NHL Rumor Mill – September 8, 2016

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Jacob Trouba wants to stay with the Winnipeg Jets.

Jacob Trouba reportedly prefers staying with the Winnipeg Jets.

 Updates on Jacob Trouba, Kris Versteeg & more in your NHL rumor mill. 

TSN 1290 (via TODAY’S SLAPSHOT): Darren Dreger doesn’t have much to report on the status of restricted free agent defenseman Jacob Trouba’s contract talks with the Winnipeg Jets. He points out both sides have agreed not to have negotiations play out in the media. Dreger said the rumors claiming Trouba doesn’t Winnipeg or playing for the Jets are nonsense. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I didn’t put any stock into the “Trouba wants out of Winnipeg” speculation. It appears both sides, however, intend to push talks right up to the start of training camp and possibly through that period. With Trouba set to skate for Team North America in the upcoming World Cup of Hockey, he probably doesn’t want to be distracted by contract negotiations right now. And no, I don’t believe the Jets will trade Trouba, nor do I see him getting an offer sheet. 

TSN 1260 (via TODAY’S SLAPSHOT): Arizona Coyotes general manager John Chayka and his fellow GMs are running through the mock draft process for next year’s expansion draft to evaluate their own teams and to monitor potential trade targets. 

ARIZONA SPORTS:  Craig Morgan reports Chayka acknowledged the Coyotes are among the NHL teams that expressed interest in signing unrestricted free agent winger Kris Versteeg to a professional tryout offer. It appears, however, Versteeg is seeking a regular contract. 

NEWS 1130:  The Vancouver Canucks are not among the teams calling Kris Versteeg about a PTO contract. They have, however, reportedly offered one to UFA forward Lauri Korpikoski. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It appears the speculation suggesting the Canucks pursue Versteeg has come to naught. As for landing a contract, he might have to face accepting a PTO at this stage and hope to earn a one-year deal from that. 


  1. This was also in the news today “Longtime enforcer George Parros has joined the NHL’s department of player safety.”

    Now, isn’t that something like putting the fox on the henhouse guard squad?

    • I found that funny too George. I guess he is in a position to analyze what is bad and what is really “bad”. As for Versteeg I don’t think he is in a position to be demanding much at this point. It is very difficult for professional athletes to let go. I think he has had a very good career and has been a very serviceable player and could in fact provide leadership on a young team for a year. But, all in all, I think the end is near.

      • Either Versteeg has consistently been in the wrong place at the wrong time in terms of roster “needs” or there’s something about him that does not sit well with teammates (I have never heard anything in that regard) – but after being drafted by the Bruins, in 8 seasons of NHL hockey he has been with 7 teams – Chicago, Toronto, Philly, Florida, Chicago again, Carolina and LA. His nickname has to be “suitcase.”

      • Sometimes a player is good and add to a team but not enough and become quality assets a GM can use to trade and fill holes. Versteeg is this player.

      • Not like Brian Burke to admit he was wrong but I found it odd when he traded Versteeg to Philly Burke saying that picking Versteeg up was a mistake in the first place and that he never really fit in….maybe it’s just versteegs personality.

      • Then if that’s the case Jeff, he has to be unique in the history of the NHL because I’m hard-pressed to think of too many players who changed teams 7 times in their first 8 NHL seasons!

      • Versteeg’s summer home is in Medicine Hat AB. You talk to anybody who has dealt with him there, they have nothing nice to say about him, and there are a lot of them. So Versteeg might have an attitude problem.

        As for Parros joining the NHL’s department of payer safety, the guy has a degree from Princeton University so I am sure he is smart enough to fill a position there.

      • Fighting-Bad. Headshots, intentional or not-Bad. crosschecks to the neck-Bad. Boarding-Bad. Suspend, Suspend, Suspend. This selection can only NOT be a joke if he is a complete hypocrite. The optics are terrible as well… first deny concussions could tie into CTE then hire this clown. NHL…

      • @Chrisms Parros was a well respected and educated man in the NHL. He was never known for cheap shots or going after smaller players. Trying to make sense of what you posted, almost like you`ve taken a couple too many headshots. Versteeg got traded a couple times because of the dollars he made. He was very well paid for what he brought to the table and that was part of his problem. Don`t know who gave him the good contract, but it did seem to place him on the to go list early in his career.

