Trouba Trade Watch Begins

by | Sep 25, 2016 | Rumors | 97 comments

Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba requests a trade.

Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba has requested a trade.

Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba’s trade request is generating speculation over potential destinations. Read on for the latest.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman noted Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba’s trade request is based on his desire to play top-pairing minutes as a right-handed blueliner. With Dustin Byfuglien and Tyler Myers ahead of him on the Jets’ depth chart, Trouba feels he won’t get that opportunity anytime soon in Winnipeg. The blueliner also stressed his decision had nothing to do with the city, the organization or the coaching staff.

In a statement, Trouba’s agent Kevin Overhardt said he’s been working with Jets management on facilitating a trade since May. Friedman cites sources saying the Jets landing the second-overall pick in the 2016 NHL draft and selecting promising winger Patrik Laine complicated the Trouba trade process, citing an executive from a rival club claiming it raised the asking price. 

Friedman also reports there’s no concern about Trouba’s signability, noting how quickly another Overhardt client, Kyle Turris, re-signed with the Ottawa Senators after his trade. He wonders what impact this could have upon other currently unsigned RFAs, such as “Anaheim’s Hampus Lindholm, Arizona’s Tobias Rieder, Buffalo’s Rasmus Ristolainen, Calgary’s Johnny Gaudreau and Tampa Bay’s Nikita Kucherov.”

CBS SPORTS:  Chris Peters lists the Boston Bruins, Arizona Coyotes, Edmonton Oilers, New Jersey Devils and Detroit Red Wings as the top-five clubs in need of a top-pairing right-handed blueliner such as Trouba. 

MLIVE.COM:  Ansar Khan reports the Red Wings have sought a top-three defenseman with a right-handed shot for some time. They previously inquired about Anaheim Ducks blueliner Cam Fowler and St. Louis Blues rearguard Kevin Shattenkirk. Khan speculates any deal for Trouba will likely have to include a top-six forward forward such as Tomas Tatar or Gustav Nyquist. The Jets could also seek a left-shooting d-man as part of the return, plus the Wings would have to clear cap space to re-sign Trouba. Brendan Smith seems the logical choice, but Khan notes his value has declined and he’s eligible next summer for UFA status.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Kurt Leavins suggest Trouba’s availability could present a golden opportunity for the Oilers to add a right-shooting defenseman with upside to their blueline. Trouba, however, will have to want to play in Edmonton and must be re-signed. He’ll also have to be protected in next year’s expansion draft. The Oilers must also clear some cap room for Trouba’s new contract.

TSN’s Bob McKenzie said via Twitter the Coyotes have been and will likely continue to be a serious suitor for Trouba. 

NBC SPORTS: Adam Gretz suggests the New York Rangers, Boston Bruins and Colorado Avalanche immediately come to mind as three clubs that could use Trouba. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Back in December, it was reported the Trouba camp sought an eight-year deal worth $7 million per season. It’ll be interesting to see if they still seek that much or will tailor their salary demands to fit the cap space of the teams that could be pursuing him. Even then, finding a team with suitable assets won’t be easy.

The Wings sit $4 million over the $73 million cap ceiling, and while they’ll get cap relief by placing Johan Franzen and Joe Vitale on long-term injury reserve, they’ll still have to shed a lot of salary to sign Trouba to even a reasonable contract. The Rangers only have $1.4 million in cap space and not very much the cost-conscious Jets will want in return. Marc Staal’s a left-handed shot, but he’ll have to waive his no-movement clause and I don’t see him doing so to go to Winnipeg.

The Avalanche only have $1.54 million in cap space and not a lot of blueline assets to tempt the Jets. The Coyotes have lot of promising young assets, but only $2.3 million in cap room.

The Bruins have $5.8 million in cap room and young assets to offer up, but the Jets could ask for Torey Krug (a left-handed shot) as part of the return. The Devils have lots of cap room ($12.6 million), more than enough to afford a big raise for Trouba, but they’re lacking defensemen to offer up if the Jets want a blueliner as part of the return. They also don’t have many quality young forwards to spare.

The Oilers have the advantage of cap space ($8.9 million) and lots of good young assets, but the asking price could be defenseman Darnell Nurse, which is probably a deal breaker.

I’m not saying there’s no deal to be had, but the Jets won’t just give Trouba away. Hanging over this is the December 1 signing deadline for restricted free agents. If Trouba remains unsigned by then, he’s ineligible to play the remainder of this season.

Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff will likely take his time evaluating offers and has over two months to find the right deal. How long it takes remains to be seen and will likely provide considerable fodder for the trade-rumor mill. 


