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Columbus Blue Jackets winger Scott Hartnell no longer willing to waive his no-movement clause.

Columbus Blue Jackets winger Scott Hartnell no longer willing to waive his no-movement clause.

 Latest on Scott Hartnell plus updates on the Ducks and Sharks in your NHL rumor mill. 

THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports Columbus Blue Jackets left wing Scott Hartnell has rescinded his previous agreement to waive his no-movement clause. Earlier this summer, Hartnell agreed to waive the clause and provided Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen with a list of acceptable trade destinations. But after two months of waiting for a trade, Hartnell’s now decided he doesn’t want this uncertainty hanging over him for the upcoming season.

Portzline reports the Jackets never stated why they wanted to trade Hartnell. pointing out no one on the Jackets has scored more over the last two season and only Nick Foligno tallied more points. He wonders if it was for salary-cap purposes. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hartnell’s contract runs through 2018-19 and his no-movement covers the remaining tenure. He was a fixture in the rumor mill leading up to last season’s trade deadline and earlier this summer. Everything I read and heard about Hartnell’s trade status was tied to cap purposes, needing to clear space to re-sign key players, but they addressed that issue this summer by buying out Fedor Tyutin and Jared Boll. Hartnell’s decision should bring an end to any lingering trade chatter for now. However, if he or the Jackets struggle this season, perhaps management will ask him again to waive his clause before the Feb. 28 trade deadline. 

THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens wonders how long defenseman Cam Fowler will remain with the Anaheim Ducks, noting trade speculation dogged the 24-year-old blueliner this summer. Instead of being dealt for a scoring forward or to free up cap space to re-sign rearguard Hampus Lindholm, Fowler remains with the Ducks. If promising defenseman Shea Theodore makes the lineup, Stephen speculates the Ducks could be forced to make some kind of move. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Awaiting Theodore’s performance (and that of promising Brandon Montour) in training camp and preseason could be one reason why the Ducks haven’t made a move yet. The cost of re-signing Lindholm and winger Rickard Rakell is also another likely factor. The Ducks could use another skilled scoring winger and Fowler is the best trade bait to land that type of player. 

CSN BAY AREA: Kevin Kurz speculates San Jose Sharks forwards Tommy Wingels and Matt Nieto could become trade candidates this season. If promising Timo Meier or any other rookie cracks the roster, the Sharks will have to trade or waive someone. Kurz considers Wingels “the likeliest choice”.

Nieto, meanwhile, hasn’t been able to consistently produce and also risks losing his roster spot to a rookie. Kurz suggests Nieto might benefit from a change of scenery. “There should be another team out there willing to part with a mid-to-low round draft pick in exchange for his services, and his light salary would make him an easy player to move,” he writes.


  1. Is Kurz going for the Captain Obvious award?

  2. Hartnell is a solid vet with tons of grit. Maybe a little pricy but a good leader that contributes offence

  3. Fowler Will go to Edmonton where everybody wants to go they will be undefeated this season and win the next 10 Stanley cups

  4. I would say that Lindholm and Theodore are better “trade bait” than Fowler. IMO, either of them would get a 1st line LW in return. I doubt Fowler would without adding someone else.

    • I doubt Anaheim trades either Lindholm or Theodore. Lindholm looks like he will be a #1 defenseman for years and is controllable for at least four years depending on what Anaheim does with his contract. Theodore is a potential 2-3 defenseman on a super cheap entry level deal, making him unlikely trade material too.

      Fowler is a very good top 2 to 3 defenseman (may become a 1) on a very affordable $4M/year deal the next two seasons. You could get a lot for him alone plus trade away a significant cap hit in the process. That is why he is the most likely to be dealt. Anaheim should definitely be able to get a top six winger for him as high end defenseman are the hardest thing to find nowadays.

    • Fowler will cost more than a 1st or 2nd line LW. The lines are getting very blurry & how you or I perceive what is a 1st, 2nd or 3rd line winger. Is Kessel a 3rd line RW like he played late in the season & playoffs playing on the HBK line. Is Abdelkader a 1st line winger having played 1st line minutes & power play time in Detroit. The answer to both is no.

      Fowler is 1 of the best 2 way transitional Dman in the NHL today. He lead Anaheim in TOI/GP, PP TOI/GP, was 3rd in SH TOI/GP seconds behind Despres & Vatanen at #1 & 2 & no Dman in Anaheim logged harder minutes. Started 44.3% of his zone starts in the offensive zone. Vatanen 51.3, Lindholm 49.7. Playing against the other teams best players on the #1 pairing every night.

