NHL Rumor Mill – September 27, 2016

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The trade status of Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba continues to dominate the NHL rumor mill.

The trade status of Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba continues to dominate the NHL rumor mill.

Latest on Jacob Trouba plus updates on Dennis Seidenberg and the Dallas Stars in your NHL rumor mill. 

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Scott Billeck reports agent Kurt Overhardt, who represents Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba, is adamant that his restricted free agent client wants to be traded. He dismissed the notion that Trouba’s desire for more playing time on the right side was a smokescreen for selfishness or a desire to make more money 

USA TODAY: Kevin Allen believes it’s unlikely there will be a quick resolution to Trouba’s trade request. He points out the Jets made it clear they want a player of Trouba’s age and caliber in return. Allen also drew comparisons to Jonathan Drouin’s failed trade request with the Tampa Bay Lightning last season. He believes Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff must be cautious and patient in how he addresses this. Allen lists the Detroit Red Wings, Boston Bruins, Colorado Avalanche, Edmonton Oilers and New Jersey Devils as five teams that could benefit from acquiring Trouba. 

TSN (VIA TODAY’S SLAPSHOT):  Bob McKenzie reports the Jets are seeking a “high-impact, one-for-one deal” of  a” top 4 or top-pairing left-shot defenseman” to replace Trouba on the let side. While noted Buffalo Sabres’ Rasmus Ristolainen (like Trouba, a restricted free agent) is a comparable and believing the Sabres could have interest in Trouba, McKenzie doesn’t believe they’ll part with Ristolainen. He also doesn’t see the Anaheim Ducks swapping RFA blueliner Hampus Lindholm for Trouba. He notes the New York Rangers and Arizona Coyotes would be interested in Trouba, but lack the asset the Jets are currently seeking.

Craig Button, meanwhile, believes Trouba’s public trade request makes it difficult for Cheveldayoff to find the right return, as he’s pursuing something to help his team now. Of the type of return the Jets GM could seek, Button listed Toronto’s Morgan Rielly, Anaheim’s Hampus Lindholm, Florida’s Michael Matheson, Edmonton’s Darnell Nurse, Columbus’ Zach Werenski and Philadelphia’s Ivan Provorov as potential trade targets. All are left-handed defensemen, though he doubts those teams will give up those players.

NBC SPORTS/DETROIT FREE PRESS: Jason Brough and Helene St. James believe the Detroit Red Wings could use a defenseman such as Trouba. They both note the Wings have depth in forwards, though they agree Dylan Larkin is an untouchable. However, the Jets could ask for defenseman Danny DeKeyser. That would be a steep price for Trouba, who hasn’t established himself yet as a top-pairing rearguard. 

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox believes the Maple Leafs have the pieces, including its first-round pick in 2017, to make a competitive bid for Trouba. He notes the Leafs have considerable depth in promising young forwards, such as William Nylander. If the Jets want immediate help, he suggests winger James van Riemsdyk as an option. While acknowledging the Leafs would be down the list of potential destinations for Trouba, Cox isn’t ruling it out if the Jets priorities change and urgency mounts to get Trouba dealt prior to the Dec. 1 deadline for signing restricted free agents. Cox also rejects comparing Trouba’s holdout to that of Jonathan Drouin’s last season with the Tampa Bay Lightning, noting Drouin was still under contract when he made his failed bid for a trade.

EDMONTON JOURNAL:  David Staples reports TSN’s Bob McKenzie suggested the Oilers might not be as keen to acquire Trouba as other clubs might be. Staples adds Oilers coach Todd McLellan, who was the bench boss for Team North America at the World Cup of Hockey, didn’t insert Trouba into the lineup until after Aaron Ekblad got hurt. He also notes reliable Oilers insider Bob Stauffer never mentioned Trouba as a possible trade target this spring, focusing instead on Carolina’s Justin Faulk and Colorado’s Tyson Barrie. In recent talk on his radio show regarding Trouba, Stauffer brought up the blueliner’s contract status as a sticking point, 

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika doesn’t expect the Dallas Stars to pursue Trouba. Among the factors is the expensive cost of acquiring and re-signing him. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Jets are seeking a top-four defenseman to replace Trouba on the left side of their blueline, that deal could indeed be difficult to come by. Once the season begins, Cheveldayoff will face mounting pressure to get a deal done before the Dec. 1 due date for RFA signings. A lot can happen to affect his asking price. The club can struggle out of the gate, some key players could get injured or there could be a glaring lack of depth elsewhere in the roster that must be addressed. For now, time is on Cheveldayoff’s side and he can afford to be patient. 