  1. The leafs are another team that needs another top 4 RHD. The leafs have 3 million in cap space now that Cowan has come off the books and another 5.3 when Nathan Horton is placed on LTIR. They have 3 bottom pairing RHD they could offer who can play right now, and they have plenty of other assets to add to make a fair trade.
    Plus the leafs don’t have to protect Zaitsev in the upcoming expansion so they would be able to protect Trouba.

    I think protection slots are going to be the biggest obstacle for teams who might want to trade for Trouba.

    • Winnipeg would want a LHD in return. Trouba playing on the left side is a major factor of his complaint and indicates the Jets don’t need RHD but a LHD to replace Troubles absence.

      • I agree Jeff unless the leafs are giving Reilly back trouba won’t be a leaf

  2. Here come the Oiler fans, “suggesting” 2 pieces of crap off their roster to Winnipeg for Trouba. Sighs.

    • The oilers and Jets can make it happen with a package concerning multiple players each.

    • as a non oilers fan I think they aught to move nurse and another asset (prospect or pick) for trouba. oilers should be thinking win now (and next few years) while they have studs on elc’s and second contracts. cant afford to keep waiting kids out. nurse and a conditional 1st. conditional on him signing and lottery protected.

      • If I were the oilers I would rather keep Nurse and give up Eberle and a 2nd. first if they make the playoffs

      • sure you would. but doubtful the peg would want that deal. plenty of O in that town. they would need a d to replace trouba.

    • Reilly is way superior to Trouba.. Hence why Reilly was selected to play for team na before Trouba. You want o make a deal for Reilly whose on a better contract then troubas willing to accept. Get ready to package some first rounders…. Notice I intentionally made that plural.

      • ? first rounders ??

      • So based on rumor boards Trouba seeks 6m long term. Reilly makes 5m. Reilly is also the superior player…Trouba is good but over rated. Last I checked Winnipeg had a more skilled team then toronto last year, yet Reilly put up more points, and progressed better as a player give your head a shake.

      • You’re kidding yourself if you think it wouldn’t be straight up let alone multiple 1st rounders!! ?

      • A young better defence signed long term for a young less gifted defenceman not signed, and playing hardball with his team. Ok…. Let him ride the pine. I think Trouba is massively overrated. I’d rather have gardiner

      • Oh god gardiner? Really?? I think you’re highly overrating Reilly!! And well saying gardiner is just dumb

      • Not getting involved with anything Gardiner, but you’re opinion on Rielly is kinda amusing bbb why not look who was used more in the World Cup was it Rielly or Trouba? Trouba barely played until Ekblads injury while Todd McLellan said Rielly was one of North Americas best players and was a leader, was one of their highest players in minutes highest after Ekblads injury… So why on earth would the Leafs give up a D that is signed long term to a better deal that plays more minutes on the same team for Trouba? And which one seems to be over ratted again?

      • We will see who is the better all around player soon enough

      • It’s funny shticky I used the wcoh to compare weber and subban and you said everyone makes mistakes but now you use it to try and back your side of the argument!! Talk about both sides of your mouth

    • Rielly for TRouba is a serious overpay for the leafs. There would be no point in making a trade like that. Trouba hasn’t proven a damn thing to prove he deserves more than a bridge deal..

      • Amen brother. As of now Reilly is a 2-3 dman on a good team. Trouba would be a 3-4

      • Says the leaf fans ?

      • You do realise the bruins are quickly approaching Canuck like territory? Slow steady decline… Only fitting you 2 played each other in the cup. Btw as a leaf fan I always loved chara, merchant and the ex bruin lucic…. Huge mistake trading lucic, just to waste your draft picks

      • Atleast I’ve saw competitive hockey in the last 2 decades

  3. Cheveldayoff has had since May to find a deal…

    Sekera (LHD) – if he waives his NMC, Yak, and Oilers 1st for Trouba and Jets second. Both picks being in the years’ weaker draft.

    A nurse and Trouba combo would be bruising for opponents to play against for years to come.

    • chevy has all the time he needs. overpaid sekera, bust yak, and trading down from 2nd round to 1st is not even close.

      • Chrisms ,

        We don’t agree often . But I agree 100%. Winnipeg is hanging up on that deal. And probably blocking all phone numbers associated to Edmonton.

      • Feelin the love brah!

      • Chiarelli paid what he had to to get Sekera to sign in Edm.

      • No argument there striker… Still overpaid

    • Perhaps RNH would interest the jets

    • No way would Cheveldayoff trade Trouba to Edmonton, Unless Klefbom is coming back Winnipeg has no use for Nurse or Sekera neither one is an upgrade over Trouba. If Trouba is indeed dealt it will be to an Eastern Conference Team doubt it will be to a Western Conference Team.