      • Agreed Striker.
        Perhaps if the winger Marchand and he was signed for 3 or more years at his current $4.5MM it might make sense. That isn’t the case.
        Fowler really makes sense for the B’s if they plan on going for it now, which I think was signaled by the Backes signing.
        He is young enough to be part of the rebuild if this year doesn’t work out (it likely won’t).
        ANA may look at package of top prospects and picks, of which the B’s have. They don’t need to be protected for expansion at the end of the year either.
        Use that to get the scoring winger you need at the deadline for the next 2 years and keep some the best one as well. Zboril, Debrusk and this years first.

      • I agree with most of what you say but not the Bruins going for it. Backes was brought in to help solidify the top 6 & off set the loss of Eriksson. What a great mentor & role model he will make for the kids coming & already with the team. He provides time & leadership & solid minutes n all situations.

        Boston is a bubble team; but I have them making it this year baring a significant injury as currently constructed, adding Backes doesn’t change the fact Boston is in a rebuild. Not a complete tear down.

        Starting last season, 11 players that played significant roles for the Bruins had 2 or less years of NHL experience. They are a year more developed but at least 4 more young players will be taking on more responsibility this season, Vatrano, Griffith; or he will be lost on waivers, C. Miller & Morrow.

        With almost 6 million available in cap space Boston will do something eventually improving the team further. I like what Sweeney is doing & has done in his brief tenure as GM. It’s unfortunate Boston collapsed down the stretch 2 years in a row, actually losing their playoff spot in the final game of the season both years but what’s done is done.

        Time to let go & enjoy this season & the future.

      • Yes, you and I have been down this road before.
        And we still disagree! Will type my weekly rant on this anyway.
        They have plenty of leadership on this team, what they need is young top end talent. Or 2 to pairing D men.
        You get that by tearing it down, and yes you will suck for 5 years.
        Or flippin go for it, sell the farm for 2 good defencemen.
        Sh** or get off the pot, as they used to say.
        I understand they want the gate from being competitive and maybe even playoffs. It is a business. Sweeney has his marching orders and within those parameters is doing fine.
        Doesn’t mean as a fan I like it.

      • I agree that Fowler would cost more than a second line winger, but a true first line winger would be enough for Fowler. I’m sure they would have taken Hall for him, but Edmonton likely wanted more than 2 years left on the contract before UFA for anyone they received (Hall has 4 years left at a bargain $6M/year). This obviously wouldn’t happen, but do you think Anaheim would turn down Joe Pavelski of Max Pacioretty for Fowler? Not a chance.

      • Fowler can move to Detroit for Tatar and either Sheehan or Jurco. If Sheehan there might need to be a bit more rounding out of the trade.

      • Van.

        I don’t see Pavelski or Patches offered or available.

        I live in the real world not fantasy land. Ha-ha!

        If Fowler is moved the cost will be high. The Hall Larson trade is a comparable but not exactly the same for the reasons you state. Contract term. Nor do I think Murray would have taken on Hall’s or Pavelski’s cap hit, term.

        Anaheim needs to cut payroll not add payroll. Patches if available & Montreal actually needed a Dman & could afford to lose a scorer would potentially be a fit. Montreal can’t afford to lose any scorer never mind there best with a 4.5 mil cap hit for 3 more years.

      • Van.

        Why do you think Chiarelli moved Hall to get Larsson?

        I think he did so for numerous reasons.

        1. He was the best Dman he could find that was available at that time. No other option was available & Chiarell was tired of waiting he paid the price demanded by Shero.

        2. Top pairing Dman are astronomically expensive regardless of term, see Shattenkirk & only move in the rarest of circumstances.

        3. The UFA market was opening & he new he had the ability to land Lucic as kind of a replacement.

        4. Having Puljujarvi & Mcdavid fall into his lap 2 years in a row he could afford to lose Hall.

        5. Edmonton is a far better team today with Larsson & Lucic than with Hall.

      • Striker: I also don’t think Pavelski or Pacioretty are available and your comments proved my point. You said it would take more than a 1st or 2nd line LW to get Fowler and I was merely stating that that isn’t entirely true as a real first line LW would be enough. I could have said Ovechkin or Benn to be even more obvious, although their contracts are too expensive Anaheim’s current payroll.

        Looking at term left and pricetag, Fowler for Van Riemsdyk would be an interesting trade for both the Ducks and Leafs with minor pieces thrown in if needed. Given the Leafs lack of depth at defense and great pipeline of forwards, that is a more realistic trade.

        As for Edmonton trading Hall, I agree with all of your five points plus Chiarelli had the desperation and stones to complete that trade. One for one based on player, this is a bad trade for Edmonton. However, given their need for a top 3 defenseman, they will be better team. Larsson’s contract is also great value for 5 years if he plays anything like last year or improves as expected.

      • Van.

        Were on the same page. That’s why I said it’s not so easy to pigeon hole players in today’s NHL as #1, 2 or 3 LW’s or even 1,2,3,4 etc. Dman.

