NHL Rumor Mill – September 22, 2016

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Could Sidney Crosby and Brad Marchand (top right) become full-time NHL teammates?

Could Sidney Crosby and Brad Marchand (top right) become full-time NHL teammates?

 Latest on Brad Marchand, Evander Kane and Kris Russell in your NHL rumor mill.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty recently observed Brad Marchand’s performance with Team Canada at the World Cup of Hockey could make him more expensive for the Boston Bruins to re-sign. Marchand, 28, is eligible next summer for unrestricted free agency. While Marchand might not match last season’s career-high 37-goal performance, Haggerty believes he’s in fine form entering his contract year.

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Stephen Whyno also noted Marchand’s strong chemistry with Pittsburgh Penguins center and Team Canada linemate Sidney Crosby at the World Cup of Hockey. Whyno wonders how well the two would mesh full time, noting Marchand’s UFA status next summer. If the Penguins ship out goalie Marc-Andre Fleury before next June’s NHL expansion draft, he believes that would free up sufficient cap space to sign Marchand.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Whyno observes, Marchand and Crosby playing together full time with the Penguins is an intriguing possibility. However, it’s not a certainty.

Marchand is earning an annual salary-cap hit of $4.5 million. He could command over $6 million per season on a long-term deal. The Bruins have already signaled their intention to re-sign him and hope to do so as soon as possible, perhaps before the start of the upcoming season.

If Marchand hits the open market, the Penguins will have just over $50 million invested in 12 players (assuming they move Fleury and his $5.75 million annual cap hit) for 2017-18. More than enough to sign Marchand, However, they must also re-sign or replace goalie Matt Murray, defensemen Trevor Daley, Brian Dumoulin, Justin Schultz and Derrick Pouliot, and forwards Nick Bonino and Conor Sheary. That’s assuming they don’t re-sign Chris Kunitz.

 If all those players perform well this season, they’ll be in line for raises. If Penguins management decides to pursue Marchand, some of those players won’t get re-signed. Signing Marchand coud come at the cost of roster depth.

TSN 1040 (VIA TODAY’S SLAPSHOT): Asked about the trade status of Buffalo Sabres left wing Evander Kane, Pierre LeBrun expressed doubt that any club is interested in pursuing the winger at this time. He believes the Sabres’ best hope is Kane has a quiet year off the ice and improves his on-ice performance. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kane is currently facing misdemeanor charges for an incident in June in a Buffalo bar, and recently filed a countersuit against a woman who filed a civil suit claiming he assaulted her in a Buffalo hotel last June. No one’s pursuing a trade for him now. If Kane puts his legal issues behind him this season and plays well, that might bolster his trade value over the course of the season.

TSN 690 (via TODAY’S SLAPSHOT): When asked if there’s a chance the Montreal Canadiens could sign UFA defenseman Kris Russell, Darren Dreger guessed that it’s possible, noting the Habs and the Toronto Maple Leafs had some interest in Russell leading up to the start of the UFA market on July 1. He believes Russell is getting closer to signing with a team, noting a few are still involved in the process. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Edmonton Oilers are rumored to be talking contract with Russell, and there’s speculation the Calgary Flames would like to bring him back. As for the Habs, if they trade Nathan Beaulieu for a left wing, perhaps they look at signing Russell. The Leafs reportedly didn’t make any contract offers to the Russell camp and supposedly don’t have any interest in him. 



  1. Marchand to the Pens is an interesting situation. It would actually work out well for the Pens.I think the bigger issue with the Pens is that if they did that they would be so top heavy with contracts. I believe their best bet is to ship out Malkin for a top 6 forward, draft picks and prospects. This would stock the cupboard for years to come and keep the team rolling as an offensive threat.

    The Russell situation is a complicated one. There’s conflicting reports on him. The Leafs one in particular; Reports have them interested, then not interested at the same time. There was one report stating that Russell is currently waiting for a team to clear cap space to sign him. That report was over a month ago and nothing yet. My belief is that it’s a team that is creating LRIR cap space. The team that would be doing this is the Leafs (Horton, Robidas and Lupul). Good old loophole Lou

    • Usually I’m all for Lou’s magic when it comes to circumvention but please let it not be the case for Russell

      • Russell could have good value as a 4-5 defender if he’s signed to a 3×3 contract. Anything more is an overpayment. I would honestly prefer to see the leafs let Carrick play though. Kid seems like he has some great upside and I think will eventually slot into a 3-4 spot in 2-3 years time.

