NHL Rumor Mill – September 14, 2016

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Jacob Trouba's contract talks with the Winnipeg Jets remain at a standstill.

Jacob Trouba’s contract talks with the Winnipeg Jets remain at a standstill.

 Updates on Jacob Trouba and Tomas Fleischmann, plus the latest on the Detroit Red Wings goaltending. 

WINNIPEG SUN:  Ken Wiebe recently examined the ongoing contract negotiations between the Winnipeg Jets and defenseman Jacob Trouba. While both sides have kept their talks out of the media, the fact Trouba remains unsigned with the start of the World Cup of Hockey and NHL training camp fast approaching has become an issue. Wiebe believes it’s become a staredown between the two sides, though neither one has drawn a line in the sand. While there’s still time to get a deal done, a holdout by Trouba becomes a real possibility if he’s still unsigned by October and the Jets season opener on Oct. 13.

Wiebe downplays the notion a strong showing by Trouba in the World Cup of Hockey with Team North America will bolster his bargaining power. He believes the young defenseman will have to accept a bridge contract now if he hopes to one day land a lucrative long-term deal. Since it’s taken this long to get a deal done, Wiebe feel Trouba isn’t interested in a bridge contract. He thinks that, at most, Trouba’s new deal could be close to the $5.75 million AAV of Calgary Flames blueliner Dougie Hamilton, but not the $6.125 million of teammate Mark Scheifele. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Trouba has undeniable promise, but over the last three seasons he hasn’t reached his full potential. That’s why the Jets are presently reluctant to invest big money in him on a long-term deal. A compromise could see Trouba receive a five-year deal worth up to $5 million AAV. Staging a holdout won’t do him any good at this point in his career, and he’s not getting an offer sheet from a rival club. I expect he’ll be re-signed before the Jets season opener. 

DETROIT FREE PRESS:  Helene St. James recently reported former Detroit Red Wings goalie Chris Osgood believes it’s worthwhile for the club to keep its current goaltending tandem of Jimmy Howard and Petr Mrazek intact for the upcoming season. He points out the necessity of having two quality netminders in today’s game, citing how the duo could spell off each other whenever one of them struggled.  

The Wings had explored trading Howard, but his contract (three years remaining, $5.3 million AAV) is difficult to move, plus there’s no one in their system who could adequately replace him. St. James expects the Wings will stick with their current tandem and expose Howard in next June’s NHL expansion draft. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Howard’s contract and his inconsistency over the last three years means there’s no market for him right now. Maybe that changes over the course of the season. Like St. James, I expect the Wings will stick with their current tandem this season and expose Howard in next June’s expansion draft. 

NEWS 1130 SPORTS: “8 teams have offered ufa forward Tomas Fleischmann a PTO. Vancouver based agent won’t say if are 1 of the teams.”


  1. Osgoode is r.ight, a team needs two quality goalies in todays NHL. Only problem is Howard is no longer a quality goalie and is vastly overpaid.

  2. In another article this morning in the Ottawa Sun a Winnipeg couple who had forked over $800 for 2 tickets to the outdoor Heritage Classic have been told by the NHL – not the Jets who have no control over it – but the NHL, that they must pay an extra $400 if they expect to have their 6-month-old breastfeeding baby with them! “NHL officials did not respond to a request by CTV News for a comment … ‘Everyone needs a ticket; everyone needs a seat,’ is what they said, .. Including babies” is what they said according to one of the couple.

    Sort of an inkling of what I meant when I described the whole cockamamy World Cup thing as a blatant cash-grab. I wonder what Dallas and Philadelphia are thinking now with Seguin and Groulx coming up gimpy. Tip of the iceberg.

    • Why would you take a 6 month old baby to the winter classic? If you choose to have children you are making a choice to change your life. Having to watch a hockey game on TV is not a huge sacrifice. Or get a sitter.
      Of course the World Cup is about money. The Olympics is about money. The NHL is about money. Every business exists to make money and as much as they can playing within the rule of law.