TSN’s Darren Dreger reports via Twitter the Ottawa Senators are among “a handful of teams” with interest in defenseman Dennis Seidenberg, who’s had a strong performance with Team Europe at the World Cup of Hockey. 

SIRIUS XM NHL NETWORK RADIO (VIA TODAY’S SLAPSHOT): Dallas Stars general manager Jim Nill said his club has the salary-cap flexibility to make a trade if needed later this season. Nill points out he’s got nearly $6 million in cap space. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Depending on the Stars’ needs, Nill could be quite busy leading up to the Feb. 28 trade deadline. Could be worth keeping an eye on over the course of this season.


  1. Damien Cox die hard leaf fan reports on anyone to be a leaf what a joke he is

    • Well at least he had the common sense not to compare Trouba & Drouin’s situations. I’m not a Cox fan either.

      • Neither am I, but Cox is a Leaf fan? Not so sure about that…lots of people don’t really consider themselves real Leaf fans until they are blocked by Cox on Twitter, pretty sure it’s part of the initiation to the Leaf fan club../that and the slow blood letting.

      • Ditto on Cox

      • Of course he’s a leafs fan. The lack of knowledge he has on any other team is mind blowing. Leaf centric, leaf fan, delusional… whatever you want to call it it all boils down to one thing. He’s a moron of epic proportion. Don’t know how he still has a job. Guess he caters to the most homer and uninformed side of the leafs fan base

      • ?

    • Haha – yeah just crazy how a hockey reporter in the Toronto market would report on what the hometown team would need to get the player available. He should be reporting on what Arizona would need because people in Toronto want to hear that..smh. Cox is one of the best in the business- maybe you have him mistaken with Steve Simmons

      • Best in the business ?

    • Damien’s middle name is Sux right?

      • That’s pretty low brow humor

    • yeah and the senaturds reporters don’t?

      • Ahh, here come the disenfranchised former Sun posters with their school-yard crapola.

      • here is george again thinks he is right about everything leave toronto out of this george and we won’t have a problem and by the way get a job

      • Hell, you can’t even carry an argument sensibly. Go back to playing marbles.

      • keep it up mr. know it all

    • Lol, everybody wants to be a Leaf according to Cox.

  2. Gardiner not a top pairing, but number 4..sure and is the age and contract they might be looking for

    • The Leafs would have to give up a little bit more than just Gardiner. Maybe they have to include a decent forward prospect like Leivo, or Brown or a defense prospect like Dermott or maybe a couple of draft picks like say a 2nd & 3rd rounder.

      • I agree Kevin…although that being said- how many games have any of seen Trouba play- unless you are a jets fan – not many..Upside for sure..but Gardiner had upside..lol

      • Leivo has waiver rights now so he makes the Leafs or has to be waived to be sent down, if so he would be claimed by someone for free.

        Based on what most Leafs fans have the Toronto roster looking like this season it doesn’t include Leivo & his value in trade with expansion looming, current level of NHL experience, the return would be nominal at best, a 4th or 5th rounder but why even pay that if you can potential get him for free.

  3. Sorry..my other comment didn’t post,Gardiner kappan (spelling? )+a pick is what I was thinking

  4. If the Leafs have any interest in Trouba they should have a tentative contract in place first. If it is more than Reilly’s, no deal. If Trouba were to agree to an identical contract as Reilly, then Nylander, Gardiner and either a prospect/2nd round pick. Trouba has a ton of potential, but he’s not aq star yet, and Gardiner is a quick skating breakout D that neither Buff or Myers are. Nylander will be a 20+ goal scorer for years to come. That alone should be enough honestly. Nylander, Shiefle and Laine together on PP line would be dangerous to say the least.

    • Gardiner AND Nylander??? AND a pick/prospect??? Pass and then pass again.

      Gardiner straight up for Trouba is a good deal. Gardiner has established himself as a second pairing offensive dman, which the Jets need. The Jets are loaded with forward prospects and need someone on the left hand side to feed them the puck.

      Possibly the leafs add a prospect to the mix as they have too many forwards requiring waivers this year; but they are not adding Nylander. That’s just plain silly.

      • Gardner for trouba is just plain silly! Gardiner won’t be close trouba

      • Gardiner is also a give=away artist and that game last night in Halifax did nothing to dispel that. Yeah, he can skate like the wind but when he handles the puck in his own end or in the neutral zone it’s like he’s juggling a live grenade. Too many brain farts to be a Top 4 D on any contending team.

      • Well the #’s don’t support that argument & like everyone George we are force fed Toronto games regularly to watch.

