Vesey Sweepstakes Have Begun

by | Aug 16, 2016 | Rumors | 152 comments

Top college prospect Jimmy Vesey is now an unrestricted free agent.

Top college prospect Jimmy Vesey is now an unrestricted free agent.

 Hobey Baker Award winner Jimmy Vesey is now an unrestricted free agent. Check out the latest on where he could sign and how long it could take to get him under contract.

TSN.CA:  Agent Peter Fish, who represents unrestricted free agent left wing prospect Jimmy Vesey, said it could take several days before his client signs with an NHL club. “I would say the earliest may be Friday or Saturday, but I wouldn’t expect it to drag on much into the following week,” said Fish. The Buffalo Sabres, who acquired Vesey’s rights from the Nashville Predators earlier this year, remain in the mix among the clubs interested in signing him. 

ESPN.COM: Joe McDonald lists the New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs as “strong contenders” for Vesey. The Buffalo Sabres, Pittsburgh Penguins, Chicago Blackhawks, New York Islanders and Boston Bruins are also believed among the possible suitors. 

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox has the latest collection of Vesey rumors. The Boston Globe’s Kevin Paul Dupon reports Vesey could reach a decision on Thursday or Friday. Jimmy Murphy cites sources claiming the Vesey camp has “zeroed in” on the Blackhawks and Devils, though he warns that could change. WKBW’s Nick Filipowski reports negotiations with the Sabres were ongoing. Bleacher Report’s Adrian Dater believes Leafs GM Lou Lamoriello’s close ties to eastern U.S. college hockey gives that club an advantage. 

USA TODAY: Kevin Allen lists the Bruins, Leafs, Sabres, Rangers, Blackhawks and Devils as the favorites to land Vesey.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Chris Kuc cites a source claiming the Blackhawks have a very strong interest in signing Vesey, 

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Justin Tasch reports Vesey’s agent said he would be surprised if the New York Rangers weren’t interested in his client. 

NJ.COM: Chris Ryan notes TSN’s Darren Dreger include the Devils among the contenders for Vesey’s services. 

TRIBLIVE.COM: Jonathan Bombulie reports the Pittsburgh Penguins are among a handful of teams to court Vesey, though they’re not considered among the front-runners to get him. 

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports limited salary-cap space will likely prevent the Philadelphia Flyers from bidding for Vesey.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So much for my expectation of Vesey making his choice today. Looks like this could go on for a few more days. To be fair, I don’t blame him for taking his time and considering which club will be the best fit.

The Blackhawks and Penguins give him an opportunity to play for a Stanley Cup contender right away, alongside superstars such as Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. Rebuilding clubs like the Sabres, Devils and Leafs give him a better chance of earning top-six minutes.

The Bruins give him the chance to play close to home, while the Rangers have a good record of successfully incorporating college prospects into their lineup. The Isles are looking for depth at left wing and Vesey might have the opportunity to skate alongside superstar John Tavares. 


  1. How much more time does he need? This has dragged on for what seems like an eternity. It seems like overkill for a 23 yr old that hajs never played a single shift of jr A, AHL or NHL hockey. Hes had forever to pick where he wants to play and has now reached the point of milking it, grabbing all the media “me me me” attention he can. If hes all about “me” now, what kind of a team mate is he going to be?

    Pick a team already, go to camp, play a few games in the top six as promised and enjoy the rest of the year in the minors.

    • Vesey wasn’t eligible to start speaking to teams other than Buffalo until yesterday. If he signed today in that short time frame tampering charges would appear potentially.

      At least it gives us something hockey related. Usually in mid August we have zero stuff happening.

      The kid & his agent are doing what I would do. Marketing the kid. Good on them.

      • Good on them? they are coming across like a prima donna idiots, taking advantage of a ridiculous CBA loophole. Prospects drafted out of jr hockey (CHL) don’t have the opportunity to completely screw over the team that drafted them so easily.

        Instead of putting his head down and actually earning a roster spot, Vesey is demanding a roster spot while not proving damn thing. All he is doing right now is putting wayyyyy too much pressure on himself. He isn’t that good, and will likely fizzle out in a few short years like a majority of all the other overhyped college guys.

        I have a sinking feeling that you’d be saying the same thing if Boston wasn’t one of the front runners, but we’ve all seen the black and yellow coloured glasses before.

      • You don’t know me very well. I really don’t care where he signs. I love what the kid is doing. Good on him.

        He’s playing by the rules doing as entitled. He didn’t make the rules.