      • A better question is, who would pay $400k a ticket to a hockey game!?!?

      • Question: A better question is, who would pay $400k a ticket to a hockey game!?!?
        Answer: Leafs fans……

      • That’s a pile of crap. Just like in airplanes. If the child is sitting on your lap and isn’t taking a passengers place then you don’t need to pay for a seat. Same should apply to one of these. This is total greed by the NHL.

      • I don’t know Ray Bark. I moved to winnipeg a little over a month ago and have like two friends who have busy lives and aren’t really available to babysit. No family till we get to Quebec one way or BC the other and am slowly finding my way, getting my bearings and hopefully gain more friends. Have yet to obtain that baby sitter though I may be close but if I got a hold of tickets having little options Id probably take my 1 yr old and use him as bait for autographs.

        Does that make me a poor parent. Lol probably, but I could live with it.

    • Good move by the NHL. They should also have to pay a part of the ticket price for everyone around them who has to listen to a baby scream for 3 hours when all they want to do is enjoy a (ok, not so)unique hockey spectacle. Babies should be barred from a lot more places. Other patrons pay good money for their entertainment.

    • I would be inclined to agree. Teams have their entire season on the line with their best players in the World Cup. Imagine the change in the balance of power if Crosby, Lundqvist, Ovechkin goes down with a season ending injury. Season done before game 1 is even played. A devastating injury to an upper echelon team could be enough for an alsoran team to make a run at the Cup. Imagine how last years finals would have turned out if Crosby or Kessel wasnt there. Excellent point George. As for the baby thing you are right, the whole thing oozes of a cashgrab and is shameful.

  3. Get a sitter. Mom could be pumping milk for occasions like this, you just freeze it so it can be bottle fed my someone else. This isn’t rocket science. I’m not taking my 6 month old to any where this noisy, who in their right mind would, not a safe environment for a 6 month old. I have bigger concerns than the NHL/NHLPA wanting to charge them for a ticket like what the heck are the parents thinking.

    I have really enjoyed the World Cup so far. The intensity level has been solid & it will just keep increasing leading up to the final.

    It’s not a cash grab it’s a business & this is as much about marketing the game world wide & increasing hockeys reach as money making today. The NHL & NHLPA are taking equal shares of the profit cutting the IIHF in for a share. This isn’t just the NHL stagging this event, although they have taken the lead.

    • Ahh Striker! You bring back wonderful memories from my first born child. Becoming a new father was a learning curve for sure what with breast pumps and all. I felt like I was on a dairy farm!

      • Hahaaaa. 3 teenage boys. Rented that pump for the better part of a year for them for a whole range of reasons. All Brest fed but if Mom was away, sick, night out had a large back up supply so I or someone could take on the responsible.

    • Good for you if you’re enjoying the hockey. Some of us could not possibly care less. C’est la vie.

      • It has some intrigue. The hockey has been good. If Canada makes the 3 game final, it will get intense for us fans.
        I am starting to think the NHL will not be participating in the Olympics unless the IOC gives up some of the $$, which it may not.
        If so this will become the best hockey tournament in the world.

      • You keep commenting on it yet want nothing to do with it. Let it go. Feel the force.

      • Yeah, right. U-S-A – GO CANADA… come on … err … N-O-R-T-H A-M-E-R-I-C-A …. rah rah rah. Fill yer boots.

      • Hockey in September! it’s not all bad now is it?

      • True that Tazi.
        Starting to get pumped!

    • It’s just an excuse for people to be overly dramatic. As if she’s the first mother in history to need a babysitter for a few hours. It just goes to show what the media will jump on when having a slow news day. Furthermore, for anyone that’s endured a plane ride with other people’s infants, I’d hate to have the entire winter classic experience be overshadowed by a mother consoling her crying baby. I just simply don’t see the necessity in bringing such a small child to such an event.

      • Exactly Darren.
        Loud, cold, beer filled fans yelling and cheering. Jets fans talking smack with Oiler fans. Sounds like a great time. Hey I’m gonna bring my 6 month old baby!

