NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – September 21, 2016

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Matt Duchene scores one of his two goals against Team USA in Canada's 4-2 victory at the World Cup of Hockey.

Matt Duchene scores one of his two goals against Team USA in Canada’s 4-2 victory at the World Cup of Hockey.

 World Cup of Hockey scores, plus latest contract signings & more in this morning’s NHL headlines.

NHL.COM: Matt Duchene scored twice and Carey Price made 33 saves as Team Canada downed Team USA 4-2. The victory ensure Canada advances to the tournament semifinal. The Americans have one game left in the preliminary round but will not advance to the semifinal. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Team Canada got some lucky bounces in this game. The Americans, however, were unable to cash in on theirs. The second-guessing over Team USA management’s player and coaching selection had already started prior to this game. Excuses are being made that the American squad would’ve been better if youngsters such as Auston Matthews, Johnny Gaudreau and Jack Eichel weren’t playing for Team North America. Perhaps, but American management did themselves no favors by leaving skilled players such as Bobby Ryan, Justin Faulk and Kevin Shattenkirk off the roster. Phil Kessel was also passed over, though a wrist injury would’ve prevented him from playing in the tournament. I think it comes down to depth in skilled talent.. Quite frankly, the Canadians had more of it than the Americans. 

Henrik Lundqvist made 36 saves to backstop Team Sweden to a 2-0 victory over Team Finland. Anton Stralman and Loui Eriksson scored for the Swedes, who will advance to the tournament semifinal. Finland could be eliminated from the tournament depending upon the outcome of tonight’s game between Sweden and Team North America. 

MIAMI HERALD:  Florida Panthers defenseman Aaron Ekblad will miss the start of the club’s training camp due to a minro concussion suffered in the World Cup of Hockey tournament. Ekblad has left Team North America and is returning to the Panthers for evaluation by their team doctors. 

TSN: Dallas Stars winger Valeri Nichushkin has signed a two-year contract with KHL team CSKA Moscow, while the New York Islanders re-signed winger Ryan Strome to a two-year, $5 million contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There was talk Nichushkin was unhappy playing under Stars coach Lindy Ruff, who said the young winger was given plenty of chances but other younger players out-performed him last season. The Stars still hold Nichushkin’s NHL rights if he decides to return once his KHL contract has expired.

As for Strome’s new deal with the Islanders, $2.5 million per season is pretty much the standard raise for a player of his caliber coming off an entry-level contract. Had Strome’s play not declined sharply last season (28 points) after a 50-point rookie campaign, he probably would’ve received a more lucrative deal. 

TRIBLIVE.COM:  Phil Kessel (wrist surgery) and Trevor Daley (ankle) both expect to be ready for the Pittsburgh Penguins season opener next month. 

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Winger Artemi Panarin is in contract extension talks with the Chicago Blackhawks. Panarin won the Calder Memorial Trophy as last season’s NHL rookie of the year and is entering the second year of his two-year entry-level contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If he exceeds 70 points again this season, he could earn an expensive long-term extension. However, that could mean the Blackhawks will be forced to shed salary to create cap space to re-sign him. 

ESPN.COM:  Buffalo Sabres winger Evander Kane is filing a counterclaim against a woman who filed a civil suit against him earlier this year claiming he attacked her in his hotel room last December. Kane calls her allegations a sham. 

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: The Anaheim Ducks have invited forwards David Booth and Sean Bergenheim and goalie Yann Danis to training camp on a tryout basis. 

EDMONTON SUN:  The Oilers have added defenseman Eric Gryba to their training camp for a tryout. 

THE DENVER POST: The Colorado Avalanche signed forward Jiri Tlusty to a professional tryout offer. 

BOSTON HERALD:  The Boston Bruins give forward Peter Mueller a tryout offer. 

SPORTNET:  NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said future Olympic participation by the league will be up to the team owners. A decision is expected in the near future. 

OTTAWA SUN:  Former Senators star turned team executive Daniel Alfredsson has become a Canadian citizen. 

THE MERCURY NEWS: The San Jose Sharks released their training camp roster and schedule. 



  1. “There is no such thing as a minor concussion.” – American Academy of Neurology. The AAN defines concussion as a “alteration of mental status due to a biomechanical forces affecting the brain.” The AAN definition does not require a loss of consciousness.

  2. The US left guys like Kessel Ryan Faulk Shattenkirk off the team it’s unlikely that this management group would have taken a risk by taking players it would have considered to young or small. Also do they realize that the other half of that North American team is Canadian and the best player on it is Canadian?

  3. Not that it matters but Strome’s 50 point season was his 2nd. He played 37 games in 2013-14.

  4. The Amerian mens hockey program is a mess. Time to realize the game is more about skill and will than grit and brawn.

    • Kessel tweeted this last night which is pretty funny

      Just sitting around the house tonight w my dog. Felt like I should be doing something important, but couldn’t put my finger on it.

