Updates on the Bruins and Oilers – September 19, 2016

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Could the Boston Bruins shop David Krejci for a puck-moving defenseman?

Could the Boston Bruins shop David Krejci for a puck-moving defenseman?

 The Bruins remain in the market for a defenseman, plus there’s speculation free-agent blueliner Kris Russell could sign with the Edmonton Oilers. 

CSNNE.COM:  Joe Haggerty recently reported the Boston Bruins “have the salary cap space and they still have the interest in nabbing a puck-moving defenseman”. Noting the Bruins surplus of centers, Haggerty speculates either David Krejci or Ryan Spooner could become trade chips. He also feels there’s disappointment the Bruins failed to pry Kevin Shattenkirk away from the St. Louis Blues or Jacob Trouba from the Winnipeg Jets.

Team president Cam Neely said general manager Don Sweeney’s been working hard to land a defenseman, but doesn’t want to overpay to do so. If the Bruins are forced to look inward to address their blue-line need, Haggerty suggests promising Colin Miller as an option. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Despite Krejci’s offensive skills, his recent hip surgery and expensive contract ($7.25 million per season through 2020-21) makes him a tough sell right now. He also carries a full no-movement clause. Spooner seems the more likely trade candidate.

Prying away Trouba from the Jets is a pipe dream. They want to keep him and he wants to stay in Winnipeg. No trade proposal or threat of an offer sheet will change that. The Blues reportedly set a high asking price for Shattenkirk, so little wonder Sweeney is reluctant to overpay for a guy who could become a UFA next summer. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL:  David Staples cites a report from TSN’s Paul Almeida and Dustin Nielson claiming the Edmonton Oilers are discussing a short-term contract with unrestricted free agent defenseman Kris Russell. Staples notes the Oilers need depth on the right side of their defense and points out Russell does have some power-play success. He also notes the Corsi analytics crowd isn’t a fan of Russel’s poor puck-possession numbers. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bottom line is the Oilers still need some additional experienced blueline depth. As long as Russell’s on an affordable short-term deal, it shouldn’t be an issue. While he has years of what Staples calls “Corsi badness”, he’s also among the league’s top shot-blockers and has decent puck-moving ability.

It’s rumored Russell prefers staying in the Western Conference. Recent speculation had him hoping to return to Calgary. If that’s not possible, moving up the road to Edmonton could be the next best thing for him. 


  1. Signing any defencena with an NHL skillset is only going to be a plus for the Oilers. Poor defensive play is their achilles heel so adding Russell if it’s at decent dollars and term will only help.

    • Just heard Dustin Nielson and Ryan Rishaug on TSN 1260 that Russell can play the right side.

      I hope this is not going to happen. Russell had a very poor showing after the trade to Dallas. Yes the Oilers need help on defence, but Russell is not the answer. One of the main problems last year on defence was the amount of injuries they had. I think the Oilers dressed 12 or more defencemen last season. Sekera played the most games last season at 81. Oesterle, Reinhart, Dillion Simpson, and Mark Fraser, all had time up with the Oilers at one point in time. Also because of the injuries Nurse was playing to high in the line up for what a rookie defencemen should have been playing.

      • I have a completely different perspective of Russell’s contribution down the stretch following the trade. I saw all his games played in Dallas being a seasons ticket holder. 8 of the final 11 he played in Dallas during the regular season & all but 2 of their playoff games at home.

        Dallas went 7-2-2 with him dressed in those 11 games. He played the 1st 9 then got injured & missed the next 6 returning for the final 2 games of the regular season. 4 of those original 9 were with Klingberg injured forcing Russel to log ridiculous minutes, he pushed 27 a night earning 3rd start honors twice.

        Upon returning form a lower body injury he wasn’t the same player but still logged #3 TOI/GP minutes for Dallas in the playoffs & was 1 of Dallas’s most reliable Dman. Klingberg & Goligoski had brutal playoff runs.

        Not sure what games you were watching.

    • Agreed completely!

  2. In today’s cap world Krejci is overpaid by at least a mil per so trading him would be virtually impossible at 7.25 for 5 more years & moving Spooner well making 900K doesn’t seem logical before the trade deadline. He will be looking for a significant raise if his development doesn’t stagnate but he on his own isn’t returning a very good quality Dman, certainly not a #2 puck moving Dman which is what this team needs.

    Sweeney will be waiting a long time if he doesn’t want to overpay as overpaying is what generally has to happen to acquire such an asset. With expansion looming teams that have keeper issues at D, Anaheim, Columbus & Minnesota may eventually move a Dman at a slightly lower cost than normal.

    • Striker, agree that he will have to overpay to get a top pairing D-Man unless it is an outrageous contract. Also agree that you keep Spooner over Krecji, but because of where I believe the Bruins are as a team. Bubble with a very good forward group, but in the last half of prime. Without a top pairing Dman.
      To your point that if they don’t overpay they are not getting one, let alone 2.
      Overpaying from the roster will create another hole. The only other option is to sell all the young assets you just drafted in the last 2 years.
      In my mind Sweeney has a choice: sell the future (it will cost almost all of it) for 2 top pairing Dmen and go for it now. Or sell some established talent up front for more high end prospects/picks and get started for real on a rebuild.
      If they miss the playoffs again, which is entirely possible, it will be 3 straight and there will be change.
      Signing Backes seemed to signal a go for it now strategy, but if you don’t address the blue line why bother?

      • I think were in the rebuild now. If you look at the roster as currently constructed a ton of youth is being served both in age & by NHL games of experince.

        I also like the Backes signing just not the term & dollars but except this is the market. He replaces Eriksson but brings a different package of skills to the table & provides flexibility as a C or RW.