        Leafs would be wise to not spend the cap space because of all the potential bonuses they have

      • Agreed, to close out the season last year I thought Carrick was easily one of their top 3 D which dosent say much for the blue line now but, I also think the kid has great upside very mobile smart with the puck…I don’t like the thought of Russell period the thought of Polak Hunwick and Russell on the same blue line is down right frighteningly bad.

      • It does create too many players with slow feet which creates a certain weakness vs speed. Where that’s where the NHL is going it would hurt the Leafs in the long run. I think this was the major issue with having Schenn and Phaneuf playing together, the two were completely exposed because they were far too slow. Would love to see the leafs draft a solid young D man in this years first round to anchor the top pair with Reilly (who is looking like a stud at the WHC right now).

      • Agreed because in a short time he will need that magic again to get rid of Russell !

      • Speaking of Leafs D man; was anybody else really impressed with Andrew Nielsen at the rookie tournament? Guy has the size of Marincin but with better hockey sense and upside.

      • Bigboss.

        Absolutely. Toronto appears to have found a solid D prospect in Nielsen at 65th in the 2015 draft. He has grown in leaps & bounds in his 2 years with the Lethbridge Hurricanes. This is where Dubas & Hunter’s influence is going to pay in spades moving forward. their ability to find & evaluate talent is exceptional.

      • agreed, once the defensive talent develops this team should be a force in the league for years

    • As a pens fan no no and more no to marchand. We had Cooke and Neal . Don’t need another scuz bag

    • your kidding right? Ship out Malkin? Why who would replace his skill set? Best one-two punch in the NHL. lucky Pittsburgh isnt that stupid. My god where do these ideas come from.

    • Would anyone trade Malkin for Marchand? The old lets trade Malkin narrative. Malkin is happy where he is has a full NMC and Marchand is a downgrade in every sense of the word. Even is they traded Malkin for Bergeron and signed Marchand as an FA I just don’t see it happening. It’s nice rolling 4 lines that are a threat to score and drive possession. There’s no reason to changes now.

  2. Marchand is the kind of player everybody hates, unless he plays for your team. The Bruins wouldvbe wise to get him signed as soon as possible. A Superpest that with an offensive upside would be very popular on the open market.

    • Agreed, I can’t see a team in the league who wouldn’t want this guy.

    • 3rd best player to come out of Coal Harbour, Nova Scotia.

      • Marchand actually grew up playing out of Bedford and Tasa organizations for minor hockey, not Cole Harbour. Take that from someone who played on his team 🙂

      • Brad comes from Hammond’s Plains ,NS and is the best player from there!
        Duffy in Mineville, NS.

    • Boston won’t let Marchand go – he has really become an elite player. He’ll sign with the Bruins.

  3. Could you imagine if Pittsburgh traded Kessel to Boston for Marchand! Now that would be funny. There is plenty to talk about regarding today’s speculation. In all seriousness Pittsburgh has shown a willingness to pursue the Big Fish so to speak. Who thought they had the room to sign Kessel when they did? Fleury will allow a trade if he is not a starter long term. There has been talk for years regarding trading Malkin. So even though this is all speculation the team involved in the speculation (Pittsburgh) makes it interesting to consider. A deal involving Marchand and Malkin, and other moving parts is in fact a real possibility.

    • Something like Malkin and a 4th (or lower prospect) for Marchand, Spooner, Zboril and a 1st would work well for both.

      • I love Malkin, but that’s an awful lot to give up for a guy with a chronic case of the ” ouchies”.

      • Malkin, who has a 9.5 mil cap hit and is 30 years old. For a 30+ goal scorer, a young up and coming center, a 1st round pick defenseman, and another 1st? Wow, fire any GM who would take that deal.