    • Some mothers have issues pumping. My wife did and could only feed our son directly from the book. I sub in some formula and luckily the boy had no issues but a colicky child likely wouldn’t handle that.

      You all sound like you think children are all the same and you can read a textbook to get all rhetoric answers to fit each child. I have one child 13months old right now and I know that isn’t true already. Another due in February so thank God I learned this.

      • Lol directly from the “boob” was autocorrected to book.

    • Striker. It surely is both. However it being a cash grab and business bothers me not.

  4. Sounds like the ???Knights will have a lot of players to choose from. Hopefully for their sake there will be stronger goaltending options left unprotected than Jimmy Howard. The more I read about the Red Wings on this site from Lyle and fellow posters I can see how Detroit is really not trending in a favorable manner. With the East as wide open as it is they could easily be on the wrong side of the standings come playoff time. Could be the end to a mighty streak especially when you are in a position to consider exposing your starting goalie to an expansion draft!

    • Desert Knights, silver Knights or golden nights were reported as names copy righted by Vegas. Red herring?

      • Oops dessert has two s’s doesn’t it. I suck. Can’t spell on my best day an auto correct subs in alternate words for me haha.

  5. Trouba is NOT worth Hamilton money. What did he have last year 21 points ! Has not played a full season and his trend is ” wheel chair” . WPG should trend lightly and he should accept a bridge deal after which they can show him the money (if warranted) ….Josh Morrisey can take his spot if he likes.

    • I’m not sure Hamilton is worth Hamilton money.
      And agree that Trouba isn’t where Hamilton was when he got his contract.
      Not saying I wouldn’t be happy to have both on my team as there is big upside, but paying young D-men a boatload of cash and long a term before they become complete players is risky as it takes time for D. Some never really get it and remain 1 dimensional players. So I prefer the bridge deal with D-men. Hamilton can push the offence and has great talent, but now that he is in Calgary and doesn’t have Chara (younger version) riding shot gun with him and playing with 200′ center’s like Bergeron, he is showing that he still has room to improve defending. That is job 1 for D-men.
      He is entering his 5th year in the NHL so I expect we will see some significant improvement this year.
      Likely due to the shortage of supply for D but risky.
      I wish Sweeney would have played this like the Jets are.

      • That’s a great line Ray. Not sure Hamilton is worth Hamilton money.
        How true.

    • When it comes to defencemen there is more to their stats than just points. Last season Trouba was a +10 on a non playoff team, the previous 2 seasons he was a +4 and +2. Last season he had a 144 hits, the previous 2 seasons he had 95 and 97. In the hits department Hamilton doesn’t even compare to Trouba. So what I see, he is turning into a more of an all around d-man than an offensive d-man. As a Oiler fan I may be a bit biased on this, but I would take Trouba over Hamilton any day.
      Also I agree with silverseven, Hamilton is not worth Hamilton money.

      • I’m with ya Kevjam, I prefer D that play both ends well. They are extremely rare however. Hamilton pushes the pace offensively, Trouba plays sound defensively and brings an important physical element.
        Which is worth more to a team? Babcock chose Bouwmester to fill the void of Keith being injured for Canada ahead of Subban tells you how much he values the defensive side of the game.

      • I think if you poll all hockey Canada fans the overwhelming feeling will be that the SUbban exclusion is a travesty.
        If they can pick 10 natural centers to play 4 lines I’m sure they can have 4 RD instead of the 3 and 3 breakdown.
        6 of the 7 following guys are playing wing, Tavares, Stamkos, Duchene, Seguin, Giroux, getzlaf, Thornton

      • Travesty might be a bit strong as may have the best D core in the world with or without Subban. Sweden is up there with them.
        They do have 4 RD. & 3 LD. RD are Burns, Doughty, Pieterangelo, Weber.
        Subban was tied with Weber and Doughty in points last year and behind Burns.
        How come nobody is complaining about Letang (RD) not making it. He had more points than Subban and was arguably Pitt’s MVP in the playoffs when they won a cup (again) and played 30 minutes a game. Giordano had more points as well?
        Subban is a great player but the book on him is he takes risks. Babcock wants to keep scoring chances to a minimum and tough to argue after Sochi. I will go with his judgment on this. Defense first.