        Not only will this help his start in the NHL but it should open up numerous marketing opportunities. As a Harvard grad showing his intelligence maximizing his opportunity.

      • Totally agree!

      • Canadian King,

        Vesey has not said anything prior to the 16th, because he cannot.The Preds and Sabres offered him top 6 positions.

      • That makes perfect sense.

    • Still on the “me first” jealousy angle are you?

      • ?

    • Ron Jull. I simply can’t understand how and why you take this stance. Vesey is on record saying that he won’t sign until he has a chance to talk to the teams on his shortlist. Him taking 2 or 3 days to meet with the teams he believes he wants to play for is extremely reasonable. He narrowed the field down. Now he has to finalize it. Frankly with all do respect to Lyle I’m surprised he thought Vesey would sign today. It may not take Vesey long to meet with the various teams and he could very well sign Wednesday or Thursday but from what Vesey’s side has said and they have yet to contradict themselves. This is going pretty much as I expected.

    • Although I agree he’s wayyyy over-hyped and probably won’t live up to it, think of it this way…

      You have amazing managerial skills but started off at McDonald with little opportunity to grow… They allowed you the opportunity to be a manager, and gave you the skills you have… Now a huge company comes in offering you more money and 2x the opportunity to grow… Do you simply decline because McDonalds picked you first?

      If you are good enough at what you do to have the luxury he has, and feel you have a better shot at being the best you elsewhere, well you should probably go there.

    • Agreed, he has put himself and the team that signs him under the microscope. Some college guys transfer their skill sets to the NHL game but so many don’t. Why he’s being treated like a top#3 draft pick I don’t understand?, he should be offered an ELC, possibly with additional; limited bonuses. How can they cap his deal out with a potential earning of $3.7 million or whatever it is. He won’t come anywhere near the production of say Matthews or Laine but will receive similar money? I am glad that the Flyers “can’t” bid up to full value because of cap restraints, or so they’re saying. Maybe Hextall just feels the same, who knows. And for a team that offers the certainty of a top line spot, that’s silly. Lines change constantly, and he will almost for sure struggle so when he’s bumped to the 3rd line will he pout and cause trouble or simply soak up his $3 million dollar salary? The Flyers truly need a legit left winger to play with G and Voracek or Simmonds but I’d rather they have Voracek shift to the left side and play with G & Simmonds, than have Coots centre the 2nd line with Schenn at LW and have Konecny make the team and play the right side of that line. it’s funny, I really wanted Vessey off the get go now I want no part of it!

      • He will only receive the bonuses if he meets their requirements. If he sucks he will be paid accordingly. That is why many teams are willing to take a chance on him.

      • @Jeff, for sure but it’s pretty much a given he’s looking for a very obtainable bonus structure so he makes his money regardless. It seems less about “fit” and more about who will give me max bonuses with minimal expectations. At least it seems that way to me.

      • Kenn, why is that a given that he is looking an obtainable bonus structure. That it is less about fit and all about the bonus?
        There are 3 groups that know what he wants. His agency, Nashville and Buffalo.
        He has not spoke to anyone else until today. The rest is media hype and click bait.
        He decided to get a Harvard degree and graduated this spring. Might as well wait a few more months and become a UFA. Seems like a good plan to me. And there is nothing more to this than that.
        Will he be a good, great or bust as a hockey player? who knows. He doesn’t either, which is why he got a degree. His father knows the drill he played and is a scout. Seems like a smart kid to me who got an education just in case.

      • @Raybark.

        Good post!

      • Agree Ray Bark…that’s it in a nut shell

    • It’s only been going on so long because the media brought it up so long before he became a UFA. I would love to see him in Toronto or the NYI.

  2. What will the writers around the world possibly write about after this punk signs?

    • Have you noticed through the course of this process, all of the very same scribes claiming insider info on Jimmy Vesey’s destination have said nothing about his strengths as a player, simply stating his college goal-assist totals?

      • Good skater with decent size, plays a solid 2 way game & can finish. Slightly above average NHL prospect. Due to opportunity should be in the running for rookie of the year.

  3. for all the attention this is getting in the hockey world this kid better be a very good player or what was this all about

    • To quote the Bard very probably “much ado about nothing.”

      • I bet the over. Rookie of the year candidate due to opportunity. His quantity & quality of ice time essentially having to be committed to before signing.

    • Absolutely nothing else going on in the dog days of summer. Nothing else to talk about unfortunately.

      • can’t talk about how the Bruins fix their D in the offseason which at the season ending presser Sweeney said the main objective with the Bruins this off season was to improve the D

    • Joe it’s AUGUST! what grand hockey story do you expect this time of year that would trump an unsigned prospect who is about to sign?

