Latest on the Trouba Trade Watch – September 26, 2016

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Several teams could have serious interest in Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba.

Several teams could have serious interest in Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba.

Latest on possible trade destinations for Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba in your NHL rumor mill. 

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS:  Paul Wiecek is very critical of how Winnipeg Jets defenseman (and restricted free agent) Jacob Trouba and his agent were all over the place in their public comments regarding contract talks leading up to his recent trade request. He’s also skeptical that the motivation behind the request was his desire to play more time on the right side of the blueline, where he’s more comfortable.

Wiecek believes Trouba going public with his desire to be dealt lowers his trade value, which wasn’t at a high point because of the decline in his production over the course of his short NHL tenure. He feels it’s in the Jets best interest not to honor his trade request and let him rot.

WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe examines possible trade destinations for Trouba, listing the Arizona Coyotes, Boston Bruins, Colorado Avalanche, Detroit Red Wings and Philadelphia Flyers as possible trade options. Wiebe also notes the Jets have plenty of forwards in their pipeline and are looking to improve their depth in left-shooting defensemen, though that doesn’t mean they’ll limit themselves to that in seeking a return for Trouba.

While the Coyotes have a number of prospects, they’re lacking in left-handed defensemen, though Wiebe speculates a larger package including a young Coyotes forward or prospect might interest the Jets. He expects defenseman Torey Krug would have to part of any deal with the Bruins, who don’t have a lot of salary-cap space.

Wiebe notes there were rumors this summer of a Matt Duchene-for-Trouba swap with the Avalanche, while wondering if a package from the Wings containing Danny DeKeyser would make sense.

The Flyers have a couple of left-handed prospects in their system such as Ivan Provorov, but they’re unlikely to part with him. They also have salary cap issues. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL:  David Staples reports the Oilers have an over-abundance of left-shooting defensemen, suggesting any one of “Oscar Klefbom, Brandon Davidson, Darnell Nurse or even Griffin Reinhart would help out the Jets.” He also notes that, for cap reasons, the Oilers would have to give up a salaried player in any deal for Trouba. Staples points out Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli and coach Todd McLellan had ample opportunity to assess Trouba’s play for Team North America at the World Cup of Hockey.

Staples also took note of some of the complaints out of Winnipeg from some in the local media and some of Trouba’s teammates regarding his trade request. Ultimately, he’s betting Trouba lands with Detroit, Boston or Arizona.  

EDMONTON SUN:  Jim Matheson also weighs in on the Trouba trade request, noting there’s speculation the Oilers should offer up left-shooting defenseman Darnell Nurse to the Jets. However, the Oilers remain keen on Nurse, believing him to be a five-tool blueliner. Dealing away Oscar Klefbom would take away the Oilers best left-side rearguard. Matheson suggests offering up Brandon Davidson along with a forward, though he says he’s just spit-balling. 

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports the Boston Bruins had interest in Trouba earlier this summer, even putting together a potential offer sheet plan, though that eventually fell through. Haggerty believes this is a golden opportunity for the Bruins to bolster their blueline. A package offer of Ryan Spooner, Joe Morrow and a first-round pick would be considerable, but perhaps not enough to land Trouba. He speculates the Jets might want a blue-chip prospect like Brandon Carlo or someone like Adam McQuaid who can step in immediately to replace Trouba. 

DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan believes the Detroit Red Wings could have interest in Trouba, but coming up with players or prospects to interest the Jets, as well as clearing sufficient cap space to re-sign the blueliner, could be difficult. 

ARIZONA SPORTS: Craig Morgan reports via Twitter mentioning several times that the Arizona Coyotes had interest in Trouba. While that interest still exists, Morgan adds that doesn’t mean a deal gets done. 

TSN (via TODAY’S SLAPSHOT): Darren Dreger reports Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff won’t be in a hurry to move Trouba. He believes Cheveldayoff wants a good young defenseman under contract as part of the return. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yes, the Jets could let Trouba “rot”, but ultimately that won’t resolve anything. I disagree that this trade request hurts his value. There’s a big need among several clubs for skilled young right-shooting defensemen. What Cheveldayoff must do is find a deal that most benefits his team.

Of the teams listed by Wiebe, we can rule out the Flyers. They have limited cap space and are quite keen on Provorov. With the Avs having made a coaching change this summer, I don’t believe they’re looking to shake up their roster right now, so forget about a deal for Duchene.