      • The optics of this actually could be a bonus to hire a guy like George, Gary can point to a guy who has taken his fair share of blows to the head as an intelligent guy in a position of authority doing meaningful work to try and lessen head trauma.

      • Although I have no idea at what point in their careers these players were traded alot. I’d assume it took place over the length of a career yet I don’t see how that matters. If a player like versteeg is acquired by 7 different teams, many teams obviously like his game. Yet if he is traded he is likely a quality asset that a team can afford to let go. I mean he can’t sucks that bad if 7 teams picked him up.

        Other players who come to mind. M. sillenger and A. Carton. Neither sucked both traded often.

    • George Parros is an interesting Duck, pun intended. Listening to him speak he is obviously well educated, which his 4 years at Princeton University will attest to.

      Having played 474 NHL regular season games over 9 seasons even though he only really played as a heavy weight fighter, Parros appears to be a good choice in this role. Ha-ha! Although the selection cracks me up, I never perceived Parros as a dirty player specifically, he didn’t play enough to get that opportunity but certainly 1 dimensional & who’s only job was to send a message & seek retribution as maybe required. He was truly an on ice policeman.

      This role has essentially been eliminated in the NHL. A player that only plays 3 or 4 mins a night & not even dressed consistently but only against certain competition. You can’t afford to waste that roster spot in today’s game as it’s much faster & even your 4th line needs to eat up some minutes to keep your top 3 lines fresh.

      It’s got to be a slow hockey news day when we get to discuss George Parros. Ha-ha!

      • And Striker, isn’t it great to see that role diminish? I couldn’t be happier about it myself. Having said that there is nothing wrong with good tough hockey, but goonery is and should be a thing of the past. I will continue to watch NARCOS for my fix of violence!

      • Parros is smart, yes. But he will just become another ex player who lives in the past. The NHPA have done nothing to help the game move forward. Goalies still have pads that are 3-4 times wider than their legs and catcher gloves that you can park a mini in. All in the name of player safety, er stopping pucks to increase their salary. The NHL should give the NHPA 1 year to stop goalie equipment being so ridiculously over sized or simply increase the nets where they don’t need the NHPA approval.

  2. In the last decades you see countless hires of fist fighters cheap shot artists and stick lumberjacks, starting with Shanny, a terrific player, who had no reservations to blatantly chop away if it served a purpose. Maybe someone figures they are better at accessing intent inside the heat of the situation.

  3. Versteeg is only 30. If healthy, a few more years somewhere especially with multiple expansion looming….. I believe George Paros is very educated unless I am confusing him with another enforcer. Not as dumb as he looks…

    • Parros is a Princeton grad. Educated and intelligent indeed.

  4. I would think Parrot experience as an enforcer would make him ideal for this position.

    • 100% love this. He’s a guy that made a living playing hard and hitting hard. He also did it without being a dirty player. I think he would provide great value analyzing hits to determine just how dirty they were and what a player could have done differently to keep the play clean

      • I agree mbat not to mention he is a smart man and was well respected amongst his peers

  5. Whatever anybody thinks of Versteeg in Medicine Hat it is hard to argue about the value of any player who played on 2 Stanley Cup championship teams; 2010, and again in Chicago in 2015. I don’t live in Medicine Hat and could care less about whether he is liked or not in assessing his value as a player. Obviously Chicago thought enough of him to employ him on two occasions. If somebody signs him and sees otherwise, which seems to be the case, then so be it.

    • Versteeg never lived in Medicine Hat! He lived in Lethbridge Alberta. He also played for the Lethbridge hurricanes and played against the Medicine Hat Tigers. Yes, Tigers hated him scoring against them

  6. I see Boston has extended a PTO to C Peter Mueller who’s been playing in Switzerland/Sweden the past 3 years, while Carolina has signed UFA G Michael Leighton to a 1-year deal.

  7. There’s a saying that if you want a great security system, hire a thief. Parros brings an excellent perspective to the role,plus he was pretty well respected amongst his type of players. I think it’s an excellent choice.

    • Great analogy!

  8. Canucks would prefer to offer a PTO to Korpikoski rather than Versteeg?

    The only way Korpikoski contributes to winning is if the goal is to win the draft lottery.

    I’ve been cheering for Vancouver since 1982 and this current period is perhaps only slightly less crappy than the Messier era (and that was a sh*tty time to be a Canucks fan, let me tell you).