Updates on Vesey and Vermette – August 14, 2016

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College star Jimmy Vesey will soon decide which NHL club he'll join.

College star Jimmy Vesey will soon decide which NHL club he’ll join.

 Increasing speculation on where pending UFA prospect Jimmy Vesey will sign, and UFA center Antoine Vermette is expected to sign with a new NHL club on Monday.


THE BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports former Harvard star left wing and 2016 Hobey Baker Award winner Jimmy Vesey will be eligible for unrestricted free agency at 12:01 am on Tuesday, August 16. The Chicago Blackhawks, New York Islanders and New Jersey Devils are among the clubs believed to have interest in signing the 23-year-old winger, who has also confirmed his hometown Boston Bruins are also on his short list of preferred destinations.

The Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Rangers are also thought to be among his suitors. The Buffalo Sabres, who acquired his rights from the Nashville Predators, are still hoping to sign him even if he tests the UFA market. 

YAHOO SPORTS: Josh Cooper reports agent Peter Fish, who represents Vesey, claims some of the rumors linking his client to certain teams aren’t true. He claims there’s no specific team that’s the favorite to land his client, adding his camp is still talking to the Sabres. Fish said neither he or his client haven’t ruled anything out. He also expects some teams could head to Boston this week in hopes of speaking with Vesey. 

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi reports Philadelphia Flyers GM Ron Hextall could attempt to sign Vesey once he’s eligible for UFA status.

TVA SPORTS: cites several sources, including ESPN, suggesting the Montreal Canadiens could be among the clubs on Vesey’s list.

NBC SPORTS:  James O’Brien lists the factors that could determine which NHL club Vesey signs with. Family ties is one, as Vesey’s father once played for the Bruins and is currently employed by the Maple Leafs as a scout. Opportunity is another. The Blackhawks offer the chance to play for a Stanley Cup contender, the Rangers have a good track record of integrating college talent into their ranks (Chris Kreider, Kevin Hayes) and Vesey could get a top-six role with clubs such as the Devils, Bruins and Leafs. 

O’Brien points out money won’t be a factor as Vesey will be signing a two-year entry level deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Vesey’s salary is capped at a base of $925K per season and $1.925 million in performance bonuses. At most, he could earn $2.85 million per season regardless of which NHL teams he signs with. No matter where Vesey goes, I don’t think this will drag on for long. He’s got a short list of favorable teams and probably won’t waste time deciding upon which one to join.

The Canadiens would certainly be a surprising choice, as they’ve been scarcely mentioned as a destination.

Ultimately, it’ll come down to the one Vesey believes will give him the best opportunity to quickly blossom into an NHL star. 


NBC SPORTS: Adam Gretz cites a tweet from agent Allan Walsh claiming client Antoine Vermette will decide on Monday which NHL team he’ll sign with. Vermette was recently bought out by the Arizona Coyotes, becoming an unrestricted free agent. Walsh claims the 34-year-old center is considering offers from five teams, though he declined to name them. In 2015-16, Vermette tallied 17 goals and 21 assists.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Vermette should be an affordable short-term signing for clubs lacking depth at center for 2016-17.

For those of you who don’t want to speculate over which club Jimmy Vesey will sign with, why not play “Where will Vermette sign?” You’ll only have to play it for a day.  I’m guessing the Los Angeles Kings, New York Rangers, New York Islanders, Dallas Stars and Minnesota Wild are those suitors. What say you? Weigh in below in the comments section. 


  1. I have decide now that Vesey will sign where the money is. What you say all teams can pay him the max ELC contract so money isnt an issue ? It IS as he is already looking ahead trying to figure out the easiest route to a big second contract. He wont blossom in a lot of cities and thats what he is looking for. Where can I make myself look so good I get a long term deal instead of a bridge contract when my ELC is over. Lyle nailed it with this line
    ” Ultimately, it’ll come down to the one Vesey believes will give him the best opportunity to quickly blossom into an NHL star. ”
    Kid is not stupid folks. What scares me amongst other things is this screams of me first.

    Buyer beware !

    Buyer beware.

