NHL Rumor Mill – September 1, 2016

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It will take a significant offer to pry defenseman Jacob Trouba away from the Winnipeg Jets.

It will take a significant offer to pry defenseman Jacob Trouba away from the Winnipeg Jets.

 Updates on Jacob Trouba, Johnny Gaudreau, Kris Russell & more in your NHL rumor mill. 


NHL NETWORK (via TODAY’S SLAPSHOT): Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reports some teams earlier this summer tried to potentially talk trade with the Winnipeg Jets regarding restricted free agent defenseman Jacob Trouba. At one point the Jets sought scoring, but their selection of promising winger Patrik Laine at the 2016 NHL Draft appears to address that issue. Friedman said he isn’t sure where things are going, as the Jets don’t have many needs right now, but he feels it could take a great offer to pry Trouba away from the Jets now. 

Friedman also said there’s nothing imminent to report regarding contract talks between the Calgary Flames and RFA winger Johnny Gaudreau. It sounds like both sides want a long-term deal, with Gaudreau probably seeking a big number.  

Regarding unrestricted free agent defenseman Kris Russell, Friedman expects the blueliner is getting close to reaching a decision on where he’ll sign. He believes Russell’s preference is to remain out west and wouldn’t be surprised if he returned to Calgary, though the Flames blueline is very crowded right now. “Unless they can do something there with one of their existing contracts, I’m not sure there’s room,” said Friedman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I still expect the Jets will get Trouba re-signed to a two-year bridge contract. They’ll want to evaluate him over that period before determining if they’ll invest in an expensive, long-term deal with him.

Gaudreau will get a seven- or eight-year deal worth closer to $7 million than the $6.375 million per season linemate Sean Monahan recently agreed to. I don’t see Russell returning with the Flames, especially after they re-sign Gaudreau to his rich new deal. Unless they ship out a contract or someone goes on LTIR, they simply won’t have the cap room. 


EDMONTON SUN: Jim Matheson reports Oilers general manager Peter Chiarelli could bring in a veteran center on a professional tryout offer to potentially fill their fourth-line center spot. Matheson suggests David Legwand, Mike Richards and  Stephen Gionto as possible options. Paul Gaustad would also be an obvious choice, but he will announce his retirement within the next couple of weeks. 

STARTRIBUNE.COM:  Michael Russo reports Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher is “looking at different options for pro tryouts to act as insurance policies if some vying for spots show in camp they aren’t ready.”  He speculates Paul Gaustad, Lauri Korpikoski, Steve Downie and R.J. Umberger could be among their external options.

NJ.COM: Chris Ryan lists defensemen Matt Bartkowski, Kyle Quincey and Christian Ehrhoff and forwards Tyler Kennedy, Steve Downie and Brad Boyes as potential PTO options for the New Jersey Devils. 


  1. Korpikoski still has wheels.

    • Never had hands to go with wheels though. Not very good ones anyway.

  2. Someone mentioned it yesterday in regards to Quincey, he may not put up the numbers he used to but he is not the garbage fire of most of the D that’s left looking for contracts, seems odd he hasn’t found a spot yet with every team seeming to be looking for D

    • The way he looked last yr is probably the reason why he hasn’t landed a spot yet or just asking too much

      • Could be right about asking too much or possibly the concussion but as far as a guy who could come in and play 19 – 20 mins a night as a shot suppression type D he is still a pretty serviceable guy. For a couple million bucks there are far worse out there lol

      • Could be a decent bottom pairing guy

      • Yep Quincey’s biggest problem was being used and paid like a 3/4 type guy but as a bottom bottom pairing guy who could maybe slide up a spot of you ran in to injuries he could be a decent pick up is all I’m saying.

      • Quincey was solid but not spectacular in his play. I like to call this type of player “quiet “as they seem to get the job done with little fanfare. At almost 32 he compares to Jason Garrison.
        Most people would put Garrison down as a 5/6 d man, over paid for what he does.I agree with that assessment.He could be # 4 but no higher.
        Quincey is definitely a look for a team not set on its bottom 3 d. Vancouver has little cap room left but if Quincey agreed to 1.5 I’d grab him. Kyle can look at it as a I’ll prove myself NHL type deal.

    • I always thought Quincey was solid but not spectacular.

  3. Leafs Sign them all.

    • Have you considered medication for what ails you?

      • He’s got a fever! And the only prescription is more trolling!

      • Maybe he could get Mommy to make him some chicken soup!

    • There you go again OIl Fan. Belittling the Leafs who much like your own team have been horrible lately. And like your team trending toward a very bright future! I hope they both get there, and real soon!

      • Oil fan is laughing getting responses for his trolling.
        I say set up a pool to pick the correct time ” Baby Oil ” fan posts. Winner gets a yet to be determined prize.
        I say he posts tomorrow at 12:17 a.m.

      • I meant 12:17 p.m.

      • Oil are lookin up boys, Leafs Suck S@&?.

      • 12:16

      • you’d be f’ed in vegas after that gaf whiskey

      • Lol and without someone buying me dinner 1st !

  4. What happened with Bartkutskiy in Vancouver? He started out so good with them. Got worn down or what?

    • he’s a decent skater, but a giveaway machine. Crumbles under pressure.

  5. Any new news about someone really good getting traded to the Ducks for Cam Fowler? Maybe a couple really good someone’s? My Ducks need a couple more top forwards then we will have the best roster in the league. But a couple more top forwards is a lot more than Bob Murray has traded for his entire tenure as GM. He’s coasted off what he inherited almost a decade ago when it comes to forwards, and off the good drafting on defense his amateur scouts have done.

    Hopefully Murray actually does something good himself for once and gets a homerun back for Cam Fowler the way New Jersey did with Hall for Larsson. Matt Duchene or Gabriel Landeskog would still be very nice.