I believe the Wings would love to land Trouba, but they also don’t have a lot of cap space to work with. I don’t see them parting with DeKeyser. If the Jets want a left-handed young d-man under contract, they won’t have interest in a forward such as Tomas Tatar or Gustav Nyquist. Unless the Oilers are willing to part with Nurse or Klefbom, I don’t see a fit there.

That leaves the Coyotes and Bruins, though both also have to keep an eye on their cap space in order to re-sign Trouba. The Coyotes have lots of promising young assets. If the Bruins are willing to part with Krug for Trouba, there could be a fit there.


  1. why would the Jets take back Krug who has $5.25 mil/4 year contract, rather give Trouba what he’s looking for…..another $5mil contract would give the Jets 4 Dmen at that price per year

    • No thank you. I would prefer to have Krug.

      • I don’t know if I agree or disagree. I like Trouba complete game, also like Krug offensive game. I think Trouba will have more offence going forward also two years younger. I would like to have both, but this deal doesn’t get done without Krug, unless it’s a Macquaid and Carlo, or Lauzon and other prospect pick. Untouchable for me is MacAvoy. Maybe boston flips a forward package to Ana for Fowler and flip him for Trouba. I definitely think a dman has to be going to the jets.

      • Agree trading Krug for Trouba doesn’t change much.
        Fill one hole create another.

    • Isn`t Trouba seeking more then $5 million… and his numbers don`t justify that sort of commitment. Offensively speaking, Krug has been very consistent since his rookie year, and he took a bridging deal – something Trouba refuses to do.

      • Well if you take Trouba at his word. Something I prefer to do until they are proven Liars. Thanks it isn’t about the money and perhaps he doesn’t want a large monetary contract like some insist he demands.

  2. I like the “even Griffin Reinhart” part, like he’s some super-prospect. His feet are made of lead. Another desperate Chiarelli trade. (Is that all he makes?!) Matt Barzal and a 2nd…lol

  3. Krug for Trouba makes some sense, tho after last season it seems londa like a sideways move for the Bruins.

    • Krug is a good player on the offense but because of his size he has problems on the D in his own zone and it’s where the Bruins need the help

      • Ya but in today’s NHL you need D like Krug to move the puck and I am not sure Trouba does that as well. It would be different if the Bruins had another D that filled Krugs role ( and no that’s not Liles) but to me anyway it seems like trading 5 pennies for a nickel type deal. Sure could be filling a need on the blue line, but also creating a hole as well.

  4. Ken Wiebe is in space. I’m sure many teams would like Trouba. Why wouldn’t you, other than apparently there appears to be a character flaw if your unhappy playing the 3rd most minutes in Winnipeg for TOI/GP at D. Arizona has 9 Dman that either have to clear waivers, 8 of which are on 1 way contracts not counting DeAngelo. Of those, 4 are right handed & 5 are left handed.

    I just don’t see it for Arizona. Nor can I see how Philadelphia would make it work for that matter. They have no cap space & a ton of youth coming at D. Wiebe should try looking at these roster formations.

    Winnipeg needs very little but time for all these young stud forwards to develop, so taking a forward back makes little sense. Moving Trouba, if he moves; I say let him rot, means they need a Dman back. Morrissey is ready to be exposed to the NHL in a limited role but after Winnipeg’s current top 4 the kitty is pretty bare.

    I loved Perreault’s comments. Just another premadona making demands putting himself ahead of his team. At least he’s not under contract so free to do as he chooses. Troubd did manage to make the team NA but only played as Ekblad got injured.

  5. It shocks me papers allow reporters to make such comments & actually print them. OEL & Goligoski are bot lefties. That’s your top 2 pairings locked up on the left side for the next 3 to 5 years respectively. I assume OEL; has 3 years remaining, will be resigned in the summer before the final season of his contract expires.

    Chychrun is a leftie as well & should be NHL ready if not next season certainly the season following. Klaus Dahlbeck is also a leftie. Far to much is being made of this whole left & right handed issue. Dam Babcock. Ha-ha!

  6. I said it the other day- Overhardt (his agent ) is the real problem. Could be awhile but I hope not. Trouba isn’t worth all the ink… Who won with the Drouin pouting and and subsequent tantrum ?? …

    • Silverseven, it is kind of the same as Drouin, but the difference is that there is a Dec 1 deadline to sign an RFA or he is done for the remainder of the season and can’t play.
      There was no such deadline last year with Drouin as he was signed to an existing contract.
      This puts extra pressure on both sides to get something done as both have plenty to lose.

      • Completely different for me. Drouin had a contract, Trouba doesn’t. I don’t like the fact Trouba’s choosing this course of action but it is with in his rights as he has no signed contract & this is the only real leverage he has.

