NHL Rumor Mill – September 28, 2016

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Brent Burns is reportedly in no hurry to open contract talks with the San Jose Sharks.

Brent Burns is reportedly in no hurry to open contract talks with the San Jose Sharks.

Latest on Jacob Trouba, Brent Burns, Johnny Gaudreau and more in your NHL rumor mill. 

TSN: Regarding the Winnipeg Jets’ asking price for defenseman Jacob Trouba,  Bob McKenzie reports they seek a defenseman with a left-hand shot of similar age, experience and potential, which could be difficult to get. He notes the Anaheim Ducks aren’t trading Hampus Lindholm, the Toronto Maple Leafs aren’t trading Morgan Rielly and the Arizona Coyotes aren’t trading Oliver Ekman-Larsson.

McKenzie claims more than half the teams in the league have interest in the 22-year-old Trouba, citing the Coyotes, Boston Bruins, Colorado Avalanche and New York Rangers as having “significant interest” if the Jets are willing to change the parameters of their asking price. He feels this could be a long, drawn-out affair. 

Darren Dreger said teams were making offers for Trouba several months prior to the blueliner’s recent trade request. He claims the interest is vast, from the lower-level teams in the league to the defending Stanley Cup champions. However, Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff won’t make a move until he gets the right return. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cheveldayoff has until Dec. 1 (the due date for re-signing RFAs) to move Trouba, so he can afford to take his time. But as McKenzie points out, finding a comparable player in return won’t be easy. Should this situation drag on into November, Cheveldayoff could be forced to change his asking price. Doesn’t mean he won’t get a good return if he does this, but he won’t get that young, skilled left-handed shot to play on the left side of his blueline. His club’s early-season performance and perhaps changing roster needs could also affect what Cheveldayoff seeks for a return. 

Regarding San Jose Sharks pending unrestricted free agent Brent Burns, Pierre LeBrun reports the blueliner isn’t in any hurry to negotiate a contract extension. While he loves living and playing in San Jose, he wants to take his time before making the most significant decision of his career. The Sharks have made re-signing Burns their top priority, perhaps a long-term deal to get a more favorable cap hit. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I expect Burns and the Sharks will reach an agreement on a five-year deal worth an annual average cap hit of $7 million before his UFA eligibility next summer. He’s invaluable to their offensive attack. 

McKenzie said there’s no talks right now between the Calgary Flames and winger Johnny Gaudreau. He notes Gaudreau’s lack of NHL experience means he’s not actually a restricted free agent, making him ineligible to receive an offer sheet from a rival club. He also doesn’t have any RFA rights whatsoever. The Flames prefer to re-sign him to between $6.375 million (Sean Monahan’s new contract)  to $6.75 million (Mark Giordano’s annual cap hit), but the Gaudreau camp reportedly seeks over $8 million per. McKenzie feels, however, there’s plenty of time to get a deal done. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gaudreau really doesn’t have much leverage other than to stage a holdout, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s re-upped to a seven- or eight-year deal at $7 million per season. 

Dreger also speculates the Pittsburgh Penguins could keep an eye on the waiver wire if they feel they need a short-term replacement for sidelined goalie Matt Murray. 

TSN 1040 (via TODAY’S SLAPSHOT): Bob McKenzie isn’t sure the Vancouver Canucks have the assets to get into the bidding for Trouba. Noting the Canucks have Alex Edler, Ben Hutton and Luca Sbisa on the left side, he suggest maybe Hutton “plus, plus, or whatever”, though he doesn’t see Hutton as a natural fit for the Jets. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I wouldn’t be surprised if the Canucks expressed interest in Trouba. However, I agree with McKenzie that they lack suitable assets to land him. 

NBC SPORTS: Adam Gretz notes the New York Islanders could start the upcoming season with a logjam in goal. They’ve got Jarosav Halak, Thomas Greiss and Jean-Francois Berube under contract. Berube acknowledged the possibility he could open the season spending much of his time in the press box as he did last season until Halak was sidelined.