        Gardiner had 74 give aways last season. To give you a reference, Subban lead the league for Dman with 106, Burns 102, Doughty 97, 13 players, a who’s who of all star, Norris caliber Dman gave the puck away more than Gardiner. 2014-15 Gardiner had 66 good for 21st, 2013-14 68 good for 17th.

        Transitional Dman, Dman that help drive offense & make break out passes are going to turn the puck over. Just part of the game. As is skating the puck up ice like a forward trying to beat players 1 on 1. A skill I hope never gets removed from the game but becomes more prevalent.

        Gardiner just turned 26, going into year 6, with 325 games on NHL regular season experience. Over the next 2 seasons we are going to find out exactly what Gardiner is & his offensive & defensive development won’t be fully reached until then.

        He finished 46th in offense for Dman last season playing 2nd fiddle to Phaneuf offensively for the majority of last season.

      • Thanks for providing the info there Striker. Can always count on your to bring in facts

      • Facts can be seriously flawed. Point in fact. In the game where Wideman was hit by Salomaki that lead to his suspension, the NHL didn’t even credit Salomaki with a hit.

        Rick Dudley once said Liles could play for him anytime as although he turned the puck over consistently it was rarely in the defensive zone but driving offense through the neutral & offensive zones. That’s alot different than coughing the puck up right in front of your goalie consistently or being unable to clear the crease on rebounds.

        The eye test is still essentially in determining a players true value. Shea Weber being a fabulous example. The stats especially analytics don’t properly reflect his presence & role on the ice. He’s not fun to play against & is 1 of the most complete 2 way Dman to ever play the game.

        If you buy the report earlier this season from some journalist; I can’t member who, he said there are only 12 complete 2 way #1 Dman in the game today that can do it all & do it even reasonably consistently.

      • Gardiner and Nylander plus a pick!!!??? How many games has anyone here seen Trouba play- haha come on..

      • I look at the Hall for Larrson trade as a comparative. TYhe Jets need another D in return though, Gardiner alone wan’t do it, and the Jets would want another piece that is either top 4 D potential, or top 6 F potential. I’m sure JVR would get the deal done, but would you want to give up a 30 goal winger when you are about to start the season with a potential franchise C for the first time in almost a decade? Nylander will develop into a top 6, but I’m not sold on top 3 just yet. With prospects to spare, and an available 22 yr/old right D with world class potential, you pay more than you want, and more than the next guy is willing to if you are serious about winning.

      • Shticky if gardener can put up points like those you listed. Subbing, Burns, Doughty. Then he can be allowed his give aways. His point production does not offset the give aways.

      • Leafmedic if you want a comparable deal than that which NJ got moving Larson, you will be waiting along time to fill that dream. One key difference is NJ did not shop Larson. Edmonton came knocking.

      • If you broke down give aways by minutes played you would get some form of a baseline but it wouldn’t account for numerous variances, quality of competition, play in the O & D zones. If in the O zone your going to try & shoot to score often leading to turn overs, not so prevalent when your trying to move the puck out of your own zone.

        Gardiner isn’t a train wreck defensively nor is it his strong suit. He’s a transitional Dman & now Toronto’s #1 offensive Dman. He’s a decent option, still young getting better. Most Dman reach their prime at around 28 & then have 5 to 8 years at a comparable level depending upon their abilities, skills & abilities declining as they move into their mid 30’s. The better last longer the worse perish.

      • Agreed! Why in the world does anybody think Trouba is worth that much?!

    • That to me sounds like over payment. I wouldn’t include Nylander unless there’s something else coming along with Trouba.

      • Players like Subban, Burns and Doughty all also play a helluva lot more minutes than Gardiner!

      • Agreed.

      • Subban average of 26.35 per game – Gardiner 20.62 per game. Burns 25.85
        The math still works out in Gardiner’s favor.

      • So Taz, based upon “math” are you putting Gardiner in the same category as Subban, Burns and Doughty? The minutes may be close but I’d venture a guess that not as many of them are against the opposition’s top lines. As Disraeli said there are 3 kinds of lies – “lies, damned lies and statistics.”

      • That’s not what I said, nor was it implied. Just simply backing up the comment with numbers. Take the statement for what it is.

      • Holy cow Taz 5 mins difference in ice time is huge in hockey.

      • Ya know what else is less about Gardiner….his salary no one is saying he is equal to those others just that the type, style of game they play has some similarities. Gardiner right now is a decent 2nd pairing guy getting paid like a decent 2nd pairing guy still relatively young and given the opertunity could still have a bit of upside to him, O wouldn’t be in any hurry to move him for Trouba (who I like as well just not as much if he wants 6 million bucks)

      • Actually he is seeing very similar quality of competition. He doesn’t kill penalties nor does say a Karlsson really for that matter either but playing almost 18 mins a night at ES means your facing tough players.

