Updates on Shattenkirk and Russell – September 20, 2016

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Speculation persists over Kevin Shattenkirk's future with the St. Louis Blues.

Speculation persists over Kevin Shattenkirk’s future with the St. Louis Blues.

 More Kevin Shattenkirk trade speculation plus an update on unrestricted free agent defenseman Kris Russell in your NHL rumor mill.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford reports defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk goes from being on the verge of getting traded earlier this summer to attending Blues training camp as an alternate captain. Shattenkirk acknowledged that his unrestricted free agent status next summer lead to general manager Doug Armstrong fielding offers, saying he realized it was a business move.

Shattenkirk could command over $6 million annually next summer on the open market, which might not make sense for the Blues, who already have Alex Pietrangelo and Colton Parayko on the right side of their blueline.

While Shattenkirk lacks a no-trade clause, his UFA status next summer complicates things, as clubs interested in acquiring him also wish to re-sign him to a contract extension. “It’s believed that Shattenkirk’s unwillingness to sign an extension in Edmonton nixed a potential trade between the Blues and Oilers, yielding speedy forward Taylor Hall,” write Rutherford. 

Jeff Gordon, meanwhile, suggests if the Blues aren’t able to get forward Vladimir Sobotka to return from the KHL this season, they should use the savings to acquire winger Rick Nash and his $7.8 million cap hit from the New York Ranges, who are believed interested in Shattenkirk. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The “Nash-for-Shattenkirk” speculation has floated around throughout the summer. However, I just don’t see Nash being a fit with the Blues right now. They’re already deep at left wing with Alex Steen, Robby Fabbri (though both can both also play center) and Jaden Schwartz. Nash can play right wing, but he’d have to skate on the second line behind Vladimir Tarasenko. If the Blues and/or Ranger struggle this season, perhaps that sets the table for that trade. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cites TSN’s Bob McKenzie saying he wouldn’t be surprised if unrestricted free agent defenseman Kris Russell accepted a one-year contract, guessing it could be between $4 – $5 million. McKenzie also addressed rumors of Russell signing with the Edmonton Oilers, saying he’d probably be a decent fit on a short-term deal. However, he also said he’s heard Russell is talking to as many as eight teams, among them the Calgary Flames. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames interest in Russell depends upon the cost of re-signing superstar restricted free agent winger Johnny Gaudreau. I doubt they’ll fork over $4-$5 million to Russell on a one-year deal after paying what’s likely to be $7 million annually for Gaudreau, unless they make a cost-cutting trade involving another player. The Oilers have over $8 million in cap space, more than enough to meet Russell’s asking price on a one-year deal. 


  1. Nash has been playing the right side for the last 2 years as a Ranger at the least. Regardless I don’t see Nash as a fit in StL unless NYR eats at least 1/2 his salary which isn’t happening.

    StL’s roster appears set even with out Svoboda. Rattie has waiver rights this season so it’s time to promote him or lose him on waivers & Barbeshev should only need about 1/2 a season in the AHL to make the jump to the NHL. Perron will be the #2 RW.

    Schwartz, Steen; could play LW if Svoboda returns, Tarasenko.
    Fabbri, Stastny, Perron.
    Berglund, Lehtera, Jaskin/Rattie.
    Paarjarvi/Upshall, Brodziak, Reaves/Rattie.
    Spare Paarjarvi/Upshall/Reaves/Rattie.

    StL will have to decide if they are going to carry 13 forwards, 8 D & 2 G or 14 forwards, 7 D & a G. Depending upon which formula they decide for their 23 man roster decides if a forward needs to be waived before opening day & if Svoboda does return, at least 1 forward would have to be waived as although Fabbri has waiver eligibility he isn’t being sent down.

    • Didn’t I tell you this not long ago ?

      • Just a short time ago he and Kreider were the left wing locks?

      • I think we go back to 2013-14 but even then you still had Kreider, Hagelin, Pouliot on the left side. Zuccarello, Callahn on the right. Regardless he can play either side just as proficiently.

    • I doubt Nash is going anywhere. Rangers are stuck with him. Maybe someone desperate at the trade deadline if the Rangers are out of it otherwise I cant see a team taking on that kind of money.

      • Honestly, I have no problem being stuck with Nash for 2 more years. My biggest concern is Girardi.

    • If Svoboda comes back, he better have Sobotka in his luggage…

  2. Shatt will go to the Leafs and how good are Matthews and McDavid going to be in a few years playing together on the Leafs.

    • I have always been a reader on the site but had to comment. I enjoy the debate on here and usually read every morning. As an extremely passionate Red Wings fan this site has some great insight to deals, analysis and commentary. Oil Fan I commend your commitment! Well played sir.

    • Dont forget they are getting Tavares too.

      • Hell, Karlsson is a UFA in 2 years!