While a trade at some point could remedy the situation, Gretz notes that won’t be easy. Trading Halak, an option the Isles considered in the offseason, doesn’t make sense because currently there’s not a market for a starting goaltender. Berube has upside and the Isles, is the youngest of the trio and carries an affordable cap hit. Greiss is eligible next summer for UFA status. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Isles’ preference appears to be a tandem of Greiss and Berube. Halak’s strong play in the World Cup of Hockey could bolster his trade value, but as Gretz points out, there’s currently no market for starting goalies. That could change in the opening weeks of the season. If Halak remains healthy and continues playing well, I expect the Isles will move him at the first opportunity. 


  1. Not sure what pressure Chevaldayoff is under here. Regardless of the Dec 1 deadline Trouba isn’t going to play in a Jets uniform; or so it seems. The end result is going to be the same.

    Having him sit for the year may hurt his trade value, but it will hurt Trouba’s ability to land a pay day.

    Frankly I see Trouba sitting for the year hurting him far more than it hurts the Jets.

    It’s a staring contest. Big advantage to Chevaldayoff.

    • Agree. If there’s ever a case for a GM playing hardball with an agent and his client, this is it in spades. Trouba’s camp will blink first.

  2. Hard to see a team moving a defenseman of equal value for Trouba who is unsigned and wants big money.
    No one really knows his true potential.
    I see more of a package deal of prospects and a first round pick or more picks possibly second rounder also added.

    • I think a nhl dman will go back with picks and prospects, IMO trouba will be a top pairing dman

      • I agree Bigbadbruin but your key word is will. This is yet another player who many would argue has yet to reach his full
        potential which is scary considering how good he already is.

        He is not worth an active player plus prospects plus picks. Maybe two of the three.

        As a Bruin fan do you think he is worth one of your established Dmen, one of your top prospects, and one of your top picks?

        Considering the first to be Krug, perhaps Spooner, and whatever your highest pick is?

        Krug alone should net Trouba. Krug is an outstanding player in my opinion.

      • I don’t move Krug for Trouba. Nor do I think there is any chance Sweeney does never mind adding any other asset with him. Krug is 1 of the best up & coming transitional & offensive Dman in the NHL. He has played 3 full seasons just entering year 4 & still 2 years from being fully developed. He made the top 20 in D scoring last season playing with a bum shoulder almost all year.

        He is a huge reason Bostons PP is so effective. His shot rates are off the charts & if not for last seasons shoulder injury I assume he would have done better than his 1.6 shooting %. The year prior he was 5.9, his rookie year 7.7, his career average 4.7. I think it’s safe to assume his goals return to double digits next season if he plays at least 70 games. He should move into the top 15 if not top 10 points leaders at D.

        Boston has no LH Dman to send to Winnipeg as they aren’t moving Krug. That doesn’t make Boston better.

      • I should have worded that better depending on who the nhl dman is would depend on the picks and prospects. I like Krug but I would do Krug for trouba I think trouba will be the all around better dman

      • In Krug’s 1st 3 seasons in the NHL he sits 20th for points by Dman, & 20th for goals by Dman even after last seasons brutal goal totals. Go look at the 19 Dman in front of him & or 10 or 20 below him. That’s pretty exclusive company & again no where near his fully potential yet.


      • Way to go look up stats striker, if you can’t see the potential of trouba at both ends of the ice than that’s where we differ

      • bbb still hasn’t learned to count and numbers make his head sore…Bbb why not tell us again about your thoughts on the player who most said was or could end up being a 5th D but you disagree and didn’t think he was anything more than a bottom pairing guy…good times.

      • Oooooook shticky…………whatever that means stick to hockey buddy ?

      • And I thunked leafs fans overvalued their players. A middle pairing pp specialist about at his potential for a middle pairing all around guy with top pairing potential. Boston be foolish not to do that. Would need to add a small something something but it would be worth it.

      • I agree chris trouba is already better than Krug on the defensive side and the Offense will come.