        The Bruins already have Krejci and Bergeron and wouldn’t need a 9.5 million dollar center. especially at that price. How does that deal help the bruins at all? they’re need is defense, not a comparatively expensive center who is owed a lot of money.

      • Yes Malkin would cost a lot but I wouldn’t add a first to Marchand, Spooner, Zboril and maybe a 2nd or 3rd.

      • I gave up Malkin in my lifetime pool because he was so damn frustrating. And yes big boss, I have seen Nielson play. I have parents who live in Lethbridge so got to see the Hurricanes play a couple of games. He was a dominating figure both defensively and offensively.Nice pick by the leafs.

      • That would be a massive over payment in my opinion.

        Malkin is a good player, but how much more does he do compared to Marchand?

        Throwing in the first is a waste of resources.

      • Malkin and Pouliot to Colorado for Duchene, Compher, Geertsen and a 1st.

      • Brad Marchand is a paragon of gentlemanly play.

        – Gordie Howe’s elbow

    • Not a hope in hell. Boston has Krejci, Bergeron, Spooner as there top 3 centers. There is talk Backes will bump Spooner to the wing & Backes will assume that role. No way Backes was brought in to be a #3 C at 6 mil per for 5 years. That makes no sense & trading Krejci with hip issues & a cap hit of 7.25 mil isn’t happening unless Boston eats 1.5 to 2 mil per. That’s not happening either at least not for several years.

      • Lets all remember the decisions made by Boston’s management in the past year and a half and consider that they may look at a deal like this and offer up more. I’m still scratching my head over the Hamilton deal.

      • We don’t agree on this issue at all. I like what Sweeney has done. Hamilton forced Boston’s hand. Refused to sign for the money he had earned yet took 250K more than Boston was offering in Calgary, there were locker room issues & personality conflicts. Apparently he was also demanding they sign his brother.

        Good bye & good riddance.

      • I should add that Hamilton was a train wreck defensively in Calgary last season. Hard to believe that Calgary could be that bad with that D. Hamilton came no where near earning the 5.75 although he did get better as the season progressed.

      • I do agree, he did force their hand but the return they got was minimal. Most GM’s in the league didn’t even know Hamilton was being shopped. I don’t really know how much you can evaluate his performance in Calgary last year, or any other of their D for that matter. Their goaltending was the worst in the league and at a sub 900 save percentage in many cases.

      • There are far bigger issues in Calgary than their goaltender which is a serious reflection of a teams ability to play some form of a defensive game. Lets see how Elliot fairs behind this team before we solely blame the goaltending.

        I see the Flames 25+ times a season live. They do a solid job of suppressing shots but the quality of some of the shots, the breakdowns in coverage assignments is concerning leaning to goals few goalies could stop with any degree of consistency. Dallas has the same issues but has the offense to off set the goals against.

      • Striker how can you say backes was a good signing and Boston is in a rebuild? Sweeney said in an interview after the draft ” we are not in a rebuild” please answer the question or stop flip flopping

      • Of course there’s always locker room issues with the player when a team makes a bad trade. Sounds like office cooler rumors to me.

      • Far greater problems than just goaltending? Gaudreau, Monahan, Backlund had career years. Brodie, Hamilton and Gio all had career years not to mention Bennett starting his second year should pick it up and possibly Tkachuk playing on a line with him as well as Shinkaruk playing his first full season and Chiasson who will more than likely fair better in Calgary with their talent pool compared to Ottawa’s very limited talent pool. Add the NHL’s top save % goalie from last season as well as 3rd in goals against average. Calgary also being listed as one of the top 3 most improved teams in the west along with Arizona and Edmonton. This season will be nothing like last season. Impossble to use last season as a measuring stick. They got rid of the only reason they so miserably failed defensively. The got rid of the worst goaltending trio in the league. So now the move forward with an even more talented forward unit…one of the highest scoring defensive cores in the league and a top 3 goaltender from last season who took his team to the conference final. Chad Johnson as a back up…he had some of the best stats last season for goalies who played over 40 games. There is no direction other than up that this team can go after last seasons pathetic goaltending fiasco. Same goes for Edmonton, Arizona and Winnipeg. These teams will be very exciting to watch and to see what could happen with them this year. To say any one of these teams don’t have a chance to fight for a wild card spot or better is to be dead wrong. I think Anaheim, San Jose and LA are looking at a tough, very hard faught season this year.