        Boston flamed out & lost their playoff spot 2 years in a row on the final day of the season. Brutal. The demise went back more games but was literally lost on the final day.

        I don’t do anything rash. I stay the course & if a solution can be found for a top pairing Dman at the right cost then potentially pursue it, other wise start playing C. Miller & Morrow getting them minutes & experience & stop gap until all the young D drafted are ready to step up.

        Keep the cap space, get Marchand resigned & potentially spend it when the right opportunity arises when ever that may be.

      • Striker I really don’t understand how you can say rebuild and overpaying a backes in the same sentence? Sweeney has came out and said ” we are not in a rebuild” in an interview after the draft. Colin Miller liles and backes IMO were bad signings and Sweeney hasn’t impressed with any of his moves

      • Ya, agreed that it is a rebuild of sorts. To me it seems like the kind that keeps you in the middle of the pack. It is a restocking of a depleted pipeline. None of them are the kind of top end talent that gets you to the promised land. McIvoy the possible exception.
        The kids they drafted on D won’t be ready to be key contributors for 3 years, minimum. Some D may take 4-5 years after drafted. Perhaps playing a lesser role earlier. By the time the kids are ready for prime time, Bergeron and Krecji are approaching the beginning of the decline years and Chara is long retired. More holes opened by the time the ones we have now are filled.
        Not trying to be a downer or whiner, just think it’s true.

  3. Unless I’m mistaken Russell shoots left not right. Not that he couldn’t play the right side but with only Larsson & Fayne as right handed Dman Edm should be looking else where.

    • You are correct. Russell is a Left shooting D Man. Oilers have enough on the Left side especially if you include their AHL depth with Reinhert and Davidson. Larsson and Fayne are their only guys that are Right Shooting D Men.

  4. Know Chance for us to grab him. Leafs will get him as there Dream Team is getting built.

    • Aren’t you skipping your grade one class writing foolish comments such as these? Your posts are getting really old fast!

    • “their team” bozo – “now” – not “know” – instead of wasting your time inserting crapola here why not invest in a good dictionary?

      • Not “now” either… lets go with “no chance”

      • “no chance” not know or now

      • You’re absolutely right JiffyLube. In my defense, I really didn’t take time to try and figure out exactly what he was trying to say.

    • Shouldn’t the bell have gone for elementary school by now. You better grab your lunch kit & go get your shoes off & sit on the mat.

      • Little Johnny is asked in school with all the other 3rd graders who his idol is. He turns to his dad Oil Fan sitting beside him and asks ” what shall I say ? ” Oil Fan says ” say ur mum she maid it two grade 4 “

  5. I like pipe dreams! Not sure is being scratched by team North America has brought down Trouba’s own expectation’s in way of salary. Considering they have dman making less then him that were not a healthy scratch.

    • It shouldn’t. Hell, Tortorella scratched Byfuglien from their first game (that worked out well didn’t it?)

      • The US has far more issues than sitting Buffy.

  6. Erhoff looked speedy saturday-he could be playing himself into a contract

    • Some team can’t go wrong on a 1-year deal at $1 mil.

  7. Edmonton needs RHD not LHD like Russell not sure why Chiarelli would want him he’s looking more for a top Pairing RHD and Russell isn’t that. Signing Russell makes zero sense for Edmonton he would be better signing back with Calgary.

  8. The Oilers signing an actual NHL Dman is a positive step forward for the team.

  9. The Oilers would be very smart to pick up Kris Russell! I think there is going to be too much pressure put on Larson for an obvious reason. This pressure is unfair as you don’t replace Hall in a one for one swap in most cases. But it did allow for the signing of Lucic, which brings toughness and skill. So does Russell. The Oilers haven’t done well because they have been too easy to play against. Charielli’s Bruins in 2011 were not fun to watch because of all out talent, they were a blend of physicality and skill. The Oilers with Russell, Klefbom, Nurse, and Larson are trending in the right direction. It is a good time to be an Oilers fan!

  10. Analytics are quite accurate actually; however, they can be affected by who players play with, the situations they are put in, and the minutes they play.

    The Oilers need experienced Dmen. Sign Russell to a short term contract and use him accordingly. Analytics are also affected by coaching.

    • Your telling us that analytics can influence analytics. Surprise surprise.

  11. Left side, right side. Doesn’t matter. Russell can block shots; and that can only help the Oilers blueline. Oilers tenders over the last decade have seen more rubber than the 401 through Toronto during rush hour……

    Too bad we don’t have analytics on Craig Ludwig. Would be an interesting comparison.

  12. Bruins have 3 or 4 real good young D men maybe on of them will make the jump. I believe Krech wants to and will remain a Bruin. Management should wait to see how year starts and if they feel they can make a run then move some youth for a good D man. Marchand and Bergie look very good for team Canada I think they should be worrying about signing Brad and giving their own young D men a chance , keep the cap room till trade deadline.

    • Took the words right out of my mouth.
      Totally agree.
      I would give one or two of the young guys a chance. No way would I move Pastrnak at this time, we are so short on RW.
      Hopefully all these picks Sweeney is developing will pan out.
      Sign Marchand ASAP price only going up as he’s gonna put up mad points in the World Cup

      • Dave I’m glad you said ” hopefully” these prospects pan out a lot of fans think every prospect turns out to what they were projected but the fact is the percentage is very low

  13. If Russia holds only to win tonight the coach will have a tough decision who to start against Sweden Murray looked really bad tonight

  14. Regarding Trouba: “he wants to stay in Winnipeg”

    Where has he said this? Was it sincere? I haven’t seen comments like that being published. Maybe I missed it.