      • this story is getting old

  4. Yes, I ahd the very same problem, as it now plops itself down in the middle of the newsprint and unless you can speed read, forget about finishing the read. I lloks like it is a new google ad process.

  5. The pundits are funny on this one as they all pick 5 or 6 teams he could sign with. That way if he chooses one of those teams they can say they were right all along.

    So in criticizing them I will
    make my own bold prediction. He will sign with the Leafs. I am not saying this because I am a Leafs I am saying because of Lamoriello’s connection to College Hockey, the chance to play with fellow American Auston Matthews (and yes I realize he is closer to Jack Eichel), and his family connection in Toronto; the reason the chance to play with a fellow American factors into his choice.

    There you have it; my prediction! This way if I am right no one can accuse me of throwing a handful seeing what sticks and claiming I was right all along.

    • On that thread I say Boston. His home town, his best friend he grew up playing hockey with in Boston signed in Boston, Matt Grzelykc. Drafted by Boston but had the same opportunity as Vesey to become a UFA & lastly his Mom wants him$ close to home.

      • just wondering what are the chances of seeing Matt Grzelykc playing in the NHL … when this all started I said Boston for Vesey & I’m sticking with that

      • He will get a shot eventually having been selected in the middle of the 3rd in 2012.

        Size is a concern at 5’9″ & 175lbs but has played well at every level he’s played at to date.

        With 4 years of College hockey not totally raw. Should see a cup of coffee this season but future in the NHL is very cloudy due to size.

    • If he signs with the Leafs, he will be treated like Kessel, expected to be the savior to put the team on his back to Cup glory, and they will realize he isnt that kind of player in 2-4 years. A great player perhaps, but not the sole superstar that can carry a team. He will be chastised, blamed, then traded to a team where he will excel because he isnt being relied on to carry the teams success.

      • I can tell you that is not the case. Fans have been clearly advised that a rebuild is ongoing. No way he faces the same treatment as Kessel, not even close.

      • If he chooses Toronto he won’t be anywhere near the sole superstar to lead the team. they have far more talent coming on to their team this year than what Kessel had to go through. 3 or 4 players who are probably considered to be as good as or better than vesey so he wouldn’t have the same pressure Kessel did.

    • I’m leaning on new Jersey because I never expected them to be in the running and I find the unexpected often happens. Very scientific on my part.

  6. Handful of darts sorry?

  7. Although they weren’t part of the original list of teams that were in contention, which was as I recall the Leafs, Bruins, Sabres, the Devils seem to be coming up more and more.

    Certainly that would be a low profile way for the kid to come in and get quality minutes while he finds his NHL game.

    They also have huge cap room to resign him to a lucrative deal in two years time as well as a decent prospect pool.

  8. By the looks of Twitter there seems to be some confusion…his “short list” appears to be over half the NHL lol so much fear th fin saying the Sharks will be contacting him Portzline saying the jackets…. And the band plays on…

  9. I think most alluring would be Chicago..BUT they wont have the ability to pay him big dollars moving forward and if so at what cost? My money is still on Toronto. Good coach ..American GM with ties-family connection and most important room to be a core player and be paid. Core of Matthews Marner Nylander Rielly looks pretty darn good – add Vesey …gets even better

    • Why is Chicago the most alluring? They have serious cap issues and keep losing talent year after year because of it. There is no reason for Vesey to believe he won’t be a cap casualty in 2 years. I think the Penguins, if he actually thinks about it, would be the best for him(yes that is my team but hear me out.) There is no pressure for him to performing right away, he doesn’t have to be a star because they have lots of those. They obviously have 2 of the top 6 centres in the world and they are weakest at LW so there is a chance he gets right onto Malkins line. Crosby and Lemieux have won everything and are sources of endless amounts of advice. Crosby is the hardest working player in the league and his work ethic has rubbed off on the young guys that started out last year. They have a good mix of young and older players. They told Justin Shultz that they didn’t think they could afford him but he loved playing there so much that he was relentless in trying to get a contract with them, Rutherford said he signed him just so he didn’t have to keep hearing from him. They have a family like atmosphere in the locker room, a one for all all for one mindset that few teams have. They have the best young goalie in the league and a very young defense for him to grow with but only Daniel Sprong and Jake Guentzle are possible future star forwards so there is a long term fit. And they just won the cup and have brought back the entire roster, all they lost was their worst player. They have huge exposure and lots of national TV
      games. What’s not to like?