  4. If MTL is already entertaining the idea of trading Nathan Beaulieu, then why not use him as part of a package that brings you Trouba? You’d probably have to do something like:

    To WPG: Beaulieu, Desharnais, 1st in 2017

    To MTL: Trouba, 1st in 2018

    • Horrible lol. Jets won’t be moving any firsts in a Trouba trade. And doubt many teams want Desharnais

    • I like Beaulieu a lot, but for this to happen it would have to be him and a 1st for Trouba and the Jets 2nd might get it done. No one wants DD!

    • Why would the jets move a 1rst rounder and trouba? Trouba > Beaulieu and I am normally biased towards former Sea dogs what do the jets need Desharnai.

      • I think it would be beaulieu plus for trouba and that’s it?

      • So the Leafs would have to give up Rielly in a package but the Habs would just need to give up Beaulieu +? Tell me you are not suggesting Beaulieu = Rielly, Big bear?

      • Ok tanner do you know what plus means tanner? Do you really think Winnipeg would be looking for a hunwick, gardiner or a cowen maybe?? Wake up tanner Winnipeg wants a young dman back and beaulieu was brought up in an article as to the type of dman they would want in return

    • Good lord that’s bad bad bad for the Jets.

    • The first for first part basically makes that trade Beaulieu and Desharnais for Trouba? Don’t think so and worse still if 2018 turns out to be a better draft. Are you a Habs fan?

    • Craig Get real in what world is Beaulieu any where near what Trouba is. Trouba is miles better then Beaulieu and Beaulieu isn’t an upgrade over losing Trouba and Desharnais is pure garbage that Winnipeg doesn’t need. Tell you right now this deal doesn’t get you Trouba 28 other teams can offer a better package then this.

  5. With the expansion draft 9 months away Winnipeg should be looking for a forward in return, so they can maximize their protection slots. They already have Buff, Enstrom(NMC) and Myers to protect on the blueline.

    • Or better yet, players exempt from exp draft.

      • You can’t move a trouba and not get an nhl dman back just too hard to find

      • Maybe so but they would be foolish to ignore the expansion draft effect. Getting a forward instead of a D means they can protect that guy plus 2 extra forwards. That would put them in a good position for further moves.

  6. Trouba is coming out of his ELC having just completed his 3rd season in the NHL. His roles & responsibilities with Winnipeg have increased every season of his career with the exception of his PP time which declined with the acquisition of Myers.

    Last season Trouba finished 2nd in total icetime in Winnipeg for Dman, 3rd in TOI/GP. I don’t care what pairing he played on on where the coach decided to use him. Coaches decide where players play not players.

    I don’t trade Trouba unless the return is to good to refuse. He signs & plays where asked & earns his opportunities. Trouba took a minor step back last season. He wasn’t as good as in his previous 2 seasons but will be a solid top pairing Dman very soon.

    If I’m Winnipeg I let him rot until I either get an offer I can’t refuse or he capitulates & signs. Letting players dictate where & how they play is a recipe for disaster.

    The CBA decides where you play. Teams drafting you own your rights until at least 26, normally 27 or 28 as few players entere the NHL as 18 year olds. If you don’t like the deal you & your Union negotiated for you enjoy Europe or Russia.

    • business wise I agree Win should wait for a good deal or he signs and proves his worth to get a better deal. But most people in a free society can sell their services to the highest bidder. I don’t ever blame players for trying to get the most they can in the limited time period they have in their prime.

      • Most people don’t work for unions & if you do you are free to leave at anytime as you don’t have an individual negotiated contract functioning under a collective bargaining agreement that limits your options until you have completed 6 years of playing as an 18 year old or 7 years if entering the NHL later.

        Comparing NHL players & their rights to normal people is impossible.

      • Not impossible. People entering a union had no say in collective bargaining. Nhl has a relative monopoly limiting player options… But Russia is providing at least some choice. Trouba has every right to stand up for himself and assume the risks inherent in that move.

      • Sure. He won’t be standing but sitting though.

      • Ha!

    • Striker these players are human beings as well. As a manager you have to take that into account. Though I don’t disagree with you in regards to the jets asking a heavy price when it comes to a players career a manager should try and do what is best for the player as well as his team. Trouba unhappiness to play on the left side could very well affect the teams morale and over all performance.

    • Winnipeg isn’t in a position to let him rot. They have their eyes on making the playoffs and the quicker they get a quality dman in return is the best solution for the jets. The team simply not as good with Trouba sitting out and you cannot afford to fall behind in the tough central division.

