NHL Rumor Mill – September 24, 2016

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This season could be Nail Yakupov's last with the Edmonton Oilers.

This season could be Nail Yakupov’s last with the Edmonton Oilers.

 Updates on Kevin Shattenkirk and Nail Yakupov, plus the latest on the Ottawa Senators. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cites TSN’s Ryan Rishaug’s belief the Edmonton Oilers will move on from winger Nail Yakupov if the opportunity arises this season. Rishaug speculates Yakupov could drop down their depth chart if 2016 first-round pick Jesse Puljujarvi wins the second-line job at right wing. He also notes Zack Kassian and Kris Versteeg will be in line for the other two spots.

Staples notes Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli now has sufficient depth to move Yakupov. He also cites insiders, such as Rishaug, to suggest it’s apparent Yakupov is on the outs with Oilers coach Todd McLellan and Chiarelli tried to trade him this summer. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It seems to be only a matter of time until Yakupov is deal this season. The young winger could benefit from a change of scenery. I believe there are teams interested in his potential willing to take him on, but they don’t want to overpay to take that gamble. Depending on how Puljujarvi, Kassian and Versteeg perform this season, Chiarelli could be more willing to move Yakupov, perhaps even setting a lower asking price. 

STLTODAY.COM: The Kevin Shattenkirk trade rumors are among Jeremy Rutherford’s 10 questions facing the St. Louis Blues this season. The Blues attempted to trade Shattenkirk this summer but couldn’t find a suitable deal. While the blueliner said he’s pushing aside the speculation, he admits they’ll persist depending upon the club’s position in the standings, injuries or roster needs. If the Blues decide to trade Shattenkirk this season, they’ll have to find a team he’s willing to re-sign with, as he’s eligible this summer for unrestricted free agency. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nothing new here, but still worth noting. Shattenkirk’s trade status should remain a topic of interest this season for the reasons he cited to Rutherford. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Ottawa Senators haven’t ruled out signing another veteran defenseman. GM Pierre Dorion has had weekly talks with representatives for UFA blueliners Kris Russell and Dennis Seidenberg. 


  1. Actually, Lyle, Versteeg is a F on a PTO in Edmonton. The other D they the Sens are reportedly “talking” to is Russell. But if he’s still intent on getting $3.5 to $4 mil per it won’t be in Ottawa.

    • Melynk is too cheap pay Russell who would help that porous defense

    • Doubt that it’s in Edmonton either, If Russell is looking for $4 million to $5 million per the report. I seriously doubt that Chiarelli will give it to him. Sounds like Chiaprelli already gave a PTO to Gryba at best Chiarelli might give Russell $2.5 million i doubt it will be a cent more.

  2. If Yak is traded he will just retire Edmonton is the only team anyone wants to play for so the disappointment of having to leave would make him end his career

    • Really considering that Yak was the one that requested the trade here. You’re not making sense here. Yak know’s that he doesn’t have any future in Edmonton and wants out. But unfortunately for Chiarelli Yakupov has very little value right now.

    • I’m thinking his nonsensical post is intentional. He does r seem to draw ire as much when talking of Edmonton than when he post similar comments regarding Toronto. Me thinks he is doing a social experiment. Haha

    • I thought everyone wanted to play for the Leafs Oil Fan?

    • I’m pretty sure Yak would rather have himself dipped in gold and placed in whatever calls itself a town square in EDM than play for any other looser!

    • Wow, you guys sure fell into this trap. He was baiting you guys and you all took it.

  3. He literally requested a trade.
    So, this may be the dumbest comment I’ve read n a long time.

    • Don’t feed the trolls. It just makes them stronger.

    • Remember it came from Oil Fan’

      • All fan bases have their trolls. Please don’t dump a whole fan base in one category because of one.

  4. Shattenkirk will only get traded if some one is willing to over pay. The best thing for Yak would be a fresh start somewhere else; however is value seems to be at a low.