    • I agree with the notion that he will sign in a city that helps to improve. However, the “me first” idea in your comment is quite naive. This young man has an opportunity of a life time why not contribute your talents to an organization that epitomizes the “team” concept like the Blackhawks or a rejuvenated Penguins team under Sullivan as coach. In a team sport indivuduals thrive with cooperation. Any idea why Buffalo would like to unload Evander Kane? “Me first” acute cases like his are what you are actually pointing toward. Don’t we as a society promote bettering oneself? How can this kid do that signing with a team that truly harbours “me first” teammates? Having said all this I think signing with the Bruins, Devils or the new look “Shanaplan” Leafs are all good options if he is concerned about the perception you speak of regarding him signing with an instantly successful team as all these teams are trending upward devoid of the “me first” attitude you are so concerned about.

      • Don’t the Devil’s have a #1 & 2 LW now in Hall & Cammalleri. Wouldn’t someone have to move down a line or Vesey move to RW a position he hasn’t played.

        I don’t see this happening & signing for NJ, the team that scored the least # of goals in the NHL last season doesn’t seem logical.

        The finished 12th in the East last season & I don’t see them finishing as high this year. They will score 20 to 25 more if not decimated by injuries but tgat D is going to give up more having lost their best Dman.

      • Veseys history is screaming me first. Why would he turn down top 6 chances in Buff and Nash ? You cannot say Buffalo harbours me first players. Kane is the exception and We all know that including Buffalo.
        He is looking for the best fit for himself and his agent has said so in terms of saying we have looked at rosters. Hes not going to excel in Bos, Tor, NJ, NYR etc.. His best fit is , and I said this all along, Chicago.
        I hope the kid knows what he is doing, the pressure he is putting on himself is enormous.

      • In here we’ve talked to death the notion that Buffalo “would like to unload Evander Kane …” – but where have you seen an actual statement by Buffalo management that that is what they are seeking to do?

    • I agree with you Yankee, it’s all about the second contract. CHI has been awful to RFAs and NYR would have to be the same with cap space. BOS, TOR, NJD all make sense, among others. I suspect he won’t go to NYR or CHI.

    • Wow….you’re pretty smart….must be a Harvard Grad!!

    • I am so sick of this kid who has done nothing…and everyone has talked at nausium all summer…enough…

  2. Buyer beware with Vesey is right, that note about going where he can quickly blossom is a tad worrisome but that being said I wouldn’t mind if he signed with my Devils. They could use him like he would use them. He would be an inexpensive young 2 year guy & if he shows promise and talent but wouldn’t want to stay he would at least make a nice trade chip for my rebuilding Devs.

    • I think Veset would be smart to go to the Devils. He gets a chance to play with Hall, or maybe Cammalerri on the second line. But a top six role to be sure. And if the Devils can get a little more fire power from their forwards, they could be a playoff hopeful in the East.

      • Vesey….

    • Rarely? Buyer beware? Vesey is signing an entry level contract for two years with bonuses. If he sucks then he won’t be getting much of a bonus and the team who signs will be on the hook for about 1 million. I hardly doubt the billionaires who own NHL’S teams will be concerned about that sum of money.

      Buyer beware is quite silly in regards to entry level contracts. Teams will gamble on him but won’t regret it if the lose out the small amount of money the put on the table.

      • Time will tell Jeff.

  3. As for Vermette my guess is Dallas. I think he would be a nice veteran fit there

  4. I will be glad when this Vesey nonsense is over. You would think his last name is Gretzky or Lemieux with all the press this guy gets. Good point by Yankee fan, maybe he’s looking to sign where he can score biggest on his second contract. 30 teams, 30 different scenarios. It’s going to be very interesting to see if he can back up the hype on the ice.

    • He gets more press Ron cuz there is more press today! You and I continue to search this press out for our own amusement so we are complicit within the circus. If you don’t want to hear it don’t look for it; suppose you can’t avoid that one if you are concerned about hockey in general, or comment on it!

      • That’s true, we all look for it. Read/watch it, then complain about it. Lol

    • I must be the only one who never gets tired of any hockey story. In fact I tend to miss them after they passed. Good thing there is always something else to talk about.

      • No Jeff you`re not alone in that regards, but, what`s bad is the people keep making comments about it and then complaining that the story`s getting too much attention from everybody.

    • He doesn’t get the big second contract unless he plays well so why wouldn’t he give himself every opportunity to do so. It only makes sense that a young kid…given the opportunity…would want to go were he can be most successful.