      • Bbb those numbers say he is a 2nd pairing type d and yes he has potential but you don’t pay someone based on potential. Trouba wants around 6 million bucks more than a lot of top pairing guys his age make what happens if his potential doesn’t pay off? A team would have given up a top 4 likely cheaper salary for one that’s more expensive and maybe not any better. Look at salaries around the league for guys his age and similar numbers…Om not sure what Vollman is thinking saying he may be top 10 at his age to play considering he wasn’t even in the top 6 on that under 23 squad maybe stretching things a bit there.
        At any rate no one is saying he is not good just kinda question the value of you are giving up something that is in the same situation and paying more $ on top of that.

      • Shticky this the last I’ll say of this but weren’t you the one saying pk is better than Webber and I said well the best hockey minds in Canada chose Webber over subban you said everyone makes mistake but now you basing your argument on players selected to the wcoh rosters? Make up your mind shticky! IMO trouba will be a top pairing dman very soon and that’s all it is my opinion

      • Thks BBB that was an interesting article & I enjoyed reading it.

        When players & agents negotiate contracts, go to arbitration etc. It’s stats & facts. They discuss potential etc & many teams are even willing to pay for it but in today’s world it’s primarily based on facts to date.

        Don’t get me wrong. I like Trouba very much & would love to see him in a Bruins uniform. Just not willing to give up Krug to acquire him.

        A bird in the hand if you will. I could care less what Trouba has done compared to other 21 year olds so far in his career. Many NHL players haven’t even made the NHL at 21. Krug signed his ELC at 21 now 25 but has the same time in as Trouba in years played.

        Yes Trouba may be better. Certainly not today & again they aren’t the same players other than they both play D. His character is being called into play due to his choices & his salary demands if as being reported are seriously out of line based on his performance in relationship to his peers.

        Offensive players make the big bucks. Defensive players less. That’s the NHL model with a few rare exceptions. Players can be taught to be good defensively. You can’t teach skill. You have it or you don’t for the most part.

  3. There is no market for a starting goalie? What market is Dallas in? I realize all the moving parts would make a trade difficult with the Islanders, but I don’t think there is no market. I wouldn’t argue that Detroit is set in that position either. If a team needs a starting goalie then you make it happen.

  4. The issue with Trouba holding out will come down to winning. The Playoff races are so tight that even losing 1 or 2 games due to Trouba not playing may cost Winnipeg any hope of making the playoffs & this isn’t a player Winnipeg can really afford to lose. They have no replacement, the next best Dman After Buffy, Myers & Enstrom is Stuart, Postma, Chiarot, Strait & Morrisey? None of these options can replace Trouba’s minutes nor abilities.

    Although they; Winnipeg, have improved most playoff contending teams in the west have with the possible exception of Minnesota or are so strong slipping out of a playoff spot is unlikely. The other 7 playoff teams look to be a locks to make the playoffs again in the West this season baring a significant injury; See LA, having lost Lucic as a UFA & now Gaborik for 8 weeks, the depth will be tested & the D is starting to show cracks. The only player LA brought in was Purcell. They could be in tight possibly.

    This is Trouba’s only leverage, Winnipeg losing & if they get off to to bad a start it won’t matter regardless, their season will essentially be over before it even starts. Teams that aren’t in a playoff position come the US thanksgiving; Nov 24th this year, only have a 20% chance of making the playoffs.

    I hope Chevy makes him sit, if necessary through the entire season unless Trouba capitulates, takes a bridge deal & agree’s to play. With each game missed I reduce the value of the bridge deal & I’m not just talking about prorating salary for games he may play.

    • I will drive Krug to Winnipeg if it means getting Trouba locked up. Krug is 25 and isn’t getting any better IMO. He is way below average in his own zone. Being undersized, he can’t push anyone off a puck and basically skates around his zone containing the opposition until they give the puck up or generate a chance. I will argue he gets points because with all that PP time…someone has to. You could put a skilled forward on the PP point and get the same results. I would dare say with the same PP time, C. Miller, Morrow and Liles would do just the same.

      Trouba has a more all around game and at 22 has more upside than Krug.

      Krug, a pick and a mid range prospect for Trouba. Done!