  4. If Marchand was a 15 goal guy, he’d be perceived a lot different. I like what he can bring, but he is flat out one of the filthiest players in the league.

    • Until he plays for your team – then he becomes “gritty.”

      • I call a spade a spade. I don’t know that I ever undersold Avery, Etc. My only complaint would be he never scored 37 goals in the process.

        But to call Maechand gritty or an intstigater would be like defending Jeffrey Dahmer as just a “hungry guy.”

    • Lol, if John Scott was a 15 goal guy he would’ve been perceived a lot differently too.

      • LOL, but I like john scott. As a person he’s pretty entertaining. He’s not quite built for today’s game. Was super cool to see him go out like a champ last year at the All Star game. Classy.

      • I totally agree Dylan! I like him too, he’s a really nice guy and great person. I was just saying that any player will be perceived differently if their point totals are significantly more or less than their average lol. It was just obvious speculation that doesn’t matter so I used John Scott but sub in any name and it works lol

      • I don’t know you can say it doesn’t matter. Because if this conversation was about Cooke , Avery….. People wouldn’t be so quick to put their antics on the back burner. Points should have nothing to do with the way a player is perceived in any way shape or form. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig, and saying its Mehgan Fox.

    • His 90 pims don’t even get him in the top 20 for penalty minutes, actiually tied for 25th with 3 other players & he finished 6th in goals & 35th in points. Call him what ever you want. He & Bergeron are the heart & sole of the current Bruins roster. He will be resigned shortly at 6.5 for 6 to 8 years, nominally less than Bergeron is making.

      • Being ranked 25th in penalty minutes makes him less of a dirty player? Lol.

      • Penalty minutes certainly provide some reflection.

        I consider a bunch of NHL players to far dirtier players, dozens playing the game today. Ovechkin can be brutal but his star power factors into his punishment & perception, Kronwall leaves his feet repeatedly when body checking for which he’s rarely been punished but is supposed to be a major & considering the injures delivered suspendable. Pronger was beyond brutal.

        Marchand is a pest, a nuisance & yes he has crossed the line & been suspended twice & fined once in his career for his actions. The 5 games he received for slew footing Salo the longest, the 2nd for slew footing as well, 2 games. To some extent I find these actions to often be reactionary as opposed to deliberate. You perform the action in a blink of an eye, your body reacting before your brain has processed the data. Both deserved suspensions.

        Yes lets call a spade a spade. Marchand is the greatest pest of his era. Also 1 of the games greatest goal scorers as well. Sits 18th in goals scored over his 6 full seasons; 14th in even strength, 1st in short handed goals by a significant margin; 19 to Toews & Nielsen’s 13, & he has done so playing 2nd line minutes often not making the top 10 in PP TOI/GP in his 6 full seasons in Boston.

        Why Marchand hasn’t received more quality ice time relates to his penalty killing prowess but this is 1 of the best LWer’s in the game today, ever actually. Dirty? Not really. A pest? Oh yeah, 1 minute you think you have him the next he’s gone like a fly, usually after having scored or set up a goal & rest assured your hearing about it in a fashion that drives you insane.

        Messier was dirty but punishment in the NHL was almost non existent in that era.


        If interested here is his PP TOI/GP for the last 6 years in relationship to Boston’s regulars.

        2015-16. 7th with 1:28 per game. 37 goals.
        2014-15. 13th with 0:59 per game. 24 goals.
        2013-14. 12th with 0:26 per game. 25 goals.
        2012-13. 8th with 1:44 per game. 18; lock out played 45 games.
        2011-12. 10th with 2:09 per game. 28 goals.
        2010-11. 14th 0:32 per game. 21 goals.

        If Marchand got any where near the quality & quantity of icetime as his peers in the top 20 goal scorers in the NHL over his 6 full NHL seasons he would be in the top 7 scorers in the league over that time frame.

