NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – September 27, 2016

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Marian Gaborik (left) sidelined eight weeks after suffering a foot injury in the World Cup of Hockey.

Marian Gaborik (left) sidelined eight weeks after suffering a foot injury in the World Cup of Hockey.

 Marian Gaborik injured, Nikita Nesterov re-signed & more in this morning’s NHL headlines. 

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Kings winger Marian Gaborik will be sidelined for eight weeks after suffering a foot injury during the World Cup of Hockey semifinal between Team Europe and Team Sweden. 

TAMPA BAY TIMES: The Lightning re-signed defenseman Nikita Nesterov to a one-year, $725K contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This leaves the Lightning with $5.5 million in salary-cap space, probably not enough to re-sign restricted free agent winger Nikita Kucherov and still leave sufficient room for other roster moves as required over the course of this season. The Lightning will get temporary cap relief by placing sidelined winger Ryan Callahan on long-term injury reserve, but he’s expected to return to action in late November. Something’s got to give, via trade or demotions.

CSN CHICAGO: Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith (knee) probably won’t play in the club’s four preseason games. 

NEWSDAY’s Arthur Staple reports UFA forward Steve Bernier signed a professional tryout offer with the New York Islanders.

PHILLY.COM: The Philadelphia Flyers sold nearly 18,000 season tickets for 2016-17, an increase of 1,700 over last season.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators are finalizing a deal that will move their AHL affiliate from Binghamton, NY to Belleville, Ontario.

EDMONTON SUN: The Oilers introduced their first-ever team mascot.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And Twitter had a field day in its reaction. You can see my reaction here


  1. Hockey teams with mascots reek of gimmicky minor league franchises. Harvey the Rat in Calgary, Youpee the what the hell is that in Montreal to useless Fin in Vancouver. Mascots that have nothing to do with the franchise. At least San Jose has a Shark. Mascots belong to college football and minor league baseball teams. Who wants to drop two hundred dollars on a hockey ticket just so a Rat or ridiculous Orca can get up in your face and block the view you just spent half your paycheck on.

    The San Diego Chicken and the Phillie Phanatic are about the only two mascots worth having. Maybe focusing on their shi**y on ice product would serve the Soilers, Canucks and Flames better.

    • Looks like a dumpster cat is all I was going to say…

  2. The fear of injury becomes reality for LA. Only good thing is it gives LA some cap space come opening night to play with.

  3. In that article announcing the Senators’ relocation of their AHL team from Binghamton, N.Y. to Bellevile, Ontario, Melnyk is also quoted re MacArthur: “He (Melnyk) does believe if MacArthur is out for a lengthy amount of time that Dorion will make a move to replace him either with a player currently on the roster, through a trade or a free agent signing.”

    “Well, for starters, that “if” is in the category “if your uncle had different equipment he’d be your aunt” – MacArthur is clearly finished and should pack it in unless he want to be drooling pablum at 40. Secondly, there is NO ONE on the current roster that can replace MacArthur’s ability to score 20 or more goals over a full season. Right now, on the left side, it’s Hoffman and Smith and the question everyone will be asking is, was last season a mirage where Smith is concerned? Third – there is sweet bugger all on what’s left of the UFA scrap heap that could step into that role. That leaves a trade, and their best bet is to try and work something out with one of the teams currently up tight against the cap limit (or actually over it) involving prospects and/or Lazar.

    • I’m pretty excited about the baby Sens being just down the road in Bellville. it was a shame when the Bulls left now I kinda look at it like a blessing in desguise I can now go to my Fronts games Friday eve, and hopefully if scheduled right catch AHL games Sumday afternoon. or the odd evening.

      • Sounds, too, like the rink is going to be nicely spruced up. I totally forgot that their current ice surface is olympic size.

      • Ya it’s odd and in need of sprucing up to put it lightly.

    • The Senators did well in the scoring department last season with out MaCarthur, played 4 games had zero points. Puempel will be given every opportunity to assume 3rd line LW minutes now with Dzingel I assume sliding into the #4 role. Hoffman & Smith 1, 2.