      • my thoughts exactly pj

      • You guys are all correct. Today Krug is a better puck mover and pushes the offence better, we can all agree on that. Trouba already is a better physical player and judging by the ice time he was getting he can defend reasonably well already. The kid can move too, but still needs to develop the offensive side of his game without making low return high risk plays, which is the hard part and the part some never get. What I like about him is he is he is focusing on defending first.
        Krug is better today and a solid 3/4 D-man, Trouba has a chance to be a top pair guy. Certainty today versus risk with upside tomorrow. My bet is WPG would make that deal straight up today if Sweeney offered, but he likely hasn’t and has offered a package of prospects/picks and playing the waiting game too.
        This will go on for weeks, if not until the draft (which would be a mistake by WPG in my mind)

      • Good post Ray!

    • Part of me thinks that Dallas might regress this year too. They have a great top 6 but beyond that there isn’t a whole lot. They lost 2 of their top 3 D and their goaltending stats won’t get any better due to that.
      I’m thinking they well get pushed by others this year and would be a bubble team rather than chart toppers.

      • I have serious concerns about Dallas’s D but they are such a high scoring team hard to see them slipping out of the playoff picture. I have them slipping from 1st in the west to 5th.

        Eaking getting injured is a concern as someone else will have to slip into the #3C spot for some period of time. I assume Faksa or Janmark. I’m assuming it will be Faksa.

        Benn, Seguin, Sharp.
        Janmark, Spezza, Hudler.
        Eaves, Faksa, Hemsky.
        Roussel, Cracknell, Ritchie.

        Both Dickinson & MacKenzie are ready for the NHL as well & Dickinson, Dallas’s 1st round pick in 2013 can play C.

    • From the guy that rejoiced over Vesey! SMMFH!

  5. Krug has overachieved considering his size and has the heart of a lion. I get it. Still, he is not a top 4 defender on a team with Cup aspirations. His size makes him a defensive liability without debate.

    Trade him now before the rest of the league comes to this same conclusion.

    • Who are the giant physical D on the Penguins? it’s not Matta or Letang, Dailey isn’t 6 ft tall…Id say the last team to win a cup did it with a D that was all about moving the puck more than playing in their own end.

      • LOL! All 3 are better than Krug at battling for puck possession and can also move the puck. This whole notion of needing “puck movers” is lost on me. Give me a hard nose D, who can move well, with a good first pass and you’re set.

        Pretty sure the Cup win for the Pens had allot to do with the forwards they assembled. The D were good enough but far from their strong point. The Pens got hot for a few months.

        I hate the Pens. F them.

      • I agree pj and don’t forget about Murray playing lights out

      • Nice post PJ, I hate the Pens too and it goes back to the early 90’s.
        Puck movers is a pretty all encompassing term, but does include the all important good first pass you mention.
        And being able to skate the puck out against certain defensive scheme’s where they take away passing lanes. Gotta be able to move today more than ever. To Schticky’s point the game is changing.
        But hey, if you got 2 guys who can do that, give me the 6’2″ physical guy over the 5’9″ guys every day. He can breakup the cycle too.

      • If I was a Boston fan I’d hate the pens too… But I’m a pens fan and Boston is just not rated high on the hadar. Not enough of threat

      • That’s cool I have been a Pens fan for 30’years and have hated the Bruins for that same time frame. Pittsburghs defense is young and dynamic and will be even better this year. I’ll take them over some useless stay at home knuckle draggers that couldn’t hit the net with a puck 7 times out of 100. Only. Bruins fans look at a top 6 with McQuaid, Millar, and the ghost of Chara and see a team that’s not destined to miss the playoffs yet again.

      • Well played Chrisms.
        More to it than just being a B’s fan. I got it handed to me pretty good outside the rink after a game in a certain players hometown in Bantam. He got me by surprise (not that he needed to, he would have likely pounded me regardless)coming out the door when we were heading to the bus. He played on the 91 and 92 cup teams.

      • Agree Deeee, we are a long way from contending again. Still hate the Pens.

      • There’s the rub. Few physical Dman can even skate the puck out of trouble never mind make an outlet pass at speed over any distance. Being physical, positional sound doesn’t require much skill but patience & mental ability.

