NHL Free Agent Updates – September 18, 2016

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Ryan Strome has until Sept. 22 to re-sign with the New York Islanders.

Ryan Strome has until Sept. 22 to re-sign with the New York Islanders.

 A look at the status of several notable remaining unrestricted free agents plus the latest on New York Islanders restricted free agent Ryan Strome.

SPORTSNET:  Luke Fox recently provided an update on the top-10 remaining NHL unrestricted free agents. The Ottawa Senators and Calgary Flames were linked to defenseman Kris Russell, while blueliner James Wisniewski is on a professional tryout offer (PTO) with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The New Jersey Devils are speculated as a possible destination for defenseman Kyle Quincey. The Devils say there’s no timetable for a possible return of forward Patrik Elias, who underwent offseason knee surgery. 

The Ottawa Senators reportedly kicked tires on former Boston Bruins rearguard Dennis Seidenberg. Eight teams are apparently interested in offering a PTO to winger Tomas Fleischmann, while forward Tuomo Ruutu accepted a tryout offer with the Vancouver Canucks. 

Left wing Alex Tanguay isn’t interested in a PTO and prefers a one-way contract. Two or three teams reportedly have interest in him. Winger Kris Versteeg accepted a PTO with the Edmonton Oilers, while blueliner Christian Ehrhoff hopes his performance with Team Europe in the World Cup of Hockey bolsters his fading stock. 

TSN 1050 (VIA TODAY’S SLAPSHOT):  Bob McKenzie recently speculated Kris Russell could have a new contract “in the next number of days.” He claimed multiple teams have spoken to the defenseman, but the Toronto Maple Leafs aren’t believed among them. McKenzie also believes Russell could a one-year deal. 

NHL.COM: Dan Rosen recently suggested the Devils could be a potential fit for Russell because he believes they need another veteran defenseman. He thinks Russell, Kyle Quincey, David Jones, Lauri Korpikoski and Tomas Fleischmann will “definitely find work soon.” 

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons reports the Ottawa Senators are closely following Dennis Seidenberg at the World Cup of Hockey. He speculates Seidenberg will likely sign with the Senators once the tournament is over. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the New York Islanders policy of cutting off contract talks when training camp opens gives restricted free agent forward Ryan Strome until Thursday (Sept. 22) to re-sign. GM Garth Snow also said that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t match an offer sheet for Strome after that date. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Apart from Simmons’ report that Seidenberg could sign with the Senators, there’s nothing really new regarding those other UFAs. Russell’s agent recently said he expected his client be signed before the end of the World Cup of Hockey. One reason for the delay could be that the clubs with interest in Russell are waiting to see what the Anaheim Ducks do once they re-sign RFA blueliner Hampus Lindholm, as there’s talk they could put Cam Fowler on the trade block.

As for Strome, if he and the Isles fail to agree to a deal by Sept.22nd, Snow could decide to trade the 23-year-old forward. Strome had a promising 50-point sophomore performance in 2014-15 but managed only a disappointing 28 points last season. 


  1. Hard to figure out what contacts Simmons might have that Garrioch, Warren or any other Ottawa-based reporter/media type does not – but he certainly seems convinced that Seidenberg will sign with the Sens.

    • It’s a move that might make sense. Senators have 3 defenseman they have to protect (Karlsson, Methot and Dion), and 4 would be Ceci because any GM worth their salt wouldn’t expose him.

      This leaves Dorion in a tough position up front. You keep Turris, Brassard and Ryan, leaving the choice of exposing Hoffman or Stone or to a lesser extent McArthur.

      Seidenberg to Ottawa is a move to set up a move. Question is this – is it Methot or Dion?

      • I would be shocked if Ottawa protects Methot.

      • If I were putting my keepers in today for Ottawa they would be.

        Ryan, Hoffman, Stone, Brassard, Turris, Lazar, Pageau, Karlsson, Phaneuf, Ceci & Anderson.

        I assume things will change before we get there but those would be my keepers today.

        I don’t see Methot as a 4.9 million dollar Dman & even if exposed he won’t necessarily be selected. Ottawa isn’t losing a single player of any consequence as the roster is currently constructed.