        He’s not going any where. He is a superstar & 1 of the best 2 way players in the NHL today, dirty, pest, or not. He deserves the money that a player with those abilities is paid. 6.5 to 7 mil per long term & he will get it in Boston.

      • Actually, he has been suspended 3 times, once for slew footing ( reactional slew footing?) and twice for clipping (again , reactional clipping?) not to mention how many spears and other reckless things he has gotten away with in his career.

        Avery recieved more of a suspension for his “sloppy seconds “comment than Marchand has total. And the only thing that could have hurt was Phaneufs feelings.

        Again, I get you’re a Bruins fan, but let’s not get silly here. The guy isn’t a “pest” he’s an a-hole. He could score 60 goals and 100 points, it doesn’t erase what he is. Let’s not down play it.

      • Ya I don’t want a 35 year old Marchand making 6.5… Pass on that but I understand what you are saying.

  5. Oooops, Marchand

    • LOL.Oh, I know where you’re coming from believe me – I’ve called him dirty myself on more than one occasion against the Sens. But I’d take him in a heartbeat if he became available. And I wouldn’t compare him to Avery or even that butcher Matt Cooke. One was a filthy player while the other just had a filthy mouth and would never back it up in a one-to-one confrontation. As for his Cole Harbour connections, it’s a lot mote eye-catching to say he hails from the same area as Crosby and MacKinnon.

  6. Marchand is not going anywhere (unless he wants to)
    Buffalo is stuck with E.Kane. Still think he may end up in Vancouver…..A. Mathews is the real deal for sure. Doesn’t matter who he plays with. Rather it is who is playing with him ! I think he will be north of 40 points and rookie of the year, if healthy

    • Kane is stuck in Buffalo and might end up out of the NHL at the rate he is going. Shame, he has such potential to be a strong power forward.

      I think Matthews is going to be around 60 points this year. This kid was NHL ready last year and clearly can take the physical side of the NHL. On top of it, he has the skill to match. Finally the Leafs have the center they have needed since Sundin.

      • Kane is an interesting case because ,as you say, his career could be close to over or go through a total positive overhaul in the right situation. I still think Kane would be a good fit in Anaheim with Getzlaf and Perry. And with Carlyle as a coach. Give him two years to turn around down there, for Fowler, and them send a memo to rest of the league to not sign this guy when he becomes a free agent. If he fails there Buffalo can sens another pick to Anaheim as compensation for Fowler! I am being a little silly here but my point is that Evander Kane still has potential, but if he continues this way his potential will be gone!

      • Kane for Fowler is more than a little silly. If Anaheim were to put him on the market, they could do a lot better than a troubled guy with potential. The same potential we’ve been hearing about for too long already.

      • I think if Kane is dealt now it would have to be for a player with a similar history/track record. A player like Yakupov makes sense but there’s no way the Oil want a guy with Kane’s off ice issues around their young talent

      • Kane won’t be out of the NHL anytime soon. Will play for the better part of a decade. Speed to burn, a serious shot generator with a great release. Players with the potential to score 20 goals a season don’t grow on trees.

      • This is true but look at it this way. Voynov was a top 4 NHL d man who could push pace and held good corsi stats. Those don’t grow on trees either, he’s out of the NHL due to legal issues and off ice events. At the rate Kane is going, he will be in the same category with legal issues in a few years (should they continue to escalate). With that he would be out of the NHL as well.

      • Sure he will. Voyonov beat the hell out of his wife. Was charged criminally, served his time. Kane isn’t the 1st player to put his night life ahead of his game nor will be be the last. He is Buffalo’s #1 LW with no challengers in the system, other than Nylander.

        I thought I had read that even the misdemeanor charges had been dropped the reason the plaintiff choose to take civil action but even if not misdemeanor charges carry a slap on the wrist. Counselling & or community service.

        Kane just turned 25 in Aug, has 2 years left on his contract. Let’s revisit this issue next summer & see where he stands. This is an age that many young adults finally wake up & see the light. Hopefully Kane does but based on skills alone he has at least 3 more lives in the NHL after Buffalo.

    • I thought Oiler Fan established all players go to Toronto. E Kane will be in Toronto but shortly after changing his name to Patrick to enable a Patrick Kane to be on Toronto roster.