      • Sure- but Hawks have been the best if not one of the best for several years- most alluring in terms of talent..Pens are right there too – just never mentioned as an option..but I agree that cap casualties is a big deal in Chicago- as it will be in Pittsburgh shortly too

      • Isn’t Pittsburgh in worse shape than Chicago at the moment? They face the same exact cap issues as Chicago. Even if they trade Fleurys 5+ million contract they have about 2 million in cap space if I’m not mistaken.

      • I believe San Jose’s young goalie Jones way out played Murray in the playoffs and is the best young goalie in the league right now. I am not a fan of San Jose but i do like Pittsburgh. but Calgary is my team. That series should have been 4-0 but Jones…wow!

  10. I don’t understand all the dislike of Vesey. He didn’t ask the media to put it out there daily. To call him a punk and other names just because, what, he decided to be a ufa, so he deserves it? Only Buffalo was allow to talk to him up to this point, now him and his agent can talk to whomever they want. For me from what I read its simple he’s a prospect with top 6 potential. Will he succeed? There is at least 6 or 7 teams that think he will.

    • He deserves it????

      How does he deserve it Caper?

      What has he done to possibly deserve being a ufa and completely screwing over Nashville?

      David Poile is one of the most respected figures in hockey, I don’t believe for a second that he is exaggerating the Vesey situation.

      Like I said to Striker above, he hasn’t done a damn thing to prove to anyone that he deserves a roster spot and all this attention.

      Prima donna who will be an after thought in a few years

      • We disagree. All good. You are entitled to your opinion I mine. I would have preferred he sign in Nashville.

        I assume this loop hole will be addressed in some way in the next CBA but today he’s doing what he’s entitled to do playing by the rules.

      • I kind of agree king if this was a CHL kid holding out for better ice time or a contract he would be getting torched (Drouin was breaking no rules) funny how some seem to flip flop on these things and act like they have followed the kid since he was knee high to a grass hopper and feel he deserves every bit of attention he is getting

      • Canadian King, he chose to get a degree at Harvard as a fall back plan for when his hockey career is over. Smart.
        We live in free societies in North America. We are allowed to work wherever we want for who ever we want. If you bring a company value, they pay you, and it goes both ways.
        To somehow put any NHL team on a pedestal as the moral high ground of giving Vesey this chance is absurd. They are assets to be traded at will until they hit UFA status. There is no loyalty to player beyond making your team as good as it can be and to suggest that their should be to the team that drafts you is naive. It will not be reciprocated, nor should it be. You are an asset that is valued or not. Same is true for your employer.

      • Drouin was breaking the rules. He had a bidding contract. He signed it willingly with TB.

        He had a legal & CBA requirement to honour the terms of said deal.

        He gave up his individual rights under the employment standards acts in Canada & the US when he choose to join the NHLPA to play in the NHL.

        You can’t compare Vesey’s situation to Drouin. Total different especially legally & under the CBA.

      • Not that I want to be rehashing it Striker, and I’m not sure when you got your degree in labor law with everything else you got going on but I’m not sure that’s the case.

      • Screwing over Nashville? How many years did Nashville have to sign him and didn’t get it done. This kid is not 18 or 19 he’s 23yrs old, he’ll sign for two years at the league max. Then if he proves himself he’ll have one or two shots at getting a good contract because after 30yrs old, its starts to go down hill or your on your way out for the most part. He’ll have 7yrs to set himself up for life, good for him.

      • Exactly Caper. Plus he gave up at least 1 year of full NHL salary by not coming out last year when he easily could have. It is not like Nashville is loaded with forward talent, he would have been given every opportunity to stick.
        I think this kid gets it, he knows that nothing is for sure and there are many variables that could prevent him from making a fortune playing hockey. Injuries or just not being good enough to name a couple.
        Many on this site seem to be discounting how valuable that degree from Harvard is, and how this kid is showing maturity and self discipline by covering his bases and seizing all the opportunities in front of him. I am sure he would love to be playing in the NHL already and chasing the dream.
        Impressive kid. Hope the B’s get him!

      • You don’t need a law degree to know contracts are binding. Moron.

      • @canadianking should a young player be rewarded for obtaining an education. I think yes. If it was your way no young player would bother with an education. What would be the benefit?

      • Ahh striker making things personal again yes he may have made a mistake and yes contracts are binding but when you’re told to go home you are not doing anything illegal I’m sure if he was in breach of the contract the contract could or would have been tolled but I’m no professor. How bout Lindross did he not get roasted for not going where he was drafted? There was nothing illegal there all I am saying is some seem to have different standards for different situations and seem to flip flop accordingly I am sorry if you self Identify with that.