        Drouin broke his contract & word. There should be fines in place in the CBA for such actions other than just being able to suspend a player with out pay, rest assured in the real world if you don’t up hold your contractual obligation your getting sued.

      • Good point.

  7. Provorov has more upside than Trouba and is on an entry level contract. That trade is not happening. Flyers will be in the market for some young scoring up front-not high priced D men. Even at that Provorov is untouchable.

  8. If they let Trouba “rot”, no free agent will ever sign with Winnipeg again!

    I support Trouba 100%! Nobody should be forced against their will to live in Winnipeg. No one should have to choose between the job they love and having to live in Winnipeg.

    If Winnipeg wants to let him rot, then I say go play in Europe and refuse to sign with anyone. Screw Winnipeg so they get nothing. Then when you’re 26 come back and kick some ass for a city worth playing for.

    • Ouch.

      Well he choose to play in the NHL & forfeited the option of choice until at least 27 as he didn’t enter the NHL as an 18 year old so his rights are owned by Winnipeg for 7 years unless traded.

      Does he actually live in Winnipeg? He sleeps there when Winnipeg is on a home stand briefly. Hockey players live in hotels more than they live at home from the middle of October until the middle of April at a bare minimum.

      Buffy could have chosen to become a UFA he choose to sign & stay in Winnipeg. Stafford & Perreault as well as others.

      I think Winnipeg taking a hard stance has just the opposite effect. It shows RFA’s that they sign or rot. UFA’s will go where they feel they have a chance to win, play with a superstar or garner a better role than they might else where. See Lucic. You can’t compare RFA’s & UFA’s either by the way. The only comparable is they both contain the words free agent as they couldn’t be more opposite that 1 & other.

    • MST, another option is to sign a contract that pays him $5 – 6 Million per season. Work hard and try to win a cup on a team that will have a chance to do so in the future as they have plenty of young talent. In a city that loves hockey and is full of great people worth playing for.
      And, if you want to play top minutes on the right side, play better than the 2 guys ahead of you.
      Then, in a few years you can be a UFA and play where ever you want.
      I know it is a huge sacrifice for Jacob, I hope he will be OK.

    • MST Where to you live- ever been to Winnipeg ? Why not include Edmonton ? The job you love comes with the expectation that you live where you are employed. This is not a civil servant role….what a joke.. .why live in Vancouver it rains too much, why live in LA with the traffic and smog… Exactly what city is worth playing for ?

  9. I don’t see the Oilers trading for Trouba. Unless it will be for a player off the roster that they already plan on protecting in the expansion draft. As it is I see them protecting 4 forwards, 4 d-men, and a goalie. I don’t see them trading Klefbom for Trouba as well.

    • Curious. Who do you see as Edm’s keepers for expansion based on what we see & know today?

      • 4 forwards – Lucic (NMC), Eberle, RNH, and Draisaitl.
        4 d-men – Sekera (NMC), Larsson, Klefbom, and Davidson.
        Goalie – Talbot (NMC).
        That is from what I know today. It all can change if Davidson struggles this year and if Maroon takes off from where he left off from last season with 16 points in 18 games when the Oilers acquired him at the trade deadline. McDavid and Nurse are not needing to be protected.
        So the Oilers would loose Pouliot IMO.

      • If the Oilers don’t protect Davidson than they would protect Pouliot, Maroon, and another forward that I have no clue who. Most likely loose Davidson in the expansion draft. IMO it would be easier to replace a Pouliot than it would be to replace a Davidson on your roster. Like I said earlier though, they would only do this if Maroon does take off from where he left off last season when the Oilers acquired him.

      • What about Reinhart who they paid a 1st & 2nd for.

      • As of right now IMO Reinhart would not be claimed over Pouliot.

      • I’m saying in an 8 skater format potentially over Davidsson. You had said Edm was keeping 4D & 4F. If protecting Pouliot then 3 D & 7F.

      • Then Chiarelli just gave away the 15th & 33rd picks in the 2015 draft?

      • I don’t see Reinhart getting picked over Davidson or Pouliot. That is as things are today. Now if Reinhart has turned things around and out performs Davidson this season than yeah that changes things.

      • EDM Pouliot is a LW. I would be shocked to see Edm protect Davidsson over Reinhart simply due to what they paid to get him. I like Davidsson but at 25 having been a 6th round pick with 63 games on NHL experience going into this year that seems like bad asset management. Although I would assume if Edm exposes Yakupov he may well be selected before either depending upon his season.