        By no means am I comparing Gardiner to a Subban, Karlsson, Doughty or Burns except as you called him a turn over machine essentially. He’s not. He will never be 1 of those Dman but he’s a solid young offensive Dman that plays a strong positional game that analytics says helps drive offense for Toronto & how can we possible judge his defensive abilities having played for 1 of the worst teams in the NHL in his entire career.

        This data is readily available, before making such blatant statements that aren’t true you should look to see.

        I get the need for us to make comparisons but all players are different, unique & have their own strengths & weaknesses. 30 teams in the NHL, the average NHL team dresses at least 9 Dman per season. Even at the regular 6 dressed per game that’s 180 Dman at a bare minimum playing in the NHL each season. 223 played 25 games or more last season.

        Gardiner finished 46th for points, tied for 46th for goals, finished 83rd for TOI/GP, 67th for ES TOI/GP & still getting better & next season will be his 1st as the #1 PP option in Toronto. Toronto is also on the cusp of getting significantly better. Offense & puck possession is a great defensive strategy. Playing with the lead as opposed to playing from behind has very positive effects on wins, team defense, goals against, etc.

    • A leafs fan with an actual fair assessment on the value of their own players? Whoa. Though even I don’t know if the pick would be necessary. But anyone not names Marner or Nylander with Gardiner I don’t even entertain as a Jet.

      • Totally agree

  5. This is like watching the Hamonic trade request play out all over again except Hamonic has a tema friendly contract. Trouba is an overrated dman that wants big money. What GM wouldn’t want to get in on that?

    • & apparently a skewed sense of self worth, who thinks he gets to decide where & when he plays. I still don’t understand how a player that logged the 3rd most TOI/GP for his team; a solid PP TOI/GP, can be unhappy with his role having only played 3 seasons in the NHL & played from very good to mediocre over that time frame.

      There are going to be some GM’s that just avoid that personality as would I unless desperate & their are at least 20 teams in the NHL that are desperate for what Trouba would bring to their teams.

      • Looking at last year, Trouba isn’t any better than Ceci or Dumba, and they both signed 2-year bridge deals at under $3M/year. I would stay away from Trouba if I’m the Leafs and the cost is Gardner and a significant asset (Nylander is laughable). Gardiner’s contract is pretty good value for what he brings, even with his defensive deficiencies.

      • Agreed Van.

      • It’s weird to see a guy criticize a player for self worth, that basically pats himself on the back daily!

        I mean can you make it through a single day without talking about the millions you make in fantasy, climb mountains, cure diseases, fly to the moon, demographics expert , hold season tickets to 24 teams, jet setting all over the globe while still finding the time to visit this site every 8 minutes with your blind insight of every team and player you know nothing about….. Copied and pasted stats straight off ESPN, with little to no actual insight!!!

        Jaysus!!!! Give it a rest!!!!

  6. This isn’t about his ice time. He was second on his team in ice time last season, and in the same ballpark as Anton Strahlman, Kevin Shattenkirk, Niklas Kronwall, Adam Larsson, Dion Phaneuf, and others. This is about him wanting to be paid based on what he thinks he can be, not what he has shown on the ice, and I hope TO sees through his “potential” and not give up on any of our prospects to get him.

    • ThirstyDeer, Trouba never said it was about ice time, but wanting to play the right side. Is that true? We will never know.
      The part I don’t understand is if he goes through some short term learning pain and becomes well above average on both side of the ice does he not become a more valuable player? This would lead to greater opportunities everywhere and an even larger long term deal if accepts a bridge contract and plays well.
      He requested a trade months ago, it just became public now. If the deal Chevy wanted was there he would have pulled the trigger already. Why will it be there on Nov 25 just prior to the Dec 1 deadline when he loses leverage?
      As stated above, Chevy can take his time but not too much; the fan pressure will mount if the Jets struggle, have injuries etc. Or even within the locker room if they have some success and are in a playoff position. They will want management to use the asset to improve the current roster and fill that hole on the blue line, or whatever that hole may be to try and win.
      I think we all don’t like it when players use these tactics, but as Chevy stated he will do what is in the best interest of the team.
      What does that mean on Nov 25 and a key asset is “rotting” and will be wasted for the entire year on Dec 1?
      If I am a rival GM, I am patient too. Only a handful of teams have what Chevy says he wants and the cap space to do it. The question is will Trouba cave first.
      I guess my point is, best guess is that this will drag on until the end of November.