      • Schticky, the 2 situations you mention are not even remotely similar other than they all play hockey.
        Neither Drouin or Lindros went the college route or waited until they were 23 to sign a contract.
        Vesey waited, didn’t collect money from the teams and went played college hockey and got a degree instead.
        Vesey didn’t fight the system or demand a trade like Lindros and hold a gun to anybody’s head. He played by the rules. It is the risk you take if you draft college players, some might just decide to finish and get their degree.

      • I’m not holding against the kid he chose education, good for him but to say this isn’t remotely the same and that he didn’t do anything against the rules? Neither did Lindross or Outside the one mistake by not playing in 1 AHL game neither did Drouin Drouin requested a trade and so did Lindross because they didn’t like the situation they were given neither did Vesey here is what Poile (a very respected GM said) about his player “I clearly believe that Jimmy’s received bad advice and bad counsel,” sure sounds like Lindross and to say he didn’t receive anything Poile noted the investment Nashville has made in Vesey since taking the forward with the No. 66 pick overall. Vesey has taken part in three development camps in Nashville…I again I’m not judging the kid he wanted to finish school good for him, but let’s not deceive ourselves here he is not exactly beyond reproach here. Personally I got no dog in this fight I don’t love or hate the kid but fact is he accepted being drafted he went to camps he would have had the same money and oppertunity he didn’t like the situation and chose not to report its exactly the same.

      • He could have finished school and still signed or played for the Preds…remember them the team that drafted him

      • Nashville didn’t make a move at the trade deadline because Poile said Vesey told assistant general manager Paul Fenton he planned to join the Predators
        This not seem a little shady?

      • Vesey says he has always been consistent on this. When he didn’t sign after his junior year Nashville had to know it was likely he would go this route, because he can.
        He didn’t sign a contract. Hello!
        I don’t understand why people on this site think he owes Nashville something, he was invited to a camp they were having regardless of his attendance. They invested what? One of their development guys goes to watch him play a game or 2 a year? Tells him he is great and flies to the next city, scouting while he is at it. My buddies kid got drafted in the 2nd round a couple years ago out of the W. That is the investment. Guess what happened this year at the trade deadline? He got traded in the Russell deal.
        The team has no loyalty to the player. They call them assets for a reason.
        To expect the players to view this any different than the teams seems a little bit strange to me.
        The system is in place and was negotiated with the NHL and the NHLPA. Both sides live within those rules. A deal is a deal.

      • Shticky I have zero tollerence for you or your opinions. I had told myself I wouldn’t be drawn into even reading your comments never mind responding. I’ll try harder as I’m failing in my goal.

        That makes it like 2 to 4364.

      • And Lindros let it be known before he was drafted he wasn’t going to play in Quebec…they still drafted him he still got roasted for not going same thing Ray you’re a Bruins fan right? Yes I realize that’s the risk you take drafting college players it doesn’t make it right

      • and Striker you’re probably the biggest joke on this board like a fake Pierre McGuire so no skin off my back. Tell us again how Wisniewski Achilles’ tendon shouldn’t be a problem or how Sunban Hall Weber won’t be traded or more insight on prospects ya never seen lol joke go write a book

      • Blame the CBA.

        Credit the player and Agent. You may be right, but the rules permit it. If he sucks and has one shot at the big money, why would he not take it? Would you refuse it? Would you refuse it on principle if you had prepared your whole life for that opportunity? He has said and done nothing. Teams are fawning over him. Why is this his fault?

      • Not that I want to agree with a guy who slammed me because I wondered what another commenter was talking about but RAY BARK I think your missing shticky’s point. I think what he meant was exactly what you said Vesey in his right and at least he isn’t doing what these other players did example Lindros, Drouin…which was not right. At least it seemed he meant that.

      • C’mon STRIKER it’s all in good fun. SHTICKY may argue a point strongly but he’s never the first to get personnel…but you seem to the moment someone disagrees with you.

      • No hockey83 I am saying at the heart of it Vesey is doing exactly what others have done not going to the team that drafted him, no he isn’t breaking any written rules but it doesn’t make it any different than Lindros who even tho he let Quebec know well prior to the draft he wouldn’t be playing there (which Vesey didn’t even do that according to Poile and took part in 3 development camps which cost money regardless of how much have a cost) Lindros had a stigma attached to him his whole career and right up to being inducted in the HOF, he was roasted for it. Different circumstances for different players doesn’t make the situation right. Same as the rules regarding college or Europuan players and the AHL vs CHL players and the AHL eligibility it’s dumb and just because there is written rules for some and not for others does it make it any less ridiculous.