        In case you missed the memo. The NHL is transitioning to speed. The physical play will never leave but the days of neanderthals is at an end. You have to be able to play at speed, skate, make passes & plays to really have value to a team today & moving forward.

        Krug & Trouba aren’t the same asset nor will they ever be. That doesn’t make Krug a #4.

        I will ask you guys what I always ask you. How do you determine who is a # 1 through 6? For me it’s quantity, TOI/GP, quality; PP TOI/GP or SH TOI/GP & how you are deployed TOI/GP being the single biggest factor allowing for zone starts & level of competition.

      • Everything you are saying is true Striker, and I think we already agree? All I am saying if you could choose between 2 “puck movers” one small and not physically strong enough to separate Kopitar or Thornton from the puck below the goal line on a cycle, and one that could which would you choose?
        I will never argue that the game isn’t faster and more skilled than ever.
        I like Krug, but Trouba’s size and raw talents make him an interesting player and perhaps worth the risk, and a trade for Krug a good discussion, which is where this all started.

    • Krug played as Boston’s #2 last season & did so as a 3rd year player. Thank God your not in charge of the Bruins personal decisions.

  6. Wouldn’t it be beneficial for both sides for the Jets and Trouba to come to a 2 or 3 year deal with the understanding that the Jets will trade Trouba?

  7. Wow! My evaluation was that he should be part of any Boston Cup aspirations. I don’t doubt Trouba’s upside but there just seems to be too many players looking for salaries based on what ifs.

  8. Krugs offensive numbers are good and the advanced stats also make him look better than he is. His stats tell an incomplete story though IMO. Is there a stat for how many times he gets thrown off a puck? Or a stat for how many times he tries to engage a larger puck carrier and basically bounces off? What about a stat for tracking the amount of time he spends in his own zone chasing/containing players but not actually removing them from the puck?

    I’ve pretty much seen 95% of Krugs NHL career and my eyes tell me another story.

    • Don’t start talking about stats that you can’t read on a stats page around here pj lol

    • You need new glasses

    • I watch Bruins game religiously if I can’t do so live I do so after the fact. I see virtually all of them. I am a Bruins fan after all. Lidstrom, Bourque, etc. rarely punished players but contained them. Brian Campbell has had a long prosperous career. If your only ability is to see a Dman out battle a player due to his physical abilities you should love McQuad, Chara & K. Miller that’s there job.

      Krug isn’t a defensive liability, he contains players, forces them to the outside, removes lanes, rides them out, strips them of pucks & helps drive offense in transition. He lead Bruins Dman in take aways & only gave the puck away 35 times.

      This is a stud #2 Dman who will be a #1 just not your perception of a #1. Not every team can have a Doughty, Weber, Suter, Keith, etc. Some teams have to do what these players do by committee. there are very few Dman in the NHL today that have accomplished as much as Krug offensively in their 1st 3 seasons in the NHL & he has done so not being 1 dimensional.

      • See that’s where you are wrong striker Krug might not be a liability but he is always out of position in his own and is not strong on the puck carrier. He isn’t very strong in his own end the hockey guys always say that is definitely the weak part of his game

      • Bbb players who play a lot out of position typically have poor possession numbers, (you can’t posses the puck or push the play up the ice if you are not around the puck or out of position it’s simple really and has nothing to do with numbers or magic, how much do you watch you’re beloved Bruins?(sarcasm) that’s not the
        case with Krug I am not saying I watch every Bruins game but there is no way he is “always out of position” in his own end or anywhere else it just doesn’t make sense, and I’m not a Bruins fan.

      • Shticky………?

      • I can’t take anything you say seriously you are always flipping everything around, how come you haven’t answered the whole World Cup Webber subban trouba not top 6 thing yet? Everyone wants to know do you go by the gms and coaches desesions or by your thought??