        Lines & D pairings aren’t so clean anymore. Is Hjalmarsson a #2 Dman. No, even though he plays on Chicago’s #1 pairing with Keith. Seabrooke is there #2 playing on the 2nd pairing. The same holds for me at forwards. Your best scorer may or may not play on your 1st line. Hell Tatar was Detroit’s 2nd best goal scorer 2 behind Larkin & played on their 3rd line. Why is Abdelkader getting his ice time?

      • Raybark.

        We agree to disagree which is all good. I like what Boston’s doing & I like the Backes signing just not for the term & money but again accept that’s the market. I would have happily taken Brouwer & his 4 year deal at 4.5, 1 year & 12 million less for almost the same asset just not the C option that Backes will provide if injuries warrant. Although Brouwer is great on draws to his strong side which he did often in Washington playing with Backstrom.

        Brouwer took 441 face offs in 2014-15 winning 56.5%. 2013-14, 436 winning 51.1. Nice option to have instead of icing 2 C’s in certain situations.

        Marchand; 28, Begeron; 31, Pastrnak; 20.
        Vatrano; 22, Krejci; 30, Backes; 32.
        Belesky; 28, Spooner; 24, Hayes; 26.
        Griffith; 23, Moore; 36, Nash; 27.
        Rinaldo; 26.

        Chara; 39; K.Miller; 28.
        Krug; 25, McQuad; 29.
        Liles; 35, C. Miller; 23.
        Morrow; 23. ?

        Rask; 29.
        Khudobin; 30.

        I like this team. It’s not a cup contender but certainly a playoff contender. Moore, Liles, Nash & Khudobin are just filling roles until prospects are ready to assume their spots next season & beyond. The youth of this team that played in Boston last season & this season will get added responsibilities & opportunities.

        Boston will spend to the cap at some point but is saving that space till that Dman they need is available. Unfortunately they may have to wait until this summer before expansion when Anaheim, Columbus & Minnesota need to move someone at D.

        Marchand’s extension is also going to bite another 1.5 to 2 mil out of next seasons cap space & with Spooner & Pastrnak’s contracts up next summer what space exists starts to get gobbled up fast.

        Be happy, the future is looking bright it’s just not today really.

      • Thanks for the detail Striker.
        Wish my team here at the office provided more. Want a job?
        My issue is the age gap between the recently drafted and the top core they have now.
        In 3 years, which is the earliest the next wave will contribute in a meaningful way (more likely 4 or 5 for the D) their age will be:
        Marchand; 31, Begeron; 34, Pastrnak; 23.
        Krejci; 33, Backes; 35, Debrusk; 22
        Belesky; 31, Spooner; 27, Senychsion 22
        Chara; Retired
        Krug; 28 McIvoy 21 (or still in school)
        Zboril; 22, Carlo; 22
        C Miller; 26, Morrow; 26
        The rest are filler.
        They will be an old team up front with their best forwards, when you consider it will take the D 4 or 5 years to play real minutes and against the best opposition it looks worse.
        In 3 years Bergy, Krecji, Backes will still have some jump but starting the back 9, the D will be inexperienced and still struggle at times.
        In 5 years when they are entering prime, Bergy et al will be well past.

        I am repeating myself, but go for it all the way before Bergy and crew are on the downside.
        Or tear down now and shorten the inevitable pain of the rebuild.

      • Fowler would not land patches or pavelski…….that’s fantasy land! With Bergeron and chara do you really think you need more leadership? The backes signing was a terrible signing one or 2 years maybe but even that? Sweeney has made some bad moves can’t see him being around too much longer,

      • Raybark.

        I agree but with at least 1 round of expansion coming, probably a 2nd in the next few years it should create numerous trade opportunities & players will be lost by selection regardless.

        That’s why Sweeney gets the big bucks. To determine a path for the future. I hate these long term contracts. They are like handcuffs. Nor do I like cap dollars. I think all contracts should have to be carried in real dollars in the year they are paid against the cap. It would completely eliminate this brutal false economy of paying huge money today but taking the cap hit tomorrow at significantly lower real dollars, which are simply being sold off to the cap basement teams.

        It’s the rules today & don’t see the system changing significantly but I don’t like it. I wish they would make all games worth the same # of points as well. All are worth 2 or all are worth 3. This some are worth 2 & some 3 is stupid. It’s the NHL creating false parity.

      • Striker you seem to talk a lot but never answer when asked to back up your statements?

  5. Good 1 Oil Fan

    • Psychotherapy is readily available.

      • Hahaha. I think he’s getting his computer time in his ward at this time each day. Just ahs to wait for the orderly to approve it.