      • OH

    • I agree Caper. It’s jealousy which is a very ugly emotion.

    • I’ll stand by what I said if this was a Canadian kid who played in the CHL he would be getting crucified for this called everything under the sun but some fans (mostly of the teams he is interested in signing with) are making it seem like this is perfectly acceptable.

    • hockey fans blew it up and only Buffalo could speak to him. So though he did have a lot of time to think about where he would like to go…Just now are all the teams going to give him their pitch. Agreed Caper. What did any rookie do last year that got a roster spot to prove to anyone that they deserved a roster spot. Rookies play every year straight from college or juniors. It’s the Media and the Bloggers that Blew this up. If he plays well in the pre-season and he deserves it good for him. NHL teams let leave draft picks out to dry a lot…that never seems to be a problem this is just a rare reverse case of that but because it’s rare the kid gets picked on. I hope he goes to Toronto and I hope he does well.

  11. Fun fact Josh Levio and Vesey share the same birthday (May 26 1993)….so I guess that settles it Jimmy is going to be a Leaf

    • And THEN we’ll see how he is at handling pressure and media/fan adoration.

      • If you can’t handle the media attention and bs in Toronto then you obviously won’t be able to handle all the pressure that comes with fighting for the cup. Great point G.O.

      • Takes a really thick skinned player to play well I n Toronto. Jessel played as well as he could with the talent he was given. Pittsburgh is loving it. He’s excelled on that team. Fits right in. Love it.

      • ***Kessel

    • Leivo asked for a trade early last season. I wonder if he still wants one, or gets traded if Leafs get Vesey…

  12. I have a question just out of curiosity. I was wondering why people change their name on this site? I’m not calling anyone out but it’s been mentioned on here before about one person; however I’ve noticed more then one with similar sayings and the way they word things. By all means its your choice to change your handle, just curious as to why one would?

    • Ehh big Bear got sick of looking like a tool and people not talking to him so when his parents replaced his flip phone with one that had emojis already on the key pad what better time to change your name?.. And if he could have only thought of words that didn’t start with the letter B he may have gotten away with it.

      • When people resort to that “ploy” they are usually discovered fairly quickly through syntax and the use of favorite, repetitive phrases/expressions.

      • Good one schticky! If George O. changes his look for the word syntax! He loves that one. It seems like he discovered it just yesterday and can no longer help himself.

      • Sigh yep…

      • Point to ONE place – just ONE – where I used the word “syntax” other than the one above.

      • Never used that word other than above Steve.

      • Relax…they’re kidding…friendly banter. Twice is enough 🙂

    • I’m curious as to why people hide behind a “HANDLE” to begin with.

      • What difference does it make and how is it hiding? Not like Jeff Noel is any more familiar to me than NYR4life they are words on a screen personally I don’t know why people change them I know I’ve been accused of it but I fail to see why I would I have no trouble with people not wanting to reply to me and I could careless what some think of my opinions I have 0 reasons to do it.

      • Hey, leave me out of it!!!? Hahahaha…. I wouldn’t consider using a handle as “hiding” . How do we know your real name is Jeff Noel? Maybe it’s shticky noodles and you’re hiding behind Jeff Noel? I find it weird that this site has a “Jeff Noel, “a “Jeff” and also a “Noel”…… Conspiracy? Or coincidence? You decide.

      • I just checked Facebook. There are 81 Jeff Noel’s listed on fb alone. It’s not exactly a fingerprint or dna science.

        But if it makes anyone feel better, I’ll start signing all my posts at the end with my real name.

      • Exactly. Why not use your real name? It makes no difference. There is only one Jeffrey Scott kondro noel on face book though.

      • One thing I belive though. When people put there real name beside something they think before they post.

      • @Schticky I agree it doesn’t really matter but I never understood why people use handles because it doesn’t matter. Like you say Jeff Noel is no more familiar to you than if I was Mr.coolguy or something. I just don’t understand why bother to take the time to make up a name for every sight on the net when mine is fine to begin with

      • Why put your name , address , phone number, place of business out there for some tool bag to stalk you over “who was better, Mike Rupp, or jimmy vesey? Say what you want…. using your real name vs. a handle…. Doesn’t make you any more credible.

        I still find the “Jeff Noel”, “Noel”, “Jeff ” usernames a tad bit suspect….

      • Ahhhhh August…when hockey talk turns to chat room handles.

    • I’ve been accused of changing my name to DAN39 but always been Hockey83 believe me SHTICKY and GEORGE O made me want to change my name but I got over it.

