rumor based around Lindholm arose, I could see speculation there. I think the Rangers should look into a guy like Trouba. JT. Miller and Mcilrath might be attractive to Win. and then the rangers don’t have to worry about JT. being protected. Do you think the threat of buyout makes Staal/Girardi waive their NMC’s? I mean LV isn’t going to take them anyway……so why not waive so the team can protect younger players?

      • Those would be some long buy outs. 6 years for Girardi & 8 for Staal. I don’t see that happening. They both have declining salary’s but it still seems unlikely to me. I should qualify that anything can happen before being slagged as closed minded or firm in my comments.

        Let me make myself clear. GM’s have shown that anything is possible. That stupidity & greed often outweighs logic & sanity.

        Your not getting a Trouba for Miller & McIlrath. McIlrath appears to be a bust. At 24 it’s to early to write him off but 37 regular season games in 6 years since being drafted doesn’t instill much confidence in me that he has an NHL future. Late bloomer? Maybe but I’m not buying nor do I see Chevy either.

        The only issue with Staal & Giradi is salary, cap hit & the fact they have NMC’s especially as they need to be protected for expansion. Both are solid top 4 Dman but their term & cap hit aren’t inline with today’s Cap world & ideally NYR might like to have been in a position to expose 1 or both but now only can if they are willing to be but even then the chances either would be selected due to these issues by Las Vegas would be slim regardless. Again both are overpaid in today’s cap world & term is an issue as they aren’t getting better but worse.

    • Personally I think a team will be moved to Quebec to get around the expansion fee.

      • Unless they can guarantee politics will never impact upon the team, and agree to relax their draconian language laws so that unilingual English families are not treated like pariahs, putting a team there would be a huge mistake. Any franchise there would have a hard time attracting UFAs of any stripe if they and their families are English-only, and would therefore have a most difficult time becoming competitive. When the Nordiques were there the restrictive language laws were nowhere near what they are today.

      • You nailed it Goerge O. Having grown up in Montreal and the south shore…Brassard and St.Lambert…were the team mostly does training and is completely bilingual and far more acceptance of English speaking people. Quebec City is extremely French…old school French and very harsh regarding English. Lindros was crucified for at 18 years old not wanting to move to a place were he wouldn’t be able to understand a thing anyone was saying and were people openly bash all of English speaking Canada. There won’t be another team in Quebec.

      • The only team eventually moving if it moves at all will be Carolina & that’s years away. There is no out clause in Carolina’s lease & it’s a great deal if anyone came out & supported the Hurricanes but a brutal on ice product has killed what little fan base was created when they won the cup.

        The penalty by year to buy out the remaining term about 9 years is extreme. Think of it like the NHL’s penalty on contracts for Hossa & Luongo should they retire early. The lease favours the Hurricanes but the city wanted a garunteed tenant to provide that nominal rental fee.

        NYI & Arizona will both move but locally. Barclay’s & Glendale; bad lease arrangement & blood, aren’t viable arenas or markets.

        Quebec was willing to pony up 500 mil us; 650 can, & still are. I assume the NHL will take that money eventually.

  4. As stated there are a number of teams in a pickle with the E,Draft, (at the various positions). Vegas should have many choices. Some teams will be losing and some lucky. That’s Vegas baby-Roll the Dice !

  5. I still keep hoping we’ll see a Lundqvist for Lehtonen and all of the draft picks/prospects deal between the Rangers and Stars. The Stars are just entering their window, while the Rangers’ window is nearly closed. Some have already deemed it closed. It’d be heartbreaking to see it, but he’s won every other goaltending accolade. Why not a cup too?

    • Ny, isn’t trading for Lehtonen. Lundqvist isn’t waving his NMC. People have been closing NYs window for about 4 years now.

      They have 5 players over 30. Ludqvist 34, Klein 31, Girardi 32 , Nash and Glass both 32. The rest of the roster is pretty young, and getting younger and younger. I’ll believe that window is closed when it actually happens.

    • I have the Rangers as a cup contender but what do I know.

  6. So Mike Heika doesn’t think the Stars will bring Russell back. If he and his agent are still angling for a Top 4 type salary and with term, you can bet the farm that they won’t bring him back! He’s going to have to settle for a 1 or 2-year deal at 5/6 type money – and be happy to have a job.

  7. I’m not sure the exact salaries and how it would work out, but I have had thoughts about trading hank and Nash to minny for dubnyk dumba and a fwd. I’m bias to parise so id like to take parise and dub but I know that doesn’t answer our D concerns.

    The other club in need of a G that has a potential win now roster would be Dallas. I could see moving Nash and hank for a lesser goalie obviously, but taking a young D as in maybe klingberg and a prospect as well.
    I say all this because I have no faith a team will take G or staal with their current contracts.
    Just some thoughts, as I know they will never happen