NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – September 5, 2016

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Mike Babcock is the only member of the Toronto Maple Leafs on Team Canada in the upcoming World Cup of Hockey.

Mike Babcock is the only member of the Toronto Maple Leafs on Team Canada in the upcoming World Cup of Hockey.

 Updates on the Leafs, Predators and more in this morning’s collection of NHL morning headlines. 

TORONTO STAR:  The Toronto Maple Leafs could have at least one winner in the upcoming World Cup of Hockey. They have players spread over seven teams (though recently injured goalie Frederik Andersen’s status is uncertain) plus Mike Babcock is head coach of Team Canada. Speaking of Canada, it’s the only team that doesn’t have a Leafs player in the lineup. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No surprise there aren’t any Leafs players on Team Canada. The most prominent Canadian Leafs include forwards Tyler Bozak, Nazem Kadri and Joffrey Lupul. Defenseman Morgan Rielly is Canadian, but the 22-year-old is skating for Team North America. 

THE TENNESSEAN:  The Nashville Predators had a busy summer. Among their notable moves was shipping team captain Shea Weber to the Montreal Canadiens for defenseman P.K. Subban and re-signing rising star Filip Forsberg to a lucrative long-term contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Both moves should make the Predators a more competitive team over the next several years. Should goaltender Pekka Rinne regain his once-dominant form, adding Subban and re-signing Forsberg should improve their chances of becoming Stanley Cup contenders.

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: Sharks general manager Doug Wilson issued a statement Sunday claiming winger Tomas Hertl should be ready to play when the regular season opens in October. Hertl recently dropped out of the World Cup of Hockey to allow more time for his right knee, injured during the 2016 Stanley Cup Final, to fully heal. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  A wise decision by Hertl. Better to be prepared for the long grind of an 82-game NHL regular season than to risk aggravating his knee in a meaningless tournament. 

TORONTO STAR: Kevin McGran and Andrew Bailey recently examined the decline of the slapshot in the NHL as usage of the snapshot increases. 


  1. The way players keep dropping from World Cup rosters the whole thing is starting to look like the NFL Pro Bowl.

  2. “Meaningless” doesn’t do proper justice to any description of this blatant, bald-faced cash grab.

    • Don’t watch or go to the games than George! Anytime players put on their countries jersey is fun to watch

      • Can’t agree with you here BBB. While they might be playing for pride, why ruin a team’s chances in the regular season through injury? I, for one, would rather go to preseason games and watch the kids battle for a spot on the team. IMO it’s way more fun than this schlock!

      • Really…who cares if it’s a cash grab. Is someone grabbing your cash due to this. You’ll watch and you’ll enjoy it. You certainly will want to be able to join the discussion here regarding it when it happens. You have no choice but to watch.

    • Not sure it’s meaningless George, but I don’t really care for the Team North America and Europe gimmick. Seems like something a video gamer would dream up in an Xbox tournament.

      I guess McDavid isn’t actually until he is 24!

      • Actually Canadian I meant to say!

      • Wait 4 years until McDavid Eichle and Mathews are still playin on team North America not pulling on their “countries” jersey to see what a joke this international tournament is

      • Good times when a country dosent win an international tourney…

      • Screw watching the best players in the world lets just wait for the leafs!!! ?

      • Not sure what the Leafs have to do with anything neither George or Ron Leaf fans big bear maybe this like so many other of your posts makes no sense? For a guy who likes to say others are drunk and high a lot you sure do make a lot of bizarre and off base type comments that don’t really have to to with the topic at hand. You sure you are not dealing with some issues?

      • It was a joke tanner about how you would rather watch the leafs than the best players in the world!

      • We understand you don’t like the World Cup tanner but why rain on everyone else parade? Just stick to watching the leafs its close to as good as hockey and don’t forget read the stats sheet?

    • Agree with you completely George! Let’s see how “meaningful” this event becomes when a couple of prized players get injuries here that knock them out of the first few months of the season or more! Loved the Olympics more too when they skated amateurs. Now that the KHL exists, it’s time again to make the Olympics amateur again so that it’s actually fun to watch!

  3. I agree that the amount of dropouts seems suspicious. On another note I think one of the biggest storylines going into this season is Nashville and Montreal.

    Despite the variety of opinion regarding the Subban for Weber trade there are respectable hockey minds claiming big improvements this season for both clubs.

    Spector, here himself, points to improvements for Nashville, while on TSN radio out of Montreal pundits were predicting a playoff spot and as much 104 points this season for Montreal. I know some will think that is biased, however, the media in Montreal is not afraid to criticize their team.

    Isnt’t that the hallmark of a true hockey trade? Instant improvement for both teams. If Price stays healthy and Rinne, like Spector suggests, returns to form a Nashville/ Montreal final could be possible. How many truly predicted Pittsburgh/ San Jose this year?

    If Nashville wins Montreal would certainly get over their love affair with Subban!

    • 104 points for Montreal? Even with the garbage otl/shootout point theres no way Montreal gets 104 points. Cary Price will need like 40 shutouts for that to happen. Any team that has Patches, Gallegarb and the Turtleneck as its best players is going to be much closer to a lottery pick than a hundred points. TSN Montreal must be getting its prediction format from TSN Vancouver where the parade down Robson St is already being planned. Montreal is brutal.

      • Didn’t say I expect to happen but if things go well for Montreal as they will in Nashville it could get interesting.

        I am not a Montreal fan but how do you explain a 9-0 start and a conference lead disappearing after the injury of Price? If he stays healthy in a wide open Eastern Conference anything is possible.

        Do you think the Habs of 93 would have been a 102 point team and Stanley Cup champion without Roy? The games have not been played yet. I think parity will be at an all time high this year. But I do agree with you that Vancouver will be AWFUL!

  4. I kind of hope Rinne doesn’t regain his dominant form and the Preds end up reuniting James Neal with his good buddy Mark Andre Fleury. Shouldn’t be too hard to get a deal done there, Nashville with Viktor Arvidson or Vlad Kamenev going to Pittsburgh.