Bruins Re-sign Marchand

by | Sep 26, 2016 | News, NHL, Rumors | 17 comments

Boston Bruins re-sign Brad Marchand to an eight-year contract extension.

Boston Bruins re-sign Brad Marchand to an eight-year contract extension.

The Boston Bruins re-signed winger Brad Marchand to an eight-year, $49 million contract. He was slated to become an unrestricted free agent in July. The annual average value is $6.125 million and comes with a full no-movement clause in the first five seasons, followed by a modified no-trade for the final three. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Marchand gets a hefty pay raise on his new deal, up from $4.5 million per season of his current contract. As an agitating forward with good offensive skills, he’s emerged in recent years as a team leader and an invaluable veteran forward for the Bruins.

Marchand’s new salary is reasonable but the same can’t be said for the length of the deal. It will take the 28-year-old up to age 37. Given his physical style of play, it’s unlikely he’ll still be a $6 million player by the tail end of the contract. That’s the price of keeping a key player off the free-agent market.

The Bruins had little choice but to pay up to keep Marchand in the fold. He’s one of their most reliable offensive players and is also among the few remaining links to their 2011 Stanley Cup championship club. Having seen a steady departure of key players in recent years through trades and free agency for salary-cap reasons, they couldn’t afford to lose another important veteran as they rebuild their roster. 


  1. Spot on Lyle. You’re going to pay in term to sign a premier player if you want to offer fair value now.

  2. Way to squash any future rumors of him joining Sid next summer

  3. As a Bruins fan I’m happy. Very good cap hit. He would have definitely gotten more in free agency. Term is long but I think he would have gotten 7×7 as a UFA so can almost say his last year is free.
    Now let’s get Trouba.

    • I’m happier with the Marchand than the anchor signing of backes

  4. It is kinda funny tho 5 year complete NMC and then nothing, pretty sure with the term of this deal Marchand and his agent are pretty confident no one will be banging down the Bruins door for the final 3 years of this deal.

  5. Now we got to hear about Traveres and the Leafs for the next year? I am a Leaf fan, would love to get him, and the Leafs should just be entering their window to start being competitive for the Cup but all the talk is a distraction. Rather then waiting for him to be a UFA it would be in the Leaf’s best interest to have him now to mentor Matthews? This is all a fantasy for Leaf fans because unless he gets dissatified by the Islanders circus he will resign there. Personally I rate him as the best 20 to 25 year old player in the League. It would only cost the Leafs a couple of firsts and seconds plus a couple prospects. No problem just gut your prospect pool for a couple of years?

    • Not everyone born in the Toronto area wants to play for the Leafs. Just gets tiring hearing about it

  6. John has said he wants to remain an Islander his entire career sorry Leaf fans but you might have to develop one of your own. Marchand at 6.125 is a deal I take that deal every day. Trouba maybe sitting awhile this year can’t see Jets folding to his request. Go Canada Go

  7. It’s. Ice to see a player getting rewarded…and this pretty much squashes the bs rumors of him being moved to Pittsburgh.. Love it

  8. Obe

    Leaf fans do understand we need to develop our own, and guess what? Right now we are doing a great job of it! Not every Leaf fan is looking to steal everybody else’s players.

  9. Maybe Crosby becomes a Bruin?!

  10. Crosby would be a welcome edition but can’t see it happening anytime soon. It’s been going on for many years last year it was Stammer now it’s Johnny tomorrow it will be someone else. Don’t take it personal it’s just a Leaf nation thing.

    • It’s true. Think everyone is coming to Toronto been that way for a long time!

    • But not from this member of Leafs nation. And I see several others on this site who are Leaf fans that agree with me. The Leafs will be for real real soon!

      • Steven I know you’re excited but I remember oiler fans being this way too not to long ago and it’s kinda going the same way is it not? Lots of forwards no defense? And I wouldn’t jump the gun on Anderson either he is hurt a fair bit and played for one of the best defensive teams in the league. Not saying it all won’t turn out but don’t jump the gun

  11. Decent signing for the Bruins. Although like many of the long term contracts that get signed I highly doubt Marchand is going to be woth the dollars and cap hit the last two or three years. A super pest that can score is a rare commodity and is one teams are willing to pay for.

  12. I like the Marchand signing. Good cap hit, reasonable for a guy who will net 30 plus goals. I think it was Buccigrosse who said he’s a workout fanatic, and sees him like a Mark Recchi type. I could see Marchie still being productive in those later years they way Recchi was.