      • also not a team who can afford poor asset management. If trouba sits his contract value goes down by the month. He can’t afford to sit… it could cost him literally millions of dollars. If peg cant find a deal they should tell Trouba play and we will keep looking… kinda like Hamonic. But if he still refuses they should only trade him for good value.

      • I see Winnipeg as a bubble team. The only team I see dropping out of the playoff picture in the west barring a significant injury is Minnesota. Winnipeg, Arizona & Edmonton will battle with Minnesota for the 8th & final playoff spot.

        The standings in the NHL in both divisions will be far tighter next season. You could improve significantly & potentially not even move in the standings. See NJ.

      • For me there is no worse asset management than letting the hen’s rule the hen house. If you allow players to win these battles you lose long term as any unhappy player will choose the same path.

        The caveat being return. If you get a deal to good to refuse then fine otherwise bite the bullet take the short term pain for the long term gain.

      • I’m all in on Garth Snow’s negotiating stance. It works.

      • If the hens don’t stand up for themselves they won’t improve their situation. I agree that wpeg shouldn’t capitulate just to be nice… But fully support the players that make a stand for themselves.

    • I couldn’t agree more! But would add this: if a player does not want to play for you then trade him; but on your terms! The Jets hold the cards here not Trouba.

  7. Color me shocked! I’ve been noting for awhile Trouba desire to stay on the right side and wanting top 4 minutes. I might of said once or twice, I would love to see him in a Bruins uniform. If I’m to be realistic, I don’t think Boston have what Winnipeg wants. The Jets are set at forward and goaltending, so Pastrnak is not what Winnipeg needs, they are also in the compete now mode and will be looking for a defenseman preferably a left shooting one, that can have an impact right away. Torey Krug fits the need, of left side, impact immediately, also under contract, but the jets have enough offense with Byfuglien, Myers, Enstrom. The bruins have a good selection of d prospects but they won’t be playing in the NHL this season.

  8. Trouba will rrefuse to sign anywhere except edmonton who will then be set for when tavares jumps to the oilers and they will be a dynasty

    • not your best work.

      • Hahaha. Nicely put.

    • I thought only Toronto would attract all these players OilFan

    • Haha this man knows whats up. Trouba and a 1st for Yak! Hes a #1 draft pick dont ya know. Honestly though if Winnipeg starts slow and they start looking towards next year an expansion draft ineligible player like Nurse will start to look good.

  9. This is a test case for current and future RFA’s. If Winnipeg trades Trouba, you can expect to see this happening on a regular basis. Not that Johnny Hockey has said anything to indicate he wants a trade, but if I’m Calgary I sign that kid asap.

  10. If I’m not mistaken, he want s to be in the east, does he not?

  11. I seriously doubt NY has any interest in Trouba. They would be putting themselves into a position to lose either Mcdongh or Trouba come expansion draft. And I’d say there is zero possibility LV would pass on either.

  12. Wondering if we see those Troubadour for Hamonic rumours resurface…….

    • Seems the most logical fit if Winnipeg is looking for D in return.

  13. If Boston traded Krug for him it would hurt Bostons left side as Chara is close to the end.
    Boston doesn’t really have any big asset to move for him but could offer a decent package.
    Spooner,Vatrano, and the huge amount of first round prospects we have could be offered. along with a first rounder pick could be tempting.
    Debrusk,Synshyn,Carlo and Zboril could be packaged.
    Mcavoy will be wanted but I wouldn’t offer him.
    Not sure if anything here would be enough though.

    • Don’t see it. The jets are going to want an NHL defenseman, unless its an overpayment of a forward. Hall for Larsson example

      • I’ve made that comment also Caper. If Larson nets Hall then what does Trouba get you? But I said in the Latest News section. I don’t think Winnipeg needs a forward at this point though.

      • Can always throw C. or K Miller.Maquaid or Morrow out there also. Bruins can make it happen Winnipeg would be better off stockpiling some high prospects.
        Basically can offer anyone except Bergeron,Marchand and Pastrnak.

  14. well now that trouba has requested a trade, it puts the jets in a position of weakness as far as a trade goes, trouba trade value has dropped.jets now should set their eyes on russel who is a ufa, trouba is no longer on the jets book but still own his rights for awhile, so i would let him sit for the season,i don’t beleive that an offer sheet would help trouba because what if the jets match it then trouba will have to play for them. but on the other hand an offer sheet probably would be the best deal for the jets in gathering draft picks for next yr

    • Certainly another way of looking at it. If he gets an offer sheet you get some assets. I really don’t believe GMs have to make trades per se to manage assets. Case in point: Yzerman let Stamkos go to free agency and he re-signed in Tampa. If he didn’t he would have been gone and Yzerman would have then had some cash to spend. The cap can you let be pretty creative if you choose to be. You don’t always have to make trades.

