Latest on the Stars and Red Wings – September 21, 2016

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The Dallas Stars might get trade offers for KHL-bound winger Valeri Nichushkin.

The Dallas Stars might get trade offers for KHL-bound winger Valeri Nichushkin.

 Could the Dallas Stars shop Valeri Nichushkin? Could the Detroit Red Wings trade Petr Mrazek rather than Jimmy Howard? The answers in today’s NHL rumor mill. 

TSN 1040 (via TODAY’S SLAPSHOT): Weighing in on Dallas Stars winger Valeri Nichushkin’s signing with KHL team CSKA Moscow, Darren Dreger said he believes Stars GM Jim Nill will get trade calls for the young Russian. “Maybe if this prolongs beyond a year or two, he seriously considers trading his rights. But it sounds like this kid is committed to going back and playing in the KHL.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For now, it appears Nill is fine with Nichushkin going to the KHL. At this point, I doubt he’ll shop the young winger’s rights. I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility over the next two years, but Nill can afford to be patient here. 

MLIVE.COM: Commenting on the low trade value of Detroit Red Wings goaltender Jimmy Howard, one of Ansar Khan’s readers recently asked if the Wings might consider trading Petr Mrazek instead of Howard to land a skilled defenseman. While Khan acknowledges Mrazek as the centerpiece of a deal would fetch the Wings a decent return, he doesn’t believe they’ll go that route. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Khan points out, Mrazek is eight years younger than Howard and still has plenty of upside. Trading him would leave the Wings with a fading asset in Howard. The Wings will consider moving other assets before moving Mrazek to bring in a skilled puck-moving defenseman. 


  1. Trading Mrazek does not solve any of the Red Wings woes. While he might fetch a decent player or draft pick in return the Wings would still be left with a sub standard goalie with a big cap hit.
    Im not sure how Ken Holland finds his way out of this one, but trading his best goalie that makes less money and is eight years younger than Jimmy Howard doesnt seem to make sense.

    • Mzarek gave off bad body language towards his teammates when he was scored on, and although he is is athletic, he is still an on the job trainee, and that more than anything else is why Jimmy Howard wasn’t given away for Cap relief.
      The Wings at least get a little window before Mrazek wants a much bigger payday, but it is not like a good GM would be looking to upgarde as expansion draft might get you a better alternative if Mzarek continues to go up & down…I am simply being honest.

      • Coming from a guy who has been in net and had to restrain from chewing out one of my defenseman many times – Mrazek in no way gives off bad body language. Last year alone there were more than a few examples of Howard actually chewing out his D after a goal. Either way it doesn’t really matter, Mrazek is leaps and bounds ahead of Jimbo and he is 8 years younger.

      • Mrazek himself stated, That the reason why he started playing bad was because he was over compensating for a very bad defense. He was trying to do to much and being way over aggressive trying to make big plays and was getting burned for it. I notices a lot of times that he would be to far out of his crease trying to cut down on the angles and the puck would squirt through his pads and then the opponents would flip the puck into the net for east goals. He needs to be better then that this year. He needs to stop over compensating for the D and just do his job keeping the puck out of the net.

      • Bill, I am with you on bad body language targets, or any player who does that. Every D-Man makes a bad read, or a bad pass, or gets burned by a great move sooner or later. Forwards miss assignments on the back check or miss a one timer. Guess what, every goalie lets in a bad goal too.
        By blaming his team mates for goals against or his own poor play now makes it about him first and not the team. It doesn’t matter if they are good or bad players, they are your guys win or lose.
        Let it go and get the next one.

    • OK so peeps don’t blow up with righteous fury. I know this won’t happen it may be to the extreme. But I am not about to go research rosters to find a more suitable example. You an fill in another player with the one I use.


      What if Detroit moves Mrazek to a team in desperate need of goaltending and may pay the price.

      Now hold back the critique on the player I am suggesting. But wait if Dallas decides they really need a tender and moves Klingberg for Mrazek. Kinda how Edmonton spent Hall to get Larson. If you were Detroit would you take one of Dallas goalies and Klingberg to shore up your D knowing players like Fleury and Bishop may be available this summer.