      • It’s incredibly rare for teams to essentially swap the same assets. Teams are usually trying to fill a void when trading, getting rid of a bad contract, acquiring assets, getting younger what have you.

        This whole leftie, rightie thing is over blown, it never used to be an issue until 1 of the best coaches in the world really tried to balance them out. Ironically Pietrangelo has primarily played the left side in the World Cup even though a rightie.

        Seeing a trade like Subban for Weber, similar players in that they were essentially both their respective teams #1’s but different; 2 different styles of play, is incredibly rare. In fact I can’t think of another like it in recent memory at D.

        I am old though so forgetful. The beer & medicinal marijuana doesn’t help the memory either. Ha-ha!

      • What I don’t get is why is a team going to trade for a like player for Trouba. Trouba has already shown that he is willing to request a trade, has been tough to sign and might even be biased to signing for specific teams. Surely that goes into the negative column. Winnipeg should be ok with getting 80 cents to the dollar for him.
        The entire idea of ‘potential’ is also getting out of hand. Its when people come to Dragons Den and put a crazy valuation on their business based on potential. Investors don’t pay that, why would GMs?

      • Completely agree, Tazi. Ask Ottawa how signing Cowen to a 4-year deal at 3.1M/year worked out for them based on “potential”. BTW, Cowen just happened to be picked 9th overall three years earlier than Trouba was picked in the same slot. I believe Trouba is better now than when Cowen signed his extension, but at least Cowen didn’t demand a trade at the time. In addition, Trouba wants a higher salary (over $5M/year) when he has done nothing to prove he is worth top-4 UFA type money.

  7. ‘didn’t insert Trouba into the lineup until after Aaron Ekblad got hurt.’

    Which did not help Trouba’s cause. Ekblad went down and it was time for Trouba to showcase himself. He could not come close to stepping up to fill those shoes. Not easy shoes to fill but if he would of made the transition of losing NA Top D teams would be in a bidding war

  8. Seems to me like the Gardnier for Trouba swap would work well for both teams. After Trouba would be signed his contract would be comparable to Gardnier but just a slightly longer term. I think the deal would work well for both teams as I see the Leafs D changing a little bit over the next few years. Neilsin should be able to take over some top 4 minutes in the years to come and Carrick will easily slot in as a good 5-6 guy.

    Even if leafs have to go Kapanen and Gardner for Trouba I think it’s a fair trade. Kapanen would be a 2-3 liner in the years to come and Gardnier would be a 3-4 D man. Seems like a fair swap. Thoughts?

    • i agree
      all 3 are bums
      but trouba is the better bum on the better team
      kapanen offsets the age
      all depends on salary

      harmonic would be better trade for trouba & if i was leafs I wouldn’t offer anyone else

  9. Winnipeg has zero need for forwards at any stage of their development, they have far to many already & Laine & Connor are studs in waiting.

    Ehlers, Scheifele, Wheeler.
    Laine, Little, Stafford.
    Perreault, Lowry, Armia.
    Matthias, Burmistrov, Thorburn.
    Lipon & Armia.

    Everyone of those forwards has to clear waivers to be sent down except Laine.

    Copp, Connor, Dano, Petan, Lemieux & Roslovic are all waiting in the wings & copp played as a regular last season but the business side of the game will come into play. Peluso could be lost but Winnipeg likes the role Thorburn plays on the 4th line as would numerous other teams. I don’t see a single player other than Peluso clearing waivers. Everyone else would get claimed by someone.

    The last thing Winnipeg needs is another forward. They need Trouba as the drop off after their top 4 D is extreme. No 1 currently on the roster to replace the role nor minutes Trouba plays.

    • Man this is getting kinda nutty how much we are agreeing lately but ya not sure that keeping Gardner at 4. Mill compared to trading him and everything but the kitchen sink is such a bad idea…Trouba wants to play and be paid like a top pairing D and I am not sure he is there yet and by the looks of it neither are Muarice or McLellan. Sure maybe the Leafs offer Gardner and yes I think the Jets probably find a better offer but from aLeaf point of view I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep over it

      • Worlds colliding Shticky, worlds colliding. You better check your horoscope, something weird is going on. I think Uranius has gone retrograde. Hahahahaha

  10. I’d just keep Gardiner & be happy. This is a budding #2 offensive Dman who in his 1st 5 seasons in the league; lost lock out shortened season to injury, has scored 30 points 3 times & in those seasons, 7 goals twice & 10 once. He’s just moving into his breakout point & is now Toronto’s #1 PP option at D for the 1st time in his career. He assumed that role after Phaneuf was traded last season & did very well in that role.