      I hope he goes to Boston. Boston is his team. At least it’ll Show he chose a little bit with his heart as well as his wallet.

    • The press Vesey gets is an abundance of rumors, not anything like the press Gretzky or Lemieux got, fawning over 7 and 8 point games, Stanley Cup victories, Gretzky’s Olympic outburst in 2002 following a spear or something like that (“Am I hot? Yeah, I’m hot. If a Canadian does it, it’s dirty, if a Czech does it, it’s fine”).

      My argument is that quantity does not equal quality.

  5. I don’t have a clue where Vermette will sign – but I sure wish it was Ottawa. With Turris, Brassard, Pageau and Vermette they’d certainly have on the the best 4-man C corps in the league. But reading the Ottawa Sun this morning it seems Dorion is satisfied he has built a playoff team as is, meaning the “big changes” Melnyk spoke about is a change in the GM/coaching staff, the retirement of Phillips,trading Chiasson for a D who now ranks about 12 in the pecking order, replacing Zibanejad with Brassard, signing Kelly, and not making a qualifying offer to Wiercioch. Meaning their 5/6 pairing on D will be Borowiecki-Wideman. They are thin at RW and LW and head into the season with fingers crossed that MacArthur doesn’t go back on the IR following one solid hit. Unless the coaching staff is really David Copperfield, Apollo Robbins and Penn & Teller in disguise, I see them in another season-long struggle to get into the bottom half of the top 8.

    • I was thinking Ottawa too! Good post about hockey rather than opining over Vesey! I think Vermette would be a great fit there. I am also intrigued over the Habs this season even though I am a Leafs guy. I think Weber, and Shaw will have an immediate impact in Montreal and if Price can stay healthy the playoffs are a definite legitimate goal. People seem to forget one major stat in the Weber/ Subban deal; Weber- 20, Subban -6! Forwards don’t score 20 goals anymore let alone defenceman! Did Toews state he was concerned about facing Subban? No, he was glad Weber left! The first 3 years of this deal are in Montreal’s favour!

      • Adding Weber and Shaw definitely changes the atmosphere in the dressing room. Montreal is easily Canada’s best bet to return to the playoffs this year. One thing though…they have to take the C off of Pacioretty. He just looked miserable last year as team captain. Maybe he’s not cut out for that type of leadership role. If he can rebound and the Canadiens can play with a little more sandpaper, they could be a tough team to eliminate from the post season. I like what they’ve done. I think you’re right about the first three years of this deal being in Montreal’s favour.

      • Weber won’t be playing with Roman Josi either or on a Laviiolette System lol not saying he won’t score but chances are there is a reason an offensive D like Subban only put up 6 goals Weber is not going to out score PK by 14 goals very often

      • In Subban’s 6 full NHL seasons he’s scored 63 goals. In Weber’s last 6 years he’s scored 97. Josi has been his D partner for the last 3 years.

        Going to be curious to see how this trade plays out for both teams. I’m not as concerned about the age issue as many are.

      • the habs are a better team for the next few yrs with Weber rather than subban. Weber brings so much more than subban does to the game plus some Offense like subban IMO the player that benefits the most is sergachev who I thought was the best dman in the draft

      • In Subbans first 6 years what were his minutes like compared to a guy who is 31 for the past 6 years? Flip flop again Striker you talk about time it takes to develop and other non sense and then you compare 6 years of guys who nearly have a full 4 years difference in age? Here is a comparison for you since you’re an old school type stat guy cause God knows adv stats sho tho trade even worse so we will just go by yours last 3 seasons Weber 58 goals 94 assists 152 points and the great defensive guy who doesn’t cough up the puck is + 6 on that great defensive team lol
        Subban 31 goals 133 assists 164 points and is +21 more points better +/- on a team that over the past 3 years has had a worse pp (where Weber racks up those goals 14 last year) and thats with weber playing with Josi and Subban playing primarily with Markov…again I can show Adv stats that make this even more lopsided but let’s keep things in perspective when comparing 6 year chunks of guys careers of course Weber at 24 was scoring more than Subban at 20 give yer head a shake

      • @shticky do you read James tanner a lot? Do you think gardiner is a top 10 dman in the league also?