  6. I’ve had the last 2 weeks off work, I don’t return till my final hockey fantasy league has it’s draft & I process out all the data. I fly back to Dallas/Fortworth on the 16th of October. The wife loves hockey season. We postpone this marriage for hockey season. Ha-ha!

    I was looking at players that have waiver rights this year. Teams either having to keep these players in the NHL or expose them to waivers to be sent down. There are 28 players that are interesting. Almost all are exclusively 23 or 24 years old & were drafted in the 1st 3 rounds of the draft in 2010 or 11. There are 2 09’s Lander; Edm, & Rodin; Van, & 1 2013 Lipon; Win. The rest are all 2010 or 11.

    Noesen; Anh, Tinordi; Arz, Griffith;Bos, McNeill; Chi, Harrington; Clb, Jurco, Pulkinen, Sproul, & Oullet; all Det, Pakarinen & Pitlick; Edm, Berra & Shaw; Flo, Dowd & Forbert; LA, Wedgewood; NJ, Jensen; NYR, Claesson; Ott, Straka; Phi, Percy; Pit, Berube; NYI, Rattie; StL, Leivo; Tor, Pedan; Van, & Holden; Win.

    Due to injuries Detroit has some time to choose as neither Zetterberg, Jurco or Pulkinen are ready to start the season & will be put on injured reserve. All these other players if protected would mean that these teams have to expose different potentially better players.

    Curious to see how this will play out.

    • Hi Striker. Would you happen to have room in any of your pools for another committee owner? Please advise if so.

      • Sorry. Committed owner.

      • I have been toying with the idea of starting a basic draft pool & pulling people from the various sites I frequent & comment on.

        Not sure how to structure getting that set up as it relates to sending invites through these sites but would love to go head to head with many of the regulars that contribute here. A sort of put your money where your mouth is. It doesn’t even have to be for money.

        We create a league on CBS. Everyone drafts online through the draftroom.

        18 man rosters, 12 forwards, 4 d & 2 G’s no more than 20 teams. You are allowed 3 player substitutions per season.

        Basically all offense with a few bonus categories for goals by Dman, PPG’s, SHG’s, OTG’s for all. Something simple to administer. Essentially set it up & pretty much leave it with the exception of allowing for 3 substitutions to cover for serious injuries.

        I’ll send an email to Lyle under separate cover to see if I can post an invite here so we can set up outside this forum. Not sure we should be posting any personal information here. Email addresses, names, etc.

        Every pool but the 1 based out of San Jose is full & has a waiting list. In the SJ 1 I’m running a team until they can find a replacement owner. These are expensive pools but if interested we can figure out with Lyle how to communicate outside this forum if allowed.

      • Thank you sir. I’ve been reading forums for years, but hardly take time to comment unless I strongly disagree with an opinion and feel the need to offer an alternate view. Some of you folks are far ahead of the peer group on other sites and I usually enjoy the friendly banter. What keeps me from commenting for the most part is the mean spirited retorts which some feel the need to resort to when offered a different aspect. But you, and several others choose the high road and use humor over ego. I like that and would welcome the opportunity to participate in one of your pools because of that and your apparent vast knowledge of the game.

  7. At this point I would doubt Hartnell goes anywhere. I would imagine Columbus will ask him to waive his NTC near the trade deadline. A time looking for a gritty winger with some scoring touch could do worse than Hartnell, Ive always liked his style of play. His contract is going to make it a challenge to move him but I see him getting traded at deadline.

    • Should be interesting to see how the Tortorella style of coaching stands up to a second season with the Blue Jackets. Hartnell is his kind of player, assuming he stays healthy.

    • At 4.75 for 3 more years with what Hartnell brings to the ice he can play on my team any timre. Would be happy to have him. NMC & all.

      Hartnell sits 29th in goals scored over the last 5 years, 5th for PPG’s! At 4.75 that’s great value. Add in his heart & the intangibles that he brings to the ice & he should be a Bruin. Can we swap Belesky & his 4 years at 3.8 for him please & just send Rinaldo packing. Hartnell would address both their roster positions at the same cost & make room for Griffith.

      Oh yeah & get Trouba. That’s for you Caper. Ha-ha!

    • The biggest issue with Hartnell is his NMC and how terribly setup Columbus is for the expansion draft. Dubinsky, Foligno, Hartnell and Clarkson (!) all have NMC’s and have to be protected. They obviously wouldn’t want to lose Jenner, Saad, Atkinson or Wennberg for nothing either, which means they would likely use the 7F/3D/1G scenario. Maybe Clarkson can be exempt due to injury or he’ll waive his NMC because LV wouldn’t take him anyway, but Columbus would then expose Savard or Johnson (likely Johnson) on defense, which is not ideal. Any of those forwards or Johnson are too good to lose for nothing, so a trade is coming regardless.

  8. What a boring day! Can’t wait for the season to begin.