      • Lazar had better show he’s something more than a 9- 10-goal plugger if he expects to be protected. Agree that there’s NO way they protect Methot. Not with Chabot and Englund coming up in the wings.

      • Isn’t it hilarious that acquiring Phaneuf means exposing Methot to the expansion draft 16 months later. I would draft him and flip him for a draft pick.

    • Hey striker with guys like brown, white and Paul coming up the pipes protecting Lazar may be a waste especially if he fails to improve his offensive output. I can see Lazar becoming trade bait for a goaltender for instance and if his production doesn’t increase is there really a likely chance Vegas would take him over others.

  2. There is really nothing here of any significance. But I do think Russell can make an impact wherever he ends up.

    • Of course he will – he would with any team I might tun – but not at $5 mil+ a year off my cap

    • It sure beats days on end of Vessey talk. Glad that circus is over.

      • That circus was more about people being starved for hockey news than about Vesey himself. I am sure he is glad it’s over too!

      • Haha, you brought Vesey up and thus continue the Vesey talk you claim to lament.

    • Russel will help whatever team he ends up with I agree Steven

  3. Let’s just let the damn games begin!

  4. If there is anyone good out there they will be going to the Leafs, as people will Kill to play there.

    • This is the reason other sites have gone away from letting readers comment.

      • I think it’s more the ppl that respond to them

      • How does that make sense? I get it and I’m sure everyone else does bbb you don’t agree with me, but why you go out of your way with the stupid comments that make no sense just to say you don’t agree?

      • The same reason you do I guess?

      • Lol I think shticky big Bear is right don’t comment on post you deem add no value. You can still have your say but express it in a comment on its own with out directly addressing an individual poster. Oiler Fan is likely doesn’t believe a thing he says and is simply enjoying watching the responses to his repetitive post which never fails to get a response. I have to say I logged onto the sight today with many thoughts, one of them being who will respond to Oiler Fan today.

      • Good one bbb. Personally I’m starting to like oil fans long game here. First it was ignorable, now it’s getting kinda funny. By end of season, with some creativity… Could be hilarious. Schlocky… Don’t like it don’t read it and skim over it. He has as much a right to post as you do.

      • It is funny chris! ? Leaf fans just can’t not say anything you would the know they would be used to it after the past decade of failure

      • Think not know*

  5. I find it interesting how he likes to talk sh!t about the leafs continually, but when someone talks it about the oil he gets pretty p!ssy about it. Shows a lot about a persons character

    • I think it’s funny it’s the 2 worst franchises over the past decade bickering back and fourth

      • Lol

  6. Strome would look good on several teams… Straight up hockey trade with Carolina seeing Elias Lindholm coming back. Or Nashville, with Colin Wilson and a 2nd coming back. Or to New Jersey for…rrright.. how about Vancouver for Anton Rodin and Michael Zalewski.

    Just think it would be sad to see a year go to waste over the Islanders’ rule.

    • Maybe the other trades but islanders aren’t getting Elias lindholm back for strome

      • Agreed. Having just turned 23 in July way to early to right this player off but a fresh start somewhere else may be necessary for him to become the player he was projected to be.

        A tarnished asset at present.

  7. Strome has been miss handled repeatedly by the Islanders. Perhaps there is a character flaw in place? Something doesn’t make sense. He won’t be the 1st 5th overall pick the Islanders give up on. Niederreiter has that distinction.

    • Outside Taveres it seems like the Islanders draft well but something gets lost in development or character issues Strome Ho Sang Niderreiter Rineheart Okposso had some questionable periods, I’m not trying to poke Snow, but ya I kinda agree something dosent make sense.

      • Strome hasn’t been miss handled at all I just don’t the know he has lived up to what the islanders thought they drafted

      • Could be that Snow and the Islanders hockey operations department create the wrong atmosphere for young players, with immediate expectations and short leashes. Tavares had and has the ability to drive his own career.

  8. Hey Chrisms,

    I doubt Oil Fan has a ton of creativity to draw from! But he is good at one thing; getting us all to comment on his one continuous comment. He reminds of Colonel Klink; “I know nothing…”

    • Actually, that was the catch-phrase of Sgt. Schultz.

  9. iol fan upset McDavid a bust!!!lol