      • what does Gardiner have to do with anything? I’m not using Adv stats here big bear I could I could also use Ice time to show why.Strikers example is nuts…that’s what most knowledgeable people say use all the information available, adv stats say this is a bad trade old school stats say this is a bad trade trading a 31 year old with 9 years on a contract for 27 with the same kind of term? Common sense says this is a bad trade Jake Gardiner has little to do with it…but hey a big Bruins fan like yourself who thinks the Habs got the best D in the draft… Must be a Windsor spitfire season ticket holder

      • Do you think gardiner is a top 10 dman? Pretty simple question for big leaf fan as yourself

      • No I don’t Big bear lol

      • So do you think Babcock was wrong in going with weber over pk?

      • Big bear I don’t think anyone is perfect, do you think every redwing fan loved every player personnel choice Babcock ever made? You being a dork doesnt change the fact many many people besides me don’t like this deal you can’t back up anything you say so you are asking all these questions that don’t matter 1little bit to the conversation it’s all straw man arguemrnts

      • A lot smarter hockey ppl around the league said they would take weber for the next few seasons over subban. When he doesn’t even get asked for the World Cup says something but you know more than everybody so don’t worry about it tanner you are right

      • Lol ok big bear I guess every World Cup roster is perfect and we better hope that Weber doesn’t get hurt or we probably can’t win ? What a dumb arguememt. Yep it must be a good trade…

      • Ok tanner cause you say it’s a bad trade it must be what dumb argument

      • After he signed with the Leafs big bear you were saying for months how Babcock wasn’t smart or even a very good coach, now because he took Weber over Subban he knows exactly what he is doing? And again I’m not sure what the connection is with a guy who writes for Eklund but if your meaning is something with adv stats you might want to learn what they are because I didn’t use any here. Maybe next time you embarass your self with these stupid posts and straw man arguements at least have the sense to use some different words (if you can think of any that don’t start with B it may help) when you change the name youre posting under.

      • Ask Lyle if I’m this Bigbear shticky?

      • This is exactly why I don’t need to ya tool lmao

      • Must have been a lucky guess that you spelled it (Bigbear no space how you know that? Certainly not the way I’d spell a 2 word name but you on the other hand…) the same or you are a Habs fan the same or we have the same conversation or the fact you miss use the same words face it big bear you’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    • MacAthur, Turris, Stone.
      Hoffman, Brassard, Ryan.
      Smith, Pageau, Lazar.
      Puempel, Kelly, Neil.
      Spare. Robinson.

      Move the wingers around as you like.

      Ottawa was the 9th highest scoring twam in the NHL last season with out MacArthur. Hoffman was in Cameron’s doghouse most of the year, Turris missed 25 games & Stone, Hoffman, Lazar, Pageau, Ceci & Puempel all have more to give.

      That said if Ottawa doesn’t add at least 1 NHL quality top 6 Dman they aren’t making the playoffs. None of Kostka, Wideman or Boroweicki are NHL regulars & god forbid any of the top 4 get injured. If Chabot is NHL ready that would help if not Ottawa needs 2 NHL capable Dman.

      • And we all know Methot will go down at least twice this coming season – thanks to playing Top 2 minutes. He should have been slotted in at a 5/6 pairing to help prolong his career with less minutes and the Sens should have been going after someone capable of playing a stay-at-home role alongside Karlsson. But they chose not to, and now will hope that top 4 can last without serious injury because, if anyone goes down for any length of time, all the goal-scoring in the world won’t help them. And on top of that they have to hope Anderson can play a full season for once without going on the IR. I’m not hopeful.

  6. I see vermette in Jersey. I still think Vesey has the best chance to succeed immediately in Pitt with either the best center in the world or another top 10 center as the booby prize… but then again the pens have had players fail in that position… plotnikov, iginla, kessel…

    • Where does the cap space come from?

      • dunno… move either cole or fehr? either could be moved for a mid round pick… i’d move fehr for a 4th

  7. The logical spot for Vesey really is on the Tavares line. He would see more ice time in Brooklyn than anywhere else. I never considered this until today.

    P.A. Parenteau, the enigma Strome or Vesey?