      • Well if it was my call, I am not protecting Yakupov, but it likely won’t be a decision PC has to make. I would put even money down that he is no longer an Edmonton Oiler by then.
        I think it will happen soon as long as Versteeg is healthy and ready to go. Now they have a replacement for him when he is sold for a 3rd round pick.

  10. 4 forwards – Lucic (NMC), Eberle, RNH, and Draisaitl.
    4 d-men – Sekera (NMC), Larsson, Klefbom, and Davidson.
    Goalie – Talbot (NMC).
    That is from what I know today. It all can change if Davidson struggles this year and if Maroon takes off from where he left off from last season with 16 points in 18 games when the Oilers acquired him at the trade deadline. McDavid and Nurse are not needing to be protected.
    So the Oilers would loose Pouliot IMO.

    • Sorry about this, I did hit reply to the comment I meant to reply to.

  11. I agree with not letting him “rot”; however, I do think the Jets do this on their terms. They need to get assets for this player if in fact he is worth all the “packages” being suggested. Seems to me like the value associated with this player seems high amidst acknowledgement of declining numbers in some aspects already in a short career. So whether or not the Jets play hardball he may sit a while due to his apparent “value”. He seems like a great young player but at what price?

  12. I heard the Leafs are in on Trouba and have made an offer. not sure how true that is but it would be interesting. Would have to be a forward roster player, good prospect and a mid level pick for him though. Leafs have lots to spare up front but not much right away on the back end, although they could part with someone younger on the back end, maybe one of their bigger young guys who were recently drafted.

    • Toronto would make good sense as they need help on defence. The thing that GM’s really need to keep in mind this season when making trades is the expansion draft and how it’s going to effect who they protect. The Leafs can make this move without effecting who they protect as most of their assets don’t need to be protected from the expansion draft. Looking at their roster with my limited knowledge of it and younger players, so far I see them protecting
      d-men – Reilly and Gardiner and Trouba if they trade for him.
      forwards – van Riemsdyk, Kadri, and Bozak
      Goalie – Andersen.
      Other than those players I don’t know who else they protect.

      • Agreed. Leafs are rebuilding at the right time and would likely lose someone like Bozak who, by next season, could very well be expendable. Trouba would be a good trade for them and give them someone to play with Reilly and a solid young top 4 dman. Problem is this; what would the Jets want and what is Trouba’s real value. The guy hasn’t exactly blown anybody away with his skill and he’s been on the decline the last half of last year. Could just need a change of scenery though.

      • The Jets will want a dman back in the the trade unless the leafs are willing to move Reilly( highly doubt) the other dman they have can’t see the jets having interest in

      • LOL @ Reilly for Trouba.

      • It’s just as funny as poll saying gardiner lol

      • Bob Mackenzie ” if the leafs are interested in trouba it would probably be a 1 for 1 trouba for Reilly” but hey what does he know right leaf fans ?

  13. If Trouba doesn’t want to play in Winnipeg I doubt he signs in Edmonton, I get the feeling that every team is going to want to talk to him and see what he is looking for in a new contract.

    Edmonton should offer Davidson and Eberle,

  14. Marchand 8 yrs 49 mill

    • Over payment

      • $6,125,000 per year for 8 years the 18th highest goal scorer in the NHL since becoming an NHL regular 6 seasons ago with his other attributes seems pretty reasonable to me.

        I think he would have gotten more next summer as a UFA.

      • Ya, price of doing business.
        Gave extra term in exchange for less annual salary.
        Assuming he continues to produce at current rate he would likely have received 7 for 7 on the open market. Gave an extra year at a million less/yr.

      • Certainly Not an overpayment in cash. Term is too high. I would have like 5yrs at $7m. Last 3 years will be a problem.

      • I don’t like all these long term deals either. Going to be interesting to see how this new dynamic of giving almost everyone 6 to 8 year deals plays out long term.

      • Marchand doesn’t sign for 5 years at $7. The Bruins have seen a lot of talent leave because of cap issues, Lucic, Boychuk, Eriksson, you may want to throw Hamilton into that but not sure exactly why he wanted out. Sweeney couldn’t let another one go.
        49 million is what he would have got on the open market.
        Agree with all that the long term contracts will bite you at the end of the deal, but that is what it costs in today’s NHL.

    • Yikes

      • Agreed 100% Caper the term on this deal is awful I would rather roll the dice and take a higher cap hit and less term than risk paying a 35 or 36 year old guy to be a 6 million dollar third line guy.

    • Ouch. That is gonna bite hard in a few years… better Boston than anyone else I guess.