  7. Apparently Stephen Whyno may be just that. A wineo. Bonino & Dailey are both UFA’s looking at significant raises that Pittsburgh would most likely wish to retain. Kunitz will need to be replaced as a UFA as will Cullen & Warsofsky, Sheary, Pouliot, Schultz, Dumolion; huge raise coming, what a great acquisition, & Murray; huge raise coming, are all RFA’s.

    It’s not impossible if many of these UFA’s & RFA’s excepted discounts but not likely. Far to many are going to push the 4 mil range. Bonino, Dailey, Dumoulin & Murray & Pouliot may as well if his off season training & added muscle; which has been significant, have him making a significant contribution might push him into that range as well.

    • Which is a large reason why I say Malkin has to be the logical one to move. I mean Kessel could be called the Logical guy too but Kessel’ contract in year 4 and up will be a disaster for whatever team he is on. The Leafs knew this and so did every team in the league. Rutherford just banked that the short term would outweigh the long.

      • I don’t see Malkin moved anytime soon, next 3 years. The core; Crosby, Malkin, Kessel, Letang, Maatta & Fleury is now being supplemented with a few other core pieces in Murray; replacing Fleury, adding, Dumoulin & Pouliot.

        Pittsburgh is set for years to come, the next 3 to 5 & like Chicago has been doing for years will be augmented with younger cheaper players. Pittsburgh as currently constructed is a cup contender for at least the next 5 years with the youth already in the system & coming.

        To have long term success you need a dominate C; Crosby, dominant Dman; Letang, dominant goalie; Murray, & 4 other very good hi end players of which at least 2 are Dman; Dumoulin & Maatta. Malkin & Kessel are the other 2 Pittsburgh has all these things & more.

        I assume both Hornquist & Bonino will be resigned at some point but if not monies saved will be used to find more than suitable replacements.

  8. Everyone always said Marchand was a waste now every team wants him pretty sure he will sign a 7 year deal to stay in Boston and play along side Bergie. Bruins are set at center don’t need Malkin. Crosby and Bergeron think the game the same and understand the game and how it should be played.

  9. The Pens having Scuderi’s $1.125M hit end will help next year too. Kunitz and Scuderi opens $5M alone. $5M opened by Fleury makes $10M available.

    33 year old Daley should not get a raise. Murray, Dumoulin and Bonino will put a solid dent into that $10M though. $4M in total raises to Bonino and Dumoulin, $4M raise to Murray. You now only have $2M available.

    Cap space all gone.

  10. But again my point regarding Kane always comes back to potential! Frustrating isn’t it? I have said it here before that it would be great for hockey in general if this guy would just play like he can! He could be a real difference maker if he chose to.

    • The bigger concern for me isn’t potential. He has essentially shown what he is having played 426 NHL regular season games, it’s his inability to stay healthy that concerns me. His style of play, moving at that speed, putting himself in harms way is part of what’s appealing but also eliminates any hope of playing any where near 82 games.

      If not for injuries he would have scored 20 goals every season of his career. Instead he has 2 in 7 years. 1 being the lock out season mind you, although he did score 17 in 48 games that season. His goals per game average is top flight & puts him in pretty elite company.

      • And an even bigger concern it seems is the off ice foolishness! If he was totally on board Buffalo could be a real force with some of the other pieces they have in place.

      • Buffalo is going to be a significantly improved team next season. A bubble playoff team. Kane’s off ice issues having zero effect on what’s happening on the ice during games.

        These young NHL players making millions annually with a ton of time on their hands like to get out. Go hang out at the bar they frequent in your city. You’ll seeing some amazing stuff that never gets reported any where by 100’s of players. I grew up at the Roxy in Vancouver. Still hang there regularly when in town.

        What were you like when 25? Kane looks like a model citizen compared to some of the mistakes I made at his age. Being famous, not using some semblance of common sense; why do they call it that, more people seem to have no sense at all especially when large quantities of Alcohol are added. Add in today’s instant media era & is a recipe for disaster. Society is changing but it’s a slow process. Everyone is being watched & filmed almost 100% of the time if something goes bad. Phones come out, camera’s go on.