  8. What you are saying rings true when Kevin Hayes didn’t want to wait in the minors fro a chnace as a Blackhawk, he was openly sympathic to a former Hawk AHL prospect, Jeremy Morin, as Hayes tweeted FREE MORIN, as solidarity for Morins long AHL stint. Everyone thought the Hayes bolt would be to the Bruins. He chose the Rangers and got a chance quickly. He also got his eyes full of tears with coach AV’s caustic reminders he wasn’t living up to his promise. I am sure Kevin MUST have had reasons for choosing NY Rangers, but I am still trying to figure out exactly what swyed him there.
    The lesson is if you get a chance early, it CAN boost your value interest across the league, and eventually get you a nice bump in salary IF you produce. The cahnces of you producing are better around better players, coaches, etc. , but it is on YOU to get there. Brandon Saad is a perfect example of a prospect who due to a groin & other injuries,wasn’t a first rounder, but when given a chance to learn and play with world class players & coaches shined. The totals in his last 2 seasons are very similar, but he seemed ti provide a bit more impact when playing with better payers. Is he the template for Jimmy Vesey before ever being in a pro game? I dunno, but looking towards the later contracts before establishing yourself as a NHL 200 foot player seems a bit much, and I bet that’s more his represntation talking. More than anything, he camp doesn’t want the idea of early tampering to be coming up. He may have decided and isn’t really as open to this courtship as they are saying, just covering any potential negativity with this long wait for the date to arrive.
    Drew LeBlanc won the Hobey Baker too…his second contract was in the German League. (But his feet and shot might not have been as good as Jimmy’s.)

    • Hayes signing with the Rangers came as a surprise even to us Ranger fans.

      Vesey has best chance getting most ice in Toronto or Brooklyn. Perhaps he takes Devante Smith-Pelly spot in NJ but Devils not known for great 2nd contracts.

  9. I can’t believe this, makes no sense. Vesey waits this long and decide to sign with the Sabres just before becoming a UFA. Isn’t that what he waited for all along to be a UFA? Oh well, good look Vesey should do well with Eichel.

    • Agreed. If Vesey wanted Buffalo he would be signed now. If it’s cup aspirations Nashville had a great shot last season & offered him that & he declined.

      Vesey knows where he wants to play, always had. All this hype is the dog days of summer. Nothing else for anyone to write about.

      I don’t care where. Hoping Boston being a Bruin’s fan but inconsequential to apmost any team. He’s not coming in as a game breaker or team saver. Just a good young hockey player not a supers5ar but may 1 day be a star in 4 to 6 years.

    • While I agree in spirit, people said the same exact thing about Stamkos re-signing with Tampa. The circumstances are different. And I too doubt he signs in Buffalo, but you never know until you know.

  10. Monntreal for Vesey only makes sense for two reasons: The max salary he can be signed to (Mtl has the cap space) and a wide-open spot on the left wing on the second line. He has a very strong chance of playing immediately. That said, can’t see any other reasons that would motivate Vesey to choose Mtl.

  11. Vesey would get top 6 minutes in Buffalo playing with either a World Class Talent in Jack Eichel, one of his good friends and summer league linemate, or with Ryan O’Reilly, a play generating All-Star center.. Vesey will also get PP unit 1 minutes with Buffalo with Okposo, O’Reilly, Eichel etc.

    I think Buffalo is a great choice for him if he chooses it.. Its not a giant market under scrutiny by major media outlets, yet it is very respected as a “Hockey City”.. With Buffalo having hosted major NCAA Tourny and World Junior Championships, the NHL holding the last few years, and more than likely future NHL combines in the newly built Harbor Center attached to the arena..not to mention, owners Terry and Kim Pegula showing a willingness to open the pocketbooks to go along with the shrewdness and hockey sense of GM Tim Murray, Buffalo is looking to make noise along with runs at the Stanley Cup for years to come.. They have an abundance of young talent. They are in position, a great position for Vesey to play top 6 minutes on an East Coast team (which he wants) He would be an hour from both his Father and Brother (Toronto) will still make as many trips to Boston as he would if he played for the NYR or NJD etc, but would be in a better position to win. And he would be with familiar company on and off the ice with Eichel..

    • Yes Buffalo could be a great choice but their trend upwards will spike even faster once they rid themselves of Evander Kane. This guy is nothing but trouble!

      • Kane isn’t moving anytime soon. He will be Buffalo’s #1 LW until such time as his contract becomes a possible issue. He will be a UFA following the 2017-18 season & if he can’t be resigned or continues to make bad choices will be moved at or near that seasons trade deadline.