    • Yeah and no team is going to overpay for Kevin Shattenkirk unless he agrees to an extension. Any team trading for him right now. Will want him to agree to a long term extension i think 7 years around $6.5 million per pretty much the Keith Yandle deal. And it sounds like his heart is signing with the Rangers. So if this is true then no team is going to surrender a lot for 1 year of Shattenkirk.

    • I think St.Louie is still hoping to resign him. They need Shattenkirk in the line up more than another winger. If they can`t resign by the deadline, they`ll swing a deal. By the deadline St.Louis will know what they need as far as holes or injures go. Remember who ever they get back in a trade may have to be exposed in the expansion draft. St.Louis maybe looking at picks and prospects for him. By the deadline St.Louis will have a far better indication where teams are going to finish and how prospects are faring.

      • St Louis is poised to win a cup. That should be there concern not expansion draft. They won’t win the championship if they keep hedging their bets. Go all in put everything you have into your attempt while the window is open. Shatter will be traded for a player to help that goal if it was up to me.

      • Jeff they aren`t poised to win squat and if you read what I wrote. They lost Backes, Brouwer and Elliott, they haven`t replaced them. I said depending on where and what was happening in the standings at the deadline, the picks and prospects might be one of their options. It may be their best option at the time

      • I have StL to be essentially as good as last season. Schwartz; now healthy & Fabbri will more than replace the lost scoring with the addition of Perron who will score more than the 18 goals Brouwer scored last season. Curious to see what Hitchcock has planned for Rattie who has waiver rights. He either stays with StL or will be lost on waivers.

        The grit lost concerns me but with StL’s D, the 2nd best in the NHL behind Anaheim this is a great team. When you can ice Pietrangelo, Bouwmeester, Shattenkirk, Paryako, Gunnarson & Edmundson your winning way more games than your going to lose.

        Schwartz, Steen/Lehtera, Tarasenko.
        Fabbri, Stastny, Perron.
        Berglund, Lehtera/Steen, Jaskin/Rattie.
        Upshall/Paarjarvi, Brodziak, Reaves/Jaskin.

        Pietrangelo, Bouwmeester.
        Gunnarson, Shattenkirk.
        Edmundson, Parayko.
        Linbholm, Burtuzzo.

        Allen, Hutton.

        This a very solid team. Certainly top 5 in the west top 10 in the NHL at a bare minimum. They were 2nd in the west & 3rd overall last season.

      • Yogi I read what you said. It doesn’t make what you said correct. I differ in opinion. St. Louis lost three players they had no room for. They still have a stellar forward cast, great defense unit and quality goal tending. Allen > than Elliott.

        They are poised to win it. Their last resort should be picks and prospects if any trade occurs. Unless they have no cap space to add.

        So if you read what I wrote you would know that they are poised to win a championship. Funny how that works. You write it out and you think your opinion is fact. But when another writes something you disregard it. Of coarse it is much easier to predict a team not winning a championship than it is picking won that will. But you keep puffing that chest of yours.

    • Here is a fresh start for Yakupov….. KHL!

  5. Matt Murray out 3 to 6 weeks after breaking his hand.

    • Ouch

      • As I said a few weeks back, the injuries will mount in this cockamamy tournament which is NOT fair in any way shape or form to season ticket holders who pay big bucks to see the best team their club can ice. Murray out, Seguin gimpy, Ekblad concussed – and more to come before the bloody thing is over.

      • I have season tickets & it doesn’t bother me in the least. I love the hockey, it’s been fabulous. I like it better than the Olympics as I hate seeing the season shut down for 2 weeks mid stream, having it in September works perfectly for me.

        That game between Sweden & NA the other day was 1 of the most exciting games I’ve seen in some time. Can’t wait for the Canada Russia game today.

        This is about marketing hockey world wide but also in the US specifically. Unfortunately the US let the neanderthals build their roster & it flopped terribly.