    • I like the Ducks roster.

      Rackell, Getzlaf, Perry.
      Cogliano, Kesler, Silfverberg.
      Ritchie, Vermette, Garbutt.
      Raymond, Wagner, Kossila.
      Spare. Boll.

      Fowler, Bieksa.
      Lindholm, Vatanen.
      Stoner, Despres.
      Manson, Holzer.

      That may well be the best D in the NHL. Few teams have the luxury of playing a player like Despres on their 3rd pairing.

      Even with out Fowler should he be moved, Theodore is ready for a full time NHL role & the return on what ever Dman is moved should be significant.

      • The Ducks defence is why I am on a wait and see on F. Andersen. A top defence can make a goalie look better than he really is. Elliott comes to mind as one of them. He was not good in Ottawa and Colorado, but then he put up good numbers when St. Louise picked him up. Which is why I am interested in him in Calgary, who IMO have one of the top offensive defence in the league, but with the exception of Brodie are weak in the d-zone.

      • The problem with that roster is look at the 2nd line. BOTH the second line wingers either struggle to hit 20 goals or don’t at all. And as much as they struggle to produce goals at a 2nd line rate, their assist totals are even worse at least for Silfverberg. And Kesler is getting older.

        Ritchie wasn’t an NHL caliber player last season but now he’s going to produce at a 3rd line rate for a Stanley Cup caliber team? Vermette is getting old.

        Raymond is fine on the 4th line. Wagner and Kossila (who?) will have a hard time matching Matt Cullen and Eric Fehr from the recent Stanley Cup winning 4th line.

        I agree about the defense. They need to trade Fowler for a top forward, get rid of Stoner, and bring up both Theodore and Montour. Then trade for one more top 6/9 forward at the deadline, and with Vatanen, Lindholm, Theodore, Montour, Manson all on defense, Getzlaf, Perry, Rakell, Kesler, and the two shiny new forwards, run and gun everyone out of the f*cking building!

    • Sometimes it’s good to know when you can coast. Murray has done well with players from previous regimes and is objective to recognize the good moves of his predecessor. Having said that I agree with you. The Ducks are just one really good forward away from doing it all! They are so deep on defense they can afford to let one go to in order to get a quality forward.

      • Except he didn’t judge when to coast correctly, if that’s even a thing, because the team hasn’t made it to a Cup since winning it all. If Burke had coasted when the Ducks already had Selanne and Mcdonald, he never would have drafted Getzlaf and Perry and brought in Pronger and Neidermayer. If Murray could actually find his own Getzlaf and Perry to add on top of Getzlaf and Perry, then he will have recreated the formula that won the first Cup. Instead he relies on Getzlaf and Perry to carry the entire offense by themselves and surprise, you can’t make it through four playoff rounds that way.

  6. Sept 1st. Amen! Season now in sight!

  7. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling a bridge deal or a long term deal isn’t what Trouba is looking for. Does he want out of WPG, I don’t know, there is speculations but nothing confirmed. It was also reported he wants top 4 minutes and wants to stay on the right side. That’s an issue because Byfuglien and Meyers also play the right side and no one is moving Byfuglien, physically or otherwise. So much speculation top 4 minutes, right side, 8yrs at $7m per and wants out of Winnipeg. For fun sake if all this speculations are correct then it really does go to the latter doesn’t it? That we wants out of Winnipeg. But he might have a longer sentence before he gets released. Don Sweeney might of been hoping to make the same kind of trade with Winnipeg that Calgary made with Boston for Hamilton.

    • I have also heard that Trouba doesn’t like Winnipeg and wants to go to his home area around Michigan or that northeastern US area. But like you said, its all speculation.

    • You’re like a dog on a bone with Trouba to Boston Caper. NICE. True B’s fan.
      Sure hope your right, but I don’t think the sell price will be the same as Hamilton. The only reason is that it has been public for a while and with Hamilton it seemed to come out of left field, at least for me. I would think that every GM with a need will be calling WPG to find out what is up.
      If it goes to auction, the bid price will be high and I am not sure Boston has the right pieces that they need back. Young, really good D man to fill the hole Trouba leaves. But hey, stranger things have happened. They have cap space on their side though.
      If I am WPG, I play it like Yzerman and let him sit.

    • @Caper you keep saying he wants out of Winnipeg, where do you hear this stuff. It sounds more like he wants a big fat contract and he’ll play for whom ever gives to him. Are you willing to trade for him and give him that contract, if not, you”ll just have the same problem as Winnipeg.

      • Bill Waters said Trouba wants out of Winnipeg last week. ( TSN )
        I dont know where Wilbur is getting his info from so I’ll take it with a grain of salt as I too believe Trouba wants the cash.

      • Everybody said the same for Distin last year and I’ve heard a few things from Waters about Vesey. According to Waters sources, no question either Bos or Tor. I quit listening to Waters a long time ago

  8. Ruby I don’t think for one second Fowler would land you Duchene or landy for the avs. Hes a solid top four guys but does not seem to be anything special out there unlike the two players mentioned from Colorado.

    • I doubt it too but I meant Fowler plus for one of them. Either Fowler plus, or it’s a “what were they thinking” deal like Edmonton got. I’m just saying, why do other teams always get those? Isn’t it about time my team made a trade where everyone was like “holy sh1t, why did the other team do that. I can’t believe Anaheim got them to agree to that.”

      But yeah, in a logical world, it would take more.

      • Like Jersey got I mean.

  9. Bill Watters is a wind bag

  10. Russell won’t find an open spot now unless he takes a pay cut. Best bets to offer him a spot (if his price comes down) Devils, Bruins or Avs. Even those teams are going to be a reach. It might be Switzerland or KHL yet. Starting to look like Franson last year.