    • I don’t understand how he is in a better position to win in Buffalo than he is in NY? Saying he (a guy with zero nhl games under his belt) has a better chance in playing top 6 minutes is a clear indication he’s not better off in Buffalo. Even though he seems to think he has somehow earned top 6 minutes.

      • Better position to win purely based on the fact that the Rangers had to make a move in Free Agency, and that move was…. Nathan Gerbe???

        Game set match Rags fan..

      • And Kane was buffalo’s big addition last year along with O’reilly….. Who has an eerily similar game to that of Stepan…..hmmmmmm?

    • A team that hasn’t made the playoffs in how long????? Vs a team that has missed the playoffs ONE time in the cap era….. That ONE time…. A loss to Philadelphia in game 82 that made them miss by ONE point!!!!! Hmmmmmmmm.

  12. The Vesey circus reminds me of similar summer speculating over Fabian Brunnstrom and Justin Schultz, neither of whom were worth the print space devoted to them. Buyer beware.

    • Tell me about it. I signed Brunnstrom to a 5 year, $40 million dollar deal, the guy gives me one assist in 14 games playing on the first line with all stars like Joe Colborne and B.J. Crombeen. #gmoftheyear

    • Schultz posted 27 points in 48 games in his 1st season, the lockout shortened season, followed by 11 goals & 33 points as a sophomore then 31 in 2014-15. The the wheels fell off last year but I think it worked out ok for him, he won a cup & he now gets to get his game back on track in Pittsburgh.

      Schultz is way to young to write off. Let’s readress in 3 years.

    • Yep. I used Fabian as a comparison a while ago.
      Heres another name to consider Matt Gilroy.

  13. Hello!
    Now, I don’t have a clue on how good Vesey is. All my info about him has been stated here and read by me, that’s it.
    Anyone with greater insight?
    If he would be draftes this year – with Mattews and all the rest; would he be top 3?
    Thank you!

    • Really, neither does anyone else. Some, not all the scouts, say he has the potential to be a consistent 20 goal scorer in the NHL. That said, would he go in the top 3 in 2016 draft? Not a chance in hell in my opinion, more like mid to late 1st rd., depending on a teams need. I could see a team like the Islanders taking him for specific reasons. At 23 his potential isn`t going to be as great as an 18 year old. Vesey isn`t the type of player you build a team around, he`d be just a piece of the puzzle. If he wasn`t a ufa, he wouldn`t be getting all this attention.

      • No and neither would Yakapov. D

    • No

  14. Vesey signs with the Leafs and Leafs win the cup.

    • Better than being snubbed by Dany Heatley HaHa

  15. I don’t think I have ever been more turned off or annoyed with an athlete more than I am with Vesey. This kid is going to have such a huge target on his back. I understand it’s his right, and he’s taking advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity blah blah… But the way he has handled this glitch in the CBA is going to surely pi$s off a fair share of NHLers that worked their as$es off just for an opportunity to crack a NHL lineup. Whether it be spending time in the AHL, or whatever. The kid better grow eyes in the back of his head.

    I am a Sabres fan, and even though he comes cheap and fills a hole at LW for us, I wouldn’t touch this kid with a 10000 foot pole. Even though what he is doing isn’t technically wrong, it will still – like I said – give other players a bad impression of him. And that in itself will cause a lot of problems; whether it be dividing a locker room, or disrupting the chemistry of a team. Either way, he may be a cancer where he signs, and I want absolutely no part of that on a young, upswing team like the Sabres. And on top of all if that, even though he comes at a cheap price, he still hasn’t played a single freaking game in the NHL!!! So even if he has a good year for a rookie, he isn’t going to make any team he signs with that much better right away. So I just don’t get what all the fuss is about this kid. Hell, even if he had a great year for rookie standards, I still don’t think he improves a team that is already good. At best he is a 3rd line LW on a great team. If he is your team of choice’ 1st or 2nd line LW, your team most likely isn’t very good to begin with. Good luck, Golden Boy. I really hope staying in school works out for ya, and you’re able to make up the money you lost out on for the past 2 years by waiting it out, and alienating yourself from half of the players in this league! Have a nice life, Jimmy!