      • Trouba is a top 6 d probably play on most teams a second pairing but was the 7th D for team North America till Ekblads injury… If the brilliant hockey mind of Rob Vollman thinks that Trouba is one of the top 10 d men of all time at his age don’t you find it odd he was the 7th D? Behind guys like Murray Jones Gostibhere Rielly Ekblad and that McKenzie says Guys like OEL Rielly Lindholm won’t be likely to be traded for him? Is he 8 out of the top 10 all timers and it just so
        happens they all play right now? You’re being ridiculous
        Yes I’ll take Subban over Weber right now going down the road for 1 thing he has a Norris trophy 2 he is younger than Weber and dosent have a terrible contract that has nearly a 10 million cap hit till he is 40 in the NHL those things mean something, but go on tell us more.

      • Well let’s start by you re reading what vollom says ” top 10 of active players in the first 3 yrs of play” Shea webers cap hit is actually a million and change less than Subbans! All you try to do is start an argument so I’m done you can’t even get the facts straight

      • Lol his hit is 7.85 (8 mill is nearly 10 to me) his actual is 12 mill this year and its 10 more years you putz he is 31, either way fact is it’s a terrible contract Subbans is 9 mill which is high yes but again has won a Norris and only has 6 years remaining which takes him to 33 years old and likely still very effective, much more than a guy who’s contract isn’t done till he is 41 years old those are the facts. One might think a Big Bruins fan like yourself (again sarcastic) should see a guy like big Z slowing down at his age and think that’s kinda like Weber will be looking but he will be much more expensive and seeing how he has never had a whiff of a Stanley cup will probably be harder to get rid of.

      • Lol you said cap hit of 10 million 7.87 isn’t close its 10million less what an idiot!! Didn’t subban win the Norris in lockout shortened season?? That’s the only yr the leafs made the playoffs in the past decade too! ? Did you re read the article or you just know your wrong so don’t bring it up? Let’s face it shticky you’re either drunk or just trying to stir things up?

      • How many Norris trophies Weber got shortened season or not?

      • I guess you know more than the leafs saviour Babcock too subban didn’t even crack the top 6 on team canada while weber is a fixture ? Everyone knows you know more than Babcock

      • Did you re read the article yet shticky? ?

      • If by fixture you mean in moving and got walked around quite a bit by the Europeans, or is the 6th D and has played less games and has worse stats than everybody but Muzzin on the blue line we agree…how many more times are the last time your going to answer me? lol

      • Wanna keep going? if he is such a fixture and great 2 way guy explain 0 points and only plus 3 when his team has out scored everyone by a combined score of 22-4? Oops forgot you can’t count?

      • The Zamboni driver is plus 3 with this team.

      • 22- 7 excuse me for not having my glasses on or watching much of this mess of a “tournament”. lol

      • You’re really drinking tonight! ??? did you re read the article yet?

      • How would you know he got walked around quite a bit thought you didn’t watch this tourney just waiting to tune into better hockey leafs hockey? Caught in another lie eh shticky why don’t you read babcocks comments on weber I forgot you just look at useless stats like plus minus? Which on many occasions you don’t like when you are trying to prove a point the other way! ? Such a donkey

  9. Derick Pouliot was drafted 8th and Trouba 9th their draft year.

    DP is a left shot D with high upside…I wonder if he could form the core of a package for Trouba, who could then be flipped to a team that wants him but doesn’t have the right return for the Jets to land the Pens the long term winger they need to replace Kunitz.

    If so, I wonder who that winger could be…

    But the Pens are a team that does have a comparably aged left shot D man to trade.

    • I’ll hang onto Pouliot thanks, Maatta too who is also left shot and taken in that same first round. Trouba is not worth his asking price. Paying him 7 and Letang 7.5 is not happening. And the Pens have lots of promising wingers coming up on ELCs to replace Kunitz, no need to trade for him.

      • Pens can protect Letang, Maatta and Dumoulin from Vegas. Pouliot is the odd man out. Now is the time to move him.

      • MG I would wait on DP and see if he takes some strides this season. The return on him now would be minimal, but he could raise it if he can find his way onto the roster.

        If by some chance he actually looks like he’s turning the corner, I’d protect him and then only protect 4 forwards. That’s only if he shows a lot of progress.

  10. Quincey in nj seidenberg on the island.

    • Poor Ottawa. They could have used either of those players especially at those contracts.