    I have him scoring 12 to 15 goals next season & 40 to 47 points if he plays at least 75 games; that will put him at or near the top 20 Dman in scoring in the NHL. He will certainly better the 7 goals & 31 points he scored last season in a walk with the added PP responsibilities. He should also finish the season 2nd in TOI/GP for Dman in Toronto next season behind only Rielly.

    I protected him in 2 of my 3 fantasy leagues.

    • Well if you protected him in TWO of your fantasy leagues, I seriously doubt Toronto would trade him!

      Thanks for setting the market!

  11. Flyers are NOT trading Provorov. He logged a game-high 28:48 last night. He will be a cornerstone of the franchise.

    • Nor are any of those other Dman mentioned by Button likely to Winnipeg for Trouba. What’s the point? Most are better prospects or players now.

      The only possible exception is Nurse but Nurse may well be a better Dman than Trouba when he’s final NHL developed nor does Trouba really address Edmonton’s need. Yes they could use a a rightie but Larsson had a far better season than Trouba last season & is far more proficient defensively.

      Edm needs a #1 offensive Dman to man the point on the #1 PP & help with the transitional game. Trouba’s not that player, nor will he necessarily ever be. He may well be a future #1 PP option but I don’t think of him as a transitional Dman. In fairness I don’t see Winnipeg play as often as I would like. That will be changing as they have added a bunch of dynamic players in the last 3 years making them far more enjoyable to watch.

      Why watch Winnipeg when you can watch Dallas, Pittsburgh, Washington, StLouis, Chicago, Boston etc. Times are a changing in Winnipeg. In 2 more years look out.

    • Speaking of the Flyers, how do you play 2 split-squad games and not manage to score 1 goal? Who did they dress for those games?

  12. The Jacob Trouba situation is classic early first round pick scenario we see re-occurring with these youngsters, still RFAs and in want and need of big fat deals to continue their on the job training. In my humble opinion Trouba is a bit different than the few other young defenders that came before him looking for the big payback ahead of time; Trouba has shown enough to my eyes that he is going to be a quality player, although I don’t think anyone can predict his upside in a top contender’s pecking order until he gets there. He can only become a better player if he plays HIS position (Right side defense)and if he is given the opportunity to play there in all phases. I can’t see why any NHL team wouldn’t be interested. The sticking point is how many NHL teams are waving the white flag at their defense enough to go from established defender (the Jets return player) to a trainee…that weakens your team’s ability to contend now, right?
    And are the out of contention franchises gonna send a really good defender youngster back..A forward for sure…but even if there was interest in Trouba for an established team, (say Chicago) it becomes a matter of subtraction of one of their big 3, or moving Hjarlmarrson
    to the left side even though he prefers playing the off handed right side. You don’t subtract a established solid defensive starter to fufill Trouba’s wishes, unless you are rebuilding and not planning on a playoff run, right?
    And that’s BEFORE Trouba’s final salary deliberation,that just might skew your team’s established pecking order…if one of your home grown defensiev prospects needs a new deal, he is going to look at Trouba’s deal and his play and say, “Wait, I am better right now than HE IS…”
    My point of this blabbering on post, is the kid is really worth something, but all the planets will have to allign for both sides in a trade to make the deal good for both sides…

    Danny DeKeyser and something would give the Wings what they ahve been missing…a CHANCE to actually get a defender who has the POTENTIAL to make them better long term…

    • Ya, long post Bill but good. This one is complicated. Agree on Trouba’s potential and yes he already is a quality D-man at 22. Not first pairing yet, but definitely has the tools to be one. The hardest thing to find in the NHL these days.
      I would throw Boston into that as they are a bubble team in desperate need of a top young D-man.
      Just spit balling, but this seems to have 3 way deal written on it. Teams like ANA who will have expansion protection questions and plenty of young depth on D and could use a top young forward in return might come into play.

      • Ray the issue with Anaheim is if your the team trading the forward lets say for Lindholm; there is no way your flipping Lindholm for Trouba. Most of the comparable are slightly ahead of Trouba or close enough that you would just keep that player.

      • This thought has some merit & Fowler a great solution for Winnipeg except for the fact he’s a UFA in 2 years. Boston has some young forwards that might appeal to Anaheim. Losing Vatrano who should have been a full time player this season potentially as the #2 LW & Boston only having their 1st rounder out of their top 3 picks clouds the picture.