      • Actually, I would.

      • I would not make such a move as Stars GM. Klingberg is too valuable, unless Lindell and Honka advance 3 years in their development by the deadline. Dallas is otherwise thin on offensive defencemen this year.

      • Agreed Augustus. Dallas needs to be adding d-men , no trading what little they have. Maybe that would somewhat fix their goaltending problems.

      • I guess you all missed the point. I was throwing the scenario out as an example for you to view from Detroit perspective. I too realise as stated that Klingberg won’t be traded but thanks for supporting that comment. The idea really was Detroit having Howard on an expensive contract, would they pick up another high priced goalie to get a quality D, with the options of goalies available they may be able to get next year. There isn’t many quality D to be available this summer.

      • Generally speaking you’re using terrible examples. Hall for Larsson, was a trade from a point of strength (offense) to aquire something of weakness (defense). Dallas even considering trading a d-man for a tender is trading a weak area to fill another weak area. It’s kinda like plugging a hole, by creating a new one.

    • The Wings need defense. Howard and Mrazek have been wonders for the wings. We have yet to fill the void of Lidstrom which is like losing your top 4 defensemen. Knonwall is a number 2 dman at best and he is an aging physical player yet he is our number 1. DK is the only bright spot for our defense. Don’t forget that Howie and Mrazek are both the only reason this Wings team has made the playoffs the past several years. I’m fine with either goalie as long as we get a real upgrade on D.

  2. Nichushkin is on crack. I hope he physically gets the money he was promised….Glad to see Strome signed…no comment as one is not even required on Howard/Mrazek

    • Don’t know a whole lot about Detroit’s system. but they do have a 6″ 5″ 200 lb 24-year-old goalie named Jared Coreau who was 29-15-2 at Grand Rapids with 6 SOs and 2.43 ga and .922 save %. Maybe their internal assessment tells them he might be capable back-up to Howard while he plays out the string of his contract. Any Detroit fans have more knowledge about this guy?

      • He certainly sounds like an option. Bigger goaltenders seem to be doing well in today’s NHL.

      • Coreau is definitely in their future plans. They recently signed him to a two year deal – year one is a 2-Way, and year 2 is a 1-Way… meaning he will be Detroit’s backup in the 2017-2018 season. Chris Osgood (works with Grand Rapids occasionally) “discovered” Coreau while he was at Northern Michigan and Ozzy has been high on him ever since. Realistically, if Howard and his brutal contract weren’t so damn hard to move, Coreau would be backing up Mrazek this season.

      • Coreau is a pretty decent Goaltender and a big body, Personally i like him very much. Trading Mrazek makes zero sense especially keeping Howard over him that’s sending the wrong message to the fan base. While the Wings do need to do a rebuild here. And ownership wont allow it going into the new Arena next year. We definitely need to do something here to better this club. And trading Mrazek isn’t the answer unless it’s for a #1 D-man like Trouba and then i wouldn’t personally do it. Howard will be left un-protected next summer in the expansion draft. And if Las Vegas doesn’t claim him then Holland will buy him out next summer. I think it will be Mrazek and Coreau next year going into Little Caesars Arena as it should be. Mrazek, Larkin and Danny DeKeyser will be the ones that we build our team around adding AA Mantha Svechnikov Bertuzzi Sadowy and Smith down the road.

      • Gary.

        That’s an expensive buy out next summer with 2 years remaining, essentially 1.7 for the 1st 2 years & 1.5 for the final 2. That’s 4 years of significant cap space lost with numerous players becoming RFA’s & UFA’s needing to be paid or replaced. Not so certain that will be an option next summer, maybe, but I think Detroit would try to find some other solution 1st & following expansion numerous options could exist. Not the least of which is Howard possibly playing better.

      • Ward did for Carolina. No reason why Howard couldn’t rebound a bit – IF their D is prepared and able to reduce his workload game in – game out.

  3. Ken Holland looks like he needs to cycle back and take a page from the Blackhawks playbook on asset management. After all Chicago seems to have borrowed from the Red Wings! Trading Mrazek is not an option. Buying out Howard might well be! How long is he under contract for?