  3. As an Oiler fan I would be upset if the possible Shattenkirk for Hall was a reality. Not a knock on Larson; however, that player for player deal would seem to make more sense. They could still have still signed Lucic as well considering the cap space they have. I say that despite being in the camp stating Hall for Larson was to clear space for Lucic. But it they have that much cap space then they could have made a similar deal to acquire Shattenkirk. However; I am not prepared to say Hall for Larson was as bad as everybody thinks as Larson is a young defenceman who by all accounts had a good year in Jersey last year. And we all know the Oilers need defense. Let’s see how he plays before we get too judgmental.

    • Larsson is a far better defensive Damn than Shattenkirk will ever be. Yes Edm needs a #1 PP option at D but they needed what Larsson brings to the rink far more & his contract is incredibly cap friendly; 4.167, & he’s signed for 5 more years. Although I don’t like the deal looking at it solely player for player, Edm is going to be better served with Larsson playing 24 mins a night than the contribution Hall made & the other additions & players coming will more than off set the loss of Hall.

      • ^^ THIS ^^

      • Disagree

      • Thanks Striker. I am inclined to look at the positive side of the Hall for Larson deal. And as Craig Button said Edmonton never won anything with Hall in the lineup. I was not aware of Larson’s defensive capability in comparison to Shattenkirk, and perhaps like others was caught up in the name “Shattenkirk”. Do you see value in the Oilers signing Russell? And do you think Edmonton will be much improved this year? I tens to think yes for both personally.

      • Yes to both counts. Russell would help most teams in the NHL with a few exceptions. The teams with stellar D’s which are few but about 1/2 a dozen.

        Edmonton should be significantly better this season. They are far bigger & tougher than past seasons with Lucic, Maroon, Kassian & the additions of Sekera, now Larsson & the added development of Klefbom, Davidsson & Nurse should really start to show dividends.

        I believe they also got really lucky & secured 1 of the best hockey players in the world in McDavid. Edmonton potentially making the playoffs this season wouldn’t surprise me.

      • I agree, Edmonton needs to worry about how to keep pucks out of their net, not how to fill the other teams. I dont see them making the playoffs withntheir current defence, still need to add another solid defender.

    • Also as an Oiler fan, Hall for Shattenkirk would have been a worse trade IMO. There is no way Shattenkirk would have signed an extension in Edmonton as it is well known he wants to go east, and giving up Hall for a 1 year fix would have been a really bad move.

    • Larson’s offensive game at the world Cup looks pretty good to me.

  4. I think the Oilers are ready to take a big step forward this year, probable not a playoff team yet but they are definitely doing the right things. A one year deal for Russell for the Oilers would not hurt them either.

    • I agree Steven, too much high end young talent coming of age not too. Still a hole on the blue line, but Larson will help huge. The wild cards on the blue line are Klefbom and his odd but scary ankle problem. The guy has had no luck at all. Did the skin graft heal properly? Will he find a skate that stops it from happening again? Davidson is another guy who looked like an up and coming solid D Man but tore up his knee at the end of the year. If those two are not 100% or out again for an extended period they will struggle to keep the puck out and Nurse will have to play tougher minutes than they would like.
      Definitely trending up, and having a good coach for two years in a row will add some clarity and consistency to their game. They actually appear to be a stable organization now!

    • I have Edm as a playoff bubble team this season & if they could secure a solid 2 way Dman like say a Fowler that might be enough to push them into the playoffs. I think Edm & Arz are going to give Minnesota a serious run for the 8th & final playoff spot in the west.

      • So the Jets are not part of the playoff push? if they are, who besides Minnesota could fall out?

      • No I have them right there as well. If they would juts pass the torch to Helleybuck even more so but I think the business side of hockey will push him to the minors until Pavelic gets injured yet again.

        As I have stated numerous times, I think the standings are going to get far tighter this season. The difference in the west between say 8th & 14th could by as little as 8 points & 8th through 14th as little as 4 or 5. Same scenario in the east but I have Toronto probably 10 back as the last place team in the east. The rest very tight perhaps 6 points separating 8th & 14th.

        Significant injuries being the 1 variable that are very difficult to potentially account for.

      • Sorry the 2nd part should read 8th through 12th as little as 4 or 5 points.

      • Yes Striker I could see Minnesota being pushed very hard to keep their Wild Card status with the improving Oilers and Coyotes on their heals. Wouldn’t it be great to see the Coyotes relocate to Canada now? I know…… it won’t happen!

      • Fowler is a guy that makes sense. Just the right age.

      • Hey George


        All in the central. I have much more faith in the oilers grading points in their division than the Jets in theirs and that might be enough to knock the Jets out.