  13. Vesey’s first choice is Boston but the management and coach will mess it up. Claude will say he as to earn his ice time just like he does to all young guys. If he’s ok with that he signs in Boston. If a top 6 is handed to him elsewhere without earning it then maybe he goes there.
    Not sure what kind of person he is. Does he want to work for it or have it handed to him.
    I don’t know why Tampa isn’t talked about. I would put them on my list if I were him. Won’t he actually make more money with the tax savings.

    • They have no cap room and too many to sign in the next couple years. Tampa that is.

    • Dave, Vesey Snr already stated that Julien would be an issue to a young player like his son. If he signs in BOS, he knows this going in.

  14. I think the Pens would be the best place for him. They have the depth to develop him properly. Also the age of that depth (Crosby 29 and Malkin 30) would be starting to get long in the tooth at the time he would start to take over the top spot.

    • Kev, you’re normally on point, so I’m going to take this as sarcasm.

      • For some reason I was thinking he was a center not a winger, but no sarcasm. In about 3 years Crosby is going to be 32 and Maklin 33 and could be starting their down side of their careers just when Vesey would be starting to hit his prime.

      • It’s my belief that Crosby and Malkin are those types of special players that don’t start their declines until about 36. They’ll put up a point per game or just under well into their 30’s. That’s super star status in today’s NHL.

    • Except he is not a centre….

  15. Doesn’t he have to sign the standard entry level deal? Beyond a “are you going to give me a chance on the top line” short chat what is there to discuss?

    • Yes, Jim – he’s getting the same two year / $925 plus max bonus deal everywhere. It’s down to everything else, including the team depth at LW, quality of player he’d expect to play with and minutes, seems like proximity to home and family is important, maybe the market and reception, history with young players, etc.

      • Although, I should point out, when I first discussed this deal on this forum, Mattsake claimed I didn’t understand the ELC structure, so, subject to Mattsake reappearing and correcting the record, that seems to be the deal he’s going to get.

      • He did the other day Dan, if you go back a day or 2 he said he didn’t realize what the bonuses could add too, no need to keep going on about it.

      • I didn’t see that, my bad.

  16. In 2008 Blake Wheeler informed the Phoenix Coyotes that he wasn’t signing with them and became an UFA and the Boston Bruins signed him. I don’t remember Wheeler getting the backlash Vesey is getting and Wheeler was the 5th overall pick in 2004.

    • I’m not sure why the backlash. I’m equally unsure of the adoration and way some here put a 23 year old third round draft choice on a pedestal. Really he signs where he signs if he is good great if not no big deal, yet some sound like they are interviewing for president of his fan club others sound like they are gonna burn his house down…it’s odd.

      • Agree…I think it’s just that there really isn’t anything else so people choose side and talk about it. At lengths I might add about exactly the same things everyday. Soooo how much does he stand to make first contract 😉

    • That’s because he snubbed Arizona and all self respecting Canadian hockey fans hate the Coyotes.

      • I have no clue what this means

      • Coyotes will be very exciting to watch this coming season. Can’t wait. Hope it goes great for them.

    • don’t know if JV will ever be a BW

  17. Vesey to Boston and I’m sticking to it

  18. Alexander Daigle……Doug Wickenheiser…Niall Yakupov…Patrick Stefen….first overall draft picks, all hype, all bust.

    Jimmy Vesey? Time will tell…..

    • Jimmy V wasn’t and wouldn’t even be close to a 1st pick let alone 1st rounder. This hype is getting to be too much. He’s 3 years older than Barkov, if he was 18-19 and had the season he’s had sure but he’s 23! I understand the appeal from NHL teams but the media is making it out like he’s on par with top prospects…..he is not.

      • Lol, was just listening to a commentator on TSN talking about how he would clearly have been a first round pick if he was in the draft. And, of course that’s the case.

        The fact that Poile stated unequivocally that he was a top six forward on his playoff-bound team, consistent with every other scout has said, tells you as much.

      • @Dan so just in the 3rd round the players taken behind Vesey are Gostisbehere, Matt Murry, Colton Paraiso, and Frederik Andersen. I don’t see how he gets ahead of any of these guys, it’s all hype pal, his the new Juri Dopita.

    • I see jull yakapov is a bust at 22 but vesey at 23 still has a time!

      • Comment@Dan Yes it’s true a 23 year old Jimmy V is a 1st round pick. An 18 year old Jimmy V is and was a 3rd round pick, you can cherry pick draft picks from years ago all day, he was a 3rd.