      I know you have been pining for Lazar to be moved but it’s very unlikely. 1 of the best 2 way forwards on the team now & his offense will come. Solid leader, probably a future captain for the Senators. Should make a solid #3 C eventually that could slide into a #2 role for limited periods. Very responsible, plays with a ton of heart. Role defensively increased last season in year 2 as did total minutes; a little over a minute & points, he became a 1st unit PK guy.

      Still limited to less than 14 mins a game last season. Should move into the 15 to 16 range this season. I assume back on the right side with Kelly coming in unless injuries move him back to C again. Don’t write him off yet George. Great young player. You might have a Kesler on your hands. Lazar stepped into the NHL at a very young age & played a regular role defensively.

      You didn’t actually expect MacArthur to come out of his 3rd concussion & not experience set backs. I had him done already before camp started.

      I’m still more concerned about the D than forward group even with the loss of MacArthur. Get that #5 & 6 spot filled with Seidenberg & Quincey on cheap contracts for 1 year. Bring in Chabot & play him in a sheltered role. 10 to 12 mins a night in about 35 to 40 games but spend the year with the big club. Nothing to prove in Jr.

      • I most certainly did NOT expect MacArthur to come back and simply pick up on his pre-concussion days. The point is, the Senators should not have been expecting tat either. They had opportunities early on in the UFA “frenzy” to address that and did not. And no one – not the Sens, me OR you – knows if Smith can repeat that career season, so that’s a bit of more fingers-crossed hoping.

        As for Lazar, I’m not soured on the kid – but IF they truly want to bring in – via trade – a bona-fide Top 6 LW it’s going to take someone like him to entice the potential trading partner.

        Totally agree on their 5/6 D situation and Chabot – but I’m not holding my breath.

      • Oh, and before I forget, as for Lazar slotting in as # 3 C down the line, they have 6′ 185-lb Colin White, now at Boston College, 6′ 6″ 222-lb Logan Brown, 6′ 4″ 223-lb Nick Paul and 6′ 1″ 196 lbs Filip Chlapik all coming up the pipe.

      • He can always stay at RW if necessary. With all the raises handed out this summer & coming in the very near future; next 2 years, Ottawa is in a tough spot. It’s not that they can’t spend to the cap if Melynyk would be willing to do so, they just aren’t going to & that’s his right as owner. I don’t begrudge him for wanting to turn a reasonable profit.

        I never expected Ottawa to bring in another top 6 winger. What you see is what you get as far as I’m concerned as you know. We have had that discussion numerous times. Being a budget team not to due to revenue although it’s taken a hit due to the Canadian dollar Ottawa still turns a decent profit.

        When the new building is complete & those alternate revenue streams can be brought online things will change significantly but in the interim this is a great young hockey team with a few holes that will primarily need to be addressed internally as able.

        If the defensive game improves which it will just through the acquisition of Phaneuf; solidifying their top 4, as crazy as that sounds & the new coaching staff, Ottawa won’t have to score more goals to be better. They are going to allow less.

  4. Sadly, though the ice is littered with stars, it feels like a mid-week Leafs game in here-with fewer spectators


    Seriously, it sounds like a weekday Leafs game except even quieter.

    Lot of empty seats/boxes at World Cup of Hockey final. Not a great look.


    So bbb here is some other media guys talking about the finals of this great tourney and how full the rink is…this tournament the way it’s been organized currently is a joke.

    • Seeger said

      A bit of a All Star game odor late in first.

      • Dreger*

      • Like I said before shticky Toronto is a horrible place to play any international event the only hockey they know is the the leafs hence why leafs fans make the dumbest trade proposals like gardiner and kapenan for trouba?

      • Lol you’re right bbb should have played it in Montreal where Habs fans like yourself can offer much better proposals like Beaulieu for Trouba? What does fans trade proposals have to do with anything? You said this tournament would be a big success and would be so competitive and not like an all star game at all… So far it’s been blow outs and now this which Dreger says kinda smells like an all star game and other media are saying isn’t very competitive at all. Why’s that?