    • I heard another rumour, I think it was on this site, that the Oilers and Flames were talking about a Yakupov for Wideman trade. That would give the Flames more forward depth in the top 6 (yes that is how weak they are in their top 6) and cap relief to re-sign Russell and Gaudreau. This also gives the Oilers the RH d-man and power play guy.
      I really don’t like this idea because I am not a fan of Wideman’s, but I can understand the logic behind it.

      • I never heard the Yakupov portion but have certainly heard about Wideman as an option in Edm & else where. He is a right handed Dman; an asset many teams need, & quite capable of manning a #1 PP unit. He has had many great offensive seasons when deployed in that role.

        If Calgary moves Wideman they are going to have to eat a significant portion of his contract. Although not a total salary dump the amount they eat will determine the quality of the player coming back.

        I’m with you. I have serious concerns about Calgary’s roster next season & have them & Vancouver battling it out for last in the west. Vancouver wins that distinction.

      • Bob Stauffer was hinting Wideman could be a target for the Oilers before the draft.
        He has hinted recently that after the World Cup, they could be acquiring a right handed Dman with history running a power play. He also mentioned this person would be a temporary fit (1 year) and is a little bit on the outs with their current team. Others were speculating Wideman or Franson fit the bill. Only a week or two to see what shakes out.

      • I think that Yakupov would be the player going to the Flames if the Oilers and Flames do make a deal. The Oilers would not need the Flames to retain any salary with 8.9mil in cap space already, plus will get another 3.25mil when Ference gets put LTIR. He has said last week that he believes his hip injury is a career ending injury and will not play again. Here is the link to the story.

        If anything like this is in the works we probably will not see anything happen until Gaudreau signs.

      • There is no reason Calgary wouldnt take that deal in a New York minute, that said I don’t see Edmonton sending Yak that close to home.

  5. The playoff push in the West includes a lot of teams; Jets included George O. That’s why it’s so fun to keep an eye on; whereas the East is so wide open and just as interesting. Could make for an extremely surprising Stanley Cup Final!

    • Oh, I fully expect the Jets to be right in the mix. It’s just that Striker’s first comment seemed to imply that Minnesota was to be the only team to fall out of the top 8 and that Edmonton and Arizona would the only ones squeezing them.

      • Not my intention George, all good. I like Winnipeg, especially in 2016-17 & beyond. Solid foundation in place, ton of great kids coming & Hellebuyck is going to be a stud.

  6. Maybe Shattenkirk stays and the Blues try to dump salary elsewhere. Strange summer for him.

    • The Blue’s don’t really have any significant cap issues. They have essentially 4 million today & their roster is set for next season & following the expansion draft they appear to have the money to retain even Shattenkirk if so inclined.

      Berglund, Upshall & Bortuzso come off the books, saving 5.6 mil, Steen gets resigned at a nominal increase, 6 to 6.5 a raise of 200 to 700K & as currently constructed the player they appear to lose in expansion would be Gunnarson at 2.9. The only players of any consequence for raises next season are Shattenkirk & Paryako.

      With 3.9 in space now at a cap of 73 million, the 5.6 saved letting Berglund, Upshall & Edmundson go & the 2.9 saved losing Gunnarson, STL has 12.4 next season to resign Shattenkirk if so inclined, Parayko & promote 3 players to replace those lost & that’s with no bump in the cap but it should climb to at least 75 mil giving them closer to 15 mil. Barbeshev, Rattie & Lindbohm will all be ready by January if not now there combined salary’s nominally more than 2 mil & StL appears to have hit a home run on Walman. The 82nd pick in 2014 playing D for Providence in college.

  7. Well, the capspce is not that big for Oilers if you count the bonuses that will be paid to McDavid and likly others like Nurse, Draistel and Puljujarvi. Or they push some to next season which will be really bad in another year when you need to re-up McDavid to 10m$ +2,8 for overlapping bonuses.
    I think they want to keep it down a bit. But yes, this season they could take on a great deal if salary, it will bit you in the butt next season though.

    • That would be wise Adoe. I agree totally. I think PC learned what cap hell is like from his Boston days. Having said that I give him props for going for it while the window was open, but kicking the can down the road like he did with the Iginla deal really hurts when it doesn’t work out.
      Let the young guys grow for another year or 2 before chasing the right now and see how it shakes out at that time.

      • Indeed, it’s no idea to gun for cup this year being Oilers. They’re improved I believe, but not by that much! 🙂
        Will be great to see a full season with McDavid, hopefully, and see the impact of him and the rest of the rostermoves.

  8. I think the Oilers will be in the hunt for a playoff spot but unless they add another quality defenceman they will fall short. I see them finishing ahead of Vancouver, Calgary Colorado and maybe Minnesota if the Wild struggle.

  9. One thing I have seen regarding RNH’s game during the WCH is that all the nay sayers with the negative comments regarding his game are down right wrong. The guys a stud and kicking some but at this thing.