    • I don’t believe Yacapov was given the proper chance or ice time having way to many first round picks on that team. If he plays in Edmonton this season hopefully he’ll get more ice time. Or he go’s somewhere where he can get more ice time. That’s what happens to many number one picks in a row too many alpha dog young kids on the team. I’m hoping with Hall gone the team can get it together and play like the got 6 number 1 picks 6 years in a row. Before you all get on me about that it was an exaggeration. Although acquiring Puljajarvi this year was a like a number 1 pick.

  19. this is still better than “where will Cody Franson sign?”

    • lol ok fine this is true and if it wasn’t for Vesey we maybe talking Kris Russel so there is that.

  20. Vesey is exercising the labor rights I wish everyone had..cannot criticize him for that or for negotiating. I hopp[e the Leafs give him a pass because he does not really fit the rebuild there…..he is not a “kid” he is 23, and either he is ready this year or he will be a bust or close to it. Although there are exceptions, many college players do not make that leap…maybe he is a Tyler Bozak, a good third liner. But if he is negotiating over playing time and asking for guarantees, other players will not be thrilled with that and why should they be? He needs to earn the right to play. And, yes, it is August and we need something other than the month-away WCH tourney to discuss. I hope he stays in Boston: if he is great, they will need him, if he is a bust, they deserve him!

  21. Anyone but the Penguins or flyers …

  22. Vesey should sign tomorrow. He’s visiting the Leafs today. We all know what happened to the last UFA that visited Toronto.

    • That’s rich coming from someone who calls himself ‘Yankee Fan’.

      • Obviously you missed the point Dan. I’d explain it but I don’t think that will help.

      • LOL. Subtlety is not some people’s strong point.

    • Other way around this time, Mathews a few younger players are going to visit him with out the Mayor of Toronto and the CEO of Canadian Tire guess they thought they came on a little string with Stamkos so they are trying to keep this one a little more “chill”

      • Exactly what I was making light of.

      • Figured as much lol

      • Stamkos is a a fraidy cat and cannot handle the limelight of Toronto. Test given. Failed. Disappointing but will get over it. Good sport says, Good luck with Tampa Steve. Poor sport says hope you never sniff the cup.

      • I think it was great Stamkos taking a pay cut to stay with his team…classy

  23. Considering the very obvious play for attention (his first contract is very limited as to what teams may offer), I expect that the amount of fuss that cities make over him willbe important.
    He already knows that Boston will treat him like his college days. Toronto may be similar depending on how much Matthews likes the attention. The other cities have the potential as big media centers. I think that is what may help make the choice. It could mean extra millons in endorsement cash right away.

    • No Dave, he won’t make millions in endorsements. The only player who makes millions is Crosby. Stamkos was reportedly making less than a million in endorsements.

      This kid would be lucky to make anything in endorsements. Even if he signs in a huge hockey market like Toronto, he might be what the 5th, 6th, 7th best player on the team?

      • Matthews hasn’t skated yet and already signed endorsement deal with Bauer so it could come fast and furiously.

    • I don’t know why it pisses me off so much when people post disparaging remarks about people they have never met, but it does.
      So when you say Doktor Dave, you mean you are a psychiatrist? And your diagnosis that Vesey is doing this all for attention is based on what?

  24. Vesey will sign where he signs and that will be that. I’m excited that the hockey pooler’s guide are starting to show up at the local stores. You know the dog days of summer are closing fast when the new guides are out. Time to get ready for Pool Season boys.

    • Yes and this year will be the year of the rookie I believe. Very excited. Could be some well played long shots in hockey pools.

  25. Vesey could very well be lured by Snow and Cappy and their Boston accents. Oh and the fact that they can offer him a spot on the top line, right side, next to JT91 to replace Okposo. Just saying…..Vesey to Isles is likely if Sabres didn’t sell themselves well enough.

  26. The funny thing is Vesey will probably turn out to be a respectable young man despite what you all have to say on the matter.

    • Is that really you Jeff?

  27. While I would love to see him sign in Toronto as a great fit with a young and building club as a Edmonton fan I thought Justin Schultz was going to be a strong 3/4 d-man. System is key – I would pick the hawks all day long..even if they trade you away for cap reasons in 3 years you could have 135-150 plus points in your back pocket and playoff experience.

    • Yep, and maybe even a ring.
      My hope is Boston, my guess is Chicago.

  28. If it’s true he told Detroit he’d rather stay closer to home so I guess that means Chicago is out

    • I hope that means Boston!

    • I wondered if he majored in Geography at Harvard?