        You would think Spooner would be a consideration but his pending RFA status is a red flag for Murray in Anaheim. He’s going to want cost certainty on the player coming back. Spooner is coming out of a 2 year bridge deal with UFA status only 4 years away.

        Not the greatest fit here as Boston doesn’t really have what Anaheim would want although Winnipeg has what Boston wants & Anaheim potentially has what Winnipeg wants. 3 way deals are more common though that these types of Dman actually moving.

        Weird times.

      • Ya Striker, Fowler is the guy I was thinking of.
        Bruins have some young guys with potential, just not guys who will help a contender right now other than Spooner. I don’t think Spooner will get anything too outrageous for $$. One decent year where he tailed off as the season wore on but on the upside moving forward. Combination of a Pastrnak (I am not a huge fan), Debrusk or whatever prospects may work. ANA is always budget conscious so young talented guys with control are always valuable and can be used to add what they need down the road.

    • Good post.

      Is Dekeyser really any different than Trouba? I would argue he’s been just as good & last season better. He also brings cost certainty at 5 mil for the next 6 years.

      Dekeyser doesn’t see any where near the PP time that Trouba has seen since his rookie year. He plays almost exclusively in a defensive role going up against the other teams best players every night. Logging the most ES TOI/GP & SH TOI/GP; 2nd overall for TOI/GP playing on the 1st pairing.

      No player logged less starts at D in Detroit in the offensive zone than Dekeyser’s 45.1. Trouba had 50.9 seeing far weaker competition playing on the 3rd pairing in Winnipeg.

      I’ll take Dekeyser accounting for all factors.

  13. defensiev = defensive
    allign = align
    ahve = have

    • All good Bill, no spelling tests here thank god. 1 of technologies greatest contributions. Spell checker.

  14. Yesterday Kirk Overhardt was on TSN1290 Winnipeg. Originally is was to be Trouba; however I think his agent didn’t see that as a good ideal. Layless asked Kirk if the jets mad an Offer to Trouba and No was the answer. Trouba asked for a trade back in May and since that time Trouba said he would like to sign a long term deal and during the end of team NA tournament he told a Winnipeg report he would be at camp and hope to get a contract signed soon. Well none of that turned out to be true. Also none of it surprised me, just because of the other little things we heard and all this silly things about not wanting to play the left side. People are mad that Trouba’s camp went public and should’ve kepted it quiet ask for a trade and let it play out. I would say Trouba would be asking how did that work out for Evander Kane (his old teammate) who had asked for a trade every off season and only got it when his teammates had enough of him, otherwise he still be in Winnipeg waiting to become an unrestricted free agent. Trouba might of said there is no way I going that route because it doesn’t work. This is not to say I agree with Trouba but understand the mindset. Now Chevaldayoffe has to decide to let him rot, or make the best deal possible. Let him rot does not make the jets better, but if his team gets off to a strong start and no injuries to Byfuglien or Myers then the December 1st deadline will put pressure on Trouba. The best trade possible, does this send a message to all other rfa’s that you can just demand your way out of Winnipeg and move on. Lets be honest Winnipeg isn’t a desire location for a lot of people. I live here and enjoy it very much. The winters are long, the snow can be on the ground before Halloween sometimes and not leave until the end of March or early April, sometimes we’re lucky it doesn’t come until December and leaves the end of March. We don’t get a lot of snow because it’s too cold and we have no hills to enjoy the snow. The summers are great but most players don’t stay here in the summer. For whatever the reason Trouba doesn’t want to be in Winnipeg and the Jets need to replace him with another defenseman, prospects and picks are not what the jets need or want at this point, also don’t need goaltending over forwards. They need a defenseman, is and will be interesting to watch.

    • At least it makes for something entertaining to discuss. I don’t begrudge Trouba for his choices with his agent. He’s playing by the rules. His reasoning seems flawed & self centered. He would have simply been better served to say he would prefer to play else where for personal reasons as his story about opportunity & wanting to play the right side instead of left ring hallow for me.

      Loved that were starting to get box scores to consume.

      • I also think Trouba would be better served to sign a 2 year bridge deal, play & maintain his trade request. His stance doesn’t make it easier for Winnipeg to trade him, just the opposite as teams will low ball Winnipeg & Winnipeg can’t afford to discount moving what appears to be a solid #2 if not #1 future NHL Dman.

        Trouba’s not helping his situation. Putting a gun to a GM’s head rarely works for a player. It does often but not always & rarely for a team that can’t afford to take the deprecated value.

  15. EDM traded Hall for Larsson but oh no can’t trade Nurse for Trouba. If that is true the organization continues to be completely retarded.