  15. I dont see the Flyers being in play for Trouba. Young defencemen is where the Flyers are loaded, Provorov and Morin among others. If anything Philly would be looking to move a young dman for a young scoring forward.

  16. Yesterday I looked at the possibility of Trouba to Toronto. Today I’ll look at the Pacific division.

    Calgary – no besides the big three no one would fill Trouba skates.

    Anaheim ,Van LA – No

    Edmonton – Nurses name has been tossed around. Big difference between the 2 is Troubas experience. Regardless of future status Nurse cannot replace that.Besides EDM is in love with Nurse. Nurse should start 5-6 Winnipeg should be looking top 4.Sekara is older and expensive ,Klefblom ,a sideways move I’ll pass.

    SJS – Braun ? Helps SJS get younger and Braun is younger then Sekera. Can’t see it without some other intriguing parts.

    Arizona I like Stone and Murphy ( not together of course ) Chevy needs d to replace Trouba ,is there a fit with the young GM ?

    Looks like wherever Trouba ends up it may be looked at as a sideways move.
    Odds Cal ,SJS 75-1 ,Van ,LA Ana 100-1 Edmonton 40-1 Arizona 9 -1

  17. bealieu and something else? Are the Habs not already shopping him?

    • I think it would take more like Bealieu + someone + pick IMO

  18. Hope Boston can make it work for Trouba but price has to be right.
    Something like Spooner,Colin Miller first round pick
    Something along those assets.
    He is good but not great,also wants big money and I’m not sure he’s earned it yet as a restricted free agent.

  19. Just keep thinking that both Chevy and chiarelli mis read the Hamonic situation and either could have gotten a really good number 2 dman on a team friendly contract. Cost the oilers Taylor Hall and now the Jets are in a tough situation. That’s why these teams are always in the draft lottery

  20. Leafs would look to be trading futures (players or picks) plus a prospect Dman like Carrik or Corrado. It is easy to say a player has a greater potential upside than Trouba but he is showing his upside now. A guy like Provorov may have a greater upside but will he get there? Trouba could be the Leafs best right hander if they get him. Maybe the Jets should just put Buff or Myers on the left side then the issue is settled?

    • Carrick might be a prospect. I have no idea. Few 5th round picks even see the NHL. Carrick has managed 53 NHL games since being drafted 4 years ago. There appears to potentially be something there but will it transfer to the NHL?

      Corrado stayed in the NHL almost exclusively last season & couldn’t make Toronto’s roster as a regular after getting claimed off waivers from Vancouver. Toronto had 1 of the worst D’s in the entire NHL, if he couldn’t make that D he isn’t making many others. Not even a prospect at this point but a suspect.

      Toronto’s top 6 appears set baring a trade. Rielly, Gardiner, Hunwick, Zaitsev, Polak & Marincin. I assume Carrick & Corrado will be 7 & 8 as both have to clear waivers to be sent down. That’s not putting much fear into anyone but Toronto as a whole will play a sound system under Babcock & work hard.

      • Wow that looks bad! After watching zaitsev in the World Cup he looks like a bottom pairing guy in the nhl

      • I thought Zaitsev looked pretty good considering he’s playing against the best players in the world. He made some mistakes. Everyone does.

      • I didn’t say he looked bad just bottom pairing nhl dman right now. Most projected him as a possible 4-5

      • If he turn out to be a 4-5 guy he would be a guy playing close bottom pairing minutes fool so in other words most have said exactly what you are saying learn to count dummy.

      • ?

  21. I don’t think Chevy will talk to anyone until training camp and exhibition games are over at the least.
    He’ll see as to how prospect LHD Morrissey or summer signing LHD Streit perform .
    If either performs above average he might change his mind on not trading Trouba for a forward.

  22. If I’m the Wings I agree to give up Dekeyser but if I’m the Jets I want Xavier Oulette. Detroit also adds Nyquist and 2nd rounder to sweeten the pot. Nyquist salary covers a bridge deal for a couple years and provides Trouba a nice pay raise. Detroit needs to free up space for at least 1 Dman and a forward or two anyway. Hell, throw in Jurco if they want him. That kid is so confused anyway and has a lot of potential as a 3rd line guy. Untouchable are Larkin,AA and Mantha.

  23. Enough of Davidson and Krug talk …. Trouba is going to Detroit for nyquist and dekeyser…. We throw Armia in there to sweeten the pot!!! Being a Pegger…. Players have always wanted to leave….. Actually used to it now…. … Laine will leave in three years too….our cupboards are stacked peeps. Beware NHL!!!