NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – September 13, 2016

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Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin considers the NHL playoff format "weird".

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin considers the NHL playoff format “weird”.

 Latest on Alex Ovechkin, Henrik Zetterberg & more in your NHL morning headlines. 

CSN MID-ATLANTIC: Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin is critical of the NHL’s playoff format. “The schedule in the playoffs is kind of weird,” Ovechkin said, “because you play first team and fourth and then you play against Pittsburgh. … Then you think, why [do we] need to win Presidents’ Trophy to play against the best team?…It’s tough to think about it. It’s kind of weird, but there’s nothing you can do.” 

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Red Wings captain Henrik Zetterberg said he’ll be fully recovered from an offseason knee injury that knocked him out of the World Cup of Hockey in time for the start of the NHL regular season. The soon-to-be 36-year-old admitted he ran out of gas during the last two seasons and will find a way to better manage his ice time this season. One way could be playing more on the wing instead of center.

LOS ANGELES TIMES:  Anaheim Ducks center Rickard Rakell is undergoing tests in a Swedish hospital for a stomach virus and will miss the World Cup of Hockey. He will be replaced by St. Louis Blues forward Patrik Berglund. 

NBC SPORTS:  The Blues invited former Blues forward Chris Porter to training camp on a tryout basis. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As per Kukla’s Korner, Porter becomes the sixth player the Blues have signed to professional tryout offers. He joins T.J. Galiardi, Eric Nystrom,Yan Stastny, Mike Weber and Scooter Vaughan.

ISLANDERS.NHL.COM: The New York Islanders reports former New Jersey Devils forward Stephen Gionta has accepted their training-camp tryout invitation. 

THE TENNESSEAN: The Nashville Predators have released their training camp schedule, which begins on Sept. 24. 


  1. Agree with Ovie 100%. Would prefer either a 16 team bracket or 8 per conference which reseed after each round. Silly.

    • You have to beat everyone you play. That’s the way it works. If they can’t beat Pittsburgh they can’t win the Cup.

      • Exactly! He is just whining here on this non-issue. These playoff setup goes back to the old divisional system which was great back in the day as there were some nasty battles in the playoffs.
        I consider that any playoff system isn’t perfect and what works for one, penalizes another. You just can’t get around that.

        With Ovie, the key here is to imagine that instead of losing to the Penguins, they beat them and the Caps went on to win the cup this spring…..does Ovie come out and speak critically of the playoff format?

        I didn’t think so either.

    • Ovie’s comments sound more like a sore loser than being genuinely concerned over the playoff format.

      • nynfr….i don’t think ovie is being a sore loser…by winning the president’s trophy,you should have earned the right of the path of least resistance….82 games is a right well earned…remember in 91-92 in mess’s first year with the rangers,they won the president’s trophy…their “reward” for finishing first overall was a first round against the devils who would sell their souls(???)to beat the rangers,then against the defending cup champ penguins in round two…ovie’s pissed,but ovie has a point

    • I agree it should go back to best playing worst in every round for each conference

  2. The NHL’s current playoff format is a joke. I can’t believe that very intelligent well educated people can think this shit makes sense. It’s even worse in the west where the level of competition to advance is greater. 4 of the top 6 teams in the league last season came out of the west & if these teams didn’t have to play such difficult competition as often during the regular season compared to teams level of competition in the east more teams would finish even higher in the top 16 teams in the league.

    Bad round 1 playoff matches in the west.

    Chic the #3 team in the west, #5 in the league plays StL the #2 team in the west & #3 team in the league?

    SJ the #6 team in the west, #11 in the league plays LA the #5 team in the west & #8 team in the league.

    Bad 2nd round playoff match in the west.

    StL the #2 team in the west & #3 team in the league plays Dallas the #1 team in the west & the 2nd best team in the NHL.

    The East wasn’t much better as Ovechkin said. Pit having to play Was in the 2nd round was also a joke.

    Once the playoffs start teams should be seeded 1 to 8 at a bare minimum by conference based on points. Those teams should be reseeded after each round but better yet lets seed 1 to 16 & eliminate conferences entirely come playoff time. This would eliminate the disparity in higher level of competition, balance out travel issues; teams in the west are required to travel disproportionately to teams in the east & this would reflect better the best team in the NHL not having teams eliminated so early due to this ridiculous playoff format.

  3. stop hating on ovi

  4. I think that if you can’t hack it the way it is, just respect the teams that did. The format is fine.

  5. Pretty sure this would be a lot less of a “sore loser” story of it was coming from a North American born player, fact is in just about any tournament format what Ovie is saying is absolutely how it works but for whatever reason the MHL has to continuously find a way to build a better mouse trap, I think the format is confusing and not particularly rivalry building. It’s not horrible but I see his point.

    • Ovi is whining a bit it’s pretty simple don’t lose in the playoffs or your out! ? Just because wash can’t seem to win in the playoffs doesn’t mean you should change it to suit them!

      • Btw shticky still think the World Cup has been ” all star game style” ? Big hit on the ice and even bigger with the fans! I did see palmeri block a Shea Webber clapper something you said wouldn’t happen cause it’s a meaningless tourney!!? I’d like to see how you’re gonna twist your words to say you didn’t say that?

    • I admit it’s been better than I thought it would.

      • Still think it’s meaningless tho not sure in 10 20 years we will be talking about this World Cup the way people talk about 72 76 the miracle on ice or other great hockey tournaments….this is way way down on that list.