      • Interestingly enough Babcock has said he plans to use Petro on the left side & Muzzin can comfortably play either. This whole left & right D thing is more of a new phenomenon. Wasn’t as much of an issue even 5 years ago.

        I played my off side right up to University, when my coach moved me to C. Felt I was to small to play D.

      • Tazi.

        I’m a Canadian & have no issue with Subban being excluded.

        Few of my hockey freak friends could care less either. In this format I don’t want 1 of my Dman sacrificing his position defensively & going all in on offense all the time & certainly not in a number of situations.

        Scoring won’t be an issue & the group of Dman assembled although capable offensively all are solid positional. Not a Subban strong suit. He isn’t totally 1 dimensional but leans way to much to driving offense for this type of tournament.

        Just 1 man’s opinion.

      • I’m complaining big time that Letang isn’t there. He’s the best all around dman in the NHL, he is Karlsons equal on offense(last year Letang was .92 ppg and Karlson was .93) and his defensive game is also elite. With Trouba I don’t think he is more accomplished that Maatta and he just signed for 7 years and around 4 per year which could end up being one of the best dman contracts in the league some day if he keeps playing as well as he has so far in the World Cup. Finland has a nice young defense going for them. And Laine is the real deal and a lot of fun to watch.

      • Hey Ray some players turned down the opportunity to play. Which might be the case with Letang

      • Sorry, Deeeeeee, Letang is not better than Karlsson. GMs would be tripping over themselves to get Karlsson for Letang, especially given their contracts. Letang tends to miss 10-15 games a year and is one concussion away from early retirement.

        No one is even close to Karlsson’s offensive production over the last few years and he is clearly the best offensive defenseman in the world. His advanced stats (possession, corsi, on/off ice impacts, etc) are much better than people give him credit for and his “lack of defensive game” references are way overblown as indicated by those same stats. Karlsson has done this on a very mediocre team the past few years and if he was on Pittsburgh in Letang’s place, the Pens would be nearly unbeatable.

        I agree that Letang is underrated as his name should come up more often when talking about the top 5-10 defenseman in the league. However, Karlsson is top 2 on anybody’s list.

      • Could be right Yogi, never thought about that. He has some tough health issues the last few years.

      • Well Letang does have something Karlsson doesn’t have. 2 Stanley Cup rings & a 3rd appearance to the final.

        I’d gladly take either on my team but neither make my top 3.

      • That’s a good question Striker. Who are your top 3?
        Daughty and Kieth for sure.
        Number 3 is tough.
        Hedman by a hair over Karlsson, Letang and Giordano.

      • Deeeee, no way is Letang a better all round D man than Doughty, put down the pipe and step away from the keyboard.

        No one in the world touches Doughty in the all round D man department.

      • Doughty was the other defenseman I was referencing on anyone’s top 2. I disagree about no one touching Doughty as I’d take Karlsson over Doughty myself.

        People tend to forget that two-way defenseman means offence and defence. Karlsson gets 30-40% more points than Doughty every year and Doughty is not that much better defensively or in advanced stats than Karlsson to make up the difference.

        Other people have mentioned Stanley Cups and that is more of a team thing. Ottawa has been a middling team for years unlike LA. If you put Karlsson on LA instead of Doughty, he would have Stanley Cups too.

  6. Trouba should sign a one year deal, this way Boston will have all their own draft picks available to them to make an offer sheet. Did I say I wanted Trouba in Boston

    • Haha. Only occasionally & I like your thinking.

    • I’d take Brodie as well. Minnesota has to move a Dman eventually. He would fit perfectly as a 2nd pairing shut down guy in Boston.

      • Pardon me Brodin. Not sure why spell checker picked Brodie.

    • Brilliant!