  11. 1.25 for Quincey 1 for seidenberg both good low risk moves

  12. What about Matta straight up for troubadour. Matts is a lefty and just signed a friendly contract

    • Matta also misses a ton of time and I would still take trouba over Matta

      • You would, Maatta is signed for 7 years at 4 million and does everything at a top pairing level, Trouba does some things at top pairing level but will be asking for too much money and if he regresses again like he did last year that contract will fast become an albatross.

      • Ya but for the amount of games maata misses how do the salaries compare?

      • BBB your not using stats are you? Because games missed certainly qualifies for me.

      • Not really a stat

      • Do we know what Trouba wants for $$? When I heard some of the numbers rumored out there I have to call BS. My guess is it will between 5& 6.

    • No thanks. Maatta is much better and even if not, his contract is great.

      • Maatta straight up would be hard for me to say no to. I think Trouba might have a higher ceiling, but his next contract would be a problem for the Pens. It would be a tough call, honestly.

  13. Winnipeg wont get a comparable defenseman for Trouba. Any team that wants him wants to upgrade not just exchange parts. They will get a first round pick or a similar prospect, some one from the teams roster, and maybe another prospect? it is going to take awhile to let this sink in for the Jets.

    In regard to Dallas if they see the potential for a good run in playoffs they will acquire Halak at the deadline. Before that creates a cap problem. Everyone knows what happens when Halak gets hot and this way he costs very little towards the cap and can be extended with minimal buyout of one or both of the two current goalies. Dallas has a suspect defense and really good forward group. A hot goalie could take them a long way.

  14. One thing stats don’t account for is heart. Heart unfortunately doesn’t score goals. Give me a player with heart and skill over a guy with just one if these traits.
    Does Trouba have both assets ? Krug ? I don’t see enough of these guys to make a judgement.

    • I have heart, give me a contract,

  15. George.

    So much for Swedenborg & Quincey siting it Ottawa. Great value for both NJ & NYI

    • Yeah. You snooze you lose. Dorion is just a Murray clone – handled by the same puppet strings yanked by deep-pockets-short-armed Melnyk.

      • I had really hoped Ottawa would sign both, 1 at the very least & at those contract points that would have been a great solution. The only Dman left now is Russell. Everyone else is fodder essentially. Why pay Kostka 800K watch games played, 325 if he’s sent down, when you could have an actual NHL Dman at a mil. Granted Seidenberg is well past his best before date but still a legitimate 5/6 Dman.

        I don’t hold out much hope for Ottawa to make the playoffs now baring a trade or unless Chabot can play 15 to 17 mins a night of some what responsible hockey at the NHL level

      • Hope they don’t go that route with Chabot, for his sake.



    • Flukey! !!

  17. Toi, pp time, pk time, blah blah blah. More proof Striker LOVES the espn stat sheet when evaluating a player .

    Sekera…. in Carolina,

    Larsson in NJ,

    Phaneuf in Toronto……

    Number 1 Guys?

    Lots of guys APPEAR to be nuber 1-2’s…. but are they really? Ask Striker! LMAO….
    When he’s done telling you how he scaled Mt. Everest, while curing 74 diseases and jet setting around North America visiting every team he has season tickets to, and then telling you how much he has made in fantasy….. you’ll still be clueless! LMMFAO!!!!


    • I’ll pull a striker and respond to my own post……..

      Striker is on IR 8-12 weeks breaking his arm patting himself on the back.

  18. I have striker to finish 1st-3rd of self absorbed tool bags in my league!

  19. Trouba is the third major client that Kurt (Overpay) Overhardt has convinced to sit out based on future potential and not previous production–Johansen, Turris and Dubinsky. The Turris asking price was just stupid. I have a feeling that teams may shy away from his players in the future.

  20. Boston could get Trouba if they wanted in a heartbeat if they move Krug. Krug is a very good offensive d-man and fits all the Jets criteria and with his small size and Boston’s style of play he would be expendable. Plus the B’s would actually get something in addition to Trouba to make that deal happen. Maybe even go with a huge deal and move Krejci, Miller and a yound guy to the Jets too and get Little and Byfuglien back.