        I assume Kane will mature eventually. If not he’ll get a few more chances in the NHL else where & if his off ice issues persist his career will wrap up around 32. Probably after having gone through various stages of the NHL/NHLPA’s alcohol & drug program.

  11. This Russell to the leafs is B.S. Consider the source Dreger lol. mekenzie already has come and said he doesn’t believe the leafs have any interest him.

    • I think Russell doesn’t have any interest in the leafs IMO

  12. How many times are the Pens going to continue to commit 75% of their salary to six players before they finally realize they’re playing the salary cap era? How many quality players has Chicago traded away in the last six years because of the same situation? Sign three players for the price of one and have solid depth on your first three lines vs. committing it all to one player.

    They have the fire power from Crosby, Malkin, Kessel, and Hornqvist.

    • 2 cups since 09 & a contender for several more in the future. Got stoned in the conference semi’s in 2010 by Halak in 7 games. Rolston in 7 games in round 1 in 2011. 2013 conference finals, Boston brushed them aside in 4. 2014 2nd round loss, 7 games to NYR; Orpik’s injury was devastating loss. Another goalie doing what goalies do come playoff time, they get hot at just the right time.

      That’s a ton of playoff success. Has Pittsburgh moved a single player yet like Chicago for cap reasons? Not saying it potentially isn’t coming but can’t think of an exodus like we have seen 3 times in Chicago already, nor really think of a single player.

      Pittsburgh cap issue is now but Dupuis will help elevate the short term crunch when put on LTIR but something else will need to give before the season is over, I assume Fleuy at some point. The 600K in wiggle room after Dupuis goes on LTIR won’t get Pittsburgh through the year.

      When they move Fleury. They have over 21 million in cap space next summer before losing an asset in the expansion draft with the core of this team either signed or RFA’s coming out of ELC’s years not yet having arbitration & or waiver rights. That’s with Zero cap increase. The cap will be at least 75 mil in 2017-18. Some asste & salary will come back obviously when Fleury is moved but it won’t be significant. Less than 3 mil.

      Pittsburgh easily can retain everyone of consequence next summer, Bonino & Dailey if so inclined & Hornqvist the season following. It depends upon their demands but if they take current market value, no issues what so ever facing Pittsburgh financially in the foreseeable future.Again the crunch is now & it’s not a problem yet due to Dupuis’s pending LTIR relief.

      As much as it pains me, Rutherford has done an amazing job. I slagged his hiring but I was wrong & not just by a little.

    • Pens rode out the start of the cap era and hung onto their stars. Created depth issues for years, blamed usually on sheep, unfortunately. He had tough decisions to make and made the right one… Though it partly cost him his job. Pens have tremendous depth with 3 lines each having a stud on them. D is underrated. Chicago has had success but unlike the pens their success has cost them.

  13. Also, the Penguins should trade a 10th round draft pick for Bergeron. The Bruins, undoubtedly will pull the trigger, seeing as how stupid they were for letting go their top winger and pending UFA.

    Also, Tuukka Rask may very well be a great trade target for the Pens as well. They could use a quality 3rd string goalie at a bargain cost.

    Matter of fact, now that I think of it,… Torey Krug and Pastarnak could really help out in Wilkes-Barre.

  14. Striker,

    It doesn’t matter what other players are doing. He is under the radar for what he has done. To suggest off ice behavior has nothing to do with on ice performance is inaccurate. Phil Esposito once said on Off The Record if the Bruins didn’t drink so much in the 70s they would have won more than 2 Cups!

    • Hahahahaha.

      You have to love Phil. Still cooking along as the color man for TB at 74 & does a regular spot on the NHLnetwork. Makes me laugh a ton. 1 of hockey’s great personalities. Bobby Hull had some great 1 liners as well. Have caught him at events twice live a very funny man. If you ever get the chance I highly recommend it.

      Different world back in that era. Lafleur smoking in the dressing room between periods. Almost never sharpened his skates. weird stuff you would never see today.

      Games way more structured today. It took those guys months to get into any semblance of playing shape. Now players don’t really get out of shape.