        Players get injured all the time. Part of the game. I don’t see the players complaining either except as to how they are going to divide up their share of 30 million dollars the NHLPA is going to receive.

      • Goalie injuries will make or break this season because of the expansion draft. There are going to be trades and players left exposed and health is going to play a large role in that.

      • The World Cup has been nothing but good for nhl and hockey in general! Do you want to not have training camp or preseason games George guys get hurt during those as well!

      • George O, I agree with you. Personally had no interest in the games and have not watch any of them. They lost me when they decided to put team Europe and North America. As a Bruin fan Marchand being taking off the ice for concussion protocol is a little scary, for a meaningless tournament. Lets see if in 4yrs, they have the same format with Eichel and MacDavid would still qualify for team NA.

      • That’s to bad Caper. You have missed some incredible hockey. It may be meaningless to you but it’s certainly not to the players. It’s been fast, physical & exceptionally fun to watch the vast majority of the best players in the world playing 1 tournament & playing real hockey.

        I assume team NA will be eliminated in 4 years replaced by Switzerland but team NA will be retained until an 8th nation may be ready to compete against the other 7 best nations in the world.

        I have watched 7 games in their entirety, parts of 2 others. That Sweden team NA game was unbelievable. 1 of the best hockey games I’ve seen in a very long time. These games have been shockingly physical. The players care, no 1 likes losing.

        This is no All-Star game.

      • George and caper who was mark stone and frank vatrano playing when stone got concussed and vatrano will be sidelined 3 months? Injuries happen in training camp and preseason and just working out! This has been some great hockey to watch

      • Ya…it’s been unreal hockey. At least the injured will heal during the preseason and possibly the first month of the season…big deal.

      • The only complaint I have is playing it at the acc it has to be one of the quietest rinks in the league definitely in Canada

      • George! We agree on something! F the money grabbing bologna that is the “world cup”

      • @ big bad. the highest tv rankings for this travesty barely beats a regular season game. this is WITH ESPN’s help. this isnt good for the league or the game. It is only good for the lining of a handful of sponsors pockets.

    • That sucks, but in the big picture it shouldn’t be a huge deal. He’ll end up with 4 or 5 fewer starts than he probably would have gotten by season’s end.

      • Depends, some players don`t seem to react very well to missing training camp. It throws their conditioning and timing off. For a goalie breaking a bone in his catching hand can have a longer effect as in some bones in your hand, once broken, they have a tendency to break even easier the second time. Ask any boxer

  6. Nothing new here. Oh just wait a minute someone already said that……. just can’t quite put my finger on it!

  7. The Oilers are making a big mistake not starting over with Yakupov. Put him with McDavid for ten games and see what happens. McDavid needs to play with high skilled players to be properly used and in turn will make everyone around him better. Look at all the problems Tampa had last year then their guy all of a sudden shows his talent. Timing is everything. Otherwise trade him. Montreal would take a chance for the right price. A young prospect or draft choice along with someone like Emillen would be a fair deal. This kid reminds me of Samsinov. I am a Leaf fan an would love to have him but the Leafs already have a dozen young guys fighting for a few spots.

  8. The NHL is not shutting down the season for two weeks free AND have to bear the entire costs of attending Olympics. No money from the IOC no NHL players….I think Yakupov and McDavid had some chemistry real early last year but if he can’t play with McJesus over and out

  9. Trouba has officially asked for a trade

    • Please God let the Bruins get him for a sensible price.

  10. Overhardt. Is he the same agent who got O”Reilly out of Colorado and thought he deserved top money after a couple of years in the league. Trouba should give Drouin a buzz because I wouldn’t cave if I am Winnipeg. He has no leverage except an agent who negotiates in the media.

    • He has no leverage, you’re right! But when you and the team can’t agree on terms and assignments, why should you keep the person behind the player hostage?
      He asks for a trade because he don’t think he can excel as a Jet, let him leave! Of course they don’t have to give him away, alot of teams would be interested in his services. Trade his rights, and get some quality in return.