    • Dan, what are you talking about? why would an NHL player be upset? whose spot is Vesey Taking? He isn’t a kid he’s 23yrs old who develop in the College ranks. Think about that for a second. Tell me again that he didn’t pay his dues? He didn’t create the loophole, he’s just using it. Everything I’ve read he’s a great teammate. He may excel, he may bust or he maybe just average; either way he’ll sign a two year contract and then the rest is up to him.

      • The issue is, as Dan points out, his insistence – IF that part is true as I stated a few days ago – that he play in a top 6 setting without having proved a damn thing at ANY level as a pro. I think Dan is correct that there will be players in whatever organization gets him that have worked hard for a chance to get that sort of exposure and who have proven they should have a chance at a top LW pairing on either line 1 or 2 – hopefully leading to a more lucrative deal for them selves. Seeing someone come to camp after having played in an overall watered-down major junior setting to this point will not sit well. IF – and I keep repeating that – that is actually among his “demands.”

    • Hi!
      I really don’t get where this is coming from. With that logic every UFA that does not re-sign with the same team will get a target on his back and be a locker room cancer.
      Also, I’m more on players side of things and think the drafting itself is a bit strange. Why one can’t choose where to play it’s first 3-7 years is kinda strange atleast.

      • UFAs that may be in high demand have proven themselves as pros – Vesey has NOT. THAT’S the difference.

      • Well, yes. But just because he hasn’t proven him self should not mean: “take whatever I offer you boy, or else!”
        I don’t believe anyone should force me to work on a plant that I did not choose for 1$/h because it’s my first job.
        I just don’t get it, I’ve seen more than you making simular comments.

    • Here here Dan I toatally agree Vesey is annoying me too…..

  16. Vesey will be a bruin by Tuesday evening over and out!!! Nuff said!!!!!!!!

  17. Vesey is going to sit on a chair on national tv and proclaim ” I am taking my talents to Southbeach”…. oops wrong athlete…

  18. What am I missing???? Did Vesey net 100 goals & 250 points a season anywhere, midget, high school, juniors or college? I can see this guy going down as a bust, a 3rd or 4th line winger contributing 10-15 goals per season.

    • It’s August, BuffaloBob, welcome to August in the NHL. Thank you, Patrick Roy, for making August interesting for once. Look for the Avs to improve dramatically under a good coach.
      And let’s hope that Vesey’s contract includes money for his valet, his butler, the guy that ties up his skates…..

  19. Vessey should sign with my oilers!! What’s one more possibly flourishing career destroyed?!!!

  20. PATRICK ROY TO THE BRUINS! All the Montreal fans would burn his house down & egg his car. He’d probably end up having to move to Alaska or out of the country. He might even have to go to Mexico if he did something like that. They wouldn’t let him back in Canada.

  21. Edmonton


    Draistle plays wing with McDavid or RNH. Both over the course of a game.

    • Vermette could well play LW for someone as well & still be deployed to take draws much like SJ does with Thoenton & Pavelski, Pavelski playing RW as opposed to his natural position at C.

  22. With the flyers young D and an opportunity to play with Girioux, Vesey to the flyers makes too much sense for him.

  23. I say he joins the Islanders. NHL ready winger ready to play top line minutes with Premier NHL Center. Oh and by the way they have room for his second contract.

    • In the year Vesey’s contract will be up for renewal, 2 years from now essentially the summer following the 2017-18 season, NYI has 19 contracts to resign or replace over that timeline.

      So much for that thought, NYI having the cap space available when Vesey’s due his 2nd contract.

  24. Vesey will sign with the Leafs. Family ties can be strong and its the only situation where Father/Son talks or Brother to Brother talks about hockey are not considered tampering if its all kept in house and behind closed doors

    • He was also liking tweets about Toronto like stamkos it’s for sure thing he signs in Toronto! ?

      • Who knows..Just saying about family ties and the bond that it sometimes has; unless of course his brother and Dad drive him up a wall 🙂

  25. Vesey to the Islanders eh ? ( in my best Mr Burns voice )
    Too bad Ana signed Carlye. Would he fit ,IDK too lazy to look right now.
    We hear about the teams we think are leading the race for JV I’d like to hear about teams who are dark horses yet are reasonable fits. Like NYI. I personally can’t see it but it’s a good choice for a dark horse team. Of all the teams not mentioned how about FLA ?
    A thumbs up to whoever gets it right !