    As for Nichushkin… let him go! If a player does not want to be on your team them just let him go. Dallas’s fortunes do not rest on this one player. Does this move free up much cap space for them? Maybe in some way this opens the door for a way to acquire a goalie. That is what Dallas needs!

    • Yeah no way would Holland ever trade Mrazek, That serves no purpose for Detroit. As for Howard he has 3 years left in his contract including this season. He will be left un-protected next summer for the expansion draft. If Las Vegas doesn’t claim him and i see no reason for them to when there will be far better options for Vegas. Then most likely Holland would buy out Howard next summer with 2 years left on his deal.

  4. spector did u receive my question

  5. No way Detroit gets fleury or bishop both will be in edmonton because everyone wants to play in the city of crappions

    • Oh a twist you didn’t mention Toronto and they left you alone. Weird but interesting experiment you are running here.

  6. Will Dallas now commit 1 of their 7 forward protector spots to protecting Nichushkin come the expansion draft? I assume based on current roster construction they are keeping 7F, 3D & 1G.

    I don’t see how they can’t as his potential is still very good but like wasting a protector almost.

    • So Nichushhkin’s playing in Russia does not remove his contract from expansion draft eligibility? Is it partly a transfer agreement thing between the NHL and KHL? Not challenging you, I’m just not sure how it works!

      • Relates to property not where they are playing. Nichushkin choosing to play in Russia does not exclude him from the rules regarding the expansion draft. Still Dallas property with over 2 years of NHL contractual experience.

        Many of these issues will become clearer as we get closer to the expansion draft but my current understanding is that players under contract that will never play again due to career ending injuries, the Horton’s & Clowe’s of the world & players who become UFA’s on July 1st, following the expansion draft won’t be required to be protected. Lyle doesn’t agree with me on this last point.

        Players with NMC’s unless under contract with career ending injuries will need to be protected unless they agree to waive said clauses & regardless of where other team assets are playing, unless they meet the rules not to be protected, will again need to be.

  7. Is Nichushkin even required to be protected? Maybe Detroit should trade Mrazec for Nichushkin and one of the Dallas tenders. Dallas would have to retain salary and add a draft pick to sweeten the deal. Detroit then has a couple of ok goaltenders until the prospect gets some more experience. Howard and Niemmi have proven them self in the past. Looking at the Wing’s roster this could result in a better draft pick because whoever they add on defense will not make them Cup contenders.

  8. Is it my imagination or does Matthews look like he is almost as good as McDavid and better than Eichel? Being a Leaf fan I hoped that Matthews would get forty points this year but if he plays with some skilled line mates like Nylander and JVR maybe sixty to eighty points might be possible? I don’t want to get carried away here but wow.

    Maybe if the media consentrates on whether or not Traveres is coming Matthews can fly under the radar?

    • Matthew’s has been way better than I expected. Toronto has found a gem.

      • Maybe eichel but not mcdavid part of the reason Matthews is looking good is because of mcdavid but Matthews will be a good player

      • It’s the quantity & quality of his icetime that shocked me. He’s getting 1st line minutes & PP time on Team NA playing against many of the best players in the world & playing well. Larkin didn’t even play today. Saad played 6 mins & change.

      • Of course he is playing first line minutes he is playing with one of the best players in the world and by a long distance best player on the team! If you watch that line closely watch how much attention is giving to mcdavid alot of double teams and pressure switches.

  9. Anyone looks good next to McDavid. RNH is impressing me. Bonds well for Edmonton this year.

    • He started on the fourth line, so the “of course he looks good” doesn’t really make much sense. Others have been on the top line with McDavid that are not now so it seems playing with McDavid didn’t make them that much better…maybe Mathews is playing next to McDavid because he looked better than the others when he was not on McDavids line. For people who claim to pay so much attention you and Bbb are sounding kinda ridiculous.

  10. Flyers have a plethora of young D and should be in the market for a top goalies (even though Hextall thinks they should not). Why not Del Zotto, Mason and either Alt or Hagg for Mrazek?