NHL Rumor Mill – September 16, 2016

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Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Ben Bishop felt he was close to being traded in June.

Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Ben Bishop felt he was close to being traded in June.

 Updates on Ben Bishop and  Jacob Trouba in your NHL rumor mill. 

CALGARY SUN:  Eric Francis reports Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Ben Bishop was surprised this past June to learn the Calgary Flames opted to acquire Brian Elliott from the St. Louis Blues. The move came a few days after he was granted permission by Lightning management to talk contract with the Flames.

Bishop said it wasn’t a case of not coming to terms with the Flames, but assumed they felt acquiring Elliott was a better deal for them. Bishop is eligible next summer for unrestricted free agency and it’s doubtful the Lightning can afford to re-sign him. Bishop declined to say if the Flames were the only team he spoke to. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It appears the Lightning were prepared to move Bishop if the right deal could be found and if Bishop could get a contract extension from his potential new team. He has a no-movement clause, but it’s apparent he could waive it for the right club and the right contract.

The Bolts could keep Bishop for the entire 2016-17 season in hopes he’ll help them win the Stanley Cup, then try trading him before the expansion draft. However, additional roster needs could come up that force the Lightning to put him on the trade block before then. Bishop will likely remain a frequent subject of trade chatter this season.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Paul Wiecek reports Winnipeg Jets restricted free agent defenseman Jacob Trouba has no doubt he’ll be in the club’s starting lineup for their season opener next month. Because Trouba’s playing for Team North America in the World Cup of Hockey, he told the Jets and his agent he didn’t want to have contract discussions during the tournament. It’ll be the end of this month before he will consider signing a new contract, as he prefers to have his focus on the World Cup.

Trouba wouldn’t discuss term or dollars. While there was a report last December claiming he sought $7 million annually over eight years, Wiecek suggests his new deal could fall into the dollar range between Pittsburgh’s Olli Maatta’s $4.1 million per season over six years or Calgary’s Dougie Hamilton’s $5.75 million per over six seasons. While Trouba’s offensive numbers declined, analytics experts point to improvement in his defensive game. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Trouba sounds confident of re-signing before the start of the upcoming season. If we take him at his word, perhaps the concern over his contract discussions has been overblown. Time will tell. Until then, what he’ll eventually get for a deal will remain a hot topic for speculation by Jets fans. 


  1. I assume the reason Calgary choose to look else where to secure a potential #1 goalie is Bishops contract expectations. There was a rumor circulating late last season that Bishop is looking for Lundqvist type money & even if not, 1 would assume he wants top 5 goalie money. Price is 5th with a cap hit of 6.5.

    I’m not paying any goalie over 6 mil per. Simply to many other options available for comparable goalies for even less.

    • The reason I say potential #1 is that for me, a legitimate #1 goalie has to be able to play at least 55 games a season consistently & consistently well at or near the league average in SV%, perhaps allowing for the odd off year that may be injury related. Elliot has only done so twice in his career. In 2009-10 & 2010-11. In both years he played 55 games, although his SV% in those 2 years was no where near the league average playing for a bad Ottawa team.

    • Holland used to adhere to that principle until he forked over almost $5.3 mil to Howard!

      • Father time may be catching up with Holland in the cap world. He can’t just buy players like pre 2004-05 lockout.

        I’m not writing them off just yet; their a playoff bubble team for me, but Blashill’s player personal decisions leave me scratching my head & Holland’s inability to secure a long term solution for a top 2 Dman are a serious concern. Kronwall is well past his best before date & Green is a #3 offensively slanted Dman. I like Dekeyser’s developing skill set just not at 5 mil per for 6 years but I guess what choice did Holland have.

  2. I was not happy with the Elliot move to Calgary but he is very affordable and a upgrade from the previous season. I wonder would have gone the other way for Bishop ? Like I said yesterday the goaltending positionS (I do not care how good or how valuable) should only represent about 10% of the teams total salary cap $7.3 -$8m.

    • I fully agree. 7 mil for 2 goalies seems reasonable to me. Hell Pittsburgh just won the cup paying Murray the prorated portion of peanuts.

      • Murray is an elite talent though. tough to compare him to too many other rookie goalies coming into the league.

      • I also think it’s a bit premature to call him an elite talent

      • Closest example imo is cam ward coming in and winning the cup for the canes

      • Having won a cup puts him in pretty elite company.

      • Right there with Ken Dryden, Patrick Roy, Cam Ward and Antti Niemi, with Ron Hextall coming oh so close in 1986-87 before losing in 7 games to the Oilers.

      • Quite a mixed bag of names George.

    • Tampa would likely have wanted the 6th overall pick. Calgary is better off with Elliott and Tkachuk than with just Bishop.

  3. Good Math silverseven as they only make up just under 10% of the roster. It’s not always that easy though when the starter want 6.5 million of that. Take Tampa for example they have two goalies that deserve good money if you want a very reliable backup yo need to pay. That leaves low salaries for who? The extra forward, you may often have to play because of injuries, or the 5/6 D pair who often have to play because of fatigue on the top 4 pairings? That’s what makes the salary cap so interesting and the vehicle for parity within the league. Many complain about it but you no longer have teams like the Rangers throwing money around for 20-25 years and only getting 1 Cup from it! And yes I will point to Toronto as well as a team who employed this strategy as well with little success. This really keeps teams close with respect to available free agents.