    • Exactly. Grit is still a factor if it meets the other criteria as well but playing a solid 2 way game isn’t about hammering people in today’s game, it’s about containing them. You don’t have to hammer people to be a good defensive team nor defensemen.

      1 of my issues with Phaneuf is he often takes him self out of position to make a hit as do a great many NHL players. That intimidation is great but the result is often not good.

      I’d much prefer to watch Campbell, Stralman, Krug, etc. play there style of defensive hockey. Lidstrom & Bourque were 2 of the best Dman to ever play the game. I’m not saying emotion didn’t get the better of them at times but really they played solid 2 way hockey checking to remove the player from the puck, puck from the player or player from the play. They didn’t hit to hurt which is prevalent in the NHL still.

      • That comment is exactly why kessel wasn’t on the team he is a me first player and a cancer in the locker room! Pens are lucky to have better players to keep kessel in place we saw what happened with him in Toronto and they had to eat contract to get rid of him! He wouldn’t have made one bit of difference to team USA

  5. During the 2nd period of last nights game Pierre Lebrun had a very interesting comment of the NHL’s participation in the Olympics. He essentially said that the NHL received 17 mil+ from the IOC to participate in the last Olympics to cover travel & insurance costs & the 1’s in Korea would cost the NHL more.

    No way the NHL is going to shut down it’s season for 2 weeks & incur 20 million in fee’s to send players. A decision 1 way or the other apparently needs to be made by January on 2017 to plan for doing so. The clock is ticking & I assume the IOC thinks the NHL/NHLPA/IIHF are bluffing. I don’t think they are.

    8 teams in the NHL are losing money, another 8 barely turning a profit as the NHL’s current business model is structured. Not a chance the NHL teams are going to incur this cost.

    Most current operating revenue for NHL teams. 2014-15. 2015-16 not yet available. The NHL’s fiscal year just ended on June 30th. NHLPA audits should be done soon & #’s made available, although accuracy is a concern.


    • I know we normally don’t get along but…It doesn’t make sense to me why if you own a business and your model is franchising yet your franchise owners are not making profits you would not advertise on a large (national or global in this case) platform? The NHL should be looking at this in a you gotta spend money to make money point of view. Hook it’s wagon to the IOC and be done with it. Again not that I like professional sports in the Olympics I think it’s a stage for amateurs but..

      • Shticky we don’t need to agree. It’s the debate or discussion which is enjoyable. Having different view points is all good. It just desegregates on occasion to personal barbs which isn’t cool. I’m probably as much to blame there as you. Who started it isn’t relevant really.

        The NHL is developing numerous platforms to increase revenue. A major National US TV contract will come but we are probably still 5+ years probably more from any meaningful monies from such.

        The growth of youth minor hockey in the US is staggering. That is going to bare significant fruit eventually.

  6. In some crazy alternate Universe in 1 of my fantasy leagues we are being forced to submit our protected rosters on September 22nd; tomorrow & our redraft is Sept 26th. Brutal. We’ll have seen 1 night of preseason games.

    We set dates by democracy, 20 votes & numerous GM’s had serious scheduling conflicts. I hate drafting this early into the preseason.

  7. Now that the US Canada game is done where does this tournament go from here? With all the media hype of past Olympic rivalries done, it’s tough to see as much excitement being worked up for the Semis or finals no matter who’s in it it will likely seem like a bit of a let down.

    • I’m happy with whoever team Canada plays! Ha-ha.

      Russia, Swedes, etc. The games I have watched have been great. I’ve made time for 5 full games so far some of others & will catch at least 6 more.

      I didn’t have the US to make the final as constructed regardless but I assumed they would make the semi’s.

      It seriously effects the goal of the NHL/NHLPA to grow & market the game in the US unfortunately but the US has no 1 to blame but themselves & there is enough blame to go around for everyone involved.

    • I’m not sure about great, 8 games so far and only 3 decided by 1 goal? 6-0, 3-0 4-1 2-0 4-2…. Not sure Id say there have been many close games, which is another Benoit to more teams, this format didn’t avoid one sided games they are always going to happen but with more teams you would have closer games between smaller countries which is more exciting to watch.

      • We get it shticky you don’t like the World Cup!! Lots of ppl are really enjoying it! Why do you keep bringing it up if you’re not paying attention to it?

  8. Any honest American hockey fan knew from the start this team was wrong. Backes, Kesler, Dubinsky/Callahan, Abdelkader.. you needed 2 of them not 4. Even Stepan… good all around player lacks speed- Tyler Johnson creates more than half this lineup did. Could go on and on. Pats and Buf lacked some passion- Torts?