  16. If Trouba was left handed what would his value be and would he be getting all the air time. I’d say not a chance. Right know he’s over rated. He’s not gonna bring in as much as everybody thinks right know because his learning curve has flat lined. A lot of kids can’t make the next level, a big risk giving up a known quantity for him or even a great prospect like Provorov

  17. What a mess. Trouba, a guy who wants to be paid more then he is worth. Will someone bite ?
    Cheveldayoff wants what Trouba may become. More then he is currently worth.
    I see a lot of posters over and under valuing players. Someone has to look at this objectively.
    The bridge deal makes most sense ,pay him his worth now and the obligatory raise on a 2 year deal. Trouba either cashes in huge then or fades into a guy who never lived up to his potential.
    To facilitate any good move Cheveldayoff needs to allow teams to talk contract with Troubas camp.It will give all involved a better understanding of Jacobs worth ,then a fair deal could be struck between interested party and the Jets.
    Unless you get that GM who does know what they are doing……..
    So far I have only looked west but the best team to deal with IMO out west is Arizona. Is Trouba interested in a Connor Murphy type deal ?
    Let the teams talk ,Michael Stone would be the main guy in any deal.

  18. Wouldn’t a Trouba for Travis Hamonic trade make sense for both sides?

    • I think the reason that didn’t happen when Hamonic wanted to get back to Winnipeg or closer is that Hamonic is a solid top 2 Dman on a great contract $3,857,143 with term; what would have been almost 5 years at the time, now 4, & Snow wasn’t taking back Trouba’s contract problem straight up. Why take Trouba when he wants significantly more money than Hamonic is making & Hamonic isn’t going to be a #2 he is 1. We assume Trouba will be but at present he hasn’t realized that potential & he wants to be paid like a superstar.

      That ship has sailed now. Winnipeg should have paid the price then to make that deal fly some how.

      • Not to mention Hamonic is a right Dman as well playing on the #1 pairing with Leddy.

  19. Trouba is a first round pick that hasn’t realized his full potential. Speculating that he is worth JVR and Nylander is ridiculous. If he was what everyone thinks he might be then he would be worth a lot. From my perspective he is worth a first round pick in the top half of the draft plus a prospect that might replace him and a current player depending on where the first pick is and to recognize his level of play now. the Leafs first in 2017 or JVR or Nylander or Marner plus Corrado or Carreck plus Lievo or Brown with a later round pick coming back from Winnipeg sounds about tight. Personally I would give them the pick rather than any of those players plus Corrado and Lievo. That same package could go to the Ducks for Fowler then fowler for Trouba. I don’t see Lou paying more than that. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out.

  20. Sorry to jump in here late guys, but if you compare Larson and Trouba, that’s just foolish . Larson is more established, has an amazing contract, and Trouba played more sheltered minutes, on a better team. Your taking about a great young dman locked up, for a more then good dman without a contract. Not to mention in a few years Edmonton could’ve been in salary cap hell. They needed defence now, b4 their core is dissolved. Nj had no desire to move Larson, so a massive overpayment was required or a liked up young defenceman… Sign Trouba for 6 years at 4.5-5m., that. Be close to gardiner and nylander. Even then hats pushing it. Leafs aren’t in win now mode. Winnipeg would prob need to add. Sign troub at 6m a year, your definitely not getting both. Dollars and timing don’t make sense. It still entertaining always hearing leaf fans over value their players, yet other teams don’t… Please explain why Trouba, who didn’t progress last year is worth more then cam fowler? Arm chir gms should stik to playing NHL16. Ps. Gardiner at 4.5m is equal to Trouba at 6m. Personally he doesn’t deserve tht long term contract yet. Might in 2 years cause he ha the potential but not yet

    • Also leave marner out of this…. Not happening.

      • There won’t be any Marner no Nylander no Rielly no Mathews… Trouba is a good D but I can’t see any situation where the Leafs will be reading for a good young D who is off his pay scale similar to the one they just sent packing, does no one remember when Phaneuf was a 2nd pairing type D with “potential” no 1 type numbers making 6 mill? A year later there wasn’t a bus big enough to throw him under. Now I’m not saying Phaneuf =Trouba or anything like that. I just can’t see it happening for the price the Jets would be looking for and then signing him to a 5 or 6 mill deal. If it doesn’t work out we have seen how this movie ends.

      • We have seen how this movie ends look at edm high draft picks all skilled forwards no defense. the leafs defense is terrible and the prospects coming aren’t anything to write home about, if they aren’t gonna trade for defense they better start drafting them

  21. Best case scenario outside of resigning him is to put him on the block and hope for a bidding war.