  4. That’s just posturing by Trouba, he’s going to Boston whether he likes it or not. Interesting of note is that he said he wants to play the right side and yet for team NA he has played on the left side, he is also a healthy scratch. Don’t know if that helps or hurts his negotiations.

    • Hahahahaha. I’m in.

      • Both will be Leafs and I am hearing the NHL wants to take the salary-cap out in the next few years, so Leafs will steal all the good players.

      • “Boy I cant wait till the next update comes out so I can post another stupid Leaf remark” says Oil Fan on a daily basis.

    • Yep. And he will like it.

    • I totally agree; this is about Trouba playing n the right side, not left and about being on the ice in crucial situations. Everybody thinks all the player want boatloads of cash, that their agents are expertly attempting ot secure, but they want ice time, more the better. Buff has NEVER been a top flight defensiev player, just one who uses his size, and feet in his end. Torts had him up front, just like he played in Chicago, when he couldn’t crack their top four, because he maore of an offensive threat when his team doesn’t worry about where he is after their possession ends…Trouba wants to fill that spot, get those minutes and and looks for the offensiev point so he CAN build his game. Not denegrating Buff’s ability or jam offensively and his trade out of Chicago was to a) get a chance to be a defenseman and b) to make more money. The jets are going to have tough questions in training camp because some really good young players might not be part of that final roster and some are a year too old to just be assigned to the farm…so maybe you see the Jets sending a forward and defender elsewhere to get the most return w/o having someone claim their assets prior to the season’s start…

  5. I think Calgary is just waiting until they can make a pitch for Bishop without giving up anything. They are an improving team but a Cup seems unrealistic for this season. Who would Calgary be competing against to get Bishop? Dallas and Ottawa? Unless Dallas finds a sucker there hands are tied for a couple years. Ottawa is a budget team with a starter who is getting a decent paycheck.
    The rub about goaltending is if you don’t have quality you’re done. It is also the most difficult position to predict. So I get why the best guys get top $ after proving it year after year.
    I don’t remember Burke’s exact quote but it was something like “they should rename playoffs goalie”

    • Ottawa has just over $6 mil in cap space and are still talking about bringing in a 5/6 D or a 3rd/4th line RW. Calgary has $8,594,600 – which will disappear when Gaudreau finally signs. Seems like – if Ottawa does spend on 1 or 2 veterans – both will be nudging the limit.

      • Valid point George, and another reason for Cgy to wait. I think Wideman’s contract is done at year end, (rumor is they are shopping him to Boston) so make a pitch then.

      • Calgary has lots of money coming off the books next year. Boling, Elliot, Johnson, Engelland, Smid and Wideman. Over 16 million dollars coming off. They can shore up their 3-6 d slots and goalie. Calgary looks to have smart cap management.
        Ottawa has their top 4 d men set so upgrading the bottom 2 guys only works if the players coming in are better then the current ones.
        They definitely need RW help. Wonder why they didnt go after Hudler ?

    • I could see Ottawa making à move for bishop if o’connor dosent seem to be working out. But would bishop want to head back to Ottawa after he was traded? That remains to be seen.

      • He knows it’s a business and that the numbers game simply got him in its grip with Anderson and Lehner at the time. He got paid well ultimately and will get even more now.

  6. There you go again Oil Fan! You are the only reason I dread the revival of the Oilers! I am sure there are teams that would love to get rid of the salary cap! But the league won’t vote for it because it will kill non-traditional markets.

    • Yep they will get rid of it and steel McDavid from us, as everyone would kill to be a Leaf.

      • You know what Oil Fan, you’re right. I am gonna go get a Leaf tattoo on my face, change my dog’s name from Ray Bark to Borje Smelling and paint my house blue.

      • Can you spell paranoia? Hell, do you know what it means?

      • You seem to possess very little knowledge about hockey but it doesn’t stop you from making comments.

      • He can’t spell steal for crying out loud George.

      • LOL. I saw that Yogi but figured I better not comment on that, just as I’ve shied away from mentioning his misuse of “their” “there” and “they’re” and use of terms like “could of” “would of” and “should of” rather than could’ve”, would’ve” and “should’ve” and constant mixing up of “then” and “than.”

  7. That was directed at Oil Fan

  8. I get a kick out of one certain person, he/she makes comments to get a rise out of people and yet he success every time, someone always comments on it…and he/she is just sitting back and laughing.

    • That’s right Caper, and it’s nice to make Oil Fan think he’s getting a rise out of you so you can see what stupid thing he is going to say next.

  9. Tourism question for anyone familiar with the Boston area. Does anyone know of a reasonable hotel outside the city with easy access to the garden. Going there for my first time and to watch the Bruins take on the Habs Oct 22. The cheapest hotel i could find downtown Boston was $444 per night and the room has no windows.

    • What’s it matter if the room has now windows when you are at the game?

      • it’s just an indication of what $444 get you…which isn’t much. I’ll be in Boston for a week and i need WINDOWS!!!!!

    • I recently stayed at the Beacon Inn and it was a reasonable price. The train stops right outside the building and goes straight downtown. Otherwise about a half hour walk to the TD Centre.

  10. Oh a whole week? Yes you do need windows! Check with Captain Obvious.

  11. Huh.. I wounder what the Trouba camp actually is seaking? If the rumors of 7 is true I wouldn’t be too sure if I was him to play when the season starts :p