  15. Simple option here TO gives their first next year provided it is outside #5 otherwise the 2018 first plus Carrek or Corrado and Lievo or Liepsic for Trouba and Winnipeg’s 2nd. Carrek or Corrado have the potential to be a second pair guy but at least a third pair guy that can move the puck. The forwards are at best third line guys.

    • simple because thats a fantasy for the leafs.

    • You must be drunk. Trouba isn’t moving for solely a 1st round pick unless a top 5 pick & even then probably costs more & none of those prospects has has any significant value. Carrick maybe Corrado & Leivo are suspects. Both have waiver rights & if Toronto plans to keep both other players are being sent down or back to Jr that most Toronto fans have a locks to make Toronto’s opening night roster.

      • Not drunk just a leaf fan ?

  16. Unfortunately MacArthur’s career appears to be over after only playing 4 games last season. Had to be helped from the ice after getting hit.

    & so it starts in Ottawa. Depth to cover for these types of issues is limited. Smith now moves to a top 6 LW yet again which means Ottawa is dressing Dzingel or Robinson. It’s to bad Ottawa couldn’t afford to buy the depth needed to address such issue’s.

    • Yeah. MacArthur and stone out with concussions. Not good starting out this season and everyone was afraid of WCH injuries. Them thinking the Sens would be safe with only one play in the tourney.

      • Injuries happen plain and simple I wonder what George is saying now bet he wishes stone and Mac were good enough to play in the wcoh! ?

  17. I read on twitter that never has there been such a diversity on Trouba. Some love him .others not so much. I’m still out on what exactly he will become.
    Winnipeg has stated they want a comprable player in return. I’m fine with that. They want a d man. Ok Chevy you know your team. I think they need a winger as well.
    I’m not sure where he ends up ,I’m sure teams want to talk to him 1st.
    From a Leaf perspective he is not worth Reiley. Trouba is a fringe guy on Team NA he played due to injury. Held his own but Reiley was a d stud. I wouldn’t trade Reiley for JT. Now Jake Gardiner on the other hand….him ,Lepsic and a 3rd would be all I’d offer. It be a nice pick up but not life or death if he passes on Toronto.
    As for righty lefty shot ,sides etc I’m sure it will work out.
    Odds of a toronto trade 20 %

    • Can’t see the jets wanting gardiner no upside with him compared to the d they have, leipsic who knows most likely a 3rd 4th liner! So no the jets will get a lot more than that

    • Think your pretty close on that one Whiskey, I thought gardener and kapenan for trouba

      • I was thinking along those lines as well Gardiner with Kapanen or possibly with Brown with a pick being about as high as they go. Not saying it would be accepted or anything of the sort just saying that’s probably as far as the Leafs would go probably better offers out there. I’m with others that think it would need to be a D in return otherwise I think the Leafs could have a better offer revolving around forwards but I can’t see it happening.

      • Take off the blue and white glasses leaf fans gardiner and kapenan won’t be close to enough

      • But Beaulieu will…ok

      • Beaulieu plus shticky read what I say or quit twisting everything around I even said it won’t happen I the other rumours thread today!! Geez

  18. After the Phaneuf trade last season Gardiner moved into the #1 PP spot for Toronto.

    This is his breakthrough year, it actually overlaps next season for me as my breakthrough point for most Dman is 400 regular season games. Gardiner is at 325.

    I have him for 12 to 15 goals & 40 to 47 points, depending upon games played. That should put him in the top 20 for scoring by Dman in the NHL next season.

    • Not a chance will he be in the topm20 scoring for dmen that’s just fantasy talk

      • He’ll be significantly better than last season & he scored 7 goals & 31 points, 4 more goals & the same # of points a Seth Jones having no where near the same opportunities or quality of teammates.

      • PP will be much improved this year when you consider the group of forwards likely to man it, Gardiners totals should improve with guys like Nylander JVR Mathews Compared to PAP Komarov and Kadri

      • Omg ?

  19. queue the Redier and a fwd prospect talk from AZ to WPG for Trouba.
    Reider won’t come to camp and is an NHL player and a good one at that. A trade of RFA’s who want a change of scenery could be good for both teams. Question is whether or not they would sign.

    • Only issue with that is Chevy has stated he wants a comprable d man back.

  20. I am amazed how often Leaf fans chime in to the rumours. We should make it a drinking game with how often the Leafs are discussed in the comments area on everything mentioned, even though they are never mentioned in the rumours themselves.

    30 teams in the